PEDO PREDATION, Global to Local: Late April 2019

First, an overview:

The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America

Couple the above with a post that went viral yesterday:

A Sign of the Times? Court Documents Indicate 7819 Boy Scout Troop Leaders Abused 12254 Victims

The boy scouts join altar boys in Catholic Churches, young athletes and their coaches, young people groomed to be “stars” in Hollywood, the music and other entertainment industries. Nuns and priests prey on students in boarding schools . . . Judges, police, prosecutors, complicit in predator rings and nests. Politicians blackmailed via filmed drug and sex parties with children. Millionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express. On and on. Pedophilia, and worse (Satanic rituals, human sacrifices, organ and blood harvesting and trafficking) is not only operating everywhere, but is more and more exposed.

Then there’s the internal divisions and conflict between two self-appointed anti-pedophilia tribunals  (reminds me of the internal divisions within the ufology community). This conflict seems to be mainly between Kevin Annett (ITTCS) and Robert David Steele (ITNJ). Is this just a battle just over who gets to claim the anti-pedophile “territory”? Yuck. See for example, this.

Then there’s single cases, but coming thick and fast, for example:

“Scientist of the Year” arrested, charged with 35 counts of child porn . . . many science “skeptics” are pedophiles

Just today, in the local newspaper: this headline: “Man charged with having child porn”: 600 videos, some with children as young as 12.

When I mentioned the local news to my housemate Dan, he told me of a childhood classmate of his in Booneville, Indiana, who was most likely abused at home, arrested over and over again for child porn. Both of us wonder: how many pedophiles were themselves victims of the same when children? Most likely, most of them.

The scourge is real. It’s global. It’s local.  And we need to come to terms with it. That Donald Trump vowed, early on, to eliminate this scourge from the world is what first made me pay close attention to his presidency. Notice that his remarks on the need for a border wall with Mexico often refer to human trafficking.

But if you don’t have it — human trafficking, just as an example.  When you see today what’s going on, people that aren’t willing to do what they have to do, and they know what they have to do, they’re doing the country a tremendous disservice.

We’re here to directly, from members of law enforcement, hear what they have to say, and battling the scourge of human trafficking on our southern border and all across our nation.  Much of it comes — in fact, most of it comes — some people would say almost all of it — from the southern border, which we can stop very easily.  This is not something you can go through points of entry.  You can’t just say that you have three people in a car and bound up and all sorts of problems, and you can’t go through a port of entry, obviously.  They go through areas where we don’t have a wall.

Donald Trump Says Pedophiles Will Get the Death Penalty


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Alan Watts: On the Tao

Let us pause, in our incessant identification, analysis, and judgment of this opposed to that; let us pause and reflect on the underlying unitary fabric of the living, breathing, conscious universe.

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Green Acres Village PHOTOS: Two Community Dinners, but first: last night’s podmate farewell dinner

After one year, Solan has itchy feet, and will now travel to visit other intentional communities, larger and more rural, for the foreseeable future. An Aquarian, he loves group life, but this tiny place just feels too small for him — at least for now! We wish him well. And here’s our farewell dinner last night — Alex had not yet arrived from I.U. classes, and Andreas is still in Spain — then, after our first outside meal of spring 2019, we sat around our first campfire of spring 2019 way past dark. Felt good. Lots of laughs. And reminded me of a quote from yesterday’s internet surfing. Something like this: “Camp fires are the antidote to technocracy.” Solan heard this, and commented, “Tell me more!” Meanwhile, I’m going to look at his astrology chart again today. He bashed astrology after I read for him the first time a few months ago; thought of it as nonsense, superstitious. Well, did it feel good for him to come back, asking for a reading now that he’s leaving!

From left: Solan, Rebecca, Justin, Dan, Solan’s girl friend Daisy, Gabby. Mine was the empty chair.








After dinner, and before the fire, Daisy took our “family portrait.” Notice that Alex, second from left is now present, as are all three dogs.

Community Dinner, plus Spring Fling! April 11

Eva had insisted that we come out to her spacious place for one of our Community Dinners. So we obliged. Why not! A terrific time, that included not only great food and conversation, but Justin trying to learn a certain dance afterwards, and a number of folks gathering for a painting session, with young Sophia (our fabulous dessert maker, if you remember) in the lead.

Our gracious hostess, Eva!




Community Dinner, April 17: Hardly any dinner, lots of desserts, until  . ; . we were saved!

See what I mean? Here are the paltry entrees.


And here are the fabulous desserts, including creme brulee!

So, we resigned ourselves. This would be a “wine and dessert” meal, mostly.

But then . . . ommigoddess, an enormous pot, a stew of some kind, with, as I recall, clams, pork, what else? Can’t remember. We all finished our desserts and plunged in.

