Sharing Economy News: Amsterdam apps!

Sylvia Van Bruggen, who lived in our Green Acres neighborhood during the time when she and I took the permaculture design course a decade ago, and who along with Kevin Polk, another Green Acres neighbor at the time (who went on to write the book, Gaiome) co-created with me the original vision for what has become the Green Acres Village as our design project for that course, has sent me the following piece. Sylvia now lives in Amsterdam. 

This post is a good reminder that the measure of resilience in any ecosystem is the variety and number of exchanges that take place within it. And guess what, there are apps for everything!

Forget Uber, Amsterdam is showing how to use the sharing economy for good


“We wanted to truly make living in the city a shared experience. We want people to feel like they have a connection not just to the city, but to each other as well.”

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Joachim Hagopian: The Long History of Elite Pedophile Blood Lust

People ask me, how can you even look at the horrible stuff that you sometimes repost? Why focus on it?

Actually no; no reader has ever said that. The denial in our culture is still so strong that no one confronts me on my choices. 

I’d rather not be posting on this stuff. Because, geez, my job is to build new creative alternatives, like, right? not to stare, unblinking, at the rot. Isn’t it?

Well actually, my job is to do both. To integrate paradox. To be as aware as possible of what is really going on and has been for thousands of years and to meanwhile build creative alternatives from within the rot. Like a lotus, rising from the mud.

For unless we do begin to clear up the continuing soul-killing corruption, our lotuses will be continuously devoured by alligators.

I’m not alone. There are many of us who aren’t afraid to look at the rot while also building new worlds. For example, Fred Burks, of It’s all “a matter of perspective,” or rather, perhaps, I should say it’s all a matter of being able to not just recognize, but to hold in awareness, both dark and light at once. Both what we need to leave behind, and what we need to welcome as we move forward. And that includes what I need to leave behind in myself, all the shadowy stuff that once in a while breaks through to awareness via a dream, or a sudden freaky memory.

I welcome these breakthroughs, for they allow me to process, at an ever deeper level, all the gunk that creates stuckness within my own aliveness. I process the stuckness, bore in on it with conscious breathing, inviting awareness to enter that place in my body that feels bad, yucky, like a soul-crushing stone. For I too am a member of this death-dealing culture. Nor did I escape the usual mind-control that locks the heart closed. Indeed, as a young mother in my early twenties, there were moments — hours, days — when I secretly wanted to kill my tiny sons, so distraught was I at what seemed then to be my fate of never fully feeling anything but frustration, fear, guilt, and hate.

My own healing took years, decades. My own healing continues. I center myself inside a multidimensional perspective that holds both my light and my dark as equally real, each informing the other by way of contrast. Indeed, processing the darkness fuels the increasing light.

That said, read this, if you dare.

Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for children: From Antiquity to Today

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NEW DISCOVERY: “Comedian” Nicole Arbour


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But DO the American people love war? Or is there something else going on.

In this morning’s depressing post,

Trump loves war? And so do the American people?

I pointed to polls that indicate Americans are right there with Trump’s apparent push for war. But are they really? Consider this alternative perspective, from four days ago (but most of it written 30 years ago) on opednews.

Is the Lady A Tyger? On the Energetic Roots of the Phenomenon of War




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Trump Loves War? And So Do the American People?

U.S. Presiential Candidate Trump made above remark on November 17, 2015. Here’s the youtube video of it. The full context is: “I”m really good at war. I’ve had a lot of wars of my own. I love war, in a certain way.”

So we should have known? And do we care?

Consider the following:

66% of Americans approved of the recent missile strike on a Syrian air base.

70% of Americans approved of dropping the MOAB bomb on an Afghan village and surrounding caves.

Trump’s approval rate went from around 35% to around 40% immediately upon his apparent conversion to “war president.”

All of which makes me think that this poll is actually accurate.

POLL: Americans Support Military Industrial Complex Above All Else

And if so, then, now that Trump seems to have transmogrified into a lusty warmonger, I guess we get the government we deserve.

I think back to my wondering about the fact that Trump was born with the planet Mars at 27° Leo, conjunct the Royal Star Regulus (“the King”), both of which sit directly conjunct the karmic 29° Leo Ascendant of his natal chart. I have no doubt that he does love not just competition, but now finds that he really gets off on military strikes. Seems to me Trump would have to be very advanced and aware to not to use that Mars in a bloodthirsty manner — especially when surrounded by trigger-happy military men. When, on the day after the election, I posted on his astrology, I didn’t focus on his Mars being used for war, so taken in was I with his campaign promise to stop the imperialistic military hegemony.

