Ex-Pharma Rep Whistleblower Speaks Truth to Power

After John Kennedy was assassinated and overnight the world turned upside down, I was not even 21 years old and pregnant with my first child. No wonder then that a few years later, while in graduate school, I was primed for C. Wright Mills 1956 classic, The Power Elite, devouring that book and other “heretical” texts throughout the mid to late ’60s. So, you might say that for most of my long long life I have been anything but naive as to the enormous discrepancy between appearances and realities. Nevertheless, it took the combination of Naomi’s Klein’s Shock Doctrine and John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hitman to awaken me fully to how predatory capitalism is intertwined with the military/industrial complex.

Despite that my original idealism had been corrupted into cynicism,  the first time I came across the evil astonishment of pedophilia and child murder among high-ranking, well known politicians, thanks to Kathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America, I couldn’t believe it. Simply couldn’t believe it. Nor could I forget it. Even so, it took me years to absorb the ghastly implications of O’Brien’s autobiographical story — detailing how the human mind, via MK Ultra trauma-based conditioning, can be controlled, split, turned into multiple personalities which function, on demand, as manchurian candidates.

I have now been alerted to an extremely important Big Pharma whistleblower.

Unlike the first two types of whistleblowing, the truth about how the Medical/Pharmaceutical Complex has controlled our minds and bodies has been with me for decades. I stay away from allopathic doctors, and the very idea of taking a pharmaceutical drug for any purpose whatsoever is anathema to me. However, this is the first time I have come across Gwen Olsen, author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher, and thank galacticconnection.com for the original reference. Though her story has been “out there” for nine years, and her book since 2010, perhaps it will now reach a greater audience.

Hey, all you sheeple who still stand in line at CVS for your prescription drugs, how about turning instead to dietary, exercise, and other lifestyle changes? How about taking charge of your own body, your own mind? Your own destiny?

Olsen’s story hits close to home here in Bloomington, due to her telling us that what finally pushed her to get out was the tragic story of her niece, who had attended Indiana University until an accident derailed her, pushed her into pharmaceutical pain medication, which led to a “mental illness” diagnosis, drug interactions, depression, and eventual suicide.

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Want to start a wonderful initiative in YOUR town? How about a Library of Things?

Bloomington has a toolshare, the Glenn Carter Memorial Tool Share, and of course, like most communities, we have a beautiful public library. (Have you ever stopped to feel your intense gratitude for this magnificent commons that still thrives in our midst?) Now how about expanding the Tool Share into a Library of Things? It would help us let go of needing to buy stuff as an unconscious, but ersatz way of satisfying the primal need to hunt and gather. And hey! How about satisfying that ancient instinct in a real way, by planting edibles in public areas for eventual harvest and gleaning?

Of course our Green Acres Village shares garden and other tools with neighbors and friends. But until everybody feels more comfortable asking neighbors to borrow something — which entails getting to know your neighbor rather than ignoring him or her! — a community-wide Library of Things, especially, I’d say, one that specializes in expensive, hard to store, and seldom used stuff, would be a great boon for everyone. Thanks to reader Rose, for this story.

Can A Library of Things Solve Our “Peak Stuff” Problem? 


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“Stacking Functions” Department: Rabbits over Worms

I received a phone call yesterday morning from a woman in Panama who wanted to know if I knew of a good permaculture design for rabbits over worms.

I was surprised. Did she really think I personally would be able to guide her more than say, a google search? Maybe because I do this blog, and it’s called “exopermaculture,” she assumes I know a lot about permaculture as far as it applies to the land and structures on it. Well, I don’t! Instead, I make sure I align with people who do!

But her question did make me stop and think. My “specialty” seems to be more the willingness to experiment with working the “edge” (a favorite permaculture term) between farming/gardening and interpersonal relationships. See our Green Acres Village and Urban Farm. And I do think this whole area of what we could call social permaculture and how it interfaces with land-based permaculture is not nearly as developed as it needs to be. I asked a local friend and permaculture designer and teacher Rhonda Baird about literature in this area, and she said she knows of only one book and referred me to Toby Hemenway’s The Permaculture City.

Actually if you do an internet search for “people and permaculture” or “social permaculture,” or some such, there are lots of resources, some of them in ecovillage design, others in the Transition Town movement, and still others that focus more generally on systems thinking in all sorts of dimensions.

Even so, I personally know many local permaculturists who are laboring so very hard on their own land-based projects — either all by themselves or with just one other partner. No wonder that, after a few years, they tend to get burned out!

