Exopermaculture.com is for anyone who seeks to bridge/blend the above with the below within themselves and in the permaculture world. I view this site, on which I spend an average of 3 to 5 hours per day, as a service for those who wish to cultivate a spherical comprehension of multidimensional realities while remaining grounded, centered, detached and aware of the unity of all. For more on the epistemology of this site, click on Sources.

If ”permaculture” is a design system that utilizes natural laws as they are experienced on Earth to create abundant, harmonious human settlements, then, “exopermaculture” refers to the larger context of permaculture, Earth’s cosmic context. By expanding our permacultural horizons to include the nutrient soup that holds the biosystem of our home planet, we might be able to discover how to grow even more food and create even more abundant, even more harmonious communities.

If permaculture strives for permanent culture on earth, then exopermaculture strives to enlarge the capacities for permanent culture on earth by recognizing and learning how to utilize the assumed diversity of “natural laws” that characterize various interdimensional, cosmic, interplanetary, galactic, and intergalactic realities.

Actually, there’s no way of knowing where this kind of cross-fertilization might lead. As they say, “The sky’s the limit!”

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12/20/13: And Check this out:

Re-post of the very first post on “Exopermaculture”: “Bridging Above and Below,” seeking “to begin a new discussion.”

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  1. claudia says:

    regarding “as above so below”I believe Paul Stamets, author of Mycelium Running ‘How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World’ presages our Neptune in Pices transit.
    Paul Stamets understands mushrooms to be sentient beings. The criteria being
    the instant communication between (within) them. When I think about this I
    notice the cells in my body in the middle of my chest excite, move fast. I
    resonate with this awareness. It is where we are going when we attempt to
    understand life everywhere. These beings can digest toxic waste and so much
    more. This opening reminds me that new avenues can open to bring us awareness
    that will help us to alleviate the suffering which we create and some of that which
    is natural. On some level does all life breathe together?

    • Aaah, Paul Stamets, yes. I’ve heard tales, but have yet to read the book. Thanks for the nudge. And yes, does all life breathe together?

    • sandaura says:

      I grew up in an Italian family. My grandmother on my father’s side was my Don Juan.
      She taught me how to forge for wild foods as well as mushrooms. She would announce while riding in the car, “Stop”! This 80 year old woman would jump out in her house dress, apron, my uncles hand me down shoes, wearing a knitted (what I called an Italian yam aka) cap on her head, disappear in the woods and come out with her apron filled with treasures. We would also go to a place where we always found Puff Balls the size of bowling balls and larger! We would bring home bushels. Guess what? I have not seen puff balls that size since the 60’s. I rarely see them at all. What happen to them? Acid rain?

      If you hear a constant noise in and out of your home please visit http://www.sandaura.wordpress.com

  2. Ann, If you haven’t already, you might check out Suspicious0bservers.org and his daily, 4-min. cosmic weather report, e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1vcdIqZl04

    Hope all is well.

  3. Rosada says:

    Check out Secrets of The Mushroom People.

  4. newsrecordco says:

    Hey Exopermaculture, good articles. I work at Record and we’re currently looking for freelancers. I think you’d be a nice addition to our roster.

    We pay our freelancers 70% of the advertising profit that their articles generate. If you’re interested, send your info at http://www.newsrecord.co/opportunities. If you mention that I commented on this article, you’ll be accepted right away.


  5. Steve D says:

    Great Site Ann you are on the right track ! Stop by the New Science of Quantum Botany ! and the news of the Garden Of Edens popping up and Overgrowing the planet !

  6. Ron Cole says:

    I think exopermaculture is a perfect description of the form of awareness
    expressed by Anastasia in the “Ringing Cedars” series by Vladimir Megre.
    I intend to pursue it immediately.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Terrific! Thanks for the affirmation! And now I’m thinking of another term, esopermaculture, as in esoteric compared to exoteric . . . But then, zone zero zero is another way of talking about the inner worlds inside us that expand to infinity . . .

  7. Visionkeeper says:

    Hey Ann….
    I was reading this and thought of you. Interesting info on Q… VK

  8. Visionkeeper says:

    Hi Ann…..
    I am hoping you can give me a much needed link…I just got on my computer this morning and someone has wiped out all of my Q info from my favorites! So pissed. I tried looking for the Q link to get his posts again but none of the search engines will take me to his site! I can’t remember it. It was Qpub or something…Can you share the link with me? I assume you have it…Thanks! VK

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      The one I use is qanon.pub. It’s still up, though Q hasn’t posted much lately, as you know. Maybe there’s no longer any need for Q, as so many have dared to become whistleblowers, and so many alt-media journalists are digging into the huge volume of downloads from all sorts of places . . . All what Q was meant to stimulate.

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