ARKCroneCast Offerings for January 17, 2021: Audio, “Doing the Dishes, The ’80s, Part 4”; Free Video, “Riding the Bus Through Time”

This week’s Patreon exclusive is the final installment of the audiobook, Doing the Dishes: Refracting Personal History Through the Lens of Daily Ritual.

CroneCast #56 || Doing the Dishes: Chapters 25 thru 27 || The 1980’s, Part 4


Free offering this week on Patreon and for Youtube subscribers: CroneCast #53 || Riding The Bus Through Time



Description: I describe five occasions during which I rode the bus alone and long distance, starting from when I was nine years old, and culminating when I was 31. Each occasion offered unique gifts and lessons for my own developmental thrust, and might serve as an example for others who seek to gain meaning in their lives by viewing the same activity done at different times, processing consciously what went on, and thus how one’s understanding of life on earth subtly and gradually deepens and widens.

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January 2021, GAME ON? Day 17: And . . . CHECKMATE?

Day 17, Q’s day. Hmmmm. . .  As National Guard guards city centers of Democrat-run cities in expectation of today’s planned protests which we Patriots were warned not to join, lest we be led into another so-called “insurrection” and blamed for it — we prepare for, and fend off with meditation, some kind of drastic false flag, planned by the Deep State as it strives to prevent what is surely coming . . .

Last night, in a furious back and forth with a friend who prefers not to be named, this:

Her email was in response to what I had just sent her:

Lin Wood has another version of the same:

I read somewhere else that Biden and Co. are trying to figure out if Trump is bluffing. They’ve already canceled the rehearsal, which was to be held in the Capital. Did they worry  they might not have been allowed to exit? If so, then if they realize he is not bluffing, will Biden concede? That gives me another reason to think he will concede: besides the threat of impeachment on January 21, and the promised declass, there’s the threat of a dramatic, and very very public, arrest.

Because, yep, it looks like the Greatest Sting the World Has Ever Known, will be televised.


P.S. If you’re on twitter, read the threads to both the above tweets. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken the time to get on Gab and Telegram yet, but Twitter is still somewhat useful, despite Jack cancelling Trump, Wood, Sidney Powell, and over 70,000 conservative and Q-linked accounts.

Michael Salla, one of the world’s foremost experts on what’s going on in space (see his site, tweeted this three days ago. Notice he’s referring to one likely reason for the massive military presence — except that the fence appears to be inside out, holding people in, rather than keeping them out. See yesterday’s post. Notice his remarks on what Potus is likely to do, both to justify arrests and tell us what’s next.

Salla didn’t mention one other twist in the wind of logic, namely the possibiity that Potus is taking, or has already taken, this nation back from what happened in 1871 when, in order to pay off debts, it agreed to become a Corporation under the British crown, rather than continue as an independent Republic. See this, the first few paragraphs:

Even more intriguing to me, the status of D.C. as a city state separate from the rest of this country as of 1871. In other words, without we citizens realizing it, we have been operating under two constitutions, the first a Republic, and the second a Corporation, with the original the one to which Trump is determined to return. Hmmm . . . And there are 30,000 troops now concentrated in D.C. alone as I write this?

Meanwhile, if you feel the need to go back and review what’s been going on to lead us to this critical pivot point in the history of humanity, you might want to watch this set of videos. I have not done so yet, but plan on it. And by the way, the filmmaker has just released the first video of a new series of 17 . . .

Fall of the Cabal (Full Feature 10 Part Documentary)

Unfortunately, the speaker in this next video feels like A.I.. Even so, I tend to agree with everything said.

We all know that the stakes are extremely high in terms of betting on Trump and the alliance to somehow take down the Deep State, all in one feel swoop, on or before Wednesday. Here’s one person’s possibly not even drastic perspective on what would happen if Biden were actually installed. Note that I said installed, not inaugurated.

The Democratic Reign of Terror Has Begun (January 14)

It’s DO OR DIE, folks. Meanwhile, no matter whether we’re Patriots or not, all but a tiny percentage of us still live under the spell of what we have done to separate human beings from the Laws of Nature and instead pledge obedience to the “laws” of outside, artificial, contingent, but deeply entrenched, human-made, “authority.”

Remember Doigenes:

No matter which “King” we prefer, Biden or Trump, we need to realize that all of us are living under a more abstract, but way more powerful and eons-old, human-constructed “authority”: money. Which is why we, inside Green Acres Permaculture Village, are determined to

learn how to live,

as far as possible,


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January 2021, INSIDE D.C., Day 16: Why 25,000 National Guard troops?!?

