ATTENTION: This is the final post on the exopermaculture site

After an extended three day-runaround with the wp-support guys, my admin Gabby and I have decided to stop using this blog and instead, it will be saved as an archive. The new site is

and I’ve put one post up there which echoes this one.

I’ve sort of enjoyed the fact that I couldn’t post these past three days. On the other hand of course I felt impatient — so much high geopolitical drama to point to, to talk about! That I was unable to get into the site meant I could focus elsewhere, and take a needed break from the outside world.

I will be posting on the new site, within the next few days. It’s easy to subscribe to it, BTW.

I also like the fact that the name of the new website is my own name, just me. No identification with anything outside the self, even permaculture and exopermaculture! At 78, beginning the process of letting go of all but the eternal flame, burning inside.




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Virtue Signal! Roll up your sleeve! NO. Guess what?


As a dear, naive friend said, “What? That’s just not logical!”

My response: “Logic has nothing to do with it. THIS IS A WAR, BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.”

I continued: “Most people are like you, inherently good people. They simply cannot believe, indeed, cannot fathom, that there are governmental “authorities” and “experts” who would knowingly deceive the public.”


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Was the Cyber Symposium A Sting Operation?

We keep hearing about sting operations, first the election itself and all it entailed, including the events both in congress and at the capital on January 6th, and forward from there, slogging through these endless months that see thousands of unvetted foreigners pouring across our southern boundary daily, loss of energy independence, runaway inflation, the possibly deadly “vaccine” plus fear-mongering the second and third Covid “variants,” and now, the ignominious “end” of the American Empire’s 17-year, $2 trillion, plus uncounted lives disrupted or dead — adventure in Afghanistan. This reminds all of us  old enough to remember, of the equally ignominous end to the Vietnam War.

For one perspective on what the American Empire has been up to with both these wars, see:

The Debacle in Afghanistan — The Wall Street Journal

I tend to agree wholeheartedly, but would give more credit to Trump who steadfastly refused to ignite yet another new war, who worked mightily to call a halt to all the wars he inherited. and to bring our troops home.

Over the past several weeks, the “sting” perspective has ballooned into “devolution” (Patel Patriot series), and now, to another patriot’s videos arguing that Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium was a sting op as well, or rather, that it was an integral part of the massive ongoing election/devolution sting op. The argument: Mike never did have the “pcaps” and the $5M prize; instead, he managed to use that promise as a lure to gather election officials from all 50 states, as well as to call the entire world’s attention to what he did have, thanks to Ezra Cohen Watnik, who was instructed by Trump to give them to Lindell, accurate numbers, re: the election, as well as to uncover just who was trying to cyberhack his symposium and thereby increase the roster of knowing just who is who in the bad guys v. good guys lineup.

Thanks to for both of these. I’ve only watched the first one so far. Still on youtube. We’ll see how long it lasts!

The second one, over an hour long.


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COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.7: Let us expand our courageous concern for children.

This is the finale to my seven-part series on how a Contagion of Courage, in which we “OPEN THE HEART TO ALLOW THE UNIVERSAL LOVE TO POUR THROUGH,” heals the increasingly acrimonious divisions among us by making us immune to F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). Remember, these divisions are not only allowed, but are created, fostered, insisted upon, by the deep state and its MSM operatives in order to sow chaos, and ultimately submission, to the globalist New World Order.

In this series, I’ve offered examples of parents, especially Moms, standing up to their local authorities’ mask mandates for children in schools. Here’s another one. I especially love this woman’s attitude. Friendly and informative.

Watch it here:

The other concern that has parents revolting is the divisive content being drummed into their children, namely Critical Race Theory. NO! Here’s one video that went viral.

Individual parental voices are now networking to form groups to push back against what appears as the finale of a long-planned, slow-rolling, insidious takeover of not just our “free and fair” elections, but of the minds and hearts of our own beloved children. Zero Hedge:

The Great Parent Revolt

In a Coreydigs post, on gab via fb, I heard this chant. “Fear NO. Come LOVE.”


Now, what will it take to expand our loving concern for our children’s welfare in schools, to an acknowledgement of the millions of children trafficked across the world annually, with, according to some reports, 800,000 children gone missing each year in the U.S. alone?

In order to expand our concern without falling into despair, as the analytic left brain begins to dare to absorb and integrate the horror of worldwide child trafficking, pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, murder, adrenochrome, etc., the key is to open the right brain, which is connected to the heart, and in turn, to the soul. The right brain, source of infinite imagination, can surround any problem, no matter how large or seemingly impossible, and dissolve it. As Einstein is reported to have said: “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.” In other words: value the right brain. Value that mysterious feminine aspect of the self, and its use of the analytic masculine left brain to achieve whatever it sets its heart upon, again, no matter how large or seemingly impossible. To the imagination, nothing is impossible.