Paul Craig Roberts, for one, thinks he’s been taken over.

Trump Is Now Captive of the Deep State

Or maybe he always was a willing tool of the Deep State — and in that case, simply, baldly lying on the campaign trail (whenever he spoke of stopping wars of imperialistic aggression)? I don’t remember where I saw that claim, but I’m sure many have made it. Frankly, given his astro chart, I don’t think him capable of wholesale, consistent lying (unlike Hillary, whose astro chart is all about power at any cost.)  I sense that he most likely believes for the moment whatever is impulsively spewing from his mouth (Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini opposite Sagittarius Moon), but that his choice of advisors have neutralized what could have been an alternative personal impact.

Assad may be right, and worse: Trump may simply not be capable of long-range strategic thinking.

Trump is puppet of U.S. deep state: Has no “own” foreign policy — Assad

So now, when I view my privileged life here in the U.S., I must keep remembering that I too, am complicit in the global ravages of “our” Military Industrial Complex. Why? Because I pay my taxes. For decades I’ve been convinced that only a tax revolt — by what, 10% of the American people? — can stop the military in its tracks. Or would it take more? The point is, we need numbers so great that they can’t possibly jail all of us. A big order, given that there’s some huge percentage of us that owe our paychecks to some direct or indirect portion of the MIC — whether governmental, academic, corporate, or otherwise industrial. And of course, what’s utterly crucial, to carry off a planned tax revolt we will have to trust each other to all refuse to pay taxes at the same time. That’s a big order in this land where soulless A.I. digital communication has largely replaced ensouled connectedness.

(Oh wait, there’s always economic collapse, that would certainly collapse the military — and probably will, maybe even this year.)

Meanwhile, I deeply appreciated this Op Ed piece in Veterans Today:

Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation: An Open Letter to Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin

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Green Acres Community Dinner, April 26, 2017

This day started inauspiciously. I couldn’t find my phone. Wondered if I left it outside last night — and if so, it got rained on.

Yes. I did leave it on an outside table during our dinner. And guess what? It still worked! Just to make sure it didn’t have any moisture inside I hotfooted it right over to AT&T in the nearby mall where a sweet clerk took off the protective cover and instructed me to go into the women’s restroom to blow dry both cover and phone. I did. Worked like a charm. Enormous power in those dryers.

So, these pics that I took last night on this phone did manage to get through to here. Pics of our April 26th Community Dinner, the second of the year on the patio outside in back that serves all three of our village houses.

BTW: Rebecca had been planning on beans ‘n greens, made with poke greens from their various poking up places on the grounds. But then she discovered that poke greens need to be cooked three times or they might be poison!

So she brought scrambled eggs instead — and non-poisonous greens. Lots of other delicious food, as usual. I swear, each week we re-enact the story of the loaves and the fishes. This week brought out about 15 people, including three generational couples. Two of mother and son — here’s Aaron with his mom Joanne —

 — which inspired me to ask Rebecca for a photo of me and son Colin. Notice the new smaller greenhouse behind the original Garden Tower. See this post.

Darn! I forgot to get a pic of Eva and her mom Wanda. But I did get a great shot of Eva’s fabulous new shoes — last week’s find at Goodwill.

Afterwards, podmate Logan and friend Bryn entertained us with their passionate, soulful singing and playing. Unfortunately, by this time my phone was already forgotten, so no pics.

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PHOTOS Green Acres Village, late April, 2017

This place feels more like a barnyard than an urban location. Many projects in various states of initiation and completion. Most of us who live here also work here at least two hours a day; two WOOFERS have been with us for a week each, so far in 2017, helping out and learning permacultural practices in exchange for board and room.

Meanwhile, our weekly Community Dinners continue. Tonight’s will be led by Rebecca, with her main dish to be “greens ‘n beans.” I’m bringing a chicken. Son Colin will attend again. Many others, both near and far. The rhythm of our weekly event feels both powerful and unstoppable at this point. (See next post.)

New housemate Evan, who took the lead with Chinese for last week’s meal, as of early this morning took off to his other life as a airline steward, flying in and out of China. His cat Boo remains here, and seems to be adjusting well to life with puppy Shadow.

Daily life around here feels both relaxing and focused, both funny and sometimes sad, like when we had to wish Briana farewell three weeks ago. Impermance is a fact of life, especially, of course, in a college town, where flows of students regularly course through.

