Compendium of “what we are up against” re: ongoing Covid Con. Plus, they know it all?

I don’t usually drink beer, but a neighbor handed us a six pack of this beer just prior to yesterday evening’s crowded, merry, weekly Green Acres Community Dinner out on the patio, and I just couldn’t resist.

If anyone doubted that this human world is being managed and directed by forces beyond our control, hopefully last year, 2020, put those doubts to rest. And now, in 2021, we’re forced to recognize that the goal of covid was the vaccine. And of course, the goal of the vaccine is something even more sinister, with a few further steps yet to go: a permanently locked down, largely depopulated, draconian New World Order.

Oh, and of course, one of the therapeutics recently mentioned as a possible antidote to the spike proteins in the vaccine, NAC, has now, of course, been banned. Or did I say that already?

A few tidbits I came across recently:

Really, we might ask, is any blood safe, what with all the processed food, plus poisonous cancer treatments, massive sugar, alcohol and drug addictions, both pharmaceutical and not. Whose blood is actually safe to inject into another? This makes me wonder: you know how people freeze their eggs, how about freezing one’s own blood. Is this ever done?

Then there’s this, a soylent-green echo.

Is the above true? I have no idea. But the idea is definitely out there in the alternative news world, including from Mike Adams. And as for blood, so also for liquified human remains; we don’t need the covid, or the vax, to know just how polluted most humans are, dead or alive.

Mike Adams also picked up on this next one,  a CVS pharmacist who blew the whistle. Guess what: pharmacies are getting lots of money to get the jab into as many as possible. I.e., they’re being bribed, just like hospitals received (still receive?) huge bribes for admissions that claimed “covid,” and even more for putting patients on respirators that proved deadly to most.

Then there’s this, adding another dimension to our collective miasm. Very interesting.

And, in case you want more more more, Martin Geddes has sent his email subscribers his list.


Genocide by gene therapy:
a reading list

BBC mislead with child vaccination video — The Hart Group
The Covid Cult — Symposium With Ron Paul
Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel’s elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths: researchers — Life Site News
Deadly Shots And Third Strand DNA – Interview with Anthony Patch (2014) — Rumble
5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It — Rumble
The Gates Foundation is Repeating the Errors of Mao — YouTube
A year of fear: Dr Gary Sidley analyses the language of fear that has been peddled throughout the pandemic — The Critic
Connecticut Publishes Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON “SM-102 – Not for Human or Veterinary Use” — Hal Turner Radio Show
The Warnings Are Clear: Vaccinating Kids for COVID Is a Dangerous Gamble — The Defender
Jennifer Arcuri thread — Twitter
Catherine Austin Fitts, The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine — The Duran
LIVE NOT BY LIES — The Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Center
What Happened Last Year: A Macro Look Ecological & Public Health Crisis — YouTube
The New Nuremberg Trials 2021 — Breaking News
Life Insurance & COVID-19; Something Doesn’t Make Sense — Zero Hedge
Viruses, Vaccines, Science, and the “Progress Trap” — Daniel Pinchbeck
A summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child [PDF] — UNICEF
A MILLION IN MOTION | The Month the Tide Turned | London May 2021 — YouTube
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – ‘WE’RE ABOUT TO REACH THE TIPPING POINT’ — The Liberty Beacon
Vaccine Remorse: Got the Shot? Judy Mikovits On What to Do About It — Plague The Book
Open Letter to a Friend Who “Tested Positive”…and Should Have Known Better — Off Guardian
Covid Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease — Joseph Mercola
Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism — New Discourses
Bribing, Incentivizing, and Threatening Termination Over Covid Vaccines: Is It Legal? — Corey’s Digs
The Demonization of the Unvaxxed — Karen Hunt
Definitely Not a Cult — Paul Joseph Watson
Dr Byram Bridle, Professor of Viral Immunology: The Spike Protein in the Covid Vaccines is a Very Dangerous Toxin — The White Rose
‘Urgent’ British report calls for complete cessation of COVID vaccines in humans — America’s Frontline Doctors
An Integrous Judge & Vallance’s Prior Knowledge of Adverse Events — The Bernician
Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Vax — Rense

And finally to cheer us up a bit… music from Remeece.