Thanks to Rhonda, our permaculture guild is now revisiting the idea of helping each other out with work days followed by potlucks. We used to do this, but then we all got busy with our own projects and let the list devolve into merely an email bulletin board where we ask each other questions. Not that this is “bad,” but we are very glad for the decision to begin working, learning, and playing with each other again.

In any case, back to yesterday’s phone call. I told Kim that I would put her question out to the local permaculture guild list. 

Within an hour I got a great response from a permaculturist who lives in Tennessee. He sent along this post, and I hoped it helped Kim. Both the question and the answer are wonderful examples of what permaculture calls “stacking functions.”

“Stacking Functions” Department: Permaculture Designs for Rabbits over Worms

Hi Kim, Anne, and the Bloomington Permaculture Guild!

We have seen some good designs for Rabbits over Worm Beds – and this is a classic Permaculture design utilizing the Principles of Multiple Elements, Relative Location, and Multiple Functions.

Even Better – Plants Over Rabbits Over Worms!  See attached

Here is some info we’ve collected:

Raising rabbits and worms together works so well because the nutrients in rabbit droppings and the wasted rabbit food and hay contains the perfect mix as a food source and as a bedding for the worms.  You can also raise the worms in compost bins or vermicomposting bins using the rabbit manure as a top dressing, for worm feed, and also as a worm bedding. Keeping worms under the rabbit cages also allows you to raise worms for fishing bait, chicken food, vermicomposting and this adds another bartering item you have on your homestead. This helps you to produce another potential source of income from your homestead and also improving your sustainability and another great fertilizer for your gardens.

The best kind of worm to use under rabbit cages is the red worm or Eisenia fetida. They are also known as brandling  worms, manure worms, tiger worms, panfish worms, trout worms and many  other names.

I hope those resources are a good help to you!

Please spread the news about our online Permaculture Design Certificate Course – run by highly-qualified teachers from the Nashville Permaculture Guild!

Lots of Love,

Alan Enzo, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Permaculture Education Center
Nashville Permaculture Guild
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Joan Bird: FREE FOR ONE MONTH: videos from 2017 UFO Congress

Received this email from my UFO buddy Joan Bird today. She has just returned from this year’s International UFO Congress. 

UFO List – The IUFOC was as amazing this year as ever. There is just no substitute being immersed in the “field” of UFO researchers and experiencers. This year, the owners of Open Minds TV, who host the conference, have made the conference videos available for the next month for free. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of what its like to be there, and access some of the vast amounts of information that is shared. Here is the website (cut and paste if it doesn’t link):


I feel it is more important than ever that you will take some time to inform yourselves, as it appears the truth embargo in mainstream media may be stronger than ever, and mainstream media is not immune to fake news (see Dolan’s enlightening presentation on the subject). I’ll list some of the 2017 presentations I would particularly recommend for wide appeal (there are other good ones, but more narrow focused):

Media Bias in UFO Coverage: Culture, Policy, or Something Else? – Richard Dolan, historian

Real Cowboys and Aliens: UFOs in the Old West – Noe Torres, librarian

UFOs vs. Astronomy – Stan Friedman, nuclear physicist

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters – Dr. Bob Davis, researcher

Changes Coming: Urgency and Abductees Civil Rights – Yvonne Smith, hypnotherapist and researcher

ETs and Religion: How Belief in Extraterrestrial Life has influenced Religion – Alejandro Rojas, Dir. of Operations for Open Minds Production.

NARCAP, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, and the Future of UAP Research – Ted Roe, co-founder and Executive Director of NARCAP, born in Great Falls, MT.

Exclusive NASA Photos of Alien Bases on the Moon – Dr. Ken Johnston, (Retired Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilot for the Apollo Moon Program.)

UFOs of Russia/USSR and Eurasia – Paul Stonehill

The Battle of LA: The 75th Anniversary – David Marler

The Utah UFO Enigma – Erika Lukes, UFO researcher and former Utah MUFON state director

The Co-Creation Hypothesis: A Fresh Approach to UFO Research – Greg Bishop, expert on psychology of perception and paranormal events as well as UFOs.

Brentwaters Revisited – Col. Charles Halt

PANEL: Government and UFOs – Featuring Col. John Alexander, Col. Charles Halt, Ted Roe, and Stanton Friedman

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GAV Community Dinner, February 22, 2017: soup, salads, salmon cakes — and drum!

