Current American Madness: Hey, and “I’m gonna sell it to TMZ”

One angry person confronts a politician in a restaurant, and is almost immediately himself confronted by a group of other diners who don’t want him to be nasty. At least the odds are still in favor of human decency. But for how long?

BTW: notice the title of this piece. It says  “Diners confront
. . .” Looked to me like only one diner, which is what I base my conclusion on.

The “I’m going to sell it to TMZ,” pronounced loudly, twice, is icing on the cake. Above “One vs Many,” indeed above all dueling polarities, is the ever present spell of “money” to be “made” from no matter what. Doesn’t matter. Atrocity? Destruction? Confrontation? All such bad news is grist for the grinding emotional mill that has most humans caught in its web, either denying their own complicity, or longing to act it out, or unconsciously(?) projecting it, like a poisonous spray, into the murky, turgid, roiling atmosphere in which we all, at this point in his-story, live and move and have our being.

WATCH: Diners confront Mitch McConnell at restaurant, get told to ‘leave him alone’ by others

Hmmm. . . What did TMZ pay for the video?

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Are all “evil” people psychopaths?

Young female friend to me, this morning: “I’m trying to figure out if the people who act in evil ways are conscious of what they are doing, or if they are just wounded and unconsciously acting out.”

Me: “Yes. In other words, are some of them psychopaths?”

She seemed grateful that I would put it so baldly. And here’s my response: I do think most “evil” people are acting out, in an unconscious manner, unhealed wounds from long ago, and of which they are either unaware, or unable to “process” enough to neutralize the continuing painful charge. And: I do think there exist some who are truly psychopathic, that way from birth, betrayed by the fact that, from childhood on, they lacked the capacity to feel empathy for another. How many? Very very few. An extremely tiny percentage. Unfortunately, these do seem to be the ones who rise to the tops of all the societal pyramids.

Another category is one that we have all flirted with at some point in our lives: those who don’t pay close enough attention to their own inner soul promptings of guilt and dread as their behavior and ethical standards begin to erode in the direction of corruption, and then as time goes on, devolve more and more, ultimately blunting their natural feelings for others to the point where their behavior and attitude is indistinguishable from psychopathic.

For each of us, it’s important that we stay awake to situations wherein we are tempted to not measure up to our own standards. Especially when in crowds. The opposite of empathy for others is being taken over by mob psychology, so that, for example, like Antifa, we claim that we can justify violence. Pursued over time, the tiniest ethical fault line can crack any of us into two people, so that we become two-faced: one who pursues evil deeds, and the other who pretends he or she does not.

On the other hand, there are such things as, for example, “white lies,” where we want to save face for the other. This is more a case of empathy than its lack, and so decidedly not psychopathic!

For how corruption can gradually seep in and take us over, see Ronald Bernard, his videos on the global financial system (and its hidden ties to satanic child sacrifice), his long term ascent within its pyramidal structure, and the startling moment of truth that turned him  into a whistleblower.

Financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard, whose conscience woke up and refused to allow him to complete his training as a psychopath

Ronald Bernard testifies again. Hard to swallow; hard to fathom; immensely courageous and compassionate.

My long term question: Is Hillary Clinton a psychopath? Frankly, I tend to think so. Why do I say this? It’s not just Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, Haiti, private email server, Uranium One, or the trail of bodies. No. Read Kathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America.


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Is Vladimir Putin Evil?

If so, what are we to make of his recent remarks at Valdai? If not, what are we to make of these same remarks? Everything depends on context. Everything.

P.S. I tend to feel that Putin and Trump have both been thrust by historical forces into the role of “strong man” at the helm of a failing state, and charged with reconfiguring the long planned, seemingly inevitable push towards a centrally controlled New World Order, i.e., globalism, by insisting on, and building upon, the sovereignty of the two nation states of which they are the elected heads. Since neither of them is going along with the globalist plan, and since Trump, especially, is still surrounded by people he cannot trust, and wading his way through massive corruption at all levels, these two occupy different points in their own trajectories. Putin, after 18 years, has cemented his position; Trump, not even two years into his first term, is still finding his way, and surrounded by people with radically different world views either yanking his ear for attention or surreptitiously going against his instincts.

Trump’s selection of arch-neoconservative John Bolton as National Security Advisor, makes me shudder. Is this just a case of “keep your enemies closer”? Bolton was  associated with the supremely arrogant 1997 Project for the New American Century, which in turn was the thrust behind the U.S. plan, famously discovered and broadcast in 2007 by General Wesley Clark, to “take out seven countries in five years.”

Bolton will be in Moscow October 22-23 where he will meet with Putin. What will be the outcome there?

Is Vladimir Putin Evil? The Corruption Thing


Put Lays Down the Law at Valdai


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Neon Revolt’s determined digging into Hollywood’s “Black List” uproots complex nested web of globalist tendrils

Do you work for the government or other bloated bureaucracy 40 or so hours per week and so therefore can always appear to be “working” but actually have lots of time  to pursue leads on the internet? (I’ve noticed that visitors to this site are up during weekday hours, compared to nights and weekends, which is why I think people are reading the site at work!)