However, if this next source proves real, it may be that “white hats” know everything. That not just the election, not just pedophilia and human trafficking, but every aspect of even the covid con is part of the most enormous sting the world has ever seen.

And more:

BTW: we’ve got to remember that even though the virus was manufactured in China, it was conceived and designed in the United States. As usual. Some doctor pointed this out, can’t remember which one.

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Green Acres Village Life: We are immersed in, and surrendered to, EARTH’S MYSTERIOUS MAJESTY

Sometime a few months ago, I noticed a very strange being had appeared in one of the back gardens on the patio. I went immediately to tell others. “Come Come! I this is the strangest plant I’ve ever seen. Looks uncanny, like some sort of ET.”

Well, it wasn’t hard to get Green Acres Permaculture Village podmates to follow me back to where it had sprung up. We oohed and aahed for awhile, and Gabby took a pic. Unfortuately, the pic doesn’t show the tip of what looks like a rounded spear.

Notice the strange contortion and the extra little spear going off to the side at the bottom, which Gabby zoomed in on.

But then, in a week or so, it fell over, crumpled, and died!

I talked with Charisse about this flower, asking if she knew what it was. (Rebecca lived here for nearly ten years and was the Farm Manager that whole time, leaving to live with her cousin on the Washington coast this April).

It’s a “Voodoo Lily,” she told me, and in a while it will send up another shoot, and flower. She also advised us to clear out some of the lemon balm and motherwort that surrounded it to give it more room. We did that.

And then, lo and behold, it did send up another spear, and this time, geez!

That was a few days ago. Then, as of yesterday evening and this morning . . .

It’s obviously not done unfurling. Exciting, to be faced with surprise after surprise after surprise with Charisse gone. She was the one who planted perennials in all these patio gardens.

Until Charisse departed, I had barely taken my head out of the clouds to notice what was going on around me here at home. Didn’t need to. Rebecca took care of it. So . . . lots of learning going on! For example, a single glorious valerian plant, near the voodoo lily.

And there’s still plenty of lemon balm, not to mention motherwort. We’re drying both in the basement. Motherwort is good for women going through menopausal years, so we’ll probably also tincture it; and lemon balm makes a great tea.

Another “weed” of note, which grows to enormous size: burdock. We remove most of it. BUT: it’s also a powerful medicinal, so we’ll tincture the roots of  both this plant and the valerian.

Back in mid-May, thinking the ground of that same garden that holds the voodoo lily and other perennials was empty in one area, I planted a few more perennials. and guess what? Elephant ears came up in June! Lots of them! Lots more than last year. Some of them right in and among my three just planted perennials.

I’m reminded that Rebecca told me to wait until June to see if the elephant ears would come up . . .

Live and learn! Should have waited a month before deciding it was “empty.”

Back to the Voodoo Lily, Also called a corpse plant, because for three days it emits a smell like a rotting corpse. (Hasn’t happened yet.) Why? Because it attracts flies for pollination.

Did You Know a Voodoo Lily (Amorphophallus konjac) Smells Awful?

Meanwhile, out back, on the patio which needs to be cleaned up before tonight’s regular Thursday Community Dinner, a few days ago Tiger discovered catnip drying on a table, and has been stoned ever since.

Usually, our apex predator, he’s now got on a “clown collar” (that’s what we call it, with a reflective rim), to alert baby birds and bunnies that he’s in the area. Or I should say, he did have this collar on. This morning I noticed that he had ditched it. For the second time. The first time was last Saturday. I had put it on two days earlier. I gave him Sunday off and then, having found the collar on the patio, put it back on Monday. This time it lasted three days, a slight improvement. Haven’t found the collar outside yet. Here’s hoping.