Next Community Dinner tomorrow evening, planned for the second DeKist house, though hopefully we’ll once again enjoy the patio.

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Widening Perspectives on Easter Season Attacks

Sorry. I wish I could let this go, and maybe after this post I will be able to. Meanwhile, to get up to speed, see

Then all of a sudden, as Holy Week begins . . .


Sri Lanka Terrorism: Who and WHY?

I simply cannot help but think we’re being played. As usual. Here’s a twitter thread that throws another, larger, light on the situation.

And here’s yet another, equally or even larger perspective, that reminds me of the Gladio post above (on Sri Lanka), and in fact, says that it’s Gladio by another name. This piece triangulates Notre Dame and Sri Lanka with the terrorist attack in Christ Church, New Zealand on March 15. Remember that? So long ago!

Of course, what’s really “true” is not for me to say. But it helps us to see events and situations in the constantly changing lights thrown by the zeitgeist, and meanwhile, to become aware of what we are paying attention to, rather than getting sucked into one version or another of how any “event” is explained.

And meanwhile, even more important: while the deep state continues to rumble with its flailing weapons of mass destruction, deception, and distraction, — aha, just in, a so-called gas leak right across from the White House!let us remain aware of the continuing and ramping up perfidy while simultaneously following our soul’s path, to build a new, regenerative, cooperative culture from the smoldering ashes of the old.

That’s what we’re doing here, with 


And I know we’re not alone. Such vibrant lily pads are forming in tiny pockets everywhere, both rural and urban. Join one. Create one. Help network them together. Whatever your passions and skill set, they can be utilized and will be very welcome!

If not now, then when?

If not us, then who?

Yes, Time to WAKE UP — and smell the roses.

Okay. Here goes. Yuck.

Satanic Deep State Behind Sri Lanka Easter Bombings, Notre Dame Blaze, NZ False Flag





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Green Acres Village PHOTOS: Back Yard Cleanup Work Party, April 17, 2019

Damn! I’m behind in my promised Green Acres Village postings. Podmate Gabby and I agreed to split them up. She now does the Work Party blogposts, and I will still do the Community Dinner posts. But, unfortunately, I’m already two dinners behind! Hopefully, I’ll get to it prior to this week’s Dinner, which we will just maybe possibly be able to hold outside on the patio!

Thursday Work Party, April 17 [Photo Set]

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Re: Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Terrorism: Who, and WHY?

With the Sri Lanka bombings, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why Sri Lanka?” and tweeted that question. That was yesterday, Easter Sunday, the day the attacks took place. No one on my twitter feed responded in any way.

But then, SOTN and The Millennium Report stepped up, calling it another manifestation of Operation Gladio, and pointing to Sri Lanka’s location just off the southern tip of India. Says this multi-pronged, sophisticated, and coordinated attack, supposedly by “religious extremists,” that killed at least 300 people and injured hundreds more, was a deep state cabal warning to India, which knows how volatile the situation in Sri Lanka is, and how it could easily spread to India. But then why India? Because India, according to this article, holds the balance of power. If it joins Russia and China economically and militarily, then the jig’s up for the deep state, which has long counted on U.S. military and economic hegemony. Of course, we know the jig’s up anyway, given the now forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction ( exact January 2020) and its forewarning of the first ever Pluto Return for the U.S.A. (c.a. 2022-26).

I link their gladio perspective below. Think it’s simply “TOO conspiratorial?

If so, I’m not surprised. And there’s a part of me that sympathisizes with, even wants to nurture such innocence, which, unfortunately, can subtly, or suddenly, degenerate into into willful ignorance. Head in sand.

I think that what we need to always keep in mind is that most people are basically good. That our friends and family and neighbors and those we personally interact with on the street, in our banks, grocery stores, etc., are in the main, not only good people, but helpful and sweet. At least this is my daily experience, despite the internet financial scam I suffered not even two weeks ago —  and the story of which I have yet to tell, given that I am still processing the trauma it induced!

So, in that case, if most people ARE basically good, then why all the (msm media-promoted) violence, mayhem, death and destruction? Who starts it and why? What’s it for? When we begin to view events with these questions in mind, puzzle pieces do tend to snap into place in a certain, not at all pleasant, manner. And Gladio, for sure, has been real in the past, and if this report is correct, is still both initiating and twisting events to reflect and buttress the long held cabal plan for total control.

Want that? If not, maybe begin to take a narrative such as this one seriously enough to be at least highly possible, if not probable, when viewed in context with so much else.

GLADIO: Massive False Flag Terrorist Operation Targets Sri Lanka — Who Did It And Why?

One huge takeaway for me: The global psy-op to pit “religions” against one another, including Islam and Christianity, is all part of the cabal plan to create enough chaos so that their totally centralized New World Order — despite what appears to be Donald J. Trump’s enormous, hard-hitting, and much maligned effort to entirely dismantle and replace the globalist NWO with sovereign nation states in bi-lateral trade agreements — can clamp down into place forever.

