Green Acres Village Equinox Celebration and Ceremony!

I did manage to get up early enough before leaving for Madison to post on our wonderful ceremony/celebration last night in the GAV (Green Acres Village). Check it out!

PHOTOS Green Acres Village Equinox Ceremony and Celebration


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I plan to attend this weekend’s 2017 International Jamiat Aam, Madison Wisconsin

Leave here early tomorrow. New blog posts likely suspended until Monday. Meanwhile, we dance, pray, sing, and eat together with the Beloved.

For my report on another Sufi weekend, see this.



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Recent pedogate busts, Dr. Phil — and Trump’s dilemma?

Here’s the Dr. Phil show Jordan references.

Human hunting parties were also referenced in MK Ultra survivor Kathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America, which I read back around the turn of the millennium and found it so horrifying that I just couldn’t believe it. Nor could I forget it. In fact, my extremely jaundiced view of Hillary Clinton dates from my reading of that book.

Jordan is right. That this abomination is now reaching the MSM via Dr. Phil is immensely significant, and might mean that we are being “prepped” for further revelations.

However, could this article be true?

Trump Sexual Assault Accuser Going Ahead with Lawsuit

Google “Trump raped 13-year-old” and you’ll see lots of links. How much is real? Does Trump do what other men — and women — in high position don’t do? I doubt it. Ours is a culture of rape. Rape (whether physical or emotional or mental or material, i.e., EXTREME VIOLATION) of all that is vulnerable — including young women and men, children, animals, the environment — and millions upon millions of people across this globe who fall victim to U.S. Empire’s wanton destruction of what or whoever dares to question its dominion.

And, given the (swirling, but so far, muted) allegations against him, does this mean that Trump will NOT pursue to the bitter end the purportedly 1/3 of all government employees who could be implicated in the decades-old human trafficking scandal that serves to blackmail them, thus ensuring compliance with the Deep Corporate State’s continuing attempt to lock the entire human race into its mad rush to oblivion?

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David Rockefeller dead on Spring Equinox? If so, what are the implications — for us, for him?

I’ll start with the circumnavigations of young Jordan Sather, whose alt-epistemological approach I so much appreciate:

But maybe the “seven heart transplants” part not true?

Did David Rockefeller Have Seven Heart Transplants?

Here’s another conspiratorial, spectulative video re: this (satanic?) scion of one of the two world’s top pyramidal families (the other being Rothschild).

So, how does We Are Change view this possibility, this remarkable coincidence on Spring Equinox 2017::

Top Five Reasons David Rockefeller Won’t Be Missed

And we can count on trenchant analysis (plus videos) by infowars here as well:

Globalist David Rockefeller Dead at 101

I cannot help but feel that the closure (if indeed it is) of this old kingpin’s life is a good omen for the possible future of our world. And I do wonder what this ancient service-to-self senex is discovering “on the other side.”


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Robert David Steele: Let us Re-Imagine the American Dream

In the astrological chart of the U.S.A., the visionary, spiritual planet Neptune stands high in the sky at 22° Virgo — sign of hard work and analytic capacity — only 10° from the 2° Libra Midheaven — sign of diplomacy and cooperation. As the planet closest to the Midheaven, Neptune signifies the spiritual path of this nation. For all of its still short life, the U.S. has interpreted that visionary energy mostly materialistically, via individaul “hard work” to achieve what we’ve called “The American Dream.”

From wikipedia, history of the American Dream in the 20th century:

Historian James Truslow Adams popularized the phrase “American Dream” in his 1931 book Epic of America:

But there has been also the American dream, that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement. It is a difficult dream for the European upper classes to interpret adequately, and too many of us ourselves have grown weary and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.[1]

And later he wrote:

The American dream, that has lured tens of millions of all nations to our shores in the past century has not been a dream of merely material plenty, though that has doubtlessly counted heavily. It has been much more than that. It has been a dream of being able to grow to fullest development as man and woman, unhampered by the barriers which had slowly been erected in the older civilizations, unrepressed by social orders which had developed for the benefit of classes rather than for the simple human being of any and every class.


And in the 21st century? Let’s take another gander at the American Dream, and I’d say let’s find someone who can make sure Robert David Steele gets the ear of Donald Trump, whose outside personality has not yet locked into the vision needed to help shift the suicidal course of this nation.