I keep on being astonished at how, despite the surrounding chaos, our little Green Acres Village seed pod of new/old creative culture is not just thriving but positively thrumming with aliveness. I’m reminded of the lotus, which sinks its roots into the muck of old decaying detritus and then rises, slow, steady, and then whew! BLOOMS! Even in February, we sense this blooming, though of course, admittedly, that mid-February days should be so warm is disconcerting.

Last night, before our weekly Community Dinner, a bunch of us gathered in the driveway, hugging and celebrating our belonging, and wondering briefly, whether we might actually move dinner outside.

It was as usual, a mix of new faces,

sorry, I didn’t get your name! — and old faces,

here’s Ari, in podmate Brie’s dress with glittering new tights that she found in a dumpster!

Yes, all of us scarfing down bean soup and squash soup and green and quinoa salads and salmon patties, plus podmate Dan’s authentic homemade Korean kim chi.

Dear Juakim discovered the drums in a corner where Rebecca stores them and brought one out. “It’s the perfect size for you,” I exclaimed, delighted. “It’s your drum!” Rebecca announced. “Really!” I had forgotten, it’s been so long since she took some of the drums from over here over there. My husband Jeff had left them behind when he commenced his celestial journey.

Speaking of such journeys, I told Juakim he could take the drum home with him. Of course he was thrilled, and even posed with sister Asiri for a picture.

When they left, he asked me, “Do I have to bring it back?”

“Of course you do,” said his mom, Mariella.”

“Not until you’re done with it,” I replied. “And after all,” I laughed, “by the time you’re 18 I might be dead!” (I’m 74 now.)

Juakim didn’t miss a beat. “Well then, I’ll play the drum at your funeral.”

Loved it, the way this kid stays so present, no matter what. And especially relished the image of Juakim playing Jeff’s drum at my funeral.

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MY deep interior turning point . . .

Standing Rock Camp.

As the toxicity embedded in what Assange now refers to as “weaponized” language magnifies; as those — left and right — who would destroy others who do not subscribe to their exact same world view or who prefer not to split themselves and others into politically and otherwise correct “identities” but rather feel into essence, or soul; as the swirling chaotic rushes of clashing invisible forces erupt into material form and penetrate conscious awareness; as well known and protected pedophiles continue to get away with murder; as runaway fossil fuel extraction and burning destroys Standing Rock Camp and our beloved planet; this morning I received a message from the Sufi Ziraat group. So perfect, here. Thank you.

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NASA’s Habitable 7-Planet Announcement: May it reframe our entire world-view!

All of a sudden, during these two weeks when warlike Mars is exactly squaring Pluto and applying to a conjunction with Uranus; plus, during this single hour when fast-moving Moon is applying to a conjunction with Pluto, both planets triggering in spades the ongoing volatile, quicksilver, paradigm shifting Jupiter/Uranus square Pluto configuration  currently bedeviling humanity’s crying need for seeing its woes in a much larger frame than usual, we have this, this! Somehow I feel as if we have not just gotten a reprieve, but have been at least momentarily released from our excessive myopic 3D preoccupation with who gets what in this tiny local global game of uber-dominance on planet Earth.


Here’s the chart for when the PBS newshour began.

And here’s the news itself.

This solar system of 7 Earth-like planets may be the best place to look for alien life

Notice, BTW, that in the above astro chart planet Saturn sits at 26°20 Sagittarius, applying to an exact conjunction with the Galactic Center, a location where it will sit, like a hen laying an egg, for many many months. Is this the crucial moment when we humans actually do begin to center our species within the larger cosmic order? Is this the moment when we humans actually do begin to redirect our attention from preoccupation with stuff down here below to the infinite sky beyond? Is this the moment when we begin to return to the primordial sense of wonder and mystery that envelopes all our material preoccupations?

The timing of this PBS announcement couldn’t have come at a more propitious moment. Makes me wonder if some astronomer at NASA is also an (secret) astrologer.

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Channel Magenta Pixie on Donald Trump

Update, a few hours later: Right after posting this piece, I read a new piece by Jon Rappoport, and almost added it as an addendum, since it offers a terrific backstory to the nasty atmosphere surrounding Trump now. Then I got a comment from Michael R. that referred to the same piece, so okay, okay. Will add it here! Thanks Michael!

