Alt-Epistemology: What is “the edge,” and why do we need it?

Thanks to a reader who today commented her appreciation of  this 2015 post, I decided to post it again, and add the word “Alt-Epistemology” to the title. Because that is, what it is!



I am an “edge” person. Edgy. Allergic to rules.

Not by choice, but by necessity. I tried very hard to “fit in” to the academic monoculture, where divergent thinking and feeling was frowned upon. I tried hard to keep on all the masks that were programmed into me. But, in the end — hell, in the beginning! in the very beginning of my so-called “career” — I failed.

Somehow, I knew I would fail. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to “teach logic,” when I had already recognized that logic is a tiny linear trap that pretends to create or mirror “cause and effect” where there is none; where, actually, everything in the universe — both internal and external — rises, and falls, together. All of it, the whole damn thing, “co-dependent arising,” interconnected, interwoven, on not just this plane but infinite others. There is no abstraction, and no separation except that we make it so. We make it all up!

My little dog is attracted to edges, too. Every time we go on a walk, he’s off running the edges — of grass where it meets bushes, or a building. He knows that there’s more life to be found there, in that place where different elements, species, ecosystems, patterns, whatever! meet and intersect. He knows instinctively. I do too, when I remember to forget my learned linear logic, and just move to the music of the inner/outer being as she unfurls, moment by moment, following the undulating flow of the breath.

My “position” on the edge has immense advantages. First of all, those who are “inside” whatever too right box they find themselves in (usually of “employment,” or “school,” or “marriage”), tend to seem to need my counsel. “How do I see/feel this situation I’m in without going crazy?” I translate that question to: “How do I both live inside it and not be of it at once?”

My response? In every situation, cultivate the witness, the observing consciousness, AWARENESS. No matter how identified you tend to be with this or any situation whether you feel it as good (attractive) or bad (repellent), pay attention: NOTICE how you are perceiving and feeling at any point in the process. Learn to wake up, right in the middle of your identification with the drama, whatever it is, if possible before its “logic” —its unstated rules about what the choices are, and they’re usually binary, contradictory — grabs you and tries to force you to choose “one or the other” course and act on that choice. This sounds easy. It’s very difficult. Difficult to catch yourself in the momentum of the rush of an idea that near-simultaneously triggers a feeling that moves you into action. Difficult to slow down enough to feel your way into the interstices of the flashing moment.

As for those so-called binary choices: please realize — it’s NEVER one or the other. Never! Get that. It’s always this, this still point, the point within which you can center yourself, and the center of which opens into spaciousness, where anything is possible, anything! From the linear line that features two poles at opposite ends, we graduate to recognizing any point on a line as it blooms into space. For a point itself, has no dimension! So that when we look at any single point close to, it opens! We fall through into the void. Into presence. Possibility. Magic and miracle.

The result? Every single point — of perception, of awareness —is itself an edge, a multidimensional edge, where we teeter into the unbounded, bountiful spaciousness of whatever happens next. Whatever happens next as we breathe our way through the present moment, paying attention to the edge of our breath as it flows in and out, opening, closing, living, dying, expanding, contracting. There is no end to the edge. The edge, from any point of view, is there, here, like your life.

Admittedly, this little rant on “the edge” is epistemological. In permacultural terms, it might be called a riff on “Zone Zero Zero.” Here’s a more prosaic “permacultural” contemplation of “edge.”

Why Is the Edge So Damned Important?


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Some possible ramifications of the longest ever USG “shutdown”: Trump’s “trap”? (What about the SES?) — and more

I notice that the remarkable anonymous message about the benefits of the USG shutdown that I included in yesterday’s post

I’m a senior Trump Official, and I hope a long shutdown smokes out the resistance

— has not only gone viral on twitter, but was included, sometimes word for word, in yesterday’s videos from alternative commentators I pay attention to, including X22 Report, Praying Medic, and Truth and Art TV.

Not having ever worked in a bureaucracy myself, but having friends who have, or who do, it’s been clear to me for a long time that plenty of workers wile away their “time” there on screen, surfing or searching the internet for their own purposes, all the while pretending to be “working.”