Jon Rappoport has long recognized the extraordinary power of individual imagination, unleashed. Here’s one of his latest:

The Future of the Future 

The imagination cannot soar unless the heart is opened to its innate coeur-age. And vice versa. The two go together.

In order to reconnect with heart and soul, in order to LOVE, let us invite the left brain to let go of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real):

Just remember:




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COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.6: Let Us Ridicule Fauci


How many people actually still think Fauci is “the expert” on all things Covid? Though the disclosure of his damning emails didn’t do the trick, ridicule might.

JP Sears has Moon/North Node/Ascendant in courageously expressive Leo, plus five planets in fiery Aries, including his Sun/Mars/Venus all of which closely oppose Pluto in Libra, Jupiter/Saturn in Libra as well, in near exact opposition to Mercury in Aries. This terrific satirist of strange currents in contemporary society is rarin’ to go and powerfully connects with his audience.

Yep. Ridicule works.

Jon Rappoport loves to ridicule Fauci. Here’s an excerpt from a recent post, wherein Fauci is being re-schooled by his “mentor.”

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COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.5 — except when it shades into threat.

Watch parents make threats after school board mandates elementary children mask up — “We will find you.”

Remember, LOVE is the unifying energetic, not threats of violence, not forced attempts to control. I.e., not FEAR’s desperate need to control the Other. Let fear rule you, and you become what you have projected onto the Other. (Reminds me of fascist “antifa.” )

One way to describe the opposite of Courage, is to call it Cowardice (which is just another word for Fear). When I saw that Justice Amy Coney Barrett shot down, “without commentt,” the student-sponsored request to block the IU vaccine mandate, I was not surprised. Here’s how the Indiana Daily Student reported it:

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Rejects Request to Block IU’s Vaccine Mandate

Barrette, who is from Indiana, had shown her true colors in her very first ruling after a much lauded appointment by Trump, by going along with the Supreme Court announcing that a Texas suit to overcome the 2020 election fraud “lacked jurisdiction.” Remember that?

At the time, I felt both betrayed — and sympathetic: This woman has a large family; does she feel under threat? And well she may have been. That’s how much civility in this nation has degenerated, especially since the Soros-instigated extremely destructive riots  by Antifa and BLM last summer. Remember that? Remember way back when, and how it sent chills up the spine?

Think about it, how much authentic lion-hearted courage Trump and his entire family have shown, despite being under extreme persistent threat from all directions ever since he and Melania descended the elevator.

Courage IS contagious: it can also lead to death. So, everything depends on your answer to two questions: 1) DO YOU FEAR DEATH? and 2) ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR, in this case (the “vax”), THE CAUSE OF PERSONAL FREEDOM OVER ONE’S OWN MIND, BODY, AND SOUL?

The first question is rarely addressed. Unless we westerners can overcome the fear of death that has been pummeled into us since we were small children, there’s no point in asking ourselves what hill we are willing to die on.


A few more stories of authentic courage:

This one local: yesterday, that same school that refused the county’s declaration of mask mandates in all public indoor areas, was the subject of a long-form story in the local Herald-Times, entitled, in the on-line version:

Seven Oaks Classical School year with no mask mandate. Here’s what could happen next.

The print version again placed it on the first page, but with most of the article inside. From the overall tone of the article, I get the sense that Monroe County is a bit leery of this developing clash, since they expected all schools to go along with their mask mandate.

Speaking of Indiana, remember that doctor who spoke to the Mount Vernon School Board and it went viral, instantly? Well, there’s been huge push-back, from so-called experts who say he’s completely wrong about “the science.” I saw one of them in the Indianapolis Star yesterday, splashed on the front page on the same day this doctor was due to speak in Indianapolis. Wonder if Dr. Dan Stock will be coming to Bloomington. Hope so.

So, three Indiana (In-Diana) stories, with one indicating apparent cowardice, the other two authentic courage. Not bad.

Here are three more, one of them also a general shout-out to Project Veritas, and its founder and chief cheer leader, James O’Keefe, who’s motto “be brave” is exactly what is needed now. Project Veritas has just won a court fight with the New York Times. To wit: they will be able to depose this uppity, so-called “newspaper of record,” A FIRST.

Here’s another passionate parent at a school board meeting, this one in Minneapolis.

And, echoing an oft-quoted Q remark, “Class action suits can be very effective,” here’s a class action suit in Hawaii, initially representing 1200 first responders.

Aha! I see mass protests happening in Hawaii now also.






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One result of opening the heart, is that we begin to dare to “Question Authority.” And what class has not held more formal weight as an authoritative “expert” than allopathic doctors, indoctrinated, i.e., (usually) unwittingly conned into the narrowly materialist (3D) “beLIEfs” of Rockefeller-mandated “western medicine”?

For example, this hospital patient questioning his doctor about the mask mandate:

Oops! Just tried to go o the link and it has disappeared . . . Censorship?

Meanwhile, kudos to Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin who resisted his senatorial colleagues’ pressure to make sure this bill passed by a single vote.