As Raven, in a Big Dream that essentially rebooted my life, clawing my shoulders from behind  and screeching, way back in 1989: WAKE UP! IT’S TIME!

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Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday: Let us consider the three day space of GRIEF

Hey fellow exopermaculturists, it’s not only Death and Resurrection that’s recollected during this season considered holy by Christianity. To think of it that way, as a mere polarity, is to ignore what comes between, GRIEF.

While polarity is the name of the game in 3D (indeed, all attempts to smear polarity out of existence by dividing people into tinier and tinier “identities” are pernicious), on the other hand, what spurs us to expand into larger dimensions IS, in fact, GRIEF.

Grief over loss. Grief that we didn’t get out way. Grief that we didn’t let the deceased person know that we loved them. Grief for not following our soul’s path, but instead “working for money.” Grief for marrying the “wrong” person, and then pretending, ever since. Grief for the pollution of waters and soil and air and our poisoned, crippled, diseased bodies. Grief over the mental and spiritual programming that tells us we are “up to date” on the “news;” that sees us as flawed, full of original sin, condemned, unless baptized, to “limbo” (or hell). Grief that attends thinking and feeling that we are alone and isolated, and that no one understands us; but (oxymoron alert): we need help from others to figure out what to do next, or even, who we are, inside. Grief for lying to ourselves and others. Grief for our addictions, and especially now, to screens. Grief for all the unfinished business that remains on this dear planet and inside its human inhabitants, all nailed to the cross of suffering for thousands of years.

The Christ figure story crystallizes our experience here on Mother Earth. It did not originate it. Nor did the suffering of this culturally iconic figure erase the suffering that each of us must experience in order to learn, to grow, to evolve mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The best teacher is pain. The best student is one who dares to be at one with his or her suffering, to the point where, after seconds, or minutes, or days, or months, or years, or lifetimes, pain dissolves into joy.

Yet grief is always present. Loss is always present. We cannot live an incarnated life without experiencing the body’s built-in timer: A certain span of time, during which, once we reach adulthood, the body begins to slowly or quickly degrade. No one escapes this fate. Death is our common denominator.

And of course, in this western culture that celebrates only youth, endless growth and progress; in this culture that thinks in linear causal chains, so that the full cycle of life, of any life, is basically ignored, in favor of only the first ascending half of the cycle (viewed, however, remember as a straight line leading on, we wish, forever), we simply cannot, if we are to remain enculturated, immerse ourselves in the grief that attends the descending half of any cycle — and let’s face it: we are always smack dab in the exact center of an endless series of concentric cycles, all with both ascending and descending arcs — without being considered crazy, or depressed, and why go buy something, or take a pill, or a drink, or a new lover, a vacation? You’ll get over it! Let it go!

In the Christian symbology, I’m talking about what I would call the infinitely spacious presence between Good Friday’s Crucifixion and Easter Sunday’s Resurrection. This interim  contains worlds, multitudes. It is the space of Grief, and sooner or later it swells to overflowing howls and/or tears, if we allow it. These howls and these tears cleanse; they are necessary. They do not lie. Once we begin to convulsively howl or to abjectly weep, our false identities fall away. The grim, or stern, or stoic, or “smiley” false faces of centuries fall away. In our howling, and in our weeping, our usually flighty monkey minds land — splat! kerplunk! — into our bodies; we are (finally) at one with our deeply feeling, sensing, squirming bodies, and with the living Earth of which they are loving and compassionate participants. And oh my, does that fully incarnated self then feel (if briefly) good!

In celebration of Easter Sunday, my dear introverted and poetic sister Katharine sent the poem that follows to us remaining sibs (seven out of eight), and brother-in-law John, who had been married to Mary, also deceased, along with our parents, in a one, two, three punch over three years (2012-2015) that is documented, from my perspective, in The Grieving Time.

Here we are, Seattle, 2012, Mary is in back, on left. I’m in front of her. Dad has already died. Katherine, who sent the poem below, is on the right. Paula is absent; Kristin, in blue, and John, back right, are about to accompany Mom by plane to Baton Rouge, where, despite her dementia, she had briefly surfaced to ask that she be allowed to “live with a loving family” (rather than in the very caring nursing home where she and Dad had briefly resided). Paula had long expressed a desire to care for Mom. Paula’s two year service to Mom’s dying process was about to begin.


As a friend put it, someone whose husband of over 50 years died nine months ago, and though of course she grieves, she also feels his presence continuously, so too myself, with both the three members of my nuclear family who recently passed as well as with my husband of twelve years, Jeff Joel, who passed on 2003, and whose death and life with me I documented in the award-winning This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation. (Want a signed copy? Send me $15 and I’ll put it in the mail.)