That article briefly touched on a subject that is now being fleshed in:

Trump’s Shutdown Trap!

Yep. Three days to go — until the shutdown has been in force for 30 days, legally sanctioning “Reduction in Force” —  and counting.

No wonder I’m noticing the DJT chesire cat grin more these days.

My question, can SES (Senior Executive Service) members also be “furloughed”? I seem to remember aim4truth talked about this at length (a few months ago?), saying that not only can they not be fired, but that they are shuffled around to head up lots of departments and agencies without necessarily having the required expertise, that they much higher salaries than the usual gov employee, and that they retire at the same high pay scale. I just briefly skimmed through a pdf on the SES, and notice that they can be fired for poor performance, though, of course, it’s a “process.” (See first article, above.)

Basics of Federal Government’s Senior Executive Service

One glaring question: who chooses the SES people in the first place?

So much begins to happen when we begin to zero in on what we used to take for granted! Think about it, how we intensely creative humans first imagine, and then materialize, like magic! — both  visible and invisible structures (Saturn/Pluto again). Some of these structures then grow to enormous weight and power without our hardly noticing it. Such structures, once they’re up and running, feel inevitable, eternal, much like day following night, spring following winter, death following birth, sunflowers turning to follow the sun. But they’re not! Our human-constructed structures, which, by their very nature, tend to grow bigger and more unwieldy over time, don’t obey nature’s primal law of death and rebirth — until they do! All of a sudden we notice their slow-motion decay; all of a sudden all our efforts to shore them up fail. All of a sudden what seemed immutable, crumbles and falls. And not necessarily because somebody “caused” it (like the three World Trade Center buildings of 9/11), but because, yep, let’s face it, entropy rules, at least at this level, within any artificially closed framework that we tend to identify with.





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Are we really ready for 2019? For the approach of Saturn to Pluto in Capricorn?

Saturn, now sitting at 13° Capricorn, only seven degrees from Pluto at 21° Capricorn, is gradually shoving our collective face in our collective deep shit over and over, deeper and deeper, as this revelatory year wears on. Or should I say marches on? It’s only mid-January, and I’m already exhausted! And yet it just keeps going! All I can do is just put one foot in front of the other, step by step, attempting at each moment to be both true to my own nature and remember that, at a very basic level, “Everybody’s doing the very best they can.”

Most of us are faced with confusing (Jupiter just now separating from an exact square to Neptune) and, seemiingly intractable (Saturn, Pluto) difficulties involving some fateful intersection of one’s own (Saturn) plans and goals with some version of a bloated institutional (Saturn/Pluto) structure. And those who work in such institutions are also trying to do the very best they can — again, either for selfish or selfless reasons. See this unusually frank, and I have no doubt authentic, report on what the federal government shut-down feels like from the inside, by one selfless insider who chooses to remain anonymous. This report went viral on twitter yesterday:

I’m a senior Trump official, and I hope a long shutdown smokes out the resistance

Yes, I have to keep on remembering: everybody is just a very, indeed, all-too-human being, trying his or her very best — to either get his or her own way (if desperate, or numb), or, more rarely, to blend lovingly with the environment without being either thrown off track or swallowed whole. It’s not easy. It’s difficult. It’s supposed to be difficult. Anyone with planets in the cardinal signs of initiation — Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn — is engaged in this Saturn/Pluto struggle, whether or not you know it.

Once again, let me remind you that Saturn will finally conjunct Pluto for the first time in 37 years, next January 2020 at 23° Capricorn. This conjunction in turn will sit only two degrees from the original natal Pluto of the U.S.A., at 25°. This year and next especially, the Deep State will either begin to be authentically dismantled, decentralized, or to clamp down into H W Bush’s long planned “New World Order,” a centralized global state that has us deplorables either dead, or microchipped and even further enslaved.

Here’s one way of parsing the Deep State Background, thanks to reader Sue M.

