ETs check out human holidays

And we think they’re weird?

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X-22 Report interviews Bix Weir: Hey Donald, lay it all out there! We can take it!

About ten days ago I shared an X22 Report, saying that I am amazed at how sure of himself “Dave” (only his first name on reports) is about what he believes, and how he thinks geopolitical events are rolling out exactly as planned. But: I see here that he has talked yesterday to someone, Bix Weir, who is much more experienced, and asked Bix questions that touch on all of his certainties — which helps Dave, and helps us, to keep abreast of what might really be going on. I admire anyone who can ask someone more experienced to explain his or her point of view on subjects in which they both have an abiding interest, in this case, the factors that figure in the nature of the “chaos” that will (and is) inevitably attend(ing) the dismantling of the old fiat economic system and the birth of the new which, Bix claims will be a combination of gold-based assets and cryptocurrencies.

Hey wait a minute! —I want to say. What about the vision of a world without money, and of living “below money” as far as possible meanwhile? How about a gifting economy —

Gift Economy is 5th Dimensional

— where we cannot help but share our bounty with one another, not because we’re forced to, but because our innate generosity simply overflows?

But back to Bix Weir, who is always interesting, and in this case, I totally agree with him that what is needed is total transparency, TRUTH; come on, just lay it all out there, Donald, we can take it! — an attitude that dovetails with this year’s passage of Jupiter through Sagittarius. YES!

BTW: Donald Trump has his Moon in truth-telling, big picture Sagittarius.


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More, much more, on possible expanding import and context of California Fires

Trump’s plane is a SCIF. Hmmm. Both California Governor Brown and soon-to-be Governor Newsom rode with him on that plane yesterday on the way to view the fires. What did he say to them on that plane? Are faulty “forest management practices” the cover story for something far more sinister that Trump is fully aware of?

I do wonder what all Trump knows about the possible deep background of the recurring, more and more lethal fires, as the takedown/takeout of California proceeds. At least it does appear that this state, the breadbasket of America, and itself the fifth largest economy in the world, is being slowly incinerated. But is all lost? Check these out. Remember, millions upon millions of highly creative and networked people live in this state; thousands of them are now displaced by fire and/or have lost loved ones; even  celebrity-studded Malibu did not escape; Is the tech heartbeat of Silicon Valley next?

If the people who call California home do actually mobilize, what would happen then?

Rich Buckley mobilized himself personally, copying his letter to the President in my comment section:

Dear Mr. President,

Bless you for your courage and willingness to serve.

Perhaps the time has arrived to publicly question one US Air Force mission in weather warfare, i.e., “Control The Weather by 2020”.. which has morfed into “2025” for funding and morphing again into “2030” to institutionalize. Surely Sir, you are aware that the tool kit now being deployed to achieve weather control (chemtrails, HAARP, Nexrad, Directed Energy Weapons and more) is THE major deadly force behind California fire storms and our man made droughts.

A very large number of us are waking up to realize our childhood memories of the skies never had chemtrails. Others have started studying the subject and see the situation for what it is.

Very Respectfully,

Doreen Agostino sent this from SOTN, again to my comment section:

ATTACK ON CALIFORNIA: An Open Letter to President Trump

Finally, here is an Open Letter, sent to the people living there by the rest of us, via aim4truth. For we do need to realize, that if this massive and ongoing destruction is not stopped, we are all next. There is no NIMBY. We are all neighbors. We are all family. We are all beloved. WWG1WGA.

Each of us with a thinking cap on is asking, what issue will truly bring the left/right D/R divide together? What single issue might have the capacity to unite all the races, religions, multiplying genders, classes, and so on. The horrifically continuing unfair treatment of Julian Assange may be one. As might the evisceration of California.

Oh, and check this out. I have no idea whether or not it is simply fear porn. But it does put what might be the entire California strategy, including what appears to be fires along roughly the same route as the planned high speed train, in a brand new light.

BTW: when I googled “high speed train linking china, Russia and U.S.” (should have included Japan) I discovered this kind of thinking has been batted about in some quarters since at least 2014. Which, frankly, puts the reported rapport among Putin, Xi and Trump in a new light, too. For how could this kind of thinking NOT be globalist? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I sure do want to be wrong. Hope this IS just fear porn.

In any case, even so, its wise to cultivate, as Q puts it, “situational awareness.”

Boom!! 3-Trillion Dollar China-Russia-Canada-America Train/Tunnel Connection to California DEW Fires… With Links to Lockheed Martin, Jerry Brown, Feinstein and Voter Fraud




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Thanksgiving momentum, checked at the gate . . .

One day past Venus turning from retrograde to direct motion, and on the very day that Mercury turns to go retrograde from direct motion (yeah, feels like a whip-saw), I decided early this morning NOT to drive this weekend to Massachusetts. And in fact, to cancel the trip altogether. Several portents converged to settle me into this strange reversal, which BTW, is very unlike me. I usually plough on, through whatever, no matter what.

And the “what” in this case is the fact that in my astrological chart, transit Jupiter is crossing over my accident-prone Mars/Uranus opposition in early Sagittarius/Gemini, plus, this very weekend, transit Venus is squaring all three of them from early Pisces. Well now, transits to that Mars/Uranus usually don’t stop me. I’m used to danger, quick reactions in changing conditions. But giant Jupiter? Geez? That huge planet that only crosses my Mars point every 12 years? And then transit Mars itself, triggering Jupiter’s effect on Mars/Uranus over these exact two days?