Charisse just texted me back to my question about whether or not she had planted the voodoo lily as a bulb. Yes, she said, but many years ago! This is the first time it has appeared above ground. Hmmm . . . what kind of magic is that?

Only days before the Summer Solstice, I am in awe of Earth, her aliveness, how she loves and nourishes and instructs us humans through continuous, ever-regenerating abundance.

Truly, all things are possible to those who quicken to Earth’s aliveness.


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Dear Everyone, it’s time to take back our inner authority!

This morning I called an old friend to wish her happy birthday. She is 63 years old, and works for a gigantic organization in a fairly high position where her personal goal has always been to help children thrive, first as a teacher, then as a principal, and now as the head of curriculum for the entire region. I asked her when she plans to retire. “When they fire me,” she replies, matter-of-factly. In fact, every time she goes in to see her boss, after they talk she grins and asks, “Do I still have a job?”

Finally, she is far enough along in her own inner evolution, and has so much real world experience under her belt, that she can rise to her full 6’1″ stature and push the envelope of her entire organization, with no thought of consequence, until she’s “too much,” and gets fired.

Would that we could all begin our lives that way, rather than only arrive there during our final years. Maybe next life we will remember what we took so much time to learn in this one?

Plus, have you noticed that all sorts of people awakened to who they really are during the Covid Con? Another silver lining.

Besides . . .

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Political Ponerology, the STUDY OF EVIL: Examples, plus Pushback

This morning, while on our walk, puppy Shadow and I ran into an acquaintance, a woman of crone age who, I thought, until the planscamdemic infected her mind, that she was sufficiently contrarian to withstand the MSM propaganda blitz. Wrong.

Foolishly, I asked her if she wanted to come back to our Community Dinners, which we have held now for three weeks, with, BTW, some of us vaccinated and some not, and NOBODY wearing masks or social distancing.

She immediately replied, “Are you vaxxed?” Taken aback (she is the first person who has actually dared to ask that question), I replied, “I don’t talk about that.” “Well then,” she said knowingly, smirking, “I’ll keep my distance.” In other words NO, she doesn’t want to come back.

On the way back home, my mind kept running another scenario, a way I could have responded, had I not been taken by surprise: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU MEAN YOU ARE STILL FULL OF FEAR? DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT FEAR ITSELF DESTROYS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM?

Next time it happens, I’ll be ready.

All of which puts me in mind of political ponerology.

Here’s how this website introduces psychopaths in the context of political ponerology.

Note especially the last sentence: “The acts that we call evil (especially on a macrosocial level) can be traced back to this deviant minority of human beings and the effects of their actions on their family, friends, and society.”


I’m still stunned by how insidiously this absurdist CV drama has corrupted the collective unconscious of humanity to the point where every single day, those of us who aim for truth and to keep our frequency high must deal with blue pilled zingers coming from any direction.

Aside from the web of lies that (truthfully) links Covid Con to the Election Scam as one overarching deep state operation, here are two more examples of political ponerology. The first is likely to have occurred to anybody who reads this blog as the primary exemplars of psychopathology: the Clintons and the increasingly long body count that follows them. Here’s the latest, from just two days ago.

Check out this comprehensive compendium of a website which, to my amazement, has still not been taken down, although the videos are gone.

Next, a relatively recent example of political ponerology, what’s now become so familiar we just call it “CRT.” This abomination is a transmogrification of the leftist Marxist doctrine of class warfare, with race as the basis of class. No wonder it seems to have started in universities! And of course, continues there . . .

By this time CRT is even infecting  the U.S. Military.

What Critical Race Theory Is Really About


In any case, here’s the effect of this indoctrination on our kids.

No wonder American Moms are activating.

No wonder states are following the lead of American Moms.

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WHAT’S REAL AND WHAT’S FAKE? “Governments are always prepping an agenda.”

Looking back on the past sixteen months, I’m amazed that more people don’t realize that the Covid Con was just that, concocted  in order to drive F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) into the minds, hearts and bones of  the 99%.