So, I’ll start with the blooming impermance of the glorious mushrooms that sprouted up a few days ago, and then within 24 hours started to fade. By this morning, what was in form is now disintegrating; looks more like compost than shrooms. I remain in awe of both their sudden breakthrough power and their mysterious evanescence.

Three days ago:


Various kinds of shrooms are popping up in the garden, but none so astonishing as this “stinky” mushroom (it attracts flies) — otherwise known as “limp dick”?

Here are a few more photos of life in the urban farm and barnyard, starting with interior and exterior of new greenhouse:

The original GANG garden ( identified that way because we now have a number of other gardens, in various states of either repair or getting-ready to plant) as of mid-April 2017:

Cold-weather crops went out a few weeks ago, like these peas and onions:

The pond is still being overtaken by bamboo-ish sprouts. It’s now officially renamed “the wetland,” and still functions to catch rainwater from roofs of two houses.

I re-planted these strawberries in the garden —

from their original location, in one of our original Garden Towers, which son Colin made by hand in the garage that has now been converted to a greenhouse.

This year, in that Tower, I put marigolds, for a splash of color during our Community Dinners.

Meanwhile, we also have another, smaller greenhouse, courtesy the Garden Tower Project. It was used for an experiment that is now finished, and they donated not only the greenhouse but five towers to go inside it as well. They will be taken out of their boxes, assembled and positioned to catch the sun and planted for our winter greens next fall.

Meanwhile, I agreed to water seedlings of eleven flats of various veggies, for another experiment that the GTP is conducting, this one in a geodesic dome. That means: for ten days I misted each tiny seed three times, twice a day. Let’s see now, that’s 75 x 3 x 2 x 11 or 5500 squirts per day. No wonder my wrist feels ruined. Glad they’ve now graduated to being watered with a can.

While I’m busy squirting, Dan, with Evan’s help, has been busy reclaiming old permaculture beds in front of the new DeKist house. That means, using a garden fork to unearth the thick mat of vines covering the entire garden. And there’s still more to go.

I did manage to get a jittery shot of Evan in mid-air, just before he pounded that fork into the ground . . .

As the fork penetrated the mat, he kept going down himself, to apply leverage to the fork while lifting up the viney mat blanket. Notice that the entire area between them and the house is also matted, and must be reclaimed. It does seem that “climate change” has been seen the acceleration of growth of all sorts of vines.

Finally, here’s a recent view of the garden gate and sign, with composing center beyond,  leaves and other carbon matter stored just behind the fence.



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Spring Morning Potpourri: Sallie’s Place, Baby Picture Project, Gardening News, Impermanence

On this day when the fear mongering Gotham Shield supposedly begins, I’m heading to Sallie’s Place downtown to meet with women who are interested in their baby pictures. Neighbor Jelene has invited me to give a short presentation on the Baby Picture Project to this group, so in honor of this invitation, I’m actually wearing my baby picture teeshirt, something I rarely do in public. Which is too bad, since if there’s anything I trust to have the capacity to ultimately “change the world,” it’s this project!

But first, after the usual morning walk with puppy Shadow, I now sit here as usual, to put up some sort of post. What shall it be? Well, given that it’s spring planting season at the Green Acres Village Urban Farm, this combination intrigues me, so here goes:

How A New Way of Thinking About Soil Sparked A New Movement in Agriculture


Business Lessons from A Quiet Gardener

BTW: I will post a bunch of new pics taken two evenings ago here at the village when I return from Sallie’s Place. Including some of mushrooms, blooming and fading within 48 hours!

And BTW: Sallie’s Place was started by a dear friend of mine, Georgia Schaich, who also happens to have been my compatriot in reviving the Green Acres Neighborhood Association back in 2003. Georgia, who suffers with Parkinsons, is now living in a nearby retirement home; puppy Shadow and I visit with her one or two times a week.

The blooming and fading of the partnership of Georgia and myself continues through Georgia’s accelerating diminishment. I find it sad that this culture does not appreciate its immersion in the natural order, which demonstrates how to celebrate both ascending and descending arcs of any cycle.