Even before I had checked the astrology of this time, I had been having strange visions of being in an accident, of feeling decidedly not safe on this trip. I kept batting them away. NO! I’m going! And so yesterday, I began to pack.

However, by yesterday evening, I had already decided, despite having made a room reservation in Buffalo New York for tonight, that I would ask for guidance. Some kind of portent to help me decide, stay or go. A dream?

No, not a dream. Instead, puppy Shadow, who had been sleeping at the bottom of the bed, crawled up to my face, trembling, and asked to go outside. He did that, which thoroughly woke me up of course, and while waiting for him I once again checked the weather. . . when he came back in, he was still trembling, and asked me to rub his belly, which I did for quite awhile. Already, I had decided that this was my sign: puppy Shadow’s unusual, prolonged trembling, in the middle of the night. Don’t go!

But still, there was such momentum!

After tossing restlessly for several more hours, in the early morning I checked the weather once again. Wow. Another weather pattern, across the exact area I would be crossing to get to Boston.


Now this may not be much snow, but it’s affecting an interstate, during the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, and I’m nearly 76 years old, driving alone for eight hours each day, with all that Mars/Uranus/Jupiter energy ramping up the energy and the danger . . .

So thanks, puppy Shadow, for the trembles. I’m planting myself right here, for the Thanksgiving duration.

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Is California the Testing Ground for What Comes Next Everywhere?

While the title to the following post looks so drastic as to be suspiciously exaggerated, is it? I listened to the included video, and was riveted, all the way through. It places various theories about the weirdnesses concerning the intensely hot, fast moving, and seemingly “selective” California fires, both north and south, in an immense spatio-temporal context that basically includes them all. Chilling in its implications.

And to think that “we” have allowed ourselves to become so jaded that what’s one more ongoing firestorm in a world gone mad?

My heart goes out to all who continue to lose lives, minds, homes, pets, friends, families, land, communities.

My heart goes out to all who still can’t wake up to the many faces of globalist evil.


Image result for california fires

Image: Country Living Magazine

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Green Acres Village: This liminal space between worlds . . .

I had expected to be on the road yesterday, but then on Tuesday I discovered winter storm “Avery,” tracking exactly across the area I would be driving through. So, sitting in this liminal space between worlds . . .

. . . the world I am leaving behind, temporarily, this loving community of souls we are nurturing in Green Acres Village, to start out, hopefully tomorrow morning, up to I 90 and on to Acton, Massachusetts, where puppy Shadow and I will be ensconced, by turns, and for about a week, with my older son Sean and his partner Natalie, my grandkids Drew and Kiera, and their mom Sue and her partner Kurt. Also hope to spend one night with my oldest friend from my time there when sons Sean and Colin were babies, way back in the ’60s: Nancy, and her husband Ray, whom we all knew and loved as a funny, brilliant man and whom we all still love as a sweet, slow, smiling being with dementia.

Last week, Gabby, Solan and I met with the two groups who did “service learning” with us this semester, each one contributing 20 hours to farming tasks around here; all this to cap off the first part of their class, called “Biodivercity,” with Biology professor Heather Reynolds. The second part of the semester will focus on two goals: a biodiversity survey of one of our yards as compared to a regular green lawn across the street for one group, and a GAV marketing flyer to IU students for the other group.

The biodiversity group: Emily, Miriam, Hannah and Marlee, whom I worked with much of the time. Great kids! Loved each of them. Hannah already knows a lot about plants, and they were all enthusiastic about our mundane tasks of weeding, cutting back, uprooting, freezing, harvesting.

Here’s the Marketing group, minus one who was sick. Gabby, second from right, who shepherded their service learning here, fills in. Sorry, don’t know their names!

Here are a few photos from last week’s Thursday evening Community Dinner. This week, i.e., last night, we told everybody to stay home and just held a family meal instead, due to remains of storm with slick icy roads.

The floor group last week: Shadow begging in front of Alex, with Dan, Michaele, and Justin. Hank spotted in background.


Neighbor Devon and regular Roberto


And more!

Meanwhile, work on our urban farm continues. We plan to help a professional fence builder construct a privacy fence around three sides of the second DeKist back yard starting the week I’m gone and . . . the long awaited dumpload of horse manure finally arrived. Every bed will receive a two inch layer of manure, plus another layer of leaves (dear old Steve dropped off a bunch of filled leaf bags in the middle of the night). YES!

Notice the chip pile in back of the manure pile. We’ve gone through about half of it, layering paths. All this in prep for winter which caught up with us, this week, way early.

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“Opinion Rhapsody,” or: Meanies on Social Media

Remember my recent post on the entrance of Jupiter into Sagittarius? Well, this rhapsody hilariously describes the unevolved Jupiter in Sagittarius energy.

Thanks to my blogging buddy Laura Bruno! She calls it “brilliant.” And indeed, it is. A spot-on parody of especially, I’d say, the atmosphere of twitter.

Which reminds me. It’s time for me to get off here now, and go meet my sweet podmates, face to face, for dinner.

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No title needed!

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