If so, you might appreciate the excavation of this amazing neon revolt rabbit hole from which he truly does appear to have coaxed, and then popped, into high relief, a massive leftist political/economic/globalist gestalt agenda rooted in what might seem, without neon revolt’s persistent, utterly determined digging, to be merely a cultural artifact, Hollywood’s Black List, an annual pdf of the “best” screenplays from which “directors” choose “which movies (and which Netflix series) to “make,” i.e., which blinkers with which to mind control the gullible public. (Is the public still gullible? I, for one, let go of Netflix six months ago). And the kingpin? One “Franklin Leonard,” whom I have never, ever heard of.

Soros’ Hollywood Rentboy – Exposed by #BlacklistAnon! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

And BTW: if you are reading this site while “at work,” why not spend your time like neon revolt and Corey Lynn do, DIGGING? They are both utterly inspiring. Grateful.

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3D Epistemology: Corey Digs Deep into Discernment, plus: what is “astroturf”?

Avoiding the Cognitive Dissonance Mudslide

She begins:

The opposition attacks, in-fighting, and shills have increased exponentially over the last couple of months, creating disconcerting levels of cognitive dissonance across the board. There is good reason for this. Truth is rising to the surface at rapid pace, and disinformation and misinformation is being launched from all sides in order to control it, manipulate it, and in some cases, put a lid on it. The goal is to create enough doubt, that fear and rage become the driving force, to distract, destroy and divide, so that confusion becomes the new normal. Cognitive dissonance has set in stronger than ever before, and people from all walks of life are caught up in it. How does one ride this wave and maintain clarity, focus, and discernment?

(I bolded that one crucial sentence. A.K.)


By this time most of us are aware of the so-called 4 AM drops to the MSM.  This video demonstrates that apparent fact in an unusually clever way. The entire video is worth watching. For “astroturf,” hint: it’s fake “grassroots.” Via Les Walgreen on fb.

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WHAT I’M READING NOW: Choosing to Die, by Phyllis Shacter

At Crones Counsel 26 in Bellingham Washington, I attended a presentation by Phyllis Shacter in which she detailed her journey with her husband up to and through his decision to let go of life via VSED: Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking. Her presentation of the psychological, spiritual and practical exigencies that they both faced during his drawn-out process left me riveted; at last a person who is speaking about this important idea, and not just speaking about it, but gifting us with her journey with her husband, as he faced degenerative Alzheimer’s disease and chose, while still capable of choosing, to die consciously, and in full awareness, via this legal method rather than endure possibly years and years of diminishing functionality and increasing burden on others. For her part in this initially agonizing, but increasingly determined and even calming choice, Phyllis decided to treat the entire process of her beloved husband’s dying as sacred ritual, constructing an altar with candles and mementos of his life to be present for the entire nine and one half days that it took for his body to let go.

All the while I was listening to Phyllis speak, I could not help but be reminded of a dear friend of mine who is currently undergoing the slow deterioration of what was diagnosed as Parkinson’s Disease in 2012, and has led to an increasing barrage of medications while reducing her tremulous body, to — what is it now, 93 pounds? (She’s my size, 5’4″.) Plus,  though her mind still seems to work perfectly well, and her heart is more open than ever, her speech is increasingly slurred, so that at this point only about 10% of what she says makes the kind of sense that the rest of us rely on to communicate with others.

I have been visiting with her on a near weekly basis for at least two years now; except for relatives, I am the only person in her life who still keeps in regular touch. I think it’s just too hard for most people to witness her slow deterioration without fearing that the same might happen to them.

I’ve long felt that the shadow of our culture lies in its collective grief. Grief, first of all, for the genocide of Native Americans; and over the 243 years this country has been in existence, for the near continuous murderous wars we have inflicted upon the rest of the world.

For each individual who lives here, grief is also a personal shadow. Who among us is willing to undergo the unpredictable, sometimes frightening process of actually allowing while witnessing the deep emotionality of our own grief over the loss of a loved one? Deeper: who of us is willing to consciously die when our time comes? Who among us is willing to forego the “heroic” medical interventions that are inflicted upon “patients” when they near the end of life in order to keep them “alive” as long as possible?

Fear of death is the fear that underlies all others. And to keep it at bay, we project this rumbling underground fear upon others — and kill them! through wars, or through slow agonizing death via the medical system that, while it does include many caring individuals, also trains its practitioners to “save life” at all costs, rather than to compassionately allow, even assist, people to die on their own terms.

BTW: as Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) begin to enter the final stretch of their long lives, even those who have kept their bodies “in shape” will begin to recognize that they can actually make a personal decision as to how they want to die. And since the post-World War II Boomers are the largest demographic alive, as VSED becomes more of a recognized choice, so may our society, and we as individuals, begin to consciously address the largely hidden phenomena of both grief and fear of death; hopefully, we will thus begin the process of integrating this lurking shadow that has for so long wreaked continuous destruction upon the entire world.

Read Phyllis’s book: Choosing to Die: A Personal Story

Her website:

Meanwhile, here is an excerpt from a TedX talk that she gave only seven months after her beloved husband left this plane on his own terms and with her full support.