Political Succession and “The Bush-Clinton Nexus”: Permanent Criminal State. The Legacy of George Herbert Walker Bush

And here’s a worthy compilation of the larger bad stuff context of Deep State Background, by James Gilliland of ECETI, via reader Laura B:

Visions, Warnings for California, Ground Crew It’s Time

Oh, and in case you still beLIEve in western medicine, aside from the programming doctors receive in pharmaceutical poisoning, check this out, from

Thousands of Doctors Sexually Abuse Patients Across the U.S. 

Aha, through all the tribulations, let us remember, re-member, let us put ourselves back together again as citizens of Earth.

“Earth” anagram: HEART!  Why didn’t I know that before?



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Editorial on NYT’s imperial blowback to Trump’s peace-mongering

Well said, Stephen F. Cohen. Thank you.

More and more, the MSM shows its hand as propaganda “fake news” mouthpiece of the Deep State that feeds on endless war.

What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals


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Catherine Austin Fitts: “Follow the money!” BUT: NOW WE CAN’T!

This is not good news! Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts advocates de-centralization, and what we seem to be witnessing here is not only increasing centralization, but government bleeding profusely into private interests, i.e., corporations, and now, with no accountability, and even, no record!  At about minute 6: “What is important is how the legal structure  [of the USG] is being re-engineered. What we’re watching with FASB 56 (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board is a private group that advises the government) is a coup, a legal coup. We’ve created a mechanism for them to control entirely in secret, even from the U.S. President. . . So the federal government and all the agencies are now permitted to keep secret books. . . ”

At 11:19 min: We have just used an obscure accounting policy to officially change the governance structure of the United States Government to FASCISM.  The. U.S. Gov has now become a marketing shell.” 

“You now have a back door into the U.S. Treasury” for private corporations. . .”

PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE 44 minutes. Very worthwhile.

BTW: She’s very sympathetic to both Trump’s plight, as the most maligned president in history, and his remarkable successful efforts, even so,  to “re-shore” American money.

Meanwhile, here’s a Fitts pointer to decentralization of money:

Book Review: Follow the Money: A Citizen’s Guide to Local Government

I wonder how Fitts would respond to this, and how this figures with FASB 65:

The HR 25 Bill will abolish income tax if Congress approves it.



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Alt-Epistemology: why we need it now!

Standard scientific methodology looks at the left brain as a two-way street:

From the bottom up, that is, starting with “bits and pieces” of sensation (gathered from the five outer senses, and especially, in this culture, eyes and ears), which, by one or another untested, unjustified, unprovable version of slight-of-hand, generates, translates into, “facts,” i.e., linguistic “points” to be trusted as ‘TRUE.” These facts are then treated as bricks, placed next to one another and above one another in layers (called “connecting the dots”) for an indeterminate period of time and space. This generates a “narrative” which then arrives, sooner or later at an unproved, and unprovable, because resting on air, assumption, axiom, principle, dogma; this more or less “highest” abstraction is treated as so “TRUE” that it’s both immutable and eternal, existent before any facts used to buttress it, or demonstrate it, or justify it. Once one bumps into the assumptions, then, one can turn around and connect the dots again, this time through rules of “logic,” using them as pipes through which “truths” wind down and back to the sensation that started the whole process.

In other words, the left brain is a machine that moves “data” from one place to another, from bottom to top and top to bottom, according, on the way up, to “levels of abstraction,” and on the way down, to “rules of logic.”

So let’s take a look at what lies outside this machine, in other words, everything else! Both  sensation, at the bottom, and abstract assumptions at the top, are — usually ignorantly, unthinkingly, following a “program,” but sometimes knowingly, by design, in order to “weaponize” — posited as somehow “justified” points that are magically? plucked from the infinite mystery of space.

In other words, at both ends of the teensy-weensy human thinking process, is the all and everything!

Which is why we need Alt-Epistemology as a counter to the western scientific epistemology that still dominates. Which brings me to three posts that are more or less interesting because of how they confound, or get mixed up in, try to guard against, or just plain get confused by western epistemology that by this time has generated “conspiracies” in the place of “theories” and divides us into millions of “points of view,” each one seeing and hearing reality (“siloed”) in a way that has value to the person who “holds” that point of view.