Yesterday, Melania officially closed her BE BEST campaign

Question, is this real, or is it more optics..

I see that Trump and family will depart for Mara Lago, on the 20th, before Biden/Kamala are due to be sworn in at noon. Prior to departure, he will hold a closing ceremony to his presidency at Andrews Air Force Base. But will that actually happen?

Assuming it does happen, then why are there 25,000 National Guard troops inside D.C.? Are great joyful crowds expected at Biden’s inauguration? Hell no. He couldn’t even get 30 people to sit in circles on lawns at his “rallies.” Or: are enormous, furious, supposedly violent (if you believe the MSM) pro-Trump “mobs” expected at Biden’s inauguration? Hell no again. Remember, Patriots don’t riot; in fact, of the millions who attended Trump rallies, not one riot . . . On the other hand, Traitors (Deep State/Dems/Antifa, etc.), DO riot. As well as burn down and otherwise decimate small businesses and federal buildings during their many “peaceful protests” last summer.

Furthermore, if Biden/Kamala are due to be inaugurated, but virtually, i.e. with no live audience, then why does D.C. itself resemble a massively fortified war zone? Why so many streets closed? Why the four major bridges from D.C. to Virginia closed? As of yesterday:

Why, at checkpoints, I saw somewhere that people are being forced to say why they are leaving the city (notice, not entering, LEAVING) Hmmm. Not only is the Capital fenced, and it’s more and more apparent, fenced to keep people in rather than not allow people in .

Above all, why the inside-out fencing?

And why the flag gone over the White House? Or is it?

Where are the pics of Trump stuff moving OUT of the White House? Except for a bust of Lincoln being carried under someone’s arm outside, and a pic of a truck unloading folded up boxes, are there others? Show me, please.

Why did Kamala not only NOT resign her U.S,. Senate seat, but re-up her seat on January 3rd? 

I predict (foolish me): Biden will concede beforehand, either due to coming impeachment if he got inaugurated, or to the declass materials, which will lead to his arrest. Am I crazy? I don’t think so. Nothing, absolutely nothing adds up with this scenario we are witnessing today.

Speaking of declass:  Great Meme . . .

Actually, I heard that declass pile on his desk is one foot high. But then, I imagine each and every page could generate its own web of interconnections and evidence inside each and every strata and segment of society worldwide that has been so thoroughly corrupted .

Looks like Nancy and Co. don’t like this idea one bit.

Correction, later, same day: Commenter Rachel Carlson astutely commented that the date of the above is September 18, 2018! Thank you Rachel! And yet, I can imagine Nancy and her cohorts doing exactly the same thing today. Some people never change.

BTW: Charlie Ward yesterday claimed that 95% of congress will be arrested and tried for treason.

Not sure if declass has officially started yet (Potus said he might wait until Monday). In any case, it’s already coming from other directions. Example: REPORT ON BIDEN FAMILY “BUSINESS” WITH UKRAINE. Dig in!

Here’s one version of the reason for the “Military Takeover” and how it means Trump will remain in place as Prez during the interim.. True? What’s the source?

Passionate Truthteller Lin Wood  lays out his version of what’s about to happen.

Psychic Utsava, in a new video (damn, can’t find it!), says the idea that Biden will get into office for a short while, as Juan O’Savin suggested, is nonsense. If she’s right, it makes me think that O’Savin’s report is just more optics, designed to lull the bad guys into thinking they’ve won. (Or did I say this yesterday?)

I think it’s likely that both are right. That, Trump, who has already stepped down with military in place (and him as Commander in Chief) to clean up the bad guys, will return to the White House sometime in March, at which point we will hold new, fraud-proof elections.

Jeff Voorhees, google whistleblower:

“This is the biggest sting operation in the history of the world.”

He outlines the idea that in Trump’s playbook, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the one who makes the last move has the advantage. Trump will make the last move, at the latest possible moment, possibly even just prior to noon on January 20th. In which case, Biden will never occupy the White House.

