Post New Moon in Taurus: Notice the Growing Push Back to Globalist Agenda

Yesterday’s New Moon: I sense that whatever happens during this next month will grow slowly and inexorably, grounding itself deeper and deeper into the collective psyche, to the point where Love will begin to overcome Fear. This post provides examples, starting with . . . are you surprised?

Search <DeSantis gateway pundit> and you’ll have all you need to recognize this amazing Florida Governor as the wayshower for us all. Examples:

Meanwhile, Corey’s Digs broadens perspective to discover just how much bottom-up decentralized power is beginning to take effect, enumerating state by state:

Stay Vocal: Local Bills Bolster the Big Fight Back

These local state laws, newly adopted, show that at least 16 states are more awake than woke.

Well well, I see that In-Diana is not included in her list. I did notice recently, however, that our state legislature is pushing back on the power of the governor, to wit: from this morning’s local Bloomington paper, this headline, top of front page: Monroe Covid restrictions remain in place. Not surprised, given our fearful, globalist mayor. But what did surprise me, was the full first sentence of this same article. I’d say it’s a good sign that all of In-Diana will begin to show its cojones soon:

“Monroe County Covid health restrictions will remain in place even though state legislators on Monday orerrode the governor’s veto of a bill giving local elected officials power over such public health orders issued during emergencies.” (My italics.)

Then there’s this —

— part and parcel of the terrific tug-of-war in Arizona as the first ever thorough forensic audit shows the way for other swing states, for example, Michigan, where Antrim County is now requesting a forensic audit.

And of course, you’ve seen where one mask-oriented school board fled when confronted by parents:


Vail School Board Flees, Parents Elect New Board and Vote to End Mask Mandate

More and more parents are also awakening to just how far schools indoctrinate their children. So, not surprised to see this:

I’ll be very curious to see whether Indiana University, upon which the economic life blood of Bloomington depends, will require the vax for students returning or entering for the fall semester.

It does seem to be the growing trend.

And yet, wouldn’t you know, the state of Florida is out of step with this latest draconian step. Which just goes to show how one singular man, in this case, DeSantis, because he has balls and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what other people think of him, can not just make a difference, but his influence can radiate from his inner resolve outward in all directions.

Most Florida Universities Won’t Require the Covid Vaccine

My question: how many would-be students are awake enough to say, okay, if the vax is required, then to hell with college.

And, given that some college administrators probably know that requiring the vax may significantly reduce their admissions during a time when more and more young people are questioning the value of college, given its cost, not to mention the leftist agenda of so many of its faculty — might this knowledge dissuade these administrators from requiring the vax?

I’ll end this hopeful post on push-back with the latest from And We Know, which just happens to be on the same subject.

The Tide Seems to Be Turning: AWAKENING is happening. PRAY!

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Today’s Taurus New Moon Is PERSONAL!

See yesterday’s post.

My natal Moon sits at 23°02 Taurus. Today’s New Moon sits at 21°18 Taurus. Less than two full degrees separate my own Moon from the new lunar beginning we are introduced to on this day.

Now it just so happens that, while, as usual, deep in the bowels of my multi-year Recapitulation Project (gathering, retyping, formatting, organizing and archiving my voluminous written output over more than 50 years), I happened to be, this very today, formatting an essay I wrote during the throes of menopause, way back in 1992. This essay, which shares a theme I stress even today — the primacy of the body, the importance of actually being inside ones own body, of feeling oneself as embodied — deeply resonates with what could be considered the main theme of the New Moon in Taurus — full on embodiment and all that implies.

Here is that essay. Even if you aren’t in menopause, even if you’re a man! — I have a feeling you will enjoy one woman’s pressing need for comprehending her own embodied self and its mysterious changes over time.

My Journey through Menopause

As for how I will celebrate this New Moon: I will do a ceremony with this much more aged body today. And I will go to the top of the highest hill in this town as the Sun/Moon sets, so as to be present as the stars become visible. Who knows? Maybe a UFO will wink at me? (Or more likely, a satellite.) In any case, though the Moon is important to human life on earth, we are, as Gurdjieff once put it, “food for the Moon,” in that our emotional lives bind us to earth to such an extent that many people have a great deal of trouble detaching from their own feelings enough to  see beyond the Moon to the solar system and beyond to the galaxy. As a double Sagittarian, of course I want lift-off! You can imagine just how difficult it has been for me to integrate the Taurus Moon with the Sagittarian Sun/Ascendant and Mars. A lifelong journey. And it’s not done yet.