No two points of view are the same! Get that? Nobody sees the world, in your particular way, while standing in your shoes and carrying your inevitably skewed burden of memory that consciously or unconsciously colors everything you see, think and say. No one! You are unique! I am unique!

Except: at the bottom, and at the top, where we all participate in mystery. Below facts: mystery; above theories, mystery. There is no closed system in nature. Not even the one each of us tries so hard to hold on to. Not even mine. Not even yours. Let go of so-called certain “beLIEfs.” Please. Before we all kill each other off in the name of someone’s abstract, “weaponized” GOD.

Conspiracy Theories and the Media: A Look at the consequences that conspiracy theories have in the real world

A New Narrative Control Firm Works To Destroy Alternative Media

This third article comes closest to an alt-epistemological understanding.

Witch Hunt or Mole Hunt: Times Bombshell Blows Up All Theories


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Green Acres Village News: Slow start to 2019

Yesterday morning, about 11 A.M, looking towards the main garden. Finally! Real WINTER!


I heard that they held a Winter Solstice party here, at DeKist 2, and that it was fun. Last year’s podmate John Urban was in town for a few days, a short respite from his highly engaging New York City experience. Annie Hawk hosted; she was going to do it at her house, but that’s way out in the country, and this is much more convenient. Not sure how many were there. Most of us are still in hibernation mode, so hardly even talk with each other — both because of family visits over the Christmas, and/or despite those visits. I went the farthest, to Massachusetts, and was gone the longest, and it took me longer than usual to bring my full self back here. Still re-entering!

Meanwhile, Rebecca decided over a month ago that she need a big break from this place, and especially, from winter cold, and so will be leaving in a few days for Las Vegas, with her two dogs and one cat, for over two months, until early April. She will be a Lyft driver out there, like she is part-time here. Has already located a place that will host all four of them.

This means that we’ve had to get our act together regarding the early planting of seeds. Solan and Josh have stepped up to the plate, and will direct our common efforts, keeping track of all the stuff that Rebecca keeps track of at this time of the year. Luckily, Solan has had one full year under Rebecca’s tutelage already, and is confident that he and Josh can do it.

Meanwhile, we’ve decided to let everybody know just how many tasks that usually get done by only one or two people could be dividied up among all of us. New podmate Alex made a white board, with the tasks on them, and during our podmeeting last Sunday night we all signed up!

Meanwhile, we’re discussing increasing our “required” weekly Urban Farm labor from two hours to four or five hours. No decisions made. Also, a number of podmates would like to have their own garden beds this year, which is a big change. Okay! I will take care of the Garden Towers, since I’ve been doing that anyway (in a sort of half-assed fashion, however).

Along with that, Solan doesn’t want to direct the CSA this year, and since nobody else stepped up to the plate, this will not happen in 2019. And, to make enough money to support the farm’s ongoing supply needs, we are encouraging each other to make value-added foods (tinctures, ferments, etc.) to offer at our Dinners for donations to the farm.

What will we do with surplus? Still to be decided. Perhaps Bloomington food pantries.

Lots of other decisions that need to be made, as clearly, things are changing, and in ways we don’t yet understand. BTW: we are once again “full” at this point, with three houses, nine bedrooms and nine people. Demographics are interesting: one elder in her mid-70s (me), one elder in her mid-60s (Rebecca) one proto-elder in her 50s (Gabrielle), all female, each heading up one of the three households. Then, six young people, two in each house, all between 20 and 31, and all decidedly wonderful young men! Who woulda thunk it? As Dan said, when he moved in here, two years ago (this was before we added the third house), he was the only male with five females!

After a Christmas hiatus, we decided to start up Community Dinners again for 2019. This past Thursday’s meal featured lots of warming food and 15 folks, including four dogs, one of them Roberto’s Sola, a big doodle, and very well behaved.