Joe M, today:


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January 2021 DECLASS! Day 15: TRUTH, in the Age of Aquarius

Here’s a transcript of  Robert David Steele’s interview of Juan O’Savin just prior to January 6, wherein Juan points to the extreme fluidity of this unprecedented moment in human history, where every move the Deep State makes opens up a number of options for the White Hats to counter it. I wondered, in my post yesterday, if Juan O’Savin had already known that Biden will be inaugurated, and if so, why didn’t he tell us? Well, it looks like he likely didn’t know.

On the other hand, I keep wondering if Juan talking like this was designed to lull the arrogant Deep State into thinking they can actually pull off the finale to their massive election fraud so as to catch them off guard.

And I keep wondering too: what if Biden suddenly pulls out of the Inauguration, due to the expected Impeachment papers to be filed on him the day after the Inauguration?

Remember that Biden chose NOT to take government transition money during the time between the Election and the Inauguration; I presume that it was because he was informed (thanks to some E.O. that Trump had put out earlier, can’t remember which one) that he would have to disclose all sorts of financial stuff about his past in order to get the money. BINGO!

Might the same happen here?

Meanwhile, looking at those enormous fences with rolled barbed wire up top that are now surrounding the Capital building, I’m not the only one who wonders, is that fence meant to keep people in or out? If in, then at least this part of Gene Decode’s transmission from a few days ago will be proved correct.

This,  thanks so Trump somehow prompting the Deep State mayor to request them? They are having trouble bivouacing however . . . Weird.

Then there’s Project Veritas, doing a bang up job, as usual!

Turns out this whistleblower has a recording of a conversation between Jack and his underlings, telling them that though they went after RealDonaldTrump first, the purge would not be stopping there. BINGO!

All of which takes us up to this morning when Trump is scheduled to declassify what may be the most important evidence of all. OBAMAGATE! Just in time, of course. In this case, four days from the supposed Inauguration of Pedo Joe Biden. Geez! Does Trump expect the thousands of hardworking independent self-appointed journalists to actually go through this material in time to have its essence communicated to the American people before the scheduled Inauguration?  YES.

Journalism has been fundamentally transformed. No longer operating as a top-down MSM Deep State bullhorn, corralling all the people’s minds, already mind-controlled to beLIEve only outside authority, into a single official narrative; now (and in part thanks to Q’s and Flynn’s efforts to spur us into becoming “digital warriors,” all sorts of folks are digging in for truth, or at least for the truth that they discern from their perspective.

Which reminds me: Just think about it. Both Jupiter and Saturn have now moved into Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius has roared in, with millions of eyes and hearts and souls all weighing in, each equal to the others, to come up with a “narrative” that is no longer just a single linear supposedly causative thread, but a kaleidoscope of perspectives, that at times becomes so interwoven and granular that they don’t so much logically (i.e., linearly) “prove” that something happened in the past, but instead recreates it, mirrors it, into a 3D hologram consisting of time/space parameters constructed by multitudes of videos and screenshots taken by all those phones carried by individuals that happen to have zeroed in on, for example, “the death of Ashli Babbitt.” This event, if the videos and screenshots can be coordinated, i.e., can actually be reconstructed in the virtual realm, will indeed prove that this event, the original that is, did indeed happen and here’s how, because here it is, we’re showing you again.

And notice, all the videos and screenshots taken by individuals, not only equal, but mostly anonymous to one another, and all being prompted internally to figure out what happened, i.e., to arrive at the TRUTH.

I realize it seems like I’m going on and on, here, and why?  Well, because the more eyes and screens on a particular event, the more OBJECTIVE it actually does become! Finally, a way to get an objective, unbiased account of any single event. And yes, that figuring out occurs via a de-centralized group process, i.e., Aquarian!

This is one of those alt-epistemological findings that, frankly, blow my mind!

Here’s an unusual “situation update” by Mike Adams which, rather than fear-mongering, is actually positive. He is looking at the entire seemingly negative scenario he has already identified in a completely new way.

Mike Adams mentions both Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward as people who he is now taking seriously. Here’s their latest.

I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to get out of this hellhole we’ve been in and start reporting the Good News. For example:

Hmmm. . . Impeachment ends early?

Remember: no matter how one attempts to twist data points into one own’s expected/hoped for pattern or gestalt, the TRUTH, if enough eyes, and screens, from enough perspectives, pin point, by coordinating the continuous flow of perspectives from every direction, what the 3D scene was like. It features a hologram constructed with screenshots from all sorts of people, most of whom, usually, do not know each other. We call this amalgamated reconstruction of an extended moment in time, TRUTH.



