Trump’s Gamble Is Ours, IF We Choose It

Dave at X22 Report is, when I think about it, the one digital soldier journalist whom I take very seriously, every single day (except Saturday, his day off). Dave has what to me feels like a continuously uncanny recognition of the deeper meaning of daily events, with a perspective that is relentlessly optimistic. I imagine some people fault him for this; I applaud him.

Dark Winter, Dark Secrets, Biden Investigation Begins, Crimes Against Humanity – Episode 2310

Let’s face it: humanity has reached a critical choice point, between optimism — that no matter what appears to be happening, in the long run we will see that it was all part of an elaborately conceived, brilliant and complex long term design, as Q puts it, a “PLAN,” for good; — and pessimism — that everything is going to hell; that no one can stop it, and in fact, those who pretend to be “on our side,” who pretend to be “good,” “white hats,” etc., are actually also “evil,” “black hats.”

Both optimists and pessimists sense that there is an invisible monster determined to destroy our individual freedoms, corral us all into a mind-controlled trap called “FEAR” (False Evidence Appearing Real). Furthermore, the monster, which used to get its way by starting war after war after war, no longer needs to. Instead, use the medical mafia to control the sheeple via wave after wave of pandemics. Wow! Works really well! Even better than constant war to devastate hope, destroy livelihoods, shut down people to each other’s company, and make everybody terrified — of even their own bodies!

So, with the election coming up, does it really matter who wins? The pessimists would say no. That no matter who wins, the New World Order is well on its way to locking down total global control.

I choose, instead, the path of optimism. I choose to see President Donald J. Trump as the figurehead for what is fast becoming a global movement to shift the entire economic, cultural, and spiritual landscape, via his Uranus/Sun nature as a true wild card. Already viewed across the nations as a seemingly superhuman and already historically significant figure, a genuine colossus, I choose to see him and our global movement, as not identified with either wing of the monstrous bird, but instead determined to haul that deep state bird down from the sky where it has been darkening the lives of both Americans and the rest of humanity for who knows how many decades, if not centuries.

Not that Trump is a “saint.” Who is? But he’s showing himself to be the person needed to turn the tide during this critical juncture in human history; a (divinely?) chosen one who, via continuous disruption of the status quo, and a complex, long-term, multidimensional, strategic global chess game, can and will, with our help, by first disgorging and revealing the misery and corruption of the past, go on to reconfigure the future in the direction that will heal both relationships with each other and humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth.

As for the latter, you might want to save your scoffing. Lookee here!

And: please realize: which one wins, optimism or pessimism, depends upon how many of us choose optimism. Unless we are solidly not just viewing, but also individually and in cooperation working towards the good of all, we all lose.

It’s that simple.

It’s that stark.


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Beyond Politics: Whole Earth Catalog, Whole Selves in Community? 50 years later.

There’s so much going on in the “outer (political, cultural) world” right now, and so much of it completely and devastatingly mind-blowing, that I’d feel foolish focusing here on any one thing in that swirling, kaleidoscopic layer of “reality.”

Instead, I appear, at least for now, to be focusing on both Above that outer world hoopla and Below it. Both Above, in the meta world of what I’d call  the apparent esoteric architecture of the “news” (both mainstream and alternative) viz, three posts in the past two days concerning the numerology of the 9o days total of 1,2, 0 emphasis in the years 2020-2022, on the one hand,;and on the other, the nitty-gritty world of what’s going on down here Below, in Green Acres Permaculture Village, right now.

For example, we held our weekly family dinner last night, and pulled out a used copy of the old Whole Earth catalog that podmate Chris had suddenly gifted to us at last week’s Thursday dinner. When he pulled it out of his bag we were all shocked, delighted! Wow! One of the icons of the ’60s!

At this week’s dinner, noticing the catalog, my 54 year old son Colin commented, immediately, “That’s where I learned about sex, through porn.” WHAT?

“I was four years old. And it was in that catalog — finely detailed drawings of men and women in sexual positions. I was shocked, to find out about sex!”

Fifty years later, and I just now hear this story from him! Geez!