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Our Challenge: To consciously absorb and express the surging energy

BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, hold up riders

Let us ask: How do we learn how to consciously utilize and creatively express the extreme energy that is surging through us? That is the question of this century, and especially of this year, during the ongoing intense climax of the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries, about to be crossed by Mercury, where it will turn on Wednesday, May 3, to go direct. Check it out, at just past noon on this Bloomington, Indiana chart: Uranus/Mercury/Eris — 25°, 24° and 23°: Uranus, the unpredictable; sudden, explosive energy, with Eris, “goddess of discontent” in Aries: new beginnings, impulse, initiation — and about to be crossed by Mercury: the conscious mind, communication, transportation. Notice also, at the moment of Mercury turning, that this three way conjunction also makes an harmonious grand trine (green lines) with the Moon (20° Leo‚ and Saturn (27° Sagittarius). Hopefully, this balancing configuration will slow and stabilize the explosive energy of the conjunction.

Meanwhile, today, Mercury at 26° Aries, which has been traveling retrograde (backwards) for the past two weeks, now begins to conjunct that explosive Uranus/Eris conjunction, and does so as the transit Moon at 22° Aries moves toward that conjunction from the other side. From now through Wednesday of next week let us be especially aware of the surging energy, and how it is unconsciously affecting us while intending, with all our hearts and souls, to recognize and express this surging as Love.

And of course, all this is going on as wars and rumors of war increase, “Gotham Shield” nuclear drill is held over NYC and DC, and who knows what else to set our teeth on edge.

It is crucial that we do re-learn how to truly communicate — to connect, to commune — with each other, and this involves not just left brain logic, but heart-centered imagination and empathic resonance with all that is.

And this, in turn, requires us to consciously reach through the negative unconscious Neptunian veil of our addictions and self-deceptions to the pure light of the spirit beyond. Such an idealistic vision happens to be a real possibility during this great climactic shift in human history, because Neptune, the planet of the formless, boundless beyond, is at its most powerful, traveling through its home sign, oceanic Pisces, during these years: 2012-2025. Neptune in Pisces, you might say, represents the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Which possibilities are activated depends on us, our decision, our intent. We bring into being forms from the formless. We are creators. We are legion. And we are realizing now, that we must show up, completely, with our whole selves, for this transference from the old world of centralized power to the new world of decentralized, fully potentiated localities, everywhere. Inside our full selves first, then our households, our neighborhoods, our towns, our regions. . . There is no end to the creativity that is possible when we truly do show up. Let us harness this Uranus/Eris energy; let us no longer continue to be bamboozled by the shock and awe that our former “masters” still try to use to keep us cowed and obedient.

For as we harness this extraordinary Uranus/Eris energy, let us also realize that we live inside the thick sweet boundless field of Neptune in Pisces which absorbs shock!

Let us attune to Neptune. Tune into the beautiful spirit that holds us all in her merciful embrace. Tune in, consciously, graciously, gratefully tune in. Allow her to shower us with blessings as we learn how to consciously and creatively express the fiery, surging Uranus/Eris energy. Yes. Yes. Let us recognize and honor both our own selves and each other as precious, singular, swirling manifestations of the one divine LOVE.


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A.K. READER: A newspaper opinion piece from 1988

 I wrote this during the time I lived in Jackson Wyoming. The Publisher of the paper that agreed to run it then lived in Casper Wyoming. He had been my first love in high school, and my second husband during our early ’30s when he was Editor of our home town paper in Twin Falls, Idaho, and I had moved back to be with him. I remain eternally grateful for Dick’s deep support of me during the two years we were together, when I was also devouring the language of astrology —  to the point where, one morning, I woke up, and realized that I had been dreaming in this symbolic language.


June 3, 1988

by Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D.

Guest Column: Casper Star-Tribune


“So. What do you think about the news that Reagan believes in astrology?”

How often, during the past month, have I heard this question? And each time I hear it, I cringe.

I cringe because the question puts me, once again, in a position of having to say, in a few words, what cannot be understood without a total change in world view. It’s a bit like a tropical islander who hears about a phenomenon called “snow,” and asks a visiting Eskimo if he believes in it. On the one hand, of course! On the other hand, what a strange question! Snow is an obvious fact of Eskimo existence. His very survival depends upon his awareness of snow. He can barely imagine how yawning the gap must be between the tropical and the arctic mind’s knowledge of, memories of, associations with, attitudes towards — that little word “snow.”

The “scientific experts” who declare astrology worthless are like tropical islanders, isolated entirely from the world upon which they so arrogantly pass judgment. As Isaac Newton himself is said to have responded to one of his critics on this very subject: “Sir, I have studied it, you have not!”

And I cringe for another reason, best shown in a good joke on the subject currently making the rounds: “Did you hear that Reagan believes in astrology?” “Oh really! That makes me lose faith . . . in astrology.”