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Let us welcome and work with this May 11 Taurus New Moon

Amazingly enough,  harmonious flowing energy emanates from tomorrow’s New Moon.

This New Moon, at 21°18 Taurus, trines (120°) both Pluto at 26°46 Capricorn and the 20°07 Virgo Ascendant. A harmonious grand trine in earth signs! A grand trine of stability, connectedness, security, practicality, rootedness.

Plus, the Ascendant gains even more energy due to its opposition to Neptune at 22°40 on the Descendant. These four planets (Sun, Moon, Pluto, Neptune) plus the Ascendant/Descendant axis create a kite formation, not just harmonious, but projective, like an arrow, from Neptune to the Ascendant.

Of the four planets, two of them are outer planets, thus collective in nature. Ever since early 2008, when Pluto entered Capricorn, and especially, ever since January of last year, when Saturn conjuncted Pluto for the first time in more than 30 years, we have all been undergoing the purgative energy of Pluto in Capricorn, how it tears apart old, outworn structures and exposes the rot underneath; and we’ve been absorbing the formless, invisible, dreamlike, dissolving energy of Neptune in its own sign Pisces:  we sense/feel the discordant currents of fear and love that are both circulating strongly through the collective. We are asked to use discernment (Virgo Ascendant) as to which current to not only pay attention to —  contractive fear? ( the absence of love) or expansive love? Again, if we do choose to work with the energy of love, then how do we do that, in what situations, how to pay attention to the present moment when love can be inserted into, or can overlight, and thus dissolve, any difficult human drama.

On the other hand, if we choose fear — but then again, nobody in his right mind would choose fear! Fear takes over the minds. Fear is the result of indoctrination. So  . . .









We are, all of us, for the next lunar month, presented with the welcome gift of steady-as-she-goes, rock-solid, purgative dissolving of all the old energetic forms that have held us in their separative, isolating grip, since way before any of us can personally remember.  

Sabian symbol for 22° Taurus New Moon:


Keynote: “The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.” — Dane Rudhyar


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To Light Up the Dark, We NEED to Know Just HOW Dark

Warning: This is a post that, if you are full of fear, you will want to skip.

First, remember:

And, that includes those within our government (local, state and federal) — as well as Big Pharma and the entire Medical Industrial Complex — most of whom are pushing for the vax to be mandatory.

If you are still resisting, and/or still on the fence, this might help you decide not to submit to any of them:

The question remains, WHY ARE THEY PUSHING THE VAX?

In case you can’t wrap your mind around the above, check out a more recent post:

The Covid-19 Extinction Level Event

And yet, I notice from The Mayor’s Corner in the local paper, that even in this left-leaning, blue-pilled academic town only about a third of the population has so far taken the vax, and that numbers have “dropped off significantly” in the past few weeks. Wow! Hard to believe! Are people here starting to think for themselves? Of city employees, says the mayor, only 40% have now taken it, despite a “$100 wellness incentive.”

Would love to see one of these in Bloomington.

Meanwhile, this, from one of my favorites on telegram, Danielle Stotjin. I put the entire post in bold.


Appearing in every corner of the world.
More and more of them each day.

They are known as Darkworkers, in contrast and balance to Lightworkers.

And no, dark does not equal evil or bad.
Quite the opposite, in fact. Darkworkers are here to switch on the Light where no one dares to go.

Darkworkers are healers who source their healing power from the raw feminine energies of the Universe, the yin forces.

The darkness that gave birth to the light, when God said: Let there be light!

The darkness that gives birth to new life, like the flower bolbs that push the dark soil of the earth to see the Light.

Lightworkers are healers working with the yang (light) masculine Earth-based energies.
They heal.

We know this through the rise of the number of old souls and Lightworkers over the last many decades.
But the Light didn’t bring about the promised changes yet.

