April 5, 2021: EJ:

I am so glad you have refused to defer to unearned authority. You are a pioneer in several fields and have laid it all on the line. I can appreciate the cost. It hasn’t come without a price. I’ve paid too although not as much as you.
There never really was a choice though, was there? They would never be able to stop you from thinking and questioning. More than anything else I think it’s a testament to values of integrity, truth and not being limited by ego. I am thanking you for being on the frontlines and sharing with others the twists and turns along the way.

January 4, 2021: WM:

You are my new Spirit Animal! Your writing is so engaging and informative that I cannot wait until your next post! where the heck is everybody? The entire world should be following you – I am doing my part in sharing your website to anyone who will listen.

April 14, 2019, CT:

You write lovely, solid, often elegant English prose but with the intuitive womanly feeling of an Anais Nin.

February 11, 2019, RD:

Ann . . . please, please, please . . . (emphatic enough?) continue to promote the ‘provoking’ questions as provocation often initiates the dialogue that precedes quantum leaps in thinking . . .

February 10, 2019, TK, in part, response to D.C. comment below:

“…Descartes, as primarily responsible for the devastating cultural split between our minds and our bodies — and therefore our selves from each other and the earth under our feet-”
I had no idea there was anyone else on this planet that believed that as well. Jiminy Crickets! Descartes, Freud, Darwin were all enemies of the people. Each posited theories that created damage on subsequent levels of our humanity crushing us to be prepared to be molded to the corporate bonds of slavery.

I agree with David. Our words have power, and far more than we understand. Perhaps it is time to gather together at podcasts and youtube lives [instead of t.v. & hollyweird] and open ourselves to the warmth and wisdom of the elders, for if we do seriously break down the ‘control’ corporate systems, it will be you and those like you who will be able to offer functional life and spiritual ideas on how to move our culture forward with integrity and some sense of morality, loving individualism and creativity instead of bullying everyone into some idealogical stricture.

PS I used to fear to grow older; with your wisdom as a guidepost, I am beginning to understand this long journey has a purpose.

February 9, 2019, D.C.:

You do seem electrified; your words carry energy. I feel the human voice is able to induce more resonance. I’d like to hear your crone voice with its patina of age speaking-uttering–casting spells. Podcast. Meanwhile words are spelled and I remain—spellbound.

February 5, 2019, T.T.:

I will continue to pray for your wisdom, as ever, to shine through in the blog-o-sphere and reveal the heart.

November 6, 2018, David:

Such refreshing honesty-so rare to find one who bravely speaks the truth. I found you yesterday when I googled Trump/Heyoka. I follow Neil Kramer, an ancient young man, who also spoke of Trump in that context, and travelled to a workshop at Omega in NY this fall to check him out. I read your recent essay re the election last night and thought it was brilliant, insightful and mature. How lovely it is to find a kindred spirit. I live in a rural setting where I garden and keep some chickens. I will be checking out your other posts to learn more from you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In appreciation, David

January 17, 2019, Robyn:

Your essay is really profound and has been helpful to me in searching for describing the rich area between philosophical and Permaculture edges.

November 2, 2018, Alice:

Love your blog, have been following for years! Love your co-creation within your small part of the universe.

You have help to sustain me, with your blog with your questioning and have given me much food for thought. To go within and put to practice my own critical thinking and to feel and decide for myself, what is truth.

October 20, 2018, Kate A:

I feel you are a blessing to me.  You write so intellectually and soulfully…..your writing makes me feel like I know you as a friend.  I have been following your amazing blog for around 6 months.  It is like a lifeline . . .

October 18, 2018. Linda L. commented, in response to Dream: “Ann Kreilkamp Is Dead”:

Thanks, Ann. Your writings have had a profound effect on my life.

July 7, 2018, in response to David Wilcock resigns from Gaia TV?: Ellen commented:

Thanks Ann, your writing always helps me put together a cohesiveness in this chaos.

June 15, 2018: In response to a woman who trashed my “Has Celebrating Diversity (1996) devolved into “Identity Politics”? post, Ellen commented:

The war against thought is getting desperate it seems. Your capacity for thought and analysis is well exhibited throughout your writing. Your life and experiences exemplify a hard earned journey of integration and balance. You have done the work and continue to do the work. lt is a lifelong process.

I received a number of comments between May 3 and May 5 from those who have been paying attention to my Alt-Epistemology posts.