One only needs to consider two facts to realize that the CV FEAR nightmare was deliberately inserted, via a sustained MSM propaganda push, into the collective unconscious of humanity.

Fact Number One:  Back when this whole scamdamic took hold, in mid-March 2020, and Trump mentioned HCL (hydroxychloroquine) as a possible therapeutic, it was roundly denigrated as ridiculous by the entire MSM. Moreover, an august “peer-reviewed” medical journal, The Lancet, was even recruited to do a “study” on HCL and claim it was ineffective in treating CV. And yet by June last year, this study had to be retracted due to “research errors.”

I ask: why would any possible therapeutic be rejected? What does that imply? What happened to “the right to try”? Especially a therapeutic that has been around for 50 years and can be bought off the shelf in foreign countries?

Fact Number Two: no matter how they skewed the “statistics” to make CV 19 seem horrifically deadly, why then did the total number of deaths in 2020 remain basically the same and the total number of deaths from “flu” disappear?  Anyone with a half a brain can see that globalist organizations? and governments? and corporations? promoting this scam substituted the word “covid” for the word “flu.”

In the past month or two, the scary word “spike protein” has entered the vernacular, as not only being shed by those who are vaxed onto those who are not, but that it’s the spike protein itself that is extremely toxic, dangerous; both of which render the “spike protein” a fabulous new way to double down on F.E.A.R and divide us further: Not just fear of one’s own body, but fear of each other’s bodies. Not just those who believe the MSM narrative vs those who don’t, but those who got the vax now dangerous to those who refused the vax. So clever. So diabolically clever.

My question: Why were spike proteins in the vax? Supposedly spike proteins are also part of CV. I don’t know, nor do I particularly care to know the complexities of how the “spike protein” works in the body, nevertheless, a supplement that apparently prevents spike proteins from doing damage, NAC, was recently banned. The timing of the rise of spike proteins in the national conversation together with the banning of NAC, is another indication that this damned dis-ease (or the supposed existence of it) was created and is being kept alive and worsened through the vax, in order to exterminate possibly 1/2 (the vaxed half) of the world’s population over only a few years. Agenda 21/30, Georgia Guidestones, here we come!

The Real Reason NAC Supplement Got Banned

Remember: pine tea is another possible antidote, if you did get the vax, and regret it.

Likely there are a number of other ways we can return our bodies to normal functioning, no matter how the 1% tries to kill us off. In fact, this entire scenario has not only exposed the medical and pharmaceutical industrial complex for its collusion in the scam, but it may drive more people to actually stop worshipping doctors and take charge of their own health in whatever way necessary. Likely, this need to take charge will drive an increase in those seeking alternative methods of treatment, alternative ways of understanding and appreciating the body and its magnificent inborn immune system. Hell! It may even succeed in driving the obesity rate — now at 40%!  — way down as people take charge and get active.


Meanwhile, the 1%, knowing the devastation it has set in motion, now plans for “succession.”

In other words, CV was on the table, part of the globalist agenda. As Joseph Farrell tells Dark Journalist in a fascinating video that covers not only the many weirdnesses of Atlanta, oops! Antartica, but about the last half hour of which is devoted to the UFO enigma and increasing MSM coverage: “governments are always prepping an agenda.”

Just what that agenda is, he claims not to know. Meaning: he’s not sure how they’re going to go about it, but the end goal is a globalist dictatorship, aimed at domination of both earth and space. And, as he says, the only powerful nation that stands in the way is Russia. No wonder they hate Russia.

Meanwhile, let’s circle back to the 2020 election, shall we? Because it’s all connected . . .

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CENTRALIZED VS. DE-CENTRALIZED: local news ramifies everywhere

I’m not sure yet, but it seems to me that the new editor of our local paper The Herald-Times,  “PART OF THE USA TODAY NETWORK” actually wants controversy. Unlike previous editors, who seem to have switched out on just about a yearly basis lately. This altered focus makes reading the newspaper more “exciting,” yes. And of course, it helps sell actual printed newspapers, and so attract advertising, in this more and more post-newspaper era when most of us get our “news” online.