Oh yes, and one more item of note. Josh and I decided to do an experiment, to see if seeds would sprout and flourish in the dead of winter. Started at the end of November, twice daily aspraying, babying the seeds, then watering the sprouts, making sure they were warm enough night and day, on and on, for weeks! Then, just as Rebecca foretold, the sprouts “really didn’t do anything” until after the Sun turned to go back north on Solstice. I mean they had sprouted, or some of them had, but were long stemmed, desperate for more sun. The two of us finally planted one Garden Tower with what actually did sprout (about 50 out of 250), and graced the top of the tower with one of the orgonite plucks reader Tony gifted us with late last summer.

So, did the experiment work? No, not really. Or kinda, just barely. But we might try it again next winter, with adjustments.

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Re: Syria “withdrawal”: SO WHO’S THE BOSS? — and widening context


Image: Pinterest

Once I begin to look up from the latest distraction, the ongoing Border/Shut Down Drama, my peripheral vision picks up on a very interesting development, re: Trump’s decision to  pull back troops in Syria and the mideast. Turns out not just politicos and leftist MSM hate the idea. So does the supposed “national security advisor” Mr. Mustache himself, ultra neo-con John Bolton! But of course, he would; and of course the dispute is eagerly fueled by the about-to-be-divorced Bezos-owned Washington Post:

Bolton Promises No Troop Withdrawal from Syria until Isis destroyed, Kurds safety guaranteed

Yeah! Not so fast, Trump!

Defense Policy and Military Affairs: When reality doesn’t fit the model the Blob strikes back

The “Blob.” That’s a good one, much better than Deep State, me thinks.

Meanwhile, oops! LOVE this zerohedge headline:

“We don’t take orders from Bolton:” US Withdrawal from Syria Begins

But then, in the forever hegemonic, “American Dream” scheme of things, this withdrawal — full or partial, fast or slow — might prove to be just a skirmish, leaving the deeply-in-debt, bloated, bureaucratic Blob intact. At least the immensely cynical Dmitri Orlov would probably say so. But consider: In the below article he disses the U.S. military for not having won any of its many wars since World War II. Does Orlov not yet realize that winning wars is not the point? That in fact the longer they drag on the better, since both sides of any war are fueled by central banksters in alignment with weapons manufacturers whose lobbyists bribe Washington D.C. politicos? In other words, in this arena, I’m even more cynical than Orlov! P.S. Orlov says that Erdogan wouldn’t even talk to Bolton when he went to Ankara a few days ago. Instead, Erdogan “appeared before his own palace parliament and said Bolton is trying some sort of palace coup against Trump.”

Hmmm. What’s the timing here. Was that info what inspired the long phone call between Erdogan and Trump, which resulted in Trump scaling back the timing of the withdrawal?

Just checked. No. The Erodogan/Trump phone call was way back in late December.

Even so, this latest broouhaha makes me wonder: was Trump, in picking Bolton for the job he’s in, playing what many, including myself, see as his usual 4D chess? Drawing this intransigent war-monger out to let everybody know who he really is? Is Trump using this kind of strategy to draw a clear distinction between his own peace-making goals and those of the constant-war-making Blob? Let’s see if Trump now fires Bolton. Or if not, why not? In that case, either he’s still useful in a 4D sense, or I and many others are dead wrong.

Thanks to reader Sue M, sent to Orlov’s Patreon supporters.

Dmitri Orlov: Is The US Still A Superpower?

Some believe that the USA is a superpower. They cite GPD figures, military spending, the ability to coerce various US vassals to accede to US/Israeli demands at the United Nations. They also point to its ability to force other nations to abide by its unilateral sanctions even though they are ineffective at best, generally counterproductive and tend to hurt US allies. Are these not the hallmarks or true superpowerdom?

Let us see… If the US were a superhero endowed with various superpowers, what would they be?