Trump, Watergate, Nixon, Rockefeller: the real lesson

I seldom pay attention to “channelers,” and have never listened to Magenta Pixie before last night, when, thanks to kauilapele, I tuned into her latest during my insomniac hour and was glad I did. Not so much because of what she said, but because of what she felt compelled to say first in order to pacify her “starseed” followers, who wouldn’t like her message. Of this hour-long video, it felt like at least 55 minutes were devoted to trying to get her followers to return to reason from the passionate reactiveness of hating Donald Trump that is (I can’t remember if she said this, but I will say this) being corralled by some kind of malevolent force and then used, directed, drummed into “agitprop” in order to further divide this country and trigger chaos, civil war.

At the end, she mentions that she finds only three news sources worth following anymore:  infowars, David Wilcock and Corey Goode on gaia T.V., and wikileaks!

Interesting, since I too, find myself turning daily to infowars — something I would never have done a year ago — and can no longer bear to even look at “progressive” alt-sources that I used to follow: truthout, truthdig, commondreams, democracy now! It feels like a virus of implacable judgment has been inserted into all of them, and the more they oppose Donald Trump, the more I feel for him, and what I do still think is his strong, heartfelt, soul-based decision — without even an iota of experience in the swampy D.C. pay-to-play game, surrounded by advisors who may or may not be trustworthy, battling his own egocentric personality and massive leaks from who knows where, and flying into the bared teeth of biased MSM news sources and both left and right politicos — to attempt to turn this stupid, stupid military-industrial ship of state from its present omnicidal course before it’s too late — or die trying.

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What IS the Deep State, and why does it matter?

This phrase that Trump’s election has precipitated into a full-blown — hmmm . . . what? Not just “meme” — that word skates the surface. What’s happened with the upsurging of this phrase seems to be simultaneously both expansion and deepening of the cultural? conspiratorial? convergence? field which holds all our political (and other) imaginings. And, I’d say, it’s about time.

It’s about time that we begin to think, see, feel, in a layered, or even multidimensional manner, recognizing that whatever we’re dreaming up now has deep roots elsewhere and that whatever is beginning to die off is returning to that same mysterious fertile soil. For me, what’s of most interest is not the visible extrusions from that soil, but the soil itself.

Rather like mushrooms, ideas sprout up from an underground mycelium web, and when strongly and repeatedly encouraged, persist, ripen into concrete manifestation.

It’s the web itself that holds and feeds nutrients across time and space. Likewise for us, inside our brains, “ideas” are constantly being fed and scrapped by the mysterious underground web of neurons;  “ideas” of which we become conscious are like tiny points of light, appearing and disappearing.

I’ve been quite used to the idea of this “Deep State” within myself. Comfortable to consider that whatever grows up as an idea or feeling inside me is rooted in something seemingly semi-permanent, a largely unknown and unexplored field of possibilities, what, since Freud, we have called the personal subconscious, and which, when we open further, says C.G. Jung, expands into something Freud, horror-stricken at Jung’s divergence from his theory, labeled “the occult.”

Freud preferred to stick with the personal subconscious. Jung’s great advance, which came about through extended self-analysis, was to deepen his understanding from the personal to what lies beyond, what he called the collective unconscious, and which, for Jung, consisted of species-wide archetypes, patterns, again reminding us of those extended mycelium webs.

I tend to be Jungian in my orientation. For me, the main task in life is to deepen the personal field so that it really does open into the quantum void of infinite possibilities. Yes, at some level, in some layer or dimension, anything is possible, ANYTHING.

Here’s a photo of the supposed distribution of galaxies. Talk about a “Deep State”!

Which reminds me, how can we ever, ever assume that we’ve managed to capture the full context of any idea or claim? How can we even pretend to “justify” what we think we “know?” What is “proof”? The world just goes on and on. Everything comes into and out of some kind of mysterious and largely inexpressible Deep State. Every set of assumptions is a sieve, through which the universe pours.

So, with this personal foray into some ontological and epistemological ramifications of the very phrase “Deep State,” what is this Deep State being referred to now?

Here’s the Nation, its attempt to explain.

What Is the Deep State?

Keep in mind that there’s a debate currently between whether or not Trump is a part of the Deep State, which itself has, some argue, diverged into two main streams, one the neo/lib con of globalism that Hillary was beholden to, and the other while still corporate, and centralized in orientation, focuses on nation-states as independent entities.

Here’s the first part of a two-part series on Trump’s relationship to how Peter Dale Scott contextualizes the Deep State.

Donald J. Trump and the Deep State, Part I.



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How do you recycle your kitchen scraps?

We do several things here: put food scraps in the outside compost or feed them directly to worms — we have two Worm Factories downstairs and two worm-composting Garden Towers on patios. One thing we have not done is make a point of regrowing vegetable scraps. At least not yet! Here goes.

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