I knew that our local paper was owned by Gannett, but did not realize that Gannett had acquired USA Today. And, as of 2019, the entire enterprise was sold to GateHouse Media, to become “the largest U.S. newspaper company by far.”

Since that time, the editor has changed hands at least once. Each new editor brings a subtly altered perspective, his or her own lens through which to view and value the world. And the more powerful the editor’s vision, the more the entire newspaper reflects it.

My interest in local news, and how it’s produced, who produces it, the relationship between the “news” and its advertisers, goes back decades, to the time when I was married for nearly three years to my old high school boyfriend, at that time the editor of the newspaper in our home town, Twin Falls, Idaho.

I remember speaking with Dick about the way the news is always slanted to feature “bad news,” attacks, murders, personal and institutional corruption, robberies, etc. What about good news? I asked him. Why can’t the newspaper give at least equal play to what’s right about the world. We know that there’s much more good news than bad news, if we learn to look for it. But from a “bottom line” economic perspective, he was right: bad news sells papers.

Even so, I managed to get a column, “Coming Back Home,” into that newspaper after our marriage was completed that ran for several months and caused so much of an uproar that the publisher (who appreciated me) told me that the newsroom couldn’t talk about anything else, plus he kept getting so many calls to “shut her up” that he couldn’t get any work done! So that was that.

I will be featuring that series of six columns as part of my Recapitulation Project, a vast and unwieldy determination to archive just about my entire written corpus, starting with my doctoral dissertation and the philosophy department uproar it ignited at Boston University, within the next several months on the Tendre Press website.

Here, in Bloomington, Indiana, I’ve had a checkered history regarding items I’ve sent in to the paper, both opinion pieces and letters to the editor. Most of them have gotten into print though, in at least one case, it was published so far past the heat of the controversy I was addressing that it had lost relevance. Another one, a letter I wrote soon after the Covid Con began spring 2020, that especially focused on the utterly critical distinction between “dying with CV and dying from CV,” the newspaper refused to print!

I wonder if the new editor would have refused to print that letter. Because what I’m noticing (and it may be too early to tell) is that this new editor does seem to want controversy.

Three recent stories illustrate this, the first two I’ve already paid some attention to here on this blog..

First, the vaccine certificate controversy at Indiana University: if you recall, first IU required not only the vax, but proof of the vax, for every person associated with IU — staff, professors, students. Then, a few days later, when public criticism and the state attorney general warned IU off that tack, took back the certificate requirement. I discussed both these stories. Then, yesterday, a new headline, again, top of front page, this time with a large photo.

This is a surprisingly lengthy story. The editor gave the reporter plenty of room. Reading through it (sorry, it’s behind a paywall), I kept wondering just how many people attended this rally. I still don’t know! But it seems that there were many speakers who were pointing out all the absurdities of the Covid Con, with many of them having come here from elsewhere to attend the rally! Hmmm . . . the reporter tried half-heartedly to counter their arguments with the usual palaver, that the science says otherwise, etc. but his defense appeared lame compared to the pointed, inflammatory language of the speakers. This rally was taking place at the Sample Gates (the official entrance to the university), where there’s not really room for a large crowd.

Who knows, might there have been so many speakers that they themselves constituted most of the “crowd?”

The reporter says the rally was organized by “The IU Family for Consent, not Mandates.” I looked up this name as a url. Nothing. Oops! A bit more sleuthing, using a different search engine, I found it as Again, I looked up the name the reporter gave on facebook, and there it is, though the name is actually slightly different: “The IU Family for Choice not Mandates.” This is a private group. It appears very active. I have asked to join.

