In Massachusetts with Grandkids 1/3-1/11/2020

Son Colin and I were going to drive to Massachusetts for Christmas. But at the last minute he couldn’t go. So I opted for a cheap round trip plane fare, instead, post-holiday crush . Found myself on my blog most days. Made titles consistent and collected them here, under Travels section.

In order:

With Grandkids 1/4/2020: Swamps and Games

With Grandkids 1/4-5/2020: MK Ultra Survivor Cathy O’Brien’s Vision 2020 — and Bill Hicks!

With Grandkids 1/5/2020: Tubing, Movie, Icy Walk and Clean-up

With Grandkids, 1/7/2020: Woods and OPENING SPACE!

With Grandkids, 1/8/2020: Looping through time with old friends

With Grandkids, 1/9/2020: Clean-up project completed, with with a twist

With Grandkids, 1/9/2020: My FULL MOON/Lunar Eclipse and how it illuminated Saturn/Pluto