Darkworkers are coming out in force now.
Here to stand by and shine Light in the Dark.

They bring chaos to help push the order of Light so a new Light can shine forth with a non-corrupted truth.

They see through the veil of all human illusion, shattering the human condition, unveiling the God in every person.

They bring death, because they speak to the Dark Goddesses of all ages and all cultures, that death must come before rebirth.

They destroy, because something new can only be created when the old has disappeared and there’s only empty nothingness.

Darkworkers do not step away from dark or empathize with pain because they know that fear is an illusion and your pain is a lie told to you by your human conditioning.

Instead they break you free from your human condition. And hand you back Your true freedom and your true Power.

Darkworkers do not ever compromise the truth or cater to tribal approval.

Darkworkers are rule breakers, system busters and disruptors who will un-corrupt the corrupted Light that exists on Earth.

Time has come to integrate the Dark and the Light.

Proud to be a Light in the Dark

Sending Love into this world ~ Danielle 💗💗💗

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The vaccines, the soul, and personal sovereignty

For those who wonder why DJT promoted the “vaccines,” check this out. Makes sense to me, given the political pressures upon him and the stakes for the entire human species.

Santa Surfing deepens the reflection, with a Rudolf Steiner quote:

Steiner actually had a lot to say about what’s happening now:

I remember a few decades ago, when “soul retrieval” was a popular workshop. Hmmm. . . maybe this is why? But: can the soul actually be eliminated? Or just hidden from access.

Descartes, by the way, whom I diss regularly as the inventor of the still activated, and extremely pernicious mind/body split, also said that the connection between the mind and the body was located in the pineal gland, which he called the “seat of the soul.” Of course academic philosophers ignore this aspect of his teaching.

If Descartes is right, then might the soul be activated through cleansing the usually calcified pineal gland, due to fluoride in tap water? I know there are two assumptions in that last sentence, but bear with me. First, though functional at birth, the pineal gland does quickly calcify in this cultural context, due not only to fluoride, but to the way we are taught to use language.

Next, flouride IS the culprit. Plus, we can decalcify the pineal gland, thus allowing us access to the soul, which when functioning, offers guidance for every single choice we make throughout our lifetimes, should we choose to listen to “the small still voice within,” should we choose to notice synchronicities, should we choose to pay attention to our dreams and visions.

Pineal Gland Calcification: The Cause & the Consequence

Whatever “they” try to do to us, there is usually an antidote. For example, with the scary “spike proteins” which can supposedly cause so much damage, check out this, and a possible remedy: pine oil tea, which contains “suramin.”

Meanwhile, it may be that the covid psy-op is being extended to cover for the ongoing exposure of the pedophile/SRA/murder/adrenochrome hell that has infected society as an extremely lucrative undercurrent for decades, if not for thousands of years.


No matter how impossibly difficult the situation on planet earth now seems, remember, someday, this too shall pass.

Even now, I don’t know about you, but I personally do know a few people who are awake, not woke. And with these people, we can not only analyze the current bullshit, but step, full of faith, into infinities beyond.


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J P Sears says he’s now a “TRANS-POLITICAL”

He’s gone through a political identity shift.  Now that he’s transitioned  from liberal to conservative, he’s never felt more free. No longer trapped in the identity of being  a liberal. No longer needs to dye his hair blue. On an on. And a proud member of the “TPCPL” community.

Hilarious, as usual with this superb, truth-telling comedian.


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What is ZONE ZERO ZERO in permaculture? And why do we need it now?

During this absurdly successful global covid psy-op I have been astonished to discover that even some renowned permaculture teachers are “taking the vax.” WHAT? I was stunned. Does not permaculture extend to the inner landscape of one’s own body? To me, that’s like drinking poisonous glysophate to kill the “germs” — bacteria and viruses that together, in great swarming, balanced, harmonious abundance, populate our inner worlds, just as they do the healthy soil beneath our feet.

My astonishment continues to this day. One would think that a focus on the health of the immune system of one’s own body would be second nature to permaculturists. That permies, above all people, would recognize the sheer brilliance of the body to care for itself as a diverse, regulated, living system.