Just In: Senate PASSES Anti-CRT Bill in Razor Thin Vote; Dems Now on Record Supporting the Marxist Propaganda

More and more, our focus seems to be on the children. As it should be. A number of us have had the courage to open our eyes and stare into the black gunky cesspool of decades, centuries, millennia of child sex crimes, trafficking, ritual murder, adrenochrome, etc. — all of which constitute an extremely profitable currency, as well as a convenient way to blackmail and/or bribe those “in power” to do the will of their handlers.

Though sordid revelations concerning Epstein, John of God, Nxivm, The Franklin Files, etc., not to mention numerous whistleblowers, eg. Cathy O’Brien and Ronald Bernard, have been floating about the internet for years, the focus of our efforts to protect the children are now zeroing in on what seems much more prosaic, namely plandemic-inspired mask mandates, “vaccine” requirements, and Critical Race Theory indoctrination.

School boards all over this nation are now being targeted by parents and teachers who, one by one, stand, and in heartfelt, trembling tones, speak in front of them, demanding they pull back on both masks and CRT.  Newsmax and Tucker Carlson on Fox News are both beginning to laud these courageous warrior women.

Here’s a Momma Bear in Carmel New York

A Momma Bear in Carmel New York Fights Back Against Critical Race Theory and Confronts School Board

Speaking of women, then there’s gutsy Mindy Robinson . . . who held a phone conversation with one of her county commissioners. She reminds me of a cat, playing with her prey. I bet he regretted picking up the phone . . .

Here’s an action you might want to take, thanks to Mindy.

Here’s Clif High’s latest, with Greg Hunter. Might he be correct? I have noticed that the Biden nonsense about sending people door to door re: “are you vaxed?” seems to have died at birth. Hopefully other scare tactics (like FEMA camps for the un-vaxed and political dissidents, one of Mike Adams’ favorites, see this from 2016) will too.

Remember folks. In this polarized 3D world, we have only two choices: F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) or LOVE, which fills and fuels the universe. Fear blinds, divides, isolates. Love inspires, connects, unifies. To choose LOVE is to open our hearts to the Mystery, so that we may be filled with courage, which in turn propels us into higher, fuller, more spacious dimensions. The result? All our dramatic do-or-die conflicts in this 3D world appear as mere play. Cf. Mindy Robinson (above), playing with that County Commissioner on the phone.  

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Given what we’re up against during this decidedly hot month of August 2021, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog, for now, to the COURAGE needed and demonstrated as, together, we begin the transformation of this long enslaved, indoctrinated world. To that end, I retitled the second post in this series from COURAGE CONTINUES TO RAMP UP to COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.2. Accordingly, this post is called COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.3.

Dear Readers: if you have any courage stories from your local area, please send to me so I can share them. Hopefully we’ll get so many stories of courage that after awhile we won’t need to run more.

Meanwhile, please pay attention to current Clif High videos. It’s as if, he came back from nearly dying with cancer, and is still passionately present on this earth to help at least some of those who are nearly or certainly will be soon dying from the vax. As far as I’m concerned, Clif’s assessment and predictions may be pretty much spot on. Here are two of the latest: WOO-plosion, and Detonation of the Woo. Tarot by Janine covers Clif in this new video.

Okay. Here goes:


First, a local story, front page top right, from yesterday’s local Herald-Times. It really does look like we’ve had just about enough of the scare-mongering.

Likewise, three major airlines refuse Vaccine Mandate for Employees.


Next: More and more, citizens are gathering in courageous groups to push back against medical tyranny.


Finally, trust Rand Paul to spell out the obvious. Just say NO. “THEY CAN’T ARREST ALL (330 MILLION) OF US.”

Rand Paul Urges Americans to “Resist” New Covid Mandates

All this by way of background to the historic Mike Lindell Cyber-Symposium that, last night, in lieu of his promised 7 p.m. surprise, produced instead, breaking news from a Colorado election woman in the process of being blackmailed by the Colorado Secretary of State. Whoop! This Lindell knows how to roll. Unscripted and spontaneous, when necessary.

Brian Cates, who is at the event, posted something else that caught my eye: the collaborative (Aquarian) non-competitive nature of what is going on there. Yes. Each of us has the capacity to open as a Leonine full-heart,, working synergistically with others as equals in Aquarian groups.

Mike Lindell’s birthdate. He was born June 28, 1961, a warm, home and country loving Cancer patriot with likely, a fiery late Sagittarius Moon and Venus in steady-as-you-go Taurus. 2020-2021 heralds his second Saturn Return, conjunct the slow-moving transit of death/rebirth Pluto; perfect timing for one who is now utilizing everything he learned in his first two 29.5 year Saturn cycles to share, unreservedly, from the center of his heart and soul, his starring role in the momentous transformation of the world. Plus, his Mars sits at 29° Leo, that most Leo/Lionlike of degrees, conjunct Regulus, the King: 29° LEO! 



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