Podmate Marita immediately picked up the catalog, and found the porn page — it was easy to find, she said, because it was obvious from the book’s condition that others had been to that page too. Colin was right, and the drawings were from an advertisement for The Joy of Sex. Wow. Remember that? Marita proceeded to curl up on the couch with the catalog open to the porn page, to the cheers and jeers of the rest of us.

This morning, we held our usual Friday morning work party. However, it was raining outside, so Charisse put us to work making sage bundles, gathered from our gardens. Nice! Now the rest of us know how to make them, too.

And at 12:30 pm today, I met with Angelika, a student at Eastern Kentucky State college, who is pursuing a Masters in Sustainability, and doing a project on intentional communities. When she emailed me, I told her it was best if she would just come here, and I would show her around, while talking.

So she did. We spent an hour touring the whole place, blowing her mind with both words and views.

Thus it is that I have just now sat back down to my computer, where, for my ongoing Recapitulation Project, I have been spending an hour or two each day gathering, often retyping, and archiving my entire body of written work, especially since 1986, when I switched from electric typewriter to computer. But: about two weeks ago, I took out my PhD dissertation from 1972! Hadn’t opened it for nearly 50 years! Mind blown at how I was already, back then, at least in my work as a philosopher, in 5D consciousness, looking at the entire spectrum of the academic philosophical community from Above, sociologically, asking the question not, how DO both disciples and critics see Wittgenstein? But instead, how COULD  they see him, given who they ARE? More on this later. Just know that this long-ago (and extremely controversial in the Boston University philosophy department) manuscript will also end up on the archive site. Perhaps now, nearly 50 years later, people will be able to actually grok it. Brianna, for one, who used to live here, who gave us the motto, “growing community from the ground up,” and who is approaching her Saturn Return, told me when she visited about a week ago that she wants to read it. Then yesterday, I received a card in the mail, reminding me of that. Okay!

So yeah, haven’t spent much time, except for quick twitter grabs, lately, on the political drama playing out so powerfully and, it appears to me, timed so masterfully, as the most important election in the entire history of the United States draws near.

Instead, I’m busy engaging with real life, here on the ground in cooperation with others.

One more story: this morning, as I was explaining how hugelkulture worked in the main garden, a man drove up and got out of the car. He had seen puppy Shadow out there, and was afraid he might hit him. I asked him if he lived on that street. “Yes,” he pointed,  “down at the end.” “Which side?” “On the right.” “Oh wow!

“And,” he slid it in in like a master, “I’m familiar with exopermaculture.”

“WHAT?” I was truly stunned. “Nobody in this town knows about this website . . .We should hang out!”

” Yes, except that I’m always at school, graduate work!”

“What degree, and in what?”

“PhD. Comparative Literature,” he answered, wincing.

“Well you never know just why you’re getting that degree until later. I got my PhD in Philosophy, and look at what I’m doing with it. This place is anal world application of my philosophy.” He brightened, as a light suddenly went on in his mind.

Meanwhile, Angelika, whose mind had been blown from the moment she walked into the little paradise we have been creating here, was stunned to witness this interaction between a neighbor and myself. I had just been emphasizing to her the extreme importance of getting to know your neighbors . . .

So, while the political world is fulminating, purging corruption from the deepest shadows,  during this extraordinary Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn year, we are here, offering a transformed way of seeing, and being, with each other that presages the Aquarian Age, just around the corner as 2021 begins.

That Whole Earth Catalog showed that way towards the Aquarian Age. Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, as someone last night pointed out, that book was our internet, where we found out what each other was doing, how we were living, the low-tech ingenuity that fueled us back then, just out of ’50s sterility, and onto our communal homesteads; learning how to be with each other and the land. And that catalog is just as relevant today as it was back then. The world truly does “turn round and round.”

I sent Angelika on her way with a copy of my book, This Vast Being. Told her I’d be glad to help her with any questions she might have. She said her mind was so blown by the whole experience that it will take her awhile to calm down. Good.

Angelika is one of many who find themselves “taking the tour” here, learning how we can begin to transform the entire suburban landscape of America by beginning to share and cooperate. What stops us? Simply a failure of imagination. Plus, the risk of taking a chance, and trusting your neighbor. So: do one little thing differently . . .  and what happens? The whole world opens! For example, decide to share a tiny garden bed in the space between yours and your nearest neighbor’s house. Little by little, inch by inch, that’s how our cooperative culture’s garden grows.


