July’s Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius exquisitely timed to signal the activation of McAfee’s “dead man switch”?

Much anticipated McAfee Dead Man’s Switch was supposed to be activated on Tuesday? But was not. Or was it? Here’s CodeMonkeyZ from early yesterday.

Then, this, sometime yesterday afternoon, forwarded from Qtime Network via SantaSurfing on Telegram.

If that’s the case, then the latest massive info download, which has been flooding the collective psyche for months now, received a near-overwhelming boost.

Early in the day, I thought, “How perfect, that the switch should be activated on the Full Moon, fulfilling the promise of the New Moon of two weeks ago — and, even more, echoing the promise of the June New Moon.  The July Full Moon was not exact until late last night.

July 23, 2021, 10:37 pm EDT Washington D.C.


Aside from the fact that Mercury at 26° Cancer was directly opposing the position of Pluto, the biggest takeaway in this chart for me was Neptune in Pisces almost exactly on the Ascendant. No wonder the confusion relating to whether and when the massive data dump would be released.

Besides signaling confusion, even chaos, we can point to Neptune as symbolic of the continuous dissolution of forms. Interesting, during this summer when “precedents” are continuously being set. Translation: the constitutional Rule of Law is continuously breaking down.


Given massive voter fraud, the need to decertify electors in Arizona is obvious and pressing, but to do so would set a precedent.

Nancy Pelosi has refused two Republicans on her Jan 6 committee (translation: third Trump impeachment attempt). Again, setting a precedent. I.e., this has never happened before. Why? Because the structure set in place by the “rule of law” placed such an action outside the law.

Here is an interesting and unusually complex perspective  on this full moon , showing how strong unions between planets in the past can cast light or shadow over what lies ahead.

Note that this Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius asks us to hold our own center (Leo) while expressing authentically into the world in cooperation with others (Aquarius), who do the same. I.e., the fixed nature of both signs helps us as we absorb more and more regurgitation of info formerly hidden, discern what is of value and what not, and why, and, while remaining centered, express our own widening perspective continuously into the world (Leo) while inviting and networking with other sovereign humans (Aquarius) who do the same.

A quick reminder: as I have been pointing out over and over again periodically since at least January 2020, this young nation is in the midst of its first ever Pluto return. Pluto signifies, above all else, primal power. During the first cycle of Pluto, this nation acted like an adolescent bully, insisting on getting our way as the world’s global hyperpower; can we now begin to mature in our way of utilizing the vast primal aliveness of Pluto to regenerate our own national identity as a shining example to the rest of the world?

The cycle of Pluto is 248 years. The cycle, so far, of this nation, has been 245 years. Closer and closer Pluto approaches its exact return position, its death/rebirth archetypal story displayed for all to see and feel. Between 2020 and at least 2026, we are in a period of evolutionary, even revolutionary change, as we slowly and with great agony, decide, collectively, whether or not our inspired Constitution and its focus on the Rule of Law is worth committing to for another 248 year cycle of Pluto.

Much will depend upon whether we, as individuals, operate out of Love or out of Fear. All other emotions reduce to one of these two. And only the former is creative.

“Fear has no agency.”Dr. David E. Martin


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“TURNING TABLES” IN PEACE AND WAR: two current examples of the latter

In order to comprehend any interpersonal drama, it helps to be able to begin to “walk in the other’s shoes.” Once we see/feel “where a person is coming from,” our judgment against them — likely based on incomplete information — and/or, on a too-narrow perspective — dissolves into empathy.

This practice, of “walking in the other’s shoes” — utilized to create peace — can also be utilized to a very different effect. Here, no matter how persuasive the argument one presents, or how much one would like to empathize with another’s point of view, the other just keeps hammering away from their own stuck, judgmental position.

Here, we refer to a martial art technique, as in Aikido: where one utilizes the opponent’s energy against them; or, a variation: Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: “why destroy an enemy who is the process of destroying himself”?

In the first situation, we are honestly attempting to smooth out a conflict situation; in the second, we are forced, if we want to save our own skin, to employ a technique the other may well be unprepared for.

Two examples, of the latter, both of which might be useful to some during these perilous times.

For the first, here’s the predicament:

And here’s the aikido move:

Again, check this out! What Jim Jordan did when Nancy Pelosi refused to allow him to join her  so-called investigation into the January 6th “insurrection.”

Jordan Demands Investigation Into Pelosi, Wants To Know Her Role At Capitol


To summarize: The intent of  “walking in the other’s shoes” is to bring a peaceful resolution to a formerly stuck polarity. On the other hand, the intent of utilizing the other’s energy is to “flip the script,” and gain advantage over the other.

In either case, the “tables turn,” in the sense that the drama suddenly transforms, either to dissolve the original polarity or, to shift power from one pole to the other.



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Vax Woke?

If you’re like me, you sometimes wear a JP teeshirt that declares, in large letters, on the front, “AWAKE BUT NOT WOKE.”


Now if, according to the theology of woke culture, a person can self-identify in any way they want, that self-declared “identity” subject to change at any time, with no need for proof, evidence or even argument, then here’s an article that brilliantly lays out one possible approach for the unvaxed who choose to remain so: pretend to adopt woke culture’s chimerical view of reality when necessary, in order to preserve one’s own sovereign integrity. 

This kills two birds with one stone, accomplishing an important objective while undermining woke culture.

VAX WOKE: Can an unvaccinated person in America simply “self-identify” as a vaccinated person, without ever risking a deadly Covid jab?

For more on how woke culture aims/pretends to vitiate authentic individualism, see this:

The Deification of the Woke Self


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In Germany, for example.

Notice that We the People in Germany have learned that we must rely on each other, rather than on authorities, and are beginning to proceed accordingly. 

