2016 Election Reflections

19 Days

Nine days ahead of the election I started counting down. Counted down to zero (Election Day). Then I started counting again, this time up, up to nine. Here is the result: one person’s shifting, multidimensional, confusing, elated, terrifying, mutating perspective on what appeared to go down in America during the historic Presidential (s)election Process, 2016. Throughout, I was struck by the contrast between two powerful themes occurring simultaneously: Corruption (in the U.S. Government) and Conscience (at Standing Rock).

I started and stopped at day nine, but of course the 2016 circus doesn’t start or stop. I arbitrarily plucked those “19 days” out of the continuum, although in the final post of this seriesI did mine the remarkable symbolic meaning of the number “19” inside the engorging morass.

Posts in chronological order.

Nine Days Away, and Counting: Let us “influence” this election; let us perform miracles; let us show what we are made of

Eight Days Away, and Counting: Are we witnessing a constitutional crack-up?

Seven Days to go, and Counting, U.S. Elections: Corruption and Conscience

Six Days to go, and Counting, U.S. Elections: Conscience, Corruption, Coup, Counter Coup, and Counting Coup!

Five Days to go, and Counting, U.S. Elections: Pieczenik’s Perspective: We are now in the Second American Revolution.

Four Days to go, and Counting: Piecz Psy-Op? Lada Ray on Fulford, Police Crossovers, Spiritual Traditions, and Maori War Dance at Standing Rock!

Three Days to go, and Counting, U.S. Elections: “Remember, remember, the 5th of November”

Two Days to go, and counting, U.S. Elections: Huma-Gate! — and the choice before us

One day to go, U.S. Elections: Comey caves (again), why? What’s the larger psy-op?

November 8th, 2016: This E-Day is also V-Day

Post-Election, Day One: The Astrology of Trump and the U.S.A.

Post-Election, Day Two: Personal report from Standing Rock, Amidst the Uprising

Post-Election, Day Three: Leonard Cohen and Charles Eisenstein: Mining the darkness for the gold

Post-Election, Day Three — again: Why DID Hillary lose?

Post-Election, Day Four: Those anti-Trump “protests” — and other commentary

Post-Election, Day Four — Again: Briefly, we leave the madness behind.

Post-Election, Day Five: A Call to Action

Post-Election, Day Six: Flyover Country; Trump the Shape Shifter; Report from Standing Rock

Post-Election, Day Seven: All the Good News!

Post-Election, Day Eight: Trump’s Blowback, Trump’s Promise

Post-Election, Day Nine:  When I close this series of 19 days