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HELP! I’m in way over my head! One more post on the 1, 2, 0 discovery . . .

Neptune in oceanic Pisces appears to have drowned me in my figuring . . .

Neptune in oceanic Pisces appears to have drowned me in my figuring . . .

Please bear with me!

This is the third in what has turned out to be a three-part series (see this and this) on my sudden fascination with the prevalence of the numbers zero, one, and two, as found in the sequence of a three day period, ending with today’s date, 10.22.2020.

In the first post on this subject, yesterday, 10.21.20, I noticed some aspects of the numerology of  these three October 2020 days; in the second post, also from yesterday, 10.21.2020, I found myself flooded with more 2020 dates, all exhibiting the same three numbers, zero, one, and two, finding they dominate not one, but two three day periods in fully five months: the first two — January (1st month) and February (2nd month) and the final three October (10), November (11) and December (12) months of three sequential years: 2020, 2021, and 2022 — for a total of 90 days during which I speculated that events, both inner and outer, would prove to be pivotal in the transformation of our moribund materialist 3D culture to what some have called 5D unification, leading to peace on earth, due to our gradual learning that we can inhabit the space between and within all polarities, recognizing them not as contradictions, but as paradoxes, and thus moving from left brain dominance (which usually ignores the right brain) to inhabit the right brain which then, utilizes the left brain, when necessary, to “get stuff done.”

As for outer “events” which coincide with certain dates;

Notice: that the beginning of this series, January 10-12, 2020 and January 20-22, 2020, coincided with the beginning of the Covid uproar, with the first patient diagnosed in Washington state on January 20, 2021. 

Notice: that the astrology of 2020 dovetails with the first January 10-12 period: the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn reached exactness for the first time in 35 years on January 12! Only four days later the impeachment trial of Donald Trump began in the Senate.

If anyone is interested, I would love to see others dig for more “outer events” with ramifying significance that relate to the 0,1,2  series, two each in January and February 2020, as well, plus October 10-12, and of course, NOW, this three day period, October 20-22, which alerted me to this 0,1,2 significance in the first place!  And, if someone would like to look at what happens November 10-12, and November 20-22; likewise for December?

As for the particular sequence of each series:

Notice: the first series of each of the five months during these three years — days 10, 11, and 12, contains a master number as the middle day: the 11, known as “the visionary,” operating as a mediator between the first and third days?

Notice: the second series of each of the five months during these three years — 10, 21, and 22, contains the master number 22 as the third and final day: 22, known as “the builder,” signifies culmination! And, yes, do note: on this final, master number 22 day of the second series of October, Amy Coney Barrett is headed for final Senate confirmation as the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States. (If that does not happen, we’ll need to look at Mercury Rx (until November 3) and Mars Rx (until November 15).

Notice: This November, the second series, one month from now, has the date November 22, 2020, as culmination. This just happens to be the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Will there be culminating events November 20 and 21, presaging that date? For example the outing of JFK Jr. as a member of the Trump administration, perhaps even as the Vice-President? See Utsava’s latest video.

And finally, notice: This December, the second series, 20-21-22, contains the Winter Solstice, December 21, which just so happens to feature the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0° Aquarius, and which one might consider the real beginning of the Aquarian Age. Then December 22, another “culmination” date, might it contain events that make what happened on the Solstice obvious to the public at large?

So much else to uncover/discover/explore/experiment with using these two three-day periods, during each of five months, for these three years! I’m especially fascinated with the idea of looking at each of the two three day periods of each of the five months of each of the three years as a series. And remember, it’s not just public events, and their series, but personal events, and their series, that may be worthy of investigation.

But I’ll just leave this complex subject — which is way over my little head — with a declaration: I’d say that it’s no doubt that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction during the first  10,11,12 series of January 2020 ignited the cultural transformation that will be seeded into the collective unconscious of humanity through the end of 2022.

