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AK Reader: ANGELS & GUARDIANS I have known (1997)

This column was composed for the Winter 1997-98 edition of SageWoman, its theme, Angels & Guardians.  As I prepare to post this essay, I am blown away. For in my recounting of the final story below, I did not recognize until … Continue reading

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Post-Solstice, Day One: Heart lifting walk, reflection on our visitors, both ET and South Carolina

This morning on our walk the dogs and I met at least four people with their own dogs, and stopped to talk and sniff with each of them. Then, passing by a restaurant, a workman apologized for all the cleaning … Continue reading

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Alt-Epistemological Summer Solstice Immigration Compendium

The timing of Trump’s “preemptive” announcement to keep would-be immigrant families together, signed yesterday, on the eve of Summer Solstice (6:07 AM today, June 21), when the Sun moves to 0°00 Cancer, sign of home and family, felt uncannily appropriate. … Continue reading

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Green Acres Village, Mid-June: Photos Galore, of PROFUSION!

  Mid-June, Photos GALORE: Dinner, CSA, other Projects Dwarfed by PROFUSION

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AK Reader: “So Who is Crone, Anyway?” (1995)

This is the first column that I wrote for SageWoman magazine, published in the Autumn edition 1995, under the title “Crone Eyes, Crone Heart.” Little did I know then that the column would continue for another 20 years!  For I … Continue reading

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TRUMPIANA: June 19, 2018

Oh my. It’s so incredibly fascinating how massive, egotistical, workaholic, seemingly indefatigible Donald Trump continues to confound, mystify, collide, confuse, confront just about everyone and everything around him, both “supporters” and “detractors” hotheadedly throwing stones while maintaining the impenetrable ideological … Continue reading

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AK Reader: If “there’s no such thing as proof,” then how to decide the value of an idea?

This 2002 article, composed as a response to a SageWoman theme, “Body and Soul,” could also have been archived under Alt-Epistemology.  Now, 16 years later, I have moved even further from mainstream epistemology, viewing all closely held “be-LIE-fs” as strictures that … Continue reading

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AK Reader: Dementia, or Getting lost with Mom (2008)

On this Father’s Day, I share another notation from the universal journey of working with one’s own parents as they move towards the dying process. Written for SageWoman in 2008, when Dad was 92 and Mom 89, they each lived … Continue reading

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