Climate Change

Prior to and during “Climate Strike week, September 20-27, 2019, I found myself writing a number of posts that featured Greta Thunberg, the sudden new media darling that took the world by storm via her “children’s crusade” to “save the planet.” Like everyone else, I found myself swept up in the tsunami of publicity that would have our species extinct by the year 2030. But unlike most, with a jaundiced eye. For this is not the first time I’ve participated in this mania. Almost six years ago I featured Dr. Doomer, Guy McPherson,  who also gives a definite date, based on supposed “settled science,” by which we shall all surely be dead, due to “climate change.”

I confess, this kind of topic is a natural for me: I’ve been an apocalyptic thinker since I was two years old, when I “woke up” during the radio announcement of the bombing of Hiroshima.

Luckily, I have undergone a metamorphosis in the past 30 years or so. No longer am I so fearful of extinction, and no longer assume that any scientific prediction (or any other prediction) can ever be “settled science,” since, let’s face it, THE MAP IS NOT (IS NEVER!) THE TERRITORY.

Meanwhile, here are the relevant posts in this flurry, starting with the first one, from  September 14, 2019.

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