Three years in which to incorporate/integrate/unite the thrusting Above/Below phallic brilliance of the Father (the 1) with the loving pregnant rounded fullness filling and fueling all of space of the Mother (the 2), both inside the new mathematics where zero (0), is no longer a mere marker, or null point setting mechanical algorithms and AI in motion, but instead signifies emptiness, inside each polarity, and within all of creation. We live inside the mystery of zero. Which means: zero is “not” (naught) in essence something we can isolate, signify, and pretend to operate upon, as so-called masters of the universe.

Three in one. Mother, in union with the Father, create the Child: The New Trinity, the New Culture beyond Polarity:  PEACE ON EARTH,

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Again, concerning these three October Days: THE PERSPECTIVE WIDENS . . .

Please see this morning’s post first . . .

Wow! While lying there in the dark with 70 needles pricking points on/in the body’s ley lines for nearly 90 minutes on the Ying Jia’s acupuncture table, my mind went into overdrive, re: these three days of October, 20, 21 and 22.

Inexorably, my Sagittarian perspective began to open, expand . . .

WOW! We can view January (1), February (2), November(11=2), and December (12) of this year also, as bearing the 1/2/0 imprint, and furthermore:

WOW! Not only can we view the 20th, 21st and 22nd day of each of these five months in the same spiritual/numerological manner,  we can also view the 10th, 11th and 12th of each of these months that same way! Plus:

WOW! We can extend this view from 2020, to 2021 through 2022!

All of these months, days, and years, bear the 1/2/0 imprint.

Which means, that, in total, of the five months (the first two and the final three), of each of these years (2020, 2021, 2022) each month contains two periods of three days each (days 10, 11, 12, and 20, 21, 22), so six days total per month, for five months of three years, for a total of 90 days altogether. WOW. Just WOW!

I would like to say that these three day periods within each of these five months of each of these three years, were, are, and will be the days when events occur, both internal and external, which ignite and encourage the epochal shift of remembering —  of re-membering, putting back together again — the natural union between the divine masculine (1) and the divine feminine (2) i.e., the logical left brain (1) and the spacious right brain (2), the feminine anima in the man and the masculine animus in the woman — as well as beginning the process of reuniting any and all polarities  which we are so good at creating, we humans living in the 3D world, and, because we, who are schooled in scientism, are so terrified of “contradiction” (from which, logically speaking, “anything follows, anything!”) we usually then try to “come down” on one side or the other, so that we feel divided, one from the other. If this, then not that!

But wait a minute, remember Neils Bohr: “The opposite of one great truth is another great truth.” 

Again, remember Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”

But: we humans cannot help but desire union! Wholeness! So: how do we do that? By unconsciously projecting, the denied aspects of ourselves onto the Other, and then, FIGHTING! HATING! JUDGING! as wrong, evil, bad, etc. We find “union” in fighting the Other???

Every contradiction in the 3D world, is in actuality, when viewed from 5D, a paradox, with the two sides equally real. Let us learn to inhabit the infinitely spacious presence framed  between the two poles of any polarity. Including what we call “Good” vs. “Evil.”

Yes! Let us dissolve these two poles wherever we find them, into the compassion of Neptune, in Pisces until 2026.

YES! Let us invent a new, 5D mathematics:

Rather than one plus one is two —


Note: This analysis lends this year’s Winter Solstice December 21, 2020, the most sacred day of any year, and which this year culminates the extremely rare and tumultuous, year-long Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn era, with both Jupiter and Saturn both letting go of Capricorn, to conjunct each other at exactly 0° Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, an even deeper significance.


No wonder Trump is dancing.



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The numerological/spiritual significance of these three October days




What do these three days all have in common?

1: signifies new beginnings, initiation, ignition.

2: signifies balance, relationship, contradiction, paradox.

0: signifies the GOD FORCE, added to whatever number.

1: is male, thrusting, phallic.

2: is female, curving, pregnant, nourishing.

The first date adds up to 7.

The second date, today, adds up to 8.

The third date, tomorrow, adds up to 9.

For more, look up the numerology of these three numbers yourself!

Me? I’m headed downtown, for my first “date” in months: with my son Colin Cudmore:

First, acupuncture in adjoining rooms at 9:;30 AM

Second: brunch.

Tben, this afternoon at 2 p.m., THE PLUMBER ARRIVES TO DRAIN THE KITCHEN SINK Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto SWAMP. YES! We did our best. Various approaches over a solid week. No luck.