May 5, 2018, from Kelley:

Thanks again Ann!
You are truly a 21st century Renaissance (or should I say Resonance) woman.
“Let all the people rise up & say AMEN!”

And there is a strange synchronicity between what you blog & what we [he and his wife] are discovering on our own. Community in diaspora perhaps but community nevertheless.

May 5, 2018 from Anthony:

Thanks for continuing to give voice to the thoughts that seem to be coming to many at this time. I always learn something from your writings.

May 4, 2018, from Barbara:

And as it gets curiosier and curiosier, I get more curious! Walking a fine line, bouncing off imaginary walls, “what if, but, no, really, what if”, breathing in-breathing out, and assuring myself, Elder/Crone that I am, that this Mystery may be one that’s not to be solved and darn, I do love a happy ending. Thanks, Ann, for putting into words what many of us are trying to put into words! Love, B.

May 4, 2018, from Ellen:

I am in the very same dilemma surrounding my feelings surrounding my search for truth. I am just beginning to settle in to the idea that everything l thought l knew was false, about the world and the institutions surrounding us. The trajectory l have followed has been quite similar to that which you have described.
I appreciate your informing us of recent developments as they arise and your attitude of standing back and considering a well rounded view of motivations of others and also questioning what triggers us and why. It has been helpful to me. I know l need to stand back and get some perspective here. Thanks, the message has hit home for me.
I love seeing what you are doing with others tending the earth and human spirit in our hoosier state. Thank you for your generous care and inspiration.

May 3, 2018, from Anthony:

I’m doing the same thing you are re: finding truth, and that sitting with my feelings, as you do, is very helpful…when I can get “unstuck”, anyway.

I find it is also VERY important to not identify with my beliefs; and to always drill down to WHY I feel certain ways about things because that leads to said beliefs, which I then examine to see if they need ‘pruning’ or not. I thank GOD that I was not raised in a strict religious setting, because I don’t know if I could have ever dealt with that level of programming!!

May 3, 2018, from Lisa:

Ann, how similar are worlds are. A foot in each dimension, world, etc. like you I was red pulled a long time ago but feel quite buoyed by the apparent movement forward of the waking masses. Still too slow for my liking but my aware self is now coming back out of hiding or the chrysalis phase to start interacting with humanity at large again. I love your blog and so appreciate you being here right now! Thank you and hugs xxxx

May 3, 2018, from Laura, in response to my latest “Alt-Epistemology” post:

I appreciate that you straddle the lines and bridge the gaps. I really sense that’s the main way forward in this otherwise vitriolic world. Real food, creativity and love … if we can find ways to share those things, we can recognize the humanity in each other and finds roads (or portals) to a New Earth. Or simply create one from our deepest dreams. Thank you for sharing your dilemma, one which I share, though not via social media.

May 3, 2018, from Marnie:

I have been reading some of your posts for about six months and appreciate your efforts at being conscious of light AND shadow.

In response to my comment that at 75, I still take risks, which also helps me to keep growing:

Yes, taking risks is a BIG part of it. I’m twenty years younger than you, but even so, I’m not even in your ballpark when it comes to taking risks!!

But as for why you aren’t exhausted or worn-out, and are *still* open to taking risks? (I mean, come on, face it: going to Russia last year, in the face of all the crap going on bt, the US and USSR these last few years?!) I think you know how to accept and deal with whatever ‘karma’ you encounter/create, and discharge it completely. And your writings show this.

Ever hear of Gurdjieff? Casteneda? You have mastered the art of ‘recapitulation’ – that is, going over what you have experienced in great detail to take in the lessons you needed to learn and processing the emotions associated with them, then moving on. You accept what happens and acknowledge your part in things honestly and completely, and don’t let anything weigh you down. That is a RARE skill, and it continues to serve you well, at least from where I sit.

Trust me, Ann: anyone truly reading your writings on your past is taking notes, and is THANKFUL for it. A life truly lived, and truly SHARED, is priceless!! I wish I could buy some of it!!

April 3, 2018, from T.W:

THANK YOU for this comment. Probably the most helpful thing I’ve read in all my years of searching for “truth” – and I’ve been doing so since Pluto directly opposed my Ascendant on 9/11.

January 17, 2018, from D.N.:

Your gifted writing keeps my interest peaked and panting for more. Your daily blog is so informative and interesting. Thank you, thank you…..

February 11, 2017, from J.B.

Thank you for your confession. Once again, you have brilliantly articulated my thoughts and feelings. Our wild and precious earth needs our attention.

