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IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER: Bill Gates (power over) vs. Vandana Shiva (power from within)

A few weeks ago, I was told by someone who loves Bill Gates that he has now bought up huge chunks of American farmland. She was excited to tell me this. I was not. Does she really think he’s going … Continue reading

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Personal Speculation as to WW Military Operations

I keep getting this feeling that there’s an enormous military operation going on right now, all over the world. That many nations’ militaries are participating. That the goal is to bring down the Deep State once and for all, that … Continue reading

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Steven Greer: Urgent Update on Upcoming False Flag “ET Threat”

I’ve long been “on the fence” re: the nature of beings who come to Earth from other dimensions and/or solar systems, galaxies, etc. My question always comes down to: are there both “good” ETs (those who have the best interests … Continue reading

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Is Matt Gaetz Undergoing Pelosi’s “Wrap-Up Smear”?

In all that follows, my continuing assumption is that Matt Gaetz is a good guy, a straight shooter. How do I know? I don’t; I’m just going on an intuitive hunch. However, I did look up his birthchart. And discovered … Continue reading

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I’m puzzled by seemingly contradictory results of two recent polls . . .

THE FIRST:  44% of the American public believe requiring vaccine certificates should be mandatory. WHAT??? Yep. Nearly HALF of Americans think ‘vaccine passports’ are ‘a good idea,” poll claims . . . However, this same article says 41% are adamantly … Continue reading

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As EVERGREEN EXPOSURE multiplies, Martin Geddes “follows the data”

I notice that following the disclosure by Judy Byington, many “cultural influencers” are now reporting on the Ever Given ship, what Navy Seals discovered when they unloaded and opened its containers. These include: Michael Jaco, Scott McKay, Dark Outpost,  Gene … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Happy Easter Morning at Griffy Lake!

Puppy Shadow and I drove ten minutes north to our favorite close-by nature trail. And were  surprised to find at least 30 cars parked there. More than ever before! Maybe covid has gotten more people used to the idea of … Continue reading

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MORE COVIDIANA: Idaho Doctor, who restricts himself to Covid context, and Max Igan who widens the perspective

Idaho doctor: “Average age of covid deaths, 78.6; average age of all U.S. deaths, 78.6.” To this visually displayed bullet point, the good doctor comments, tongue-in-cheek: “That’s fascinating . . .” I will be 78.6 years old in only three … Continue reading

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