Thank you thank you to all those who help keep the rest of us humming along, fixing this, repairing that, renovating that. Hats off to all the workers of the world.

Which reminds me. This early morning, on our pre-dawn walk, I saw headlights coming towards us. A garbage truck. Shadow and I waved, with a big smile.

As the truck passed, the driver gave a tiny, significant honk back.


I, a number 1, waved to another number 1, and the result was 2, RELATIONSHIP: however short, however curtailed, that smile/wave/honk split the universe open for that zero second, to the infinite GOD FORCE, LOVE.


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10/20/2020! Where does Trump get his superhuman energy? And why does he need it, especially NOW? And will the election be postponed?

In this video from 2016, actor Jon Voight, one of the unusual folks in Hollywood who are not rabid leftists (another is Kirstie Alley, on Hannity today), speaks of his experience through the years of  DJT’s unusual personality, as well as his extraordinary energy. As the title of this video puts it, Trump is Not An Act. He really does love people.

Given that Trump has been cheerleading two or even three enormous, rousing, marathon airport rallies each day during this now not even two-week run-up to what may be the most important election in all of human history, I wonder if the near superhuman energy he is showing at this critical turning point in history is in part inspired by what he knows that the rest of us don’t know.

I am not speaking here, of the onslaught of Red October revelations re: Biden pedophilia and torture, pay-to-play schemes, bribery, Ukraine, China, blackmail, Benghazi, Seal Team Six, corrupt HRC, Obama, Congress, alphabet agencies, and so many many more — timed to drop like flies NOW with attempted deflective fly swats from rabid anti-Trump leftist media and politicos shouting, as usual, “Russia Russia Russia!” No. I’m speaking about the coming rollout of the “digital currency” But what kind of digital currency?  According to,  if we wish to not just save the Republic, but to avoid what the central bankster cabal, utilizing and buttressed by the medical mafia, has planned for the whole world; given his unusual business experience and acumen, plus his complex understanding of how to reframe and bypass what the New World Order has in mind for us, Trump simply MUST be re-elected. This video is an eye-opener.

But: I do wonder: will there be a November surprise? Will this storied election even be held, at least on time, November 3? What if Biden has to drop out, overwhelmed by the onrushing  tsunami scandal? What happens to the millions upon millions of already mailed-in ballots, both absentee and fake? Won’t they be rendered invalid? Which makes me wonder: will the election be postponed until after Mars turns to go direct, on November 15. And then, will it be quantum, using block-chain technology, as Charlie Ward has said. Charlie also talks about the new digital currency, but what kind, I wonder, given the info from above.

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Purgation 2020: At the bottom of everything lies our old, buried grief

The BIG stories, as the second to last week of Red October begins, seem to be focused mainly on to what Rudy Giuliani calls the Biden Crime Family, and how Hunter was used to get millions for the family, with 50% of everything going to The Big Guy, his father Joe.

But notice: The Hunter laptop scandal was dropped only days after the Benghazi/Seal Team 6 scandal. As a distraction? Because the latter scandal includes more, way more, than the other. Or does it? As Trump says:

In any case, during this astonishing year when everything that secretly buried is being exhumed, I’d much rather focus on what’s good in life, and how to enhance it further, by working through, locally, whatever stuck stuff is in OUR lives.

Fractal Focus on Our Common Reality

For example: the drat kitchen sink here, still plugged! We’ve tried all sorts of things, but nothing has worked. So far. Called our usual plumber this morning, but can’t get here until October 29th! But what’s really amazing, is that not only does the sink hardly bother me at all, but it intrigues me no end! And the three of us who live here are having a hilarious time trying to figure it out, doing various things that might unplug it, etc. Plus, since we live in Green Acres Village, we can schlepp our dishes next door, and that house has an actual dishwasher!

What interests me most, is how this stuck kitchen sink drama is such a hilarious example of my most profound principle (not kidding . . .): WHAT WE ARE DOING ON THIS PLANET IS MOVING STUFF AROUND. With a corollary: AND IT’S ALWAYS AN EXCUSE FOR RELATIONSHIP!