Reagan is not a person I would ask to decide the value of astrology. Indeed, this latest embarrassment of the Reagan presidency is probably, as Lance Morrow put it in a tongue-in-cheek editorial in the May 16th issue of Time Magazine, “the metaphysical equivalent of his jelly beans.”


And that’s the problem. I cringe because the astrology that the public is aware of through syndicated newspaper columns, and the astrology within which I am immersed, inhabit two entirely different universes.

I am an astrologer. I make my living as a consultant in astrology; I write and publish regularly on the subject; I read and study and think endlessly upon and within this most ancient and fascinating language. It is my life. It is, and has been for the past 14 years, my ruling passion. I do not expect it to stop anytime soon.

Prior to this, I was a student of philosophy, earning a doctorate in philosophy of science from Boston University in 1972. My quest for the inner meaning of astrology is philosophical: astrology is an investigation into the nature of, and the interconnected and ever-changing structures of, the two most fundamental and deeply-rooted concepts of human understanding, those of time and space.

To fully enter the world of astrology is to transform the way the concepts of time and space operate within one’s psyche. To do this is to expand one’s world-view from the narrow window of Newtonian science to include aspects of life that we all experience but seldom consciously recognize.

The Newtonian world-view assumes that time is linear, that it measures points on a line, moment to moment, each moment the same, all of them stretching endlessly forward into the future. The western ideal of “progress” is a corollary to this unquestioned assumption about the nature of time. Our obsession with progress is associated with the ideals of industry and mechanization. We have made idols out of our tools, focusing on our relationship with them, rather than the natural world around us. What we do to the outside reflects within: we squash our very aliveness into the rules and roles of mechanical motion.

Linear time, as a basic epistemological condition for our perceiving everything else, subtly and irrevocably separates us from both our own natures and the natural world around us. And the results of this separation are coming in now, through massive and perhaps irreversible pollution of earth, air, and water. Unlike any other animal, we have carelessly fouled our own nest.

By contrast, astrological time is the time of the interweaving of many different cycles into one glorious fabric of creation, in which we are all participants. Astrology acknowledges a most basic fact of human experience — the ebb and flow of all that is. While we tend to associate astrology with heavenly phenomena like the phases of the moon, and cannot help but marvel at the timing of both the tides and human female menstrual cycles here on earth, there are other, equally ubiquitous cycles which we all participate in, and which also present us with the wondrous orderliness of nature. Simply our breathing — in and out, in and out — is our most personal and most obvious, and therefore least noticed cycle; we cannot help but adjust ourselves to the quotidian cycles of day and night, or the seasonal changes both within our aging bodies and within nature as she ever renews herself. All these cycles and many, many more — there is nothing alive that does not function in interwoven cycles, and everything, even the rocks and the planets are alive — all these cycles are so obvious to us that we do not see them, and thus fail to recognize the profound truth of the cyclical nature of time.

Rather than removing us from either our own nature or the natural world around us, astrology honors the unceasing birthing, flowering and dying of all living forms. Instead of separating ourselves off from life in an attempt to become purely predictable, mechanical, “living” our lives according to the pre-set expectation of who we think we are, we move with the flow of life, knowing all is change, and accepting the precise coordinates for any particular moment, its surprising but exacting character, what its nature entails.

As our conception of time is enlarged and deepened through the study of astrology, so is that of space. We open our eyes and hearts and souls, replacing our preoccupation with space as merely three dimensions, an empty container, the void — wherein we feel lonely, alienated and separate from others — to a feeling for its full, rich, and multi-dimensional character. We sense and feel bathed by, protected and nourished within, a space which is itself a living entity, carrying and making music with the resonance of all possible frequencies. What we think and speak and do matters; each action, no matter how trivial, reverberates throughout the whole, affecting all of us. In a very real sense, we are all parts of one another.

The great physicist Niels Bohr once said: “The opposite of a fact is another fact. But the opposite of one great truth is another great truth.” Astrology acknowledges the double truth of a fundamental paradox, known in academic philosophical circles as “the problem of the one and the many.”

Astrology teaches that each of us is one among many; standing at the exact center of the universe, we are each an utterly unique and irreplaceable individual. Astrology honors the unlimited evolutionary capacity of each of us as an unfolding from within of the laws of our own natures.

Simultaneously, by placing each of us within the larger universe, and showing our original and continuously changing relations to it, astrology teaches that the many are also one: each of us exists as a mere point within an infinite, divine continuum. We expand to fill the space available. We express our love for the whole of creation.

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