January 16, 2017, from D. D.:

I have never commented before but I follow your blog regularly. I either agree with or am enlightened by almost every single word you say. I just want to thank you for your wonderful work! I consider you a very important resource and an extra special bright spot in my day. I’ve been meaning to write. I’m not necessarily any more motivated by this post than the many that I have read over the past couple of years at least. I am a strong supporter and ally. Sending love and appreciation. Keep up the good work!

December 11, 2014, from B.G.:

What a heart warming and inspirational blog you have Ann. You live deeply from the spirit and that comes out in what you write. Thanks for being WHO YOU ARE !

October 2, 2014, from M.B.:

Ann – I enjoy so many of the things you share, and write. I’ve thought you were something special since I read of you in Sage Woman years ago. I know you went on to put out Crone Chronicles. I loved your book you wrote when your husband, Jeff, died – a very reassuring and phenomenal account, deeply appreciated. Thank you for your many contributions to the energy of the planet.

September 25th, 2014, once again! from T.J.:

Your creative energy, honesty and intelligence certainly has a positive effect on me, and subsequently all those with whom I interact…

July 27, 2014: Also from T.J.:

As always, thanks for your endeavors to enlighten, through honest, intelligent, and inspirational, original thought, without being pollyannaish.

July 14, 2014: A great mirroring (hopefully at least partially “true”) from T.J.:

I think you are beautiful Ann. I agree with Rosemary. There are many blogs online to grab our attention. But you take the zeitgeist and interpret the information in personal creative ways. Never pollyanish, implementing the Sagittarian honest, and earnest frame of mind, yet, optimistic, using humor and a basic belief in the inherent good of this odd, local, peculiar neighborhood of Earth.. Thanks for sharing your pictures and very human stories with us.

July 12, via email, from LW: And well, yeah, it does “swell the head!” Geez, maybe I’d better try to cram that conceptual helmut back on . . .

You are the LONE VOICE, just about, of sanity in a totally insane world! Oh yes, there are others…but you’ve mastered the art of intelligent inquiry and exploration, with wit and lightness of being. Okay, before you get a swelled head…

June 26, 2014: Mitch emailed me personally, after back and forth comments (names and websites redacted):

Just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I support you and your mission, I read exo almost everyday for a while now . . .

Keep up the great work and just a little fyi, I and my small tribe of awakened close friends no longer read 90% of the blogs [they used to read]: there are a variety of reasons why, an obsession with a coming ‘event’ or collapse, zionist banking who dunit’s, the latest chess game with the cabal or too many whackadoodle channeler’s that always start their articles with ‘Dear Ones, we of the federation light council of Zaris………” yawn, exopermaculture is you and your total commitment to build community through earth (Gaia) centered principles and you’re actually doing it! You’re a total inspiration, so much so, I moved from a total hipster urban loft space here in Seattle, with zero gardening potential, to roommate with a master gardner with some land to start the process of permaculture principle’s and bring in the neighborhood around it, our vegetable beds are all hugelkulture, you had a major influence on this change of lifestyle so thank you, thank you and a many blessings.

May 24, 2014:”Nyanna” commented, cryptically:

You couldn’t pay me to ignore these posts.

February 11, 2014: This sweet reminder as I awaken at 5:00 am after a wonderful night’s sleep. Grateful for both the sleep and the comment!

I want to express to you how special your blog is, I have all but stopped looking at [certain well known bloggers that I too, used to check more than I do now] as the wattage of fear porn has really amped up the last couple months, your commitment to local solution activism is so inspiring, as well as your deep intuition and zest for life make your blog the go to read every morning!

December 19, 2013, (my 71st birthday): from the responses to this post I realize that we have begun a new conversation, exactly what I was intending. Or, I shouldn’t say “I” was intending, because it felt like a tsunami wave that “I” was and am surfing, along with all of you! See Above and Below.