For that truly is what it was, grief AND exaltation. I discovered that the fullness of being required in the grieving process is exactly what we need to voyage through, both on a personal level and culturally, in order to profoundly shift the current timeline that, thanks to accelerating technological “progress,” has us separating, from Earth, from our bodies, and from each other, in accelerating centrifugal motion.

Yet, know this: None of us are EVER alone, EVER.

Just last week, trickster Jeff was at it again. As the years go on, his presence becomes less and less palpable in the material world, though there are times, like what just happened, that remind me he is still not just here, with me, but having a grand time.

I had misplaced my wrist brace, having removed it in order to do my daily yoga, chikung, taichi practice. Then I went to dinner with my son Colin. When I returned, and started to get ready for bed, I looked for the brace. Not there. What? Not anywhere! Not in the living room where i had been practicing, and not in the kitchen, or bedroom, or bathroom, or den . . . I thoroughly scoured the place, not just on top of surfaces, but under piles. What? No. Not. There.

The next morning, I resumed the search, repeating the movements and determination of the night before — to no avail. Okay. Well, whatever happened, I’m going to have to go buy another one! $30. Not too bad, considering. On the other hand, damn! where is it? It HAS to be here!

I finally gave up and took puppy Shadow for our morning walk. When I returned, and walked towards my living room desk to get his regular morning after-walk treat, guess what? There it was. The damn wrist brace! Right on top. Obvious. Between two piles. (By the way, no one had been in the house since late afternoon the day before, except me.)

Disincarnate Jeff seems to be a master at bringing “things” into and out of form, dematerializing, and rematerializing objects. He’s been doing it to me periodically ever since he died.

So yes, poetic and other “Traces,” and not all of them psychic, dreamtime, imagined, or energetic. Some actually manifest in the “real world.” Given the way Jeff has been playing with me, how could I not realize that Death is followed by Rebirth in the spirit world?

And truly allowing in our grief, I do feel, is key; honoring and valuing the pain of loss, grief, is the missing ingredient in our culture. The more we can allow ourselves to fully experience that mysterious, profound, three day interim between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the more full and resonant our lives become. We die and are reborn in every moment, once we allow in our own suffering, of whatever the length, in the descending half of any cycle.

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Happy Easter, both Christians and Pagans!

Just in, this text, from my (ex) daughter-in-law Sue, in Rome for the week with grandson Drew:

We did end up seeing the Vatican. It’s the picture of excess.

Well, uh . . . DUH!

So, it feel it’s only fitting that, as we head into tomorrow’s supreme Christian holiday, I do another post on the pagan origins of Easter. Here are two posts from 2017: The first one tells the story I was going to tell here. Glad that’s out of the way!

Pagan Origins of Easter — And How I Got Kicked Off the Radio


Pagan Origins of Easter, Again: Ishtar

That second post contains the perfect meme:

But let’s back up to this past midweek, April 14, when the roof of Notre Dame, vaulted 800 years ago,  of 23 acres of old growth oak trees, burned. The ceiling blew off that storied, stolid, stone edifice that took 200 years to build, and ever since, despite other renovations, has graced the heart of Paris and contained irreplaceable treasures of European Christian civilization. And while we might see the fire as a sign that the goddess cannot be contained, especially now that Chiron (the wound) has moved into fiery Aries —

Thanks to commentator Kieron, who pointed us to  this insight:


The above observations are well-considered, given that Notre Dame, like most Christian edifices, was built upon an old pagan site, it’s no wonder pagans might have rejoiced. However, they did not. Instead, they were ambivalent.

Pagans React to Notre Dame Fire

Here’s a perspective that is now making the rounds. Notice the polarized, impassioned responses.


To these, I couldn’t help but respond myself:

Here we go again, faced with yes and no, off and on, black and white, and forced, if we dare to expand, to include both without wavering!

I suggest that this Easter, we realize that Death is always followed by Resurrection, new life. If you live in the northern hemisphere, then get off your screen and go outside, sniff the air, plant your bare feet in the squishy ground, watch the plants shoot up from the very pregnant below, feeding upon the dead remains of past years, sun-kissed aliveness pulsing blossoms into magnificent geometric forms. Hear the birds sing, rejoicing, calling to each other as they build their nests, safe harbors for tiny eggs to start the cycle of their life all over again..

Eggs. Easter eggs! Easter bunny! Oestre! Esther! Estrus! Happy Easter!

While awareness is unitary, and breathing, one consciousness playing around with matter, moving into and out of separate forms —  yep, here we go again, enjoying/enduring yet another paradox, that of Being and Becoming, another great integration of the opposites that, if we live long enough and fully enough, we do begin to both honor and embrace.


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