I watched a video last night of a Norweigan interview with Steele and another interesting man, Frederik Heffermehl. They were discussing the possibility of Putin and Trump going for the Nobel Peace Prize together, as the fruit of their cooperation at the end of Trump’s first term, thus returning that prize to its original peaceful intention after 50 years of being corrupted into the war prize. Steele says that Putin has asked for a personal meeting with Trump in July. And, he says, if they do meet, and if Trump will agree to do two things: 1) leave NATO, and 2) close  the 1000 U.S. bases abroad (which function, remember Steele says, not for military use, but to smuggle drugs, gold cash, children and organs for the CIA), then these two decisive actions would signal the intent of the U.S. to completely change course. Unfortunately, when I attempted to load the video here, I discovered that it’s now labeled “private.”

In any case, you can watch any number of interviews with Steele on-line. He may truly be the visionary we need to shift the meaning of The American Dream in a time when “material prosperity” is proving to be not nearly enough to hold our attention, not just because it’s fading from view for the 99,99%, but especially because more and more of us are beginning to realize that our Mother Earth is being eviscerated by our continuous extraction of her blood and bones.


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Alone with the Alone

Gorgeous. Made me cry. Thank you reader Karen, who asked, in sending it, “Is there anything more important now than Coming Home to the Divine?”

Published on Mar 31, 2015
One of the 20th century’s most prolific scholars of Islamic mysticism, Henry Corbin (1903-1978) was Professor of Islam & Islamic Philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris and at the University of Tehran. (Iran)

Corbin’s central project was to provide a framework for understanding the unity of the religions of the Book: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. His great work: “Alone with the Alone: Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn ‘Arabi “is a classic initiatory text of visionary spirituality that transcends the tragic divisions among the three great monotheisms.
Corbin’s life was devoted to the struggle to free the religious imagination from fundamentalisms of every kind.

Mystic, philosopher, poet, sage, Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi is one of the world’s great spiritual teachers.
Ibn ‘Arabi was born in Murcia, Spain in 1165 and his writings had an immense impact throughout the Islamic world and beyond. The universal ideas underlying his thought are of immediate relevance today.

Music: Armand Amar

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Albert Bates: On “wetiko” and peak civilization

If you haven’t heard the term “wetiko” yet, it will carve out a space in your mind to mirror the dark hole of separation from natural systems that is currently infecting our so-called civilization. If you’re like me, then being able to name things, to call them out for what they really are, keeps me sane. On the other hand, I need to watch my own tendency to thereby crystallize or direct a dynamically evolving process into stuckness of one kind or other, just by giving it a name! For example, with any bodily condition, why let the medical industrial complex name it?  To do so is to invite in Big Pharma at the very least, and possibly hospitals, surgery, and so on. No thank you! So this business of how our language not only mirrors but shapes reality is tricky and we need to stay awake to how we are so often fooled in one way or another.



March 19, 2017

by Albert Bates

Coming to Los Angeles we had the sensation of slipping into a cultural fogbank. We could not say whether we were actually being bombarded by messages from microwave ovens or watched by cameras concealed in television screens, but the sense was that we had departed from reality.

Frankly we consider ourselves a citizen of the world and find it discomforting to experience provincialism whether upon re-entry to the United States or having conversations in some distant back country hostel. We are not speaking of localization or bioregionalism — all well and good. Rather, what we encountered in Los Angeles was the absence of a fact-grounded worldview across a broad spectrum of the population. Had we been gone that long?

The media has cannibalized the minds of millions — drawing their mental attention toward the issues that are bounced around in these information echo chambers and syphoning it away from the deep, systemic threats humanity is now confronted with. The Algonquin Tribe of North America has a name for this phenomenon; they call it Wetiko. It is a mind virus that endlessly consumes the life energies of people (in this case, the emotional energy given to feed this media monster) while neglecting the life-supports that would heal and protect the living things of this world.

We are blessed to be able to be with a diverse cross-section of people who truly get the big picture, to and to have exchanges and strategy sessions in beautiful centers like London, Paris, Marrakech and Tulum. We offset that travel and our other activity with our personal forest, bamboo groves, and keylined biochar tea applications.  We recognize not everyone can have that luxury so we enter into these conversations with humility, gratitude and purpose. Whatever we take away we apply immediately, directly and with good effect.

Fog moves in over the Pacific, Malibu, March 2017

In Los Angeles we experienced that many people are uninformed about climate change, the Deep State, or even elemental biophysical economics. Moreover, most people we encountered did not want to know. This is not something that more education, a trending app or a blockbuster film will fix. Even if they were engaged in admirable pursuits like provisioning food kitchens in the massive and growing tent cities of the homeless, or seeding green rooftops, verges and balconies that might contribute some of that much-needed food, they were, in other profound ways, making the more overarching problems far worse in ways they were blissfully ignorant of. Here we use ignorant at its root — willfully ignoring. The wetiko mind virus had infected them.