The superpower to cook books with impunity would definitely be on the list. If you subtract the increase in debt from the increase in GDP, so far this century the US economy has been shrinking, not growing. A whole host of other statistics—unemployment, inflation, shale oil reserves—have been faked too. This superpower is super-broke but has the super-ability to hide this fact from most of its own citizens for the time being by blasting a powerful stream of mass media disinformation at them 365/24/7 so that only the cleverest of them have any clue.

This superhero also has the superpower to squander staggeringly huge sums of money on its military and yet remain incapable in prevailing (in terms of winning a long-term peace on its own terms and to its own advantage) in any conflict since World War II—except for its invasion of the tiny island of Grenada and a few other similarly minor skirmishes. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are all failures of one sort or another. The ability to steal trillions of dollars without going to jail for it definitely requires a superpower of some sort.

Captain America’s final superpower is his uncannily effective political stooge-management. In the aftermath of World War II it managed to strip a long list of nations of their sovereignty and is yet to give it back. Germany, France, Britain and Italy are on that list, along with Japan and South Korea. Captain America jealously guards its power to abuse and humiliate these vassals. The only people who are allowed to lead these nations are the ones on whom Captain America has collected enough compromising evidence to force them to resign because of a sex scandal or a financial scandal the moment they try to oppose his will.

Now, the thing is, each of these superpowers carries within it is own load of kryptonite.

  • The ability to go endlessly into debt by forcing productive nations around the world to export products to you in exchange for money you print, then borrowing that money back from them at low interest rates is quite a trick, but the end game is still the same—national bankruptcy.
  • Squandering trillions on “defense” (from whom?) and stealing most of that money without anyone going to jail is an amazing bit of sleight of hand, but in the end you end up with a load of useless military hardware while upstarts like Russia and China run circles around it and humiliate you at their leisure.
  • The ability to stage-manage your international stooges into doing your bidding against their will or the best interests of their constituents is most impressive, but once those constituents have had enough (as the Jillettes Jaunes in France apparently have)… then what?

Sometimes current events provide a most instructive tableau vivant. Witness John Bolton’s, Trump’s national security advisor’s, recent trip to Ankara. Trump recently announced that US troops are pulling out of Syria. Putting a good face on a bad game, Trump said that this is because “mission accomplished”—the usual ruse—because ISIS has been destroyed. Yes, ISIS has been destroyed, by Syrian and Russian forces, using up over 50 container ship loads of weapons and supplies in a three-year of effort. And who, pray tell, armed, equipped and resupplied ISIS to such an extent that it took all that work to destroy it? Do you for a moment believe that ISIS purchased anything like 50 container ship loads of military stuff at a bazaar in Baghdad or Aleppo? In Vietnam, it was “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” In Syria, it was “We had to create a terrorist threat in order to destroy it”—or not and say we did.

Back to Bolton: he flew to Turkey to tell Erdoğan that he had to guarantee the safety of US allies in Syria (some terrorists, some not). This was a truly preposterous thing for Bolton to attempt: a military retreat is by definition unconditional. Bolton is no Kissenger. He was a nasty piece of work but he had near perfect situational awareness while Bolton is the Mr. Magoo of geopolitics. He could have just as well acted out some bit of nonsense—“I am a little teapot short and stout…” or “Milk-milk-lemonade…”

Erdoğan wouldn’t even talk to Bolton; instead, he appeared before his own parliament and said that Bolton is trying some sort of palace coup against Trump. And then Turkey’s foreign minister said that the US troop withdrawal from Syria will need to be coordinated with Russia and Iran. (Turkey, Russia and Iran are due to meet in Moscow, to decide on the future of Syria.) Is this what “US victory over ISIS” smells like? Don’t sniff too hard, Bolton, or you’ll singe your mustache!

Anyway, decide for yourself, but to my mind the US is not just a superpower but always was and always will be. In fact, it is not just a superpower, but a super-duper-pooper-power! Is that the smell of napalm, or just John Bolton’s mustache on fire?


AK again: Just in case you haven’t seen it lately, remember General Smedley Butler’s famous video which needs to go viral over and over again until U.S. citizens don our own yellow vests in revolt. WAR IS A RACKET! NO MORE WAR!


Patreon trademark


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