But there we are, once again faced with the mind/body split that Descartes ignited way back in the 17th century, a split that expanded and solidified into a cultural given, and mostly without our even being aware of it.

Permaculture organizes the world into zones:

Notice the difference between zone zero and zone zero zero, the individual.

I’d go further and say that zone zero zero refers to one’s relationship to one’s own body as a holistic system. Just as permaculture teaches us to generally think in terms of holistic systems, so does zone zero zero refer to our need to sense/think about, and feel one’s own body in that same manner.

Here’s an article that describes the differences:

Differences in linear and holistic thinking and operating

Or, in graphic terms (keep in mind this graph refers to human organizations, but it could refer literally to anything, since we’re talking universally about typical and, unfortunately, nontypical ways of thinking.


In terms of covidiana, we can draw a parallel to Dr. Zach Bush and other more holistically inclined current cultural influencers to their distinction between germ and terrain, and that though germ theory took over the medical world and banished holistic natural healing in the process, thanks to Rockefeller medicine backed by the 1910 Flexner Report, it’s about time to transform our left-brained linear thinking into a constant attunement to the entire environment which produces any particular change. Indeed, perhaps when this covid nonsense is behind us, it will actually have introduced this transformation from linear (including germ theory) to systems thinking (terrain — PERMACULTURE!) as utterly fundamental  if the human race is to live and thrive in the future.

Digging even deeper, I looked for an author who would recognize zone zero zero as actually the zone where language, a human invention, and what we call reality (that which is) meet, and what happens when we attempt to actually describe reality by naming different “things” within and their relations with one another, whether holistic or linear.

Inexorably, such an attempt leads to situations like what’s going on with the “climate change” drama, where experts put up graphs which pretend (and fail) to predict the future based on certain variables they have identified. But, I always want to ask, why just these variables? How many variables would be enough in a world of infinite changing interactions among infinities of entities of indescribably various sizes, most of which we do not know about and never will, never can, comprehend?

In short, “the map is not the territory,” and any attempt to completely “map” any “territory” is always doomed to failure.

Here is that author that I was looking for. John Graham. Extraordinary. Written in 1995. Well worth absorbing in its entirety.


Please do read the entire essay above. Pulling just three paragraphs out of a deeply entangled, ecological murmuring such as his feels like murder.

Try this video, if you want something easier to comprehend. The entire film is deeply interesting, and I especially appreciate the woman, Cecelia Macaulay, who notes as an example of how permaculture principles apply to diverse zones: “Avoid compaction. Compaction in soil. Compaction in human relations. Compaction in the mind. Compaction in the body.” YES.

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What is a conspiracy theory, and why do we need them now?

If you recall, the moniker “conspiracy theory,” used to demean and dismiss anyone who connects dots in a non-standard way, was inserted into the culture by the C.I.A. in 1967, to use against anyone who dared to question the Warren Report’s “findings” on the Kennedy Assasination.

Of course, as a woman, who, over the past half century has been thinking outside the matrix box, and who, in order to get there, spent two full years in graduate school in philosophy investigating my own unconscious assumptions, daring to dive into the inner recesses of what had been buried (and thus accepted) as “obvious” in my own early indoctrination years, I’ve been called a “conspiracy theorist” plenty of times. But the definition given to the phrase, “conspiracy theory,” by Mark Crispin Miller, made me laugh out loud:

“That which, if true, you couldn’t handle it.”

Living in this academic town (Indiana University), armed with a Ph.D. and a history as a rogue philosopher at the (academic) culture’s edge, I totally got off on this entire interview. Would that every university had a Mark Crispin Miller to begin to counteract the leftist-woke-culturally-correct-social -justice etc. indoctrination that now passes for higher education.

Interview 1633 – Mark Crispin Miller Exposes Propaganda in the Academy

Odd that I would discover this interview on the first day that I wore my new teeshirt! Son Colin tells me that when he wore his for the first time, people either loved it and wanted to know where to get one, or they read it, and looked away, pretended not to have seen.


Colin came in my room while I was writing this post, so I read it to him, and he laughed out loud too at Mark Crispin Miller’s definition of conspiracy theory. So I asked him to take a pic of me to memorialize the occasion.

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