What better metaphor for yucky stuck stuff inside each of us, in politics, in the whole culture, than this stubborn kitchen sink? The suppurating, intensely powerful Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto stellium in Capricorn 2020 signifies THE time for purgation, eruption, boiling, roiling to the surface where it can be seen — of all the dark, evil, rotting gunk that has been held back, hidden, secreted below, including pedophilia and SRA, which, apparently, Hunter Biden also engaged in, in China, with Chinese little girls and  Chinese photographers watching! Perfect setup for longterm blackmail. Not just sex with little girls, but torture.

Is the MSM covering any of this? Nope; thereby outing themselves as part of the political/ cultural corruption. Same with social media. Facebook, youtube, and twitter, supposedly neutral platforms, are revealing themselves as actual publishers, their editors now censoring alternative sites that DO want to report actual news.

Remember, letting go of the old is preparation for the new: CONSCIOUS DYING engenders new life.

My old friend and former neighbor Julia, who now lives in California, messaged me on fb this morning with an announcement of a very interesting online conference — an example of how to work with the 2020 drama creatively:

Because I think it’s true. At the bottom of absolutely everything is our old, buried grief.



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OOPS! JFK Jr. did not appear in Dallas on the 17th: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

JFK Jr. Hmmm . . .

Am I disappointed that he didn’t appear — as expected, as hoped for, as longed for, as fervently desired in order to “solve all our problems” —  on the much anticipated date of 10/17/20? Nah. During this year’s phenomenal and powerful WAR of words and images, we are always being “played” by all sorts of forces: I tend to prefer to choose to intend that the most miraculous and most desired future WILL come to pass. 

But then, when it does not, what happens?

Not only am I not discouraged, in fact, it’s all part of the fun of guessing that when I guess wrong, I must either feel bad, ashamed, guilty, stupid, etc. (all having to do with “how other people see me for being wrong”) OR: I can not just get off the floor and dust myself off, OR:  not fall down in the first place and instead, remain steady, centered (always, no matter what happens) while I, once again, experience the thrill of EXPANDING MY PERSPECTIVE. 

YES. I still, very much, feel that JFK Jr. IS alive, and that he WILL make his appearance when the time is ripe. Whatever that means!

Yesterday Q appears to have scolded us anons about the whole “JFK Jr. is alive” rumor that has been building since at least March, as I recall.


“Do you see how it works?” I.e., do you see how you have been played? And now look like you have mud on your face?

BUT: the final enigmatic remark, “When do you expend ammunition”  — what meaning to give it? The “normal” way to interpret this remark would be to say that all those who hoped and expected JFK Jr. to show up this close to the election, and when he did not, were so disappointed that they gave up and just slunk back into their basements, discouraged, cynical, and likely, medicated or drunk or stoned — were total fools.

Or, at the very least, Q was showing us how his non-appearance would divide those who were aware of the rumor into (at least) two factions:  the lofty “I told you so”‘s and the basement slinkers.



Notice however, there are other ways of seeing the final remark in the Q post above. For example, just who has been played? It may be that the deep state has been played, because they figured the non-appearance will demoralize General Flynn’s “digital soldiers,” and so “expended their ammunition,” which was to seed false info that JFJ (Jr.) would appear in Dallas on October 17th, etc. etc. Here’s another person thinking the same:

Remember, Trump DID appear at a Dallas rally on October 17  in 2019. The Dallas Morning News clip I screenshot and put in this October 16 post must have actually been from 2019, and had the final “20” in “2019” pasted on top to make “2020”? I’m not good at figuring out what’s real in photo scams. Mea culpa! Mud on face!


I watched a clip from Trump’s performance at yesterday’s Michigan (or was it Wisconsin?) rally, and was utterly stunned into laughter when presumably a male hand and arm were shown from the left reaching out and handing Trump a Trump hat, as he says “Thanks, John. You all know John?” You’ll have to get on twitter to actually see the clip . . . it’s hilarious!

One of the twitter folks I tend to trust is certainly not discouraged. She uses gematria to make her point. Again, you’ll have to go to twitter to see her entire thread.

Then there’s Utsava, who, as I recall, said she didn’t really know when he would make an appearance, and that it might be after the election . . . In other words, let’s not tie JFK Jr. taking over for Pence as VP to whether or not he is truly alive.

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