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January 2021 SHOCK! Day 14: Juan O’Savin: “In a few days you’re going to see Biden and Harris sworn into office. . .

Note: See this, a Michael Jaco video with Juan O’Savin, 107 minutes long.

. . . But the reality is we are in a military situation. We were attacked with a digital Pearl Harbor. Because of the way this was done, certain things were put into play. We have the high ground, more secure than they are. Sometimes you yield ground while they’re using up resources. The ‘lowest ground’ is HELL. Then, when they get there, slam the fucking lid on them — and take them down all at once.”

Juan goes on to  talk about how the election fraud attack was done, essentially, by algorithms, A.I.

“We’re in a moment where everything we say and do is being measured — in order to counter us, stop us, block us — both sides (using A.I) doing it at light speed — with everything in play.

And he talks about how everybody in this country, no matter how they voted, KNOW that Trump won by a landslide. How do we all know? Because our screens showed us prior to November 3. Biden couldn’t get 30 people to attend his pathetic “rallies,” whereas Trump, for months — and towards the end of the campaign, with up to four rallies per day — consistently drew thousands upon thousands, often as far as the eye could see.

Juan mentioned that the Washington, D.C. area is also known as “foggy bottom.” Why? Because it used to be a swamp!

So, he concludes, “they’re trying to get us to go along with their digital fakery — but humans can see/feel beyond this.”

Exactly, reality is mysterious, infinite, full of magic and miracles. I.e., reality is NOT defined by computerized off/on switches. That’s a left brain scrim upon reality, just like money is. The right brain, the heart, and above all, the soul, are impervious to being controlled by such nonsense that fosters ego, selfishness, and greed. So to the extent that we can open the intuitive right brain and it’s connection to the heart, and to the extent that we sense our connection, as souls, to source, we are free, no matter how they attempt to corral us.

Juan recognizes the original Constitution, to which Trump wants us to return, if we are to save the Republic, as a de-centralized document. “Over time, the economy, along with the government, became more and more centralized. This centralized city (D.C.) may represent America, until it doesn’t. They think the dozen or so (Democrat-run) cities can control everything . . .They are self-isolating (in those dozen cities), moving to the low ground. We’re going to win this because we stick together.” Meaning, everybody but the blue-pilled cities and the states that they control.


“We have to have confidence in America and in the guy beside you. NEIGHBORS.” Yes. Get to know your neighbors! Remember? We once did know our neighbors. Rather than sitting at home on screens, with especially our children knitting neighborhoods together with their outside play, now everybody, including children, sits at home on screens.

Juan reassures Jaco that the Biden administration will only “last 45-60 days max.”

All of which makes me wonder: did Juan O’Savin know this would be the result, all this time, and is just now telling us? Or did the current state of play necessitate that we realize this is the way it’s going to go down. Also, I’m concerned: how much wreckage can Biden/Harris do in 45-60 days? And, is this part of the “let the enemy destroy themselves” Sun Tzu strategy that Trump has employed all along? And that, it turns out, in order for enough Americans to wake up, they will have to see what happens when a Biden/Harris administration does take the reins?

Plus, is there even a chance that the military, loyal to Trump, would go along with anything Biden demands? Geez! Would they hand over the nuclear codes?

He ends like this: “We have the high ground, the numbers, and the moral authority. What they are really scared of is they know they don’t have the numbers. There is a religious revival now — and it doesn’t show up in the A.I. America is becoming healthier by the hour.”

“This is a near-death experience which, when over, will change us all. It’s going to be like going into the grave — a hellish experience.”


And then, right after listening to this in shocked silence, I listened to the latest Mark Taylor video (the prophet who predicted Trump’s win way back in what was it, 2006?). Just like O’Savin, and many many others, he knows that Trump will have four more years. However, he posed, early on, as a hypothetical:: “What if they allow Biden to be sworn in on the 20th?” (presumably, as part of the plan). Strange, that I should listen to these both, back to back.


And then, right after that (another synchronicity!), I came across this tweet:

And you know damn well that, unlike for Trump, we DO have the evidence (China, Ukraine, Hunter, pedophilia, blackmail, bribery, and so on) when it comes to impeachment of Biden.

I’m reminded of someone who invites being sued, in order to use “discovery” to bring TRUTH to the table.