What interests me most about this first story, two things: 1) that the reporter never estimated the size of the crowd, and 2) that he gave lots of room for speakers’ remarks, all of which basically undermine or contradict what IU is attempting to impose, re: the virus and the vax. Both of which made me immediately suspect that the editor likes conflict, even when gigantic IU, the life blood, the economic engine of this community, is involved. That’s big.

The second piece I’ve also been following. The infamous “military exercise” last Monday night. Today I see this headline, again front page, but much smaller, see left hand corner:

This piece also received an unusually long treatment, continued on page 3, where it was granted a full half page, including these subheads: City ‘did not object’, A reminder from the past, Which is it?, ‘Little sleep was possible,’ and Training concerns abound.

Aside from both the city and the army blaming the other guy while at the same time apologizing for the disturbance (double think? double bind?) — with this dueling duet by far the main thrust of this piece — the reporter also pointed out how these military trainings in civilian areas have a long history. Which makes me wonder: who really, has jurisdiction over our locality? And reminds me of a headline I saw about Maricopa this morning, concerning the US Attorney General wanting to look into the Arizona audit, and being told by Arizona, you do that, and you end up in the Arizona jail. Whew!

Again, who has jurisdiction? This all relates to the question of power: centralized or decentralized; top down or bottom up? It appears that bottom-up is coming alive, expanding. Witness all the moms who are attending school board meetings to object to CRT indoctrination for their kids. YES!

And finally, a third story, this one new: Today’s headline, see above photo, top front page: “TB cases linked to ‘bone repair product,'” with a subtitle that says it all: “Bloomington hospital patient among 20 possible cases in state.”

In case you didn’t know, IU has now swallowed up most of the medical system in this town (and it seems, statewide). The new hospital, due to open soon only about a mile from here, proudly sports the IU Health emblem. See it? on the above left of the largest building.


This “bone product” story is guaranteed to create waves locally. Good. The editor appears to be brave.

However, I still feel it’s important to put locally produced content (I.e., news of various events put on by various groups in town) back in the paper. Come on! It’s OUR TOWN.

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“UFO Disclosure” June 25th? Or, just more Bullshit from the Masters of Secrecy.

Note: See this, for my recent post on UFO.

Since UFO info is “up” right now, I decided to do another post on the same subject, given that the Pentagon’s UFO Report is due out June 25.

In my last post on this subject, I concentrated on a possible fake alien invasion scenario which, let me say now, the deep state might use as distraction from both bombshell Arizona audit results and the ignominious fall of Saint Fauci.

Here are two current discussions of the UFO topic. The first I got through Fred Burks, his email list, where he points to a New Yorker article that he really appreciated, called it “excellent,” and “fairly comprehensive.” Since I appreciate Fred Burks, I decided to read it, taking note of the parts of the essay that he put in bold.

Go here to see Fred’s bolded version.

Or go to the New Yorker itself to read it. What Fred left out, however was the subtitle to the essay in question, which I believe, contains clues as to the author’s agenda. Here’s a screenshot from the New Yorker:

Here’s how the finale to this long essay begins, as bolded by Burks:

The government may or may not care about the resolution of the U.F.O. enigma. But, in throwing up its hands and granting that there are things it simply cannot figure out, it has relaxed its grip on the taboo.

That is the supposed thrust of the essay, but to me it’s more like this essay itself is part of upcoming  so-called “disclosure” in that it aims to definitively trace the entire confusing and multi-layered history of the cover-up since Roswell in 1947, and ends up saying the entire subject is just as mysterious as ever.  To keep reader interest, Lewis-Kraus focuses also on polarized personalities and their specialized quirks, motives, and expectations which may feed into what they look for and how they see things. I do appreciate this tactic, as it relativizes any “truth” which any source comes up with.

One of the author’s stars in this UFO movement is Leslie Keen, who authored a book on UFOs with a forward by John Podesta.


In the Lewis-Kraus essay, Leslie Keen mentions that she consults with a relative of hers, Thomas Keen, who chaired the 911 Commission.