And for us, this perception cut to the quick of who we are and what we do. Do we really want to spend our life saving places like Los Angeles? It isn’t merely that they may be undeserving of salvation, although they may. It is that most of their inhabitants, even the well-intentioned, are actively pursuing an agenda that is antithetical to survival. They are the drowning swimmer who tries to drown the rescuing lifeguard.

The severance of a society from reality, as ours has been severed from collective recognition of the severity of climate change and the fatal consequences of empire and deindustrialization, leaves it without the intellectual and institutional mechanisms to confront its impending mortality. It exists in a state of self-induced hypnosis and self-delusion. It seeks momentary euphoria and meaning in tawdry entertainment and acts of violence and destruction, including against people who are demonized and blamed for society’s demise. It hastens its self-immolation while holding up the supposed inevitability of a glorious national resurgence. Idiots and charlatans, the handmaidens of death, lure us into the abyss.

— Chris Hedges, The Dance of Death 
Low Income Housing, Los Angeles

When we began this series we posted a chapter called “Three Pillars” that used some new terms coined by Naffiz Ahmed to describe civilization’s plight. In his lecture at the Global Sustainability Institute of Anglia Ruskin University that subsequently became a full throated exposé of the Deep State, published on February 10, 2017, Ahmed made the salient point that what is playing out in the Trump presidency is a battle of world views, with no possible winner.

Neither side truly understands that they both remain locked into the old, dying industrial neoliberal paradigm. That both the conventional Republican and Democrat strategies have failed. And that if they continue to ignore and overlook the reality of the global systemic crisis and its escalating symptoms, they will both become increasingly disrupted and irrelevant to large sectors of the American population.

In that scenario, politics will become increasingly polarized, not less so. Republicans will seek to shore up their white nationalist support base while Democrats will continue to lose credibility as a genuine critical voice due to their establishment myopia.

Ahmed says that ultimately this will lead to even more violence:

Both pro- and anti-Trump factions of the Deep State are in denial of the fact that this escalating crisis is due, fundamentally, to the global net energy decline of the world’s fossil fuel resource base.

In a time of fundamental systemic crisis, the existing bedrock of norms and values a group normally holds onto maybe shaken to the core. This can lead a group to attempt to reconstruct a new set of norms and values — but if the group doesn’t understand the systemic crisis, the new construct, if it diagnoses the crisis incorrectly, can end up blaming the wrong issues, leading to Otherization.


For every degree to which Trump upscales aggression, America’s real national security will be downgraded. And like any good despot, Trump’s failures will become food for his own propaganda, to be conveniently blamed on the myriad of Others who, in the small minds of the Trump faction, are preventing America from becoming ‘great again.’

Erebus Wong, Lau Kin Chi, Sit Tsui and Wen Tiejun, writing for the independent socialist Monthly Review,  observe that China’s industrial strength comes not from the sprinkling of some magic fairy dust or the discovery of oil superfields but from the inherent power of rural farmers grounded in nature. The Chinese countryside, they note, “has become the source of a vast ‘labor reserve,’ allowing the state to rely on sannong—the so-called ‘three rurals’ of peasants, villages, and agriculture — as the foundation of China’s turbulent but continuous modernization over the last sixty years.”

Brickwork on million-dollar Malibu home

Chinese rural society has been able to absorb the risks of this modernization because of the strength of its relation to nature, an advantage that has never been adequately acknowledged. Chinese agricultural society has been formed on the basis of common needs, such as irrigation and disaster prevention. This interdependence creates a collective rationality, with community, rather than the individual peasant or family, as the basic unit in the distribution and sharing of social resources. This focus on collective needs runs directly counter to the Western emphasis on individual interests. Over thousands of years, Chinese agricultural society has become organically integrated with the diversity of nature, giving rise to an endogenous religion of polytheism. As it plans and promotes its vision of sustainable development and peaceful trade, China should look inward, to these age-old social structures, as a guide to the future.

What the authors describe as “collective rationality” is actually a description of the rationality of natural systems. Rural peoples live within, and allied with, those rational patterns. When we visited Los Angeles, what we were seeing was not so much a collective neurosis as a collective separation from underlying rationality.

Sure, there are elements of earth-restoration, ecocity design and city repair within Los Angeles, but even those seemed to us largely divorced from the realization that the city’s food comes from fossil energy, not deepening soil, the city’s water comes from disappearing aquifers and vanishing snow melt, and that the fracked gas that heats their buildings and lights their streets is upsetting the balance of nature upon which those other things depend.