In any case, I’m better this morning. Last night’s hellish experience did make me realize that I too, was “going through it, for real, emotionally and spiritually. That though I figured (thanks to my particular sources, including Juan, who’s always claimed that Trump wouldn’t be inaugurated until March) that these early months of 2021 would feel like a dark night of the soul, with shocking turns and twists moving us all into a state of stunned disbelief until the promised land is finally achieved, I had no idea that allowing Biden/Harris to assume office could be part of the 5D chess plan.

But I should have! What could be more outrageous?


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January 2021 WHAT IS REAL? Day 13: Am I being trolled by the Internet?

Sometimes it seems that way. And even so, my five-year-old child’s obsession with “the news” continues, unabated.

I’ve been fascinated by the material Gene Decode presents ever since I came upon a video of his that talked about the global extent and nature of DUMBs and the tunnels connecting them, plus the vile nature of what goes on down there.

Imagine DUMBS: A Honey-Combed Earth?

So last night I was thinking I needed to see what Gene Decode was saying now . . . but then promptly forgot, so full to bursting has been my 78-year-old brain as I attempt to discern at least a tiny pinprick of what is actually real during this stolen election aftermath infowar.

But then, wouldn’t you know, put up a video on Gene Decode’s latest. And predictably, once again my mind was blown wide open.

Gene Decode 1-12-21… “Return to the Republic End of US INC”

His news about Nancy Pelosi having gone on the run, trying to get on a submarine operated by the CIA that was stationed outside the blockade that has been set up by the U.S. Military off the east coast, by catching a ride on a fisherman’s boat, on and on, is the stuff of fiction. Or is it? And then being apprehended and taken to a base in Greenland?

True? Well, she was missing both Monday and Tuesday of this week, during the very days when her two pet initiatives to cancel Trump, via the 25th amendment (that went nowhere) and a second impeachment attempt, were brought to the floor for discussion. Huh? She was gone? Weird, nobody seemed to wonder why. Was she there today? Here’s a screen shot I grabbed from the C-Span live proceedings. It looks like she IS there, but this figure could so easily be a double, given the gigantic mask over her face. Plus, doesn’t the difference in size between left and right sides of her shoulders seem strange?

Even so, while walking my puppy Shadow this morning after acupuncture, for the very first time with ear buds and phone in pocket, I did listen intently to the rest of Gene Decode’s latest, including him saying that on the night when the Vatican went dark, the U.S. military went underneath tthe Vatican, to liberate a massive tranch of gold bullion stolen by the Vatican over the centuries, with meticulous records as to how much, from whom, and when — all stored in a tunnel leading from Rome to Jerusalem; the tunnel 160 miles long, 60 meters high and 120 meters wide. Hmmm . . . Even while walking, I wondered: how far is it from Rome to Jerusalem? Seems like it’s much further . . . Once back home I looked it up: 1434 miles between the two cities, as the crow flies.

Okay, was Gene Decode just saying 160 miles in a direction that would lead to Jerusalem? Or did he really mean 160 miles of tunnel that connected Rome to Jerusalem. If so, gotcha!

There’s much more to his info?/disinfo?/misinfo? and of course, I wondered, who is whistleblower Gene Decode really. About all I discovered is that he is a 21 year veteran of the Navy, and a Vietnam Vet.

But let’s leave that, and turn to another with whom I’ve been enamored, for years! —Simon Parkes: Here’s an interview he did last night:

This morning I was alerted that Clif High calls Simon Parkes (as well as Charlie Ward) a “grifting shill,” because Clif says Simon has absolutely no idea how quantum computers work or what they’re capable of . . .

Frankly, I stopped watching Clif High a long time ago, as his aura seems so thoroughly endarkened. Maybe it’s all the chemo? (He’s fought back cancer three times.) On the other hand, Clif IS known as one of the foremost computer experts in the world. ‘So . . .

Meanwhile, Trumps demeanor during yesterday’s speech at Alamo, Texas. Did he look “subdued,” — as a friend of mine said — because discouraged, defeated? Although he did mention “the Biden administration,” did he mean it? Or was he trolling the Deep State, to lull them into compacency, making them think they have won before he pulls out his final, devastating, Trump cards. I sense the latter.

I do think his seemingly more subdued demeanor may be deliberate for another reason also: to show Pelosi (if she still exists) and the other crazed fools on the Hill that they’re the ones who need to be taken out with the 25th amendment, not him! Indeed, he warned “the Biden administration” that this attempt might bite them in the ass (my words), and that they’d better watch out what the want, because they might get it.

