December 2020 Finale, Day Four: VETO!, Predictive Programming; Mil Spec Ops; New Biden Gaffe; The Beginning, and THE END.

Trump set to VETO the 2020 National Defense Bill. And why? Because he wants to make Facebook, Twitter, Google, youtube, etc. honest, and return them to neutral platform status, rather than publisher status, which they have all grabbed, as part of the propaganda arm, along with the MSM, of the still entrenched but flailing Deep State —

— that aims to keep us all ignorant, cowed, and compliant, to what is really going on. while sporting politically correct masks and standing “six feet under” — oops, I mean apart! Speaking of which, remember this? Predictive Programming at its finest?

At this point rumors abound of ongoing military spec ops extractions of deep state actors and their antifa/BLM goons across the U.S. — and beyond?

This next thread ties the extraction roll out to GESARA/NESARA roll-out of which I’m not at all convinced. However, I did read somewhere that there are two alterntive currency re-set plans. One of them globalist, which would convert everything to a single currency run by a New World Order overlord, and the Trump/Alliance version, which would give each nation’s fiat currency a real foundation. In other words, as Trump insists, make every nation great again, not just the U.S. (Not sure where I saw this. Might have been Dr. Charlie Ward.)

Here’s an interesting chart showing what may be the sliding scale of retributive justice re: deep state crimes.

I presume you saw this? Amazing, how Biden’s dementia seems to be making an honest man out of him.

Several hopeful signs amidst the ongoing revelation of rampant fraud, accomplished in it seems hundreds, or is it thousands of ways? I’m always astonished to see human creativity put to nefarious ends. Reminds me of brilliant inventors put to work on more and more lethal weapons rather than more and more instructive, regeneraive experiments on how to live here, on this good Earth, together, in peace, with each of us as individiuals fully expressing who we really are.

Remember, we seek to undo what has been done to us, ever since JFK’s assasination by the CIA in 1963. It’s time. Wake up, rise up and take charge, each at our own level, for the good of all.

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