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Paul Hellyer full presentation International UFO Congress 2012

Since former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer’s short video at the People’s Disclosure Hearings seems to have gone viral, has now gifted the public with the full presentation that Hellyer made to the International UFO Congress in 2012. I … Continue reading

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Joan Bird: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright “gets the multidimensional nature of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and its implications for increasing our understanding of consciousness.”

Joan Bird has sent a message to her UFO list regarding a press release by Rebecca Hardcastle Wright for her new course, Introduction to Exoconsciousness. Rebecca had sent me her press release, and I am so glad that Joan can … Continue reading

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Are Those Failed Yearly Defense Department Audits All Designed to Fail?

I haven’t paid attention to this matter before, but we should all be paying close attention to the offensive “Defense” Department that “cooks books year after year after year.” Here’s a buried story from huffpost, this year. Following that, I … Continue reading

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RFK Jr. rebukes JFK “Lone Assassin” theory

This conspiracy, not the one that labeled we who knew something was fishy from the beginning and had our suspicions confirmed over the years, but the conspiracy that we were suspicious of, the one that “took out” JFK and kept … Continue reading

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David Wilcock new post: “December 21, 2012, Romance and Reality”

I’ve skimmed through most of this long piece, and it’s undeniably fascinating. In essence, Wilcock utilizes what did or did not appear to happen on December 21, 2012 to present an extended meditation on nested vibrating geometries structuring the source … Continue reading

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We can, and we do, learn how to absorb hate into love

During this strange, explosive Uranus/Pluto era when hate is in the air and guns are at the ready, we encounter this! In Times Square, New York City. Uploaded December 17, three days post Sandy Hook, during the 12 Days of … Continue reading

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The Overview Effect. EARTH: “Dynamic. Alive. Glowing. It looks like a living breathing organism. Hard to describe.The colors, the beauty, the motion. To have that experience of awe. Ecstasy. Total oneness.”

Put on youtube December 20, 2012. I find that date significant. Perhaps the visceral and spiritual identification with our “Blue Marble” is what 12.21.12 was and is really about. Our beautiful home. “This oasis with a backdrop of infinity.” Thank … Continue reading

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Medvedev on ETs, Revisited: “How many of them among us, I can’t tell, because the panic would begin.” Oh yeah?

Do you remember the story about Russian Prime Minister Medvedev talking about aliens living among us back in early December 2012? Here’s the video: Notice the video’s name: “Medvedev talks about aliens on earth! Is he joking?” This is the … Continue reading

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