Rescuing Angelinos, or any megalopolis inhabitants (the Chinese included) from their almost certain fate will be a serious challenge, and one we will explore in our continuing installments in this series.


This post is part of an ongoing series we’re calling The Power Zone Manifesto. We post to The Great Change on Sunday mornings and 24 to 48 hours earlier for the benefit of donors to our Patreon page.

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The Sounds of Silence, 30 years later . . .

Via Nancy, whose friendship I have enjoyed since when was it? 1966! Wow, the same year that this iconic song was composed.

Here’s from 1981:

Here’s from 2011:

My question. What happened to their relationship during the 30 years (the one Saturn cycle) that spanned the two above renditions of the song?

Here’s one snarky ABC interview with Art Garfunkel, from 2015.

Yet, given the way they look at each other in the 2011 version, they obviously love each other dearly on a soul level.

Yes. Paul Simon composed this beautiful song in 1966 — and allowed it to flow from the quantum field into the headwaters of one current of the cultural wave that cascaded to shore like a tsunami, altering our 1950’s formality forever. Thank you thank you!

I remain fascinated by watching myself and others age. For at least 30 years, I attended my high school reunion every five years, and never failed to be amazed, as our life stories played out on our faces and in our bodies. Our eyes shine brighter when they greet old friends. How could they not? We have traveled this journey together, this long strange trip that still both bedevils and beguiles.

BTW to Paul Simon: I don’t think that “silence” is always “like a cancer that grows.” I think silence can also function as a healing balm, surrendering to the mystery of the universe.

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Spring Equinox 2017: The view from here

In  Bloomington, Indiana, the Sun reaches 0°00 Aries at 6:29 am EDT tomorrow morning, that’s Monday, March 20, 2017.

If you recall, Spring Equinox is the moment when the days and nights are equal, but switching over, so that from tomorrow on through Summer Solstice, the days will grow longer than the nights.

In other words, Spring Equinox is a moment of balance. We balance the dark and the light within ourselves. Balance what is difficult with what is easy. Balance pain with joy, loss with abundance. It’s never just one or the other. One extreme of any duality is always ascending while the other descends. Once “at the top of our game” we begin the dissolution.

In other words, humility is always in order during the ascent of light, and patience in order during the descent into dark. Both. And when we do manage to stretch ourselves in both directions so that however extreme one pole, we sense the other as equal to it; when we do manage to balance ourselves in the exact center of this awesome expanse, then we have arrived. Love pours through that opening space within.

About this chart:

First off, the main architecture of these months (December 2016 – September 2017), the unpredictable, powerful, crazy-making, intensely creative cardinal cross of initiation formed with Pluto in Capricorn square (90°) to the opposition (180°) between with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries, continues.

And next, in terms of this Spring Equinox moment, the transit Moon just happens to be exactly conjunct Saturn which itself is conjunct that famous Galactic Center at 27° Sagittarius.

This, I would say, is the most important configuration in the Spring Equinox chart. It asks us to pay attention to the big (Sagittarian) picture, whatever that means for any of us. Let us challenge ourselves to plumb the depths of whatever be-lie-f system (Saturn) we consciously or unconsciously hold in place that prevents us from opening further, ever further, to allow the august mystery of the universe to penetrate our awareness. I.e., let us not, ever again, think that we know what we are doing because we know the “correct” way to think. Do we? What is correct among the billions of points of view, each one inhabited by at least one person now alive on this planet? Yes, who is correct? Is there any such thing as “correct”? Any one point of view central to the entire universe? How could there be, when space is infinite and time is a tiny matrix we are caught in on this tiny planet Earth.

Let us relax and rejoice in the billions of points of view, rather than trying to kill all of them off except the one, we, who are “correct,” subscribe to. Huh? Since when do I know everything? Or even anything?

Notice, in this Spring Equinox chart, by the way, that the powerful Moon/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius harmoniously trines (120°) the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries: New, unpredictable points of view zing in from everywhere, especially from the Galactic Center — that black hole? white hole? which draws us, ever onward, into the divine ocean of being.

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So, however (seeming) warmonger Donald Trump “got in,” we can, maybe, rejoice?

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has just increased the Defense Department budget by 10% while slashing departments that provide human services to pay for it, and despite the disgusting charade we are subjected to every four years . . .


. . . it just may be that we can — and should — rejoice. Check these out.

Trump is challenging the whole CIA-media nexus


An Encouraging Look Forward


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