John Podesta (the Clinton pedophile), and Thomas Keen (who managed to get unanimous agreement for the government-sponsored 911 cover-up)? Well, my spidey senses were starting to go off . . .   After reading the entire essay, it appears to me that Leslie herself is being used, likely without her knowledge, to lead us only in certain directions.

In other words, Leslie Keen is part of the cover-up?

This essay, admittedly long and involved, and seemingly exhaustive in its investigation, leaves me with the sense that the author too, is being used to continue the cover-up, given that he’s attempting to definitively trace a hornet’s nest history, of personalities and agencies, all with their own agendas that often conflict. I came away with no clear sense of what is actually happening re: ufo. As intended?

From there I listened to an interview, Beyond Disclosure, with Kerry Cassidy, whose experience interviewing whistleblowers for the last sixteen years has filled her capacious mind with not just dots, but layers of dots, and myriads of connecting pathways. And according to Kerry, the cover-up will continue; however, yes, June 25th, when the report is supposedly due out, will likely feature some kind of limited hang-out drama to whet the appetite of the masses without spilling anything important. After all, as she says, near the beginning of this amazing interview, continued secrecy is paramount, given that “governments have to deal with aliens that have more power than they do, better technology . . .”


“Luis Elizondo and Nick Pope have gone public, lying from the getgo. Saying we don’t know what these craft are, after 70 years of secrecy! Not only does our military know exactly what they are, Solar Warden patrols our solar system, and they know exactly what’s going in and out, plus what group it’s from. These people are brain dead enough that they think humans are so dumb that they will listen to them. It erases history, every piece of evidence that has been coming forward. Roswell, Richard Dolan’s three volumes (UFOs and the National Security State). Mufon is the CIA. Pilots are told not to report, or they’ll have their licenses revoked. Elizondo and Pope keep a straight face while saying they don’t know what these craft are? It’s amazing to me. They want to keep the lid on, so they’re pretending. Why are they making the effort?

“And yet, our space program is partitioned [compartmentalized]. So Elizondo and Pope may not know . . .

“Sex and UFOs the two biggest topics on the internet. All our conspiracies have turned out to be true. They can’t keep the story down, though they certainly are trying. And sure, there will be some sheeple who will go along with the lies. It turns out that everything that I’ve ever said is right and true. All my whistleblowers have been telling the truth. We are an inconvenient truth right now. That way they don’t have to massage us out of history. Then they don’t have to pay for the number of people they have killed. Tesla was one of them, he was contacted by aliens! The secrecy is long and deep and contains tons of dead bodies, all to maintain the facade, so these governments can remain in power, can look like they’re the good guys . . .”

Not sure about her own absolutist position here (ALL her whistleblowers tell the truth?), but given the 16 long years she’s put into investigating this hot button topic, both juggling and synthesizing hundreds of whistleblowers’ perspectives on myriad layers of What Is Really Going On, I tend to trust her way of seeing the whole UFO panorama more than most. Meanwhile, BTW: she also discusses CV-19, the vax, the connection between nano AI in the vax and globalist plans to roboticize humans, and to counter that: our own more than human powers that have laid dormant for centuries. Well worth a listen.



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QUESTION SINCE BIDEN “TOOK CHARGE” . . . am I the only one who asks it?


The Biden administration issued a proclamation that stopped border wall construction on his very first day in office.

But the more radical idea, of actually tearing down the wall, not just stopping new construction, has never come up, at least as far as I know.

I recognized this early on, and was puzzled.

After all, the Biden administration is nothing if not radical, in its efforts to roll back four years of Trump and put the globalist plan back on track to dissolve all national borders and, via refuge flows, instigate chaos everywhere, as a prelude to the long-planned New World Order.

Interesting, how, in the absence of Trump’s federal policy of allowing only legal immigration, and in the presence of hundreds of thousands of foreigners (including who knows how many criminals, drug lords, gangs, traffickers) pouring across the leaky border without being vetted, the Texas governor has now declared that the state of Texas itself will build the wall.


My conclusion: Biden is not really in charge. 

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