Trump was actually inaugurated as president for his second term on the 11th, the day Pence visited the White House — Santa Surfing —

versus . . .

Trump won’t be inaugurated until May, when he will be the 17th president, not the 45th, following upon Ulysses Grant, the last president of the Republic, before the U.S. Corporation took over. That corporation will have been taken down by then, leaving the original Republic to stand. — Gene Decode.

Santa Surfing agrees. She’s been talking about the end of the Corporation and the rebirth of the Republic for some time now.

A few more questions: Why, if “the Biden Administration” is going to take place virtually, are there thousands of National Guards on duty in D.C., and why are barricades going up all around the Capital building? (Gene Decode: to keep the perps in . . . True?)

Trump says his second term is going to begin, not outside, but inside the White House.

How’s this?






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January 2021, INVOCATION, Day 12: New Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto ABOVE AND BELOW

New Moon just after midnight tonight, in Capricorn, and CONJUNCT PLUTO. This first lunar cycle in the IGNITION year 2021 begins in the dark of night, sprinkled with rumors of troops in military vehicles moving through the darkness.

Notice the gigantic stellium of six planets at the bottom root point of the chart, all within ten degrees. Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, featured in 2020, still combine, especially when surrounded by Sun, Moon on one side and Mercury on the other. Notice that exactly half the planets are in hierarchical, institutional, law and order Capricorn, and other other half in airy, zany, freedom-oriented, Aquarius. Which will win? Well, since long-cycled (248 years) Pluto is one of the planets in Capricorn (from 2008 through 2025), and Pluto’s specialty is underworld purgation, leading to death and rebirth, Pluto does NOT support Capricorn structures (visible and invisible), but instead, purges them of whatever rot infects from deep within. And Sun/Moon igniting a new lunar cycle, within one degree of Pluto, join then with Pluto to punctuate the process of dying to the old in order to begin all over again. Think of the Constitution as Pluto, the rock upon which this nation was founded. Will the Constitution still exist come 2025? Will this United States still be so, or will it fragment into many parts.

Within the past two days, communicative Mercury has just passed over expansive Jupiter, throwing an enormous amount of info/misinfo/disinfo, into the public eye, for example, via the Pelosi laptop.

What IS real? I reposted Simon Parkes video, saying that the Insurrection Act was passed Sunday night, and putting this in the title made my blog shoot up overnight to 12,250 viewers. WHAT? Ever since I’ve been posting day by day after the stolen election on November 3, my numbers have been up from 600, but averaging less than 1000. This one post, likely echoed by thousands of others also reposting Simon Parkes, packed enormous punch.

Simon’s third update from yesterday, is likely to pack a similar punch, since he’s talking about troops stationed all around the world, to be given an envelope with their orders on it, sometime last night. Sound plausible?

I just now went to get that video to show you, and guess what? Youtube has taken it down. He must have been “over the target,” eh? Part of what he said in that video is up in his update for today.

Minutes later: Simon has now noticed the same thing, and says the video I wanted to show you is up on bitchute, if you go to find it on

It will be interesting to see how long Simon Parkes is still allowed at all on youtube.

BTW: Jordan Sather has an interesting update in which he poo-poos Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and a few others. His reason: they always use unnamed “sources.” While I appreciate his skepticism, my own way of discerning is to “consider the source” of who is doing the sourcing. And to me, Simon Parkes, having listened to him for a few years now, is a person of integrity.

Both Jordan and Jabo, an apparently well informed and courteous (thank you!) commenter on this blog last night, also wonder about the original “source” of the viral idea that the Insurrection Act has been signed. I appreciate his skepticism also, but all I can do is, at times, go with my gut sense who I can trust to tell me what is happening, since so much is secret and layered, in this world of rabbit holes galore. Meanwhile, I am not infallible; and mea culpa for anything I have said that turns out obviously to be false. Because of course, some will.

I can remember, way back forty years ago, a friend said to me that she trusts 80% of what I say, but doesn’t know about the other 20%. I replied, “Or maybe it’s the other way: only 20% of what I say can be trusted!” Who knows? Who is “infallible” except the Pope! Oh wait! Now we think we’ve found out that he’s corrupt, or even absent, executed for his corruption, with a double or cgi posing as the real dude.

Anyway, back to the astrology of this coming New Moon.