• I just want to give you a personal birthday gift in the form of Thanking you from the depths of my soul for the Treasury of Experience you’ve helped me be aware of by opening up my being to astrology and Open Space. You’ve pointed the way and helped even lead me into realms of love and beauty and intelligence that I might have not entered without you, or at least the timing could have been long delayed without your nudges. There’ve been brief times of doubt when I’ve thought you’re completely bonkers, but I’ve loved you still and stayed OPEN, coming back around to meet up again with concepts that lift my spirits and help me soar. Recently when reading one of your internet posts about Cobra and “The Event” I had one of these moments of thinking “this is just nuts!”, but after listening to “Cobra” I had the strangest sense of “there might be something to this!” (and I voted ‘for’ asap, FYI). In a roundabout way, this led me to listening to interviews with David Icke, which are resonating strongly with me about how we “decode” reality. I’m simply adding this info about myself to tell you this: Today, December 19, I slept in until early afternoon because I was having fabulous dreams about very viscerally real scenarios of how “The Event” could positively play out without much negativity at all… just a little coincidence, but thought I’d mention it. Interesting stuff. Blessings and much loving appreciation from your friend and “fan”, Tom

November 17, 2013. Many blessings coming to me as I begin to attract readers with way more wisdom and experience than my own. So very grateful!

• Thanks for sharing such valuable and varied subject matter, Ann. This appeals to my Sadge Sun and Scorp Moon. It is a veritable “smorgasbord” of information for minds who hunger for depth and breadth! — Jamie

• Thank you for this. You hit it exactly! The disconnect [between mind and body] is the root problem out of which all the rest grow! It seems to me that this will require us to act on both spiritual self healing levels and practical levels at the same time-eventually these apparently separate areas will converge as we heal and the practical and the sacred again become one. Whenever the nonsense brings me down lately I read your blog and return to joy. Thank you! — Dorian

• I am thoroughly enjoying what I am reading here on your blog and plan on making this my start up page. Magnificent work here………..it has the scent of an Alchemist’s laboratory.— J.J.

September 24, 2013: Oops! Almost forgot about this page. Here’s another testimonial from today. I get appreciaive emails from people who, BTW, don’t want to be identified. So sorry that we let fear take us over!

• Beautiful to read your blogs and feel the energy that you put into it. — A.S.

May 3, 2012: Over the course of the 15 months that I have been yoked to the adventure presented by this exopermaculture blogsite, I’ve received a number of personal complements which I forget to write down. But this one was just so special I had to start a page of Testimonials, to buoy me up when I feel lonely.

• ”exopermaculture” seems to be my ”intrepermaculture” now…a constant companion-voice in these wonderful awesome times… Sandra Z, Botswana

Yes, sometimes I do feel lonely, for constant human companionship. Yet, the expanding light that pervades this universe feels so thick and warm and welcoming that it’s hard to remember that a moment ago, I actually felt “lonely.”

I am so grateful and honored to be receiving your blog via my email. I find that your observation, personal philosophy and interests so parallel mine. I am a 61 year old crone who does not have many like minded and hearted women to “talk” with, so I look forward to every comment you make, actions you take and those great pointers. Catherine, Alabama

Wow, I had no idea that my “observaton, personal philosophy and interests” would parallel those of another woman who identifies as a Crone! Interesting, how no matter how we individuate, at another level we turn into a “type”!

• Keep up your great work. It’s inspiring. — K.S.

• I do so appreciate your posts, such a nutritious smorgasbord of information, and I love how you ground the information with the photos and stories from the life you have created. — L.W.


7 Responses to Testimonials

  1. You are not alone. We may forget what exactly it is you are doing, for awhile, but we never forget who you are!

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Ann, Just to clarify something about me…I who left the comments about how I feel that you, in some ways, “parallel” my interests and so on. I am Catherine from Arizona, not Alabama. And, a “type”, hee hee :I pretty much identify as a “Crone” in the fact I am integrating on many different levels what it is to be a person who is a woman , as an elder in our current world/reality. I am reminded to re-member who I am…beyond the person as identified as “catherine” and what that appears in the world. I am starlight and I am one with the All.

    • Thanks, Catherine, and thanks for the correction. Arizona sounds more likely, for a crone! Here I go, “typing” again. I know lots of crone-identified women in Arizona. We held our third Crones Counsel, back in 1996, there. Were you present?

      • Catherine says:

        Ann, I do admit that I have never been attracted to living in Alabama. For one thing…just too much humidity in the summers. I wasn’t at the Crones Counsel. I haven’t attended too many structured gatherings. I appreciate your reply.

  3. Clare Templeton says:

    Thanks for lovely summation of reader comments and linkage FB, since you were “knocked off” (alas, but better than ‘knocked up’) my WP subscription. For a footsienote, at same time Lada Ray was, and KP for the 3rd time which looks funny except I have this rural redneck server so who knows. I’ll re-up so can enjoy enchanting essay archives at leisure. DYG (damn, you’re good!)

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