Other indications, in Europe, that We the People are having a massive effect on globalist plans.

One example of the results of pushback here in the U.S.

More and more we realize: mainstream news media, propaganda arm of the Deep State, holds less and less sway over the American public. Check this list.

Even so . . .

Where is this sculpture? On what street, in what country, might this scene be enacting in real life. Answer: everywhere on earth. The swamp runs deep, and many of the tunnels are being flooded, along with the civilization built on top of them.

Might this help?


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CARTOON: Circle Back?

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As more and more horrific swamp gunk from deep below surges to the surface, we  appear to have arrived at an utterly historic tipping point. Two currents course through the collective consciousness during this singular month, July 2021, during what appears to be the most crucial, climactic, watershed moment in human history.

These currents are: 1) Humanity’s increasing realization that the entire matrix system is about to come crashing down, and 2) The imperative need to step up to the plate as authentic individuals, ready, willing, and able to make a difference.

Assuming we the people can defeat the long-planned, monstrous globalist determination to kill or maim most of us and turn the rest of us into roboticized, transhuman slaves, then the transformed world to come will be formed from our individual choices.

Or, in meme language:

These two themes also appear in both Juan O Savin’s recent interviews and in Clif High’s latest download.

As Juan O Savin says: “pick a lane.” The time for standing on the sidelines and eating popcorn is over. We are all in this movie together. And, as both men point out, We the People in America, whose founding documents emphasize freedom of the individual, are in the starring role. As America goes, so goes the rest of the world.

Remember: This battle is not between Left and Right, but between Good and Evil. And those who stand on the sidelines, those who refuse to choose, are complicit with Evil.

The more people who wake up to how we have been collectively hoodwinked by the scandalous, traitorous, horrific Plandemic/Vaccine/Fraudulent Election mind-controlled psy-op, the more united we will become, and the faster and more powerful will the water of truth flood from the dam, as it finally breaks. BTW: Clif points to July 23-28 as possibly critical.

And by the way: If you think that you just aren’t up to the historic task of transforming the world that faces the entire human species, check out Max Igan’s dramatic personal turnaround, only 12 years ago, when he was 40 years old.

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THE TRUMP DOCTRINE: The Larger Context of the General Milley Imbroglio?


On July 16th, both Tucker and Steve Bannon’s War Room with Eric Prince zeroed in on wokester General Milley as either an incompetent lunatic fool or a seriously misguided or compromised or blackmailed or go-along-with-whatever-crowd operative for the Deep State.

Sundance widens the context to discuss “The Trump Doctrine,” how it puts the military in a subservient role, thus raising hackles of the Military Industrial Complex that has ruled this country at least since Eisenhower, in his farewell address, named it that and said so.

A Reminder About Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley as a Political Operative

Also, pay attention to the comments below the above article, 386 of them, so far. I especially appreciated the comments by Jeffrey Coley, Brian Simpson, Felona, Bessie 2003, Sherrie Faye, John, and Capt Rick1974 on page one. Haven’t gone any further.

I think we are beginning to get a glimmer of why the military did not “come to the rescue” after the fraudulent election. Not only have the courts, the congress, and the executive branches shown themselves as corrupt, but so has the military, or at least it seems so. Though there might be some portion of it that can still be trusted and that is, in fact, undergoing worthy clandestine operations out of the public eye.

The states are beginning to flex their muscles. As are individuals in localities in various ways. As are approximately one half of Americans who consider their own bodies sovereign and refuse to get the jab.

2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump wasn’t kidding when he promised he would “DRAIN THE SWAMP” which, more and more, especially during these last nerve-wracking 18 months, we realize has been threaded through, poisoning and undermining, all human activity world-wide for decades, if not centuries, even millennia.

No wonder the job is nowhere near done.

P.S. Here’s Sebastian Gorka’s view of The Trump Doctrine adding more complexity to the way Trump sees and works with geopolitical issues.



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Dr. David E. Martin: Backstory to Covid is Life Insurance, profiting from “THE TRADE ON THE FEAR OF DEATH.”

I listened to this entire video with great curiosity, on the edge of my seat. Started taking notes part way through, but forgot to put which minute of the presentation a particular note was taken.

As Alexandra Bruce, of forbiddenknowledge.tv, who took better notes I did, said:

“Watching this video is like having paid $60,000 tuition to attend the highest-level university – a hypothetical university that is actually worth that.”


People are wondering how this man has suddenly appeared “out of nowhere.” Followed by the question: “Is he controlled opposition?”

I think not. Especially when I see that he shared a stage for Q & A with Dr. Judy Mikovitz  in May 2021, the day before he made this 90-minute presentation.

According to Dr. Martin, “Because of Covid, for the first time in my life I’ve had an audience of any size to listen to my Story of Life Insurance.” This story is the result of the seven years he spent investigating every patent, every funding source. For details: please  read through the pdf I put up in a reply to a comment from yesterday’s post on him.

For this post, I’m looking at two websites that took partial notes on what he said during his presentation he called “The Illusion of Knowledge.” One website gave an actual transcript to one of  the most intriguing parts of it: his claim that we don’t “have” DNA, we have chromosomes: Eugenicists Watson and Crick’s “double-helix” was not a discovery, it was a human invention. “DNA is not a product of nature; it is a model of human manipulation.” “Chromosomes are possibly antennae, not DNA (95% of DNA is junk? Huh?)”

But that website wouldn’t let me repost its URL. Strange:

He describes what Watson and Crick did as “analogous to untying knots of a tapestry,  then describing the pile of strings on the floor, and then — tried to play God with it.”

Here’s that 8-minute clip.


Here’s the full 90 minutes.

Dr David Martin – The Illusion of Knowledge

You might pay particular attention to his account of how Evil shows up in our world.


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