And here’s a 2016 NYT article on the subject that ranges widely, including possible pitfalls, and societal strictures.

The VSED Exit: A Way to Speed Up Dying Without Asking Permission






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William Engdahl: Global Warming “is generated by fake science and doctored data . . .

. . . by a tight-knit group of climate scientists internationally that have so polarized scientific discourse that they label fellow scientists who try to argue as not mere global warming skeptics, but rather as “Climate Change deniers.” What does that bit of neuro-linguistic programming suggest? Holocaust deniers? Talk about how to kill legitimate scientific debate, the essence of true science. Recently the head of the UN IPCC proclaimed, ‘The debate over the science of climate change is well and truly over.’

“What the UN panel chose to ignore was the fact the debate was anything but ‘over.’ The Global Warming Petition Project, signed by over 31,000 American scientists states:



So very grateful that William Engdahl has now weighed in on the global warming propaganda. Not that the earth is not warming; it may well be, this year, or over the past few years, or decades; it’s also cooling, once in a while, or for a long time. Let’s face it, our Mother Earth breathes, pulses, shifts, according to her own mysterious rhythms,  not just seasonally —

— but in myriads of ways that we cannot ever hope to fully comprehend.

On the other hand, of course humans are polluting the Earth, often without remorse, or even noticing. And I’m happy to say that the recognition that actions have consequences does seem to be a new idea, as regards the large biological nest within which we are all settled and nourished. Certainly, when I was a kid, back in the ’50s, this thought, regarding the environment, had not yet arisen in the collective.

But: as Engdahl says, when central bankers get hold of an idea, and run with it, we are all in trouble.

At the root of the problem, it seems to me, is scientism, our latest religion, its dogmatic assumption that we humans can actually know, even Prove, that what we think is true, via projections, maps, algorithms, and whatever else we conjure up to justify our “position” in regards to an ever-renewing, ever-changing planet in its relationship to the entire solar system and beyond.

No number of “variables” can be identified as complete and exhaustive, when setting up our maps designed to simulate “reality” so thoroughly that, if “accurate,” a map would be indistinguishable from the territory it pretends to cover! Let’s face it: Nature always has tricks up her sleeve; a tiny bug somewhere burrowed deep into the soil might be “responsible” for cloud formations elsewhere. Who knows? I’m sure scientists could “figure out” (invent) some kind of causal chain, using “empirical data” that would lead us from one to the other and then, whoopee, “proof”! Proof? Ha. Proof is but another left-brain linguistic form designed to capture the ever-changing currents that swirl in and through air and water and soil and psyche.

The Dark Story Behind ‘Man Made Global Warming:’ Those Who Created It and Why

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West Coast road trip, Days 4-5, Part 1: Social Forestry, Turtle progress.

Note: I’m in the midst of collecting all the West Coast Road Trip 2018 posts to put as their own page under the head of TRAVELS, and just noticed that I did not actually publish this draft with the others. So here you go!

The presenter is slightly right of center, his legs crossed and hand up.

I happened to be strolling into my final morning at the Convergence when I happened upon a very crowded outdoor workshop.

Though this was my first introduction to the presenter — and his theme, what he calls “Social Forestry.” I did find out his name, Tom Ward Hazel, and, I must say, this is one consummate Elder. And knows it. And feels enormous pressure to impart what he has to give. At one point in his talk, he says, as a sudden aside, “Can you imagine how much knowledge I’ve got stored in my 70-plus years that has to be shared with the new culture?” The young ones were all ears. So was another elder, Starhawk, in the audience. And so was I. Utterly entranced by his amazing stories. Though I came late, and left early (this one was 3 hours long), on my way out of the Convergence I saw him still in there, talking to one of the young ones. Here’s a podcast that might cover some of what he was talking about, and of course, is highly relevant to all who attempt to live in parched western lands.

Tom Ward Hazel Interview: Permaculture Perspectives on Wildfire

What I especially picked up on from Tom was how intensely complicated everything is, and how interesting those complications! Here’s an example:

At one point he talked about how original nomadic peoples work with the forest. Say they want to move camp from one season to another.

First, they send out the Rangers. They are scouts, get the big view of what lays ahead, report back to the Council, usually the Women’s Council, but not always.

Then they send out the Herbs, Seeds and Roots Guild, who pick and stash or carry back what is easily available and would be harmed when further guilds come through.

Then the Bodgers Guild. These people do the first pruning, identify special pieces of wood for furniture, tools, etc, and reduce the fuel load.

Next the Soyers (sp?) Guild. Do some thinning, felling some trees, not others, and NOT the legacy trees. They lay out a trail system that will also be a fire break, after having connected with the Rangers, who have advice for them. They also make sure animal trails are not disturbed.

Finally, the Charcoliers Guild, who gather wood for a fire from which they make and charge charcoal to fertilize the soil.

All this before the people move from one camp to another! You get an idea of the complexity of how native peoples care for their forests?

One other little tip here, which really helps me: “The tips of branches, bark, leaves and seeds, these are the “ramial” tissues, nutrient rich. The wood itself is all sugar.”

I then went for my final stroll through the Convergence, to check on the progress of the Turtle. Mostly filled in!

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