Moon (moving at the rate of one degree every two hours) will continue through the stellium for the next two days; Sun (at the rate of one degree per day) will continue to illuminate the mix for the next fourteen days. That takes us through the Inauguration, if indeed it happens at all or is pushed back until, Juan O’Savin claims, sometime in March.

Here’s a short video of the mysterious Juan with Robert David Steele, at dinner last night:

Meanwhile, notice that Mars, at 2° Taurus is now only 4° from Uranus, which puts Mars exactly on Uranus this coming weekend. Please be warned:

Rearing way back from the blinking details of this critical moment in time, how about this. I’ve just skimmed part of it myself, but it does show the breathtaking panorama that opens up when we begin to think in cycles, and cycles within cycles.

Meanwhile, remember, if the universe has no circumference, then the center is everywhere! YOU are the center of the universe, living, breathing through an infinity of interpenetrating cycles, large and small, Above and Below.

This conception of The Ultimate came to me independently once I began to study astrology.

However, it is NOT a new idea.







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January 2021 ACCELERATION, Day 11: Parler down spurs WORLD WIDE UPRISING

Well, it was predicted, and the prediction came true. Amazon erased Parler from the internet last night. I hear that Gab is expected to suffer the same fate, and that we all need to migrate to Telegram. And since Dictator Jack (in cahoots with fb Zuckercreep) cancelled the Twitter account of the President of the United States, whatever Big Tech will get next, given Trump’s famous capacity for revenge, will, frankly, feel downright delicious.

Whiplash karma, I call it:

Along with an astute friend of mine, who prefers to remain anonymous, I wonder if VP Pence is a double agent, actually working within Trump’s 5D operations (because of a plea deal?) while pretending to be a recently discovered black hat, due to his starring villain role in the January 6th “elector certification” drama.

Two things make me wonder: First, he did not immediately respond to Crazy Nancy’s request (demand?) several days ago that he go along with her 25th amendment op that would declare Trump mentally unfit to rule (once again, projection!). Her crazed dithering makes more and more sense now that her laptop and server, and I think it was seven thumb drives, all taken by spec ops in disguise who “breached” the Capital with Antifa and a few MAGA stragglers, all escorted in by the (Capital?) police. That laptop, loaded with all sorts of stuff she would never want the world to see, is now in the hands of the Trump administration.

And second, the strangely intense emotional tribute to Pence by DOD head Chris Miller.

It may be that we’re about to find out, now that Nancy, this morning, has given him 24 hours to respond. No wonder she’s in a hurry! She’s got to get Trump before he unleashes the entire contents of her laptop and lets the whole world know who, in fact, she really is.

Geez! only nine days until the much trumpeted Inauguration which Trump says he’s going to hold inside the White House; and didn’t Biden say he was going to hold it virtually (i.e., in his basement)? Might it be that on January 20th, two different parties are going to say they have been Inaugurated?  — with the Fake Stream Media lauding the latter and condemning the former as bogus or worse, much worse? Or, better: will the propaganda arm of the Deep State, actually crash and burn before that?

In case you need to research, Trump tweets are archived here:

Weird, I just watched a video of today’s U.S. House of Representatives, where Pence was asked to join their effort to dump Trump via the 25th Amendment (a rep from West Virginia objected); and guess what, NANCY WAS NOT THERE! Where is she? Already arrested?

(BTW: in the second video below, Simon says Nancy is NOT going to pursue impeachment.)

Even weirder for me personally: This computer has, twice now, in the last 15 minutes started to put out a strange signal, all of a sudden, a whirring noise, that lasts about 30 seconds. No obvious source. Both times I went to find my phone, wondering if it was the way the predicted Emergency Broadcast System would begin . . .

Makes me jumpy . . .

Michael K. Jaco has put out a valuable video:


Here’s an interesting view of what’s going down and what’s about to go down.

This video is an extraordinary mine of intel: Basically, the media is about to go down, which is why the EBS will have to go up. Soon there will be a nuclear scare event, “necessary for a global awakening.”

Oh and for those who wonder what might happen when the internet and social media go down, I’d say never doubt the power of human ingenuity and innovation. This, from my housemate Dan:

Tim Berners-Lee wants to turn the internet on its head and decentralize it once more. 

I.e., a new internet under every person’s individual control, the way it was supposed to be, originally. Tim Berners-Lee is generally credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web.

Here’s one person’s version of where we are at this point in the history of the world.

I will end with yesterday’s comment from one my readers. Let’s take it as a sign …..


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