Paul Craig Roberts: “It’s like a western movie. A showdown is in the making.”

The above title refers to ramifications Trump’s statement that he will now abandon the historic Nuclear Treaty that Gorbachev and Reagan entered into, back in 1987,  as a first step in global nuclear disarmament.

That treaty was signed 31 years ago, just over one Saturn Return ago. The second step was never taken.

It’s like a western movie. A showdown is in the making

But, given the weird, hyped up, over the top contradictory, confusing spin being blared over every media as “the news” during these final two weeks leading up to what may be the most important U.S. election EVER, the above headline could have been used to describe the 14,000 “migrants”? “refugees”? dupes? now being bused north to the U.S. southern border in what appears to be another in a long line of (Soros funded) efforts to obliterate borders (of course the nyt denies it), and thus destabilize and chaotisize every country in the world on the way to the New World Order centralized state.

BTW: George Soros, born August 12, 1930, has his Saturn at 5° Capricorn, exactly where Saturn is crossing now. In other words, Soros is undergoing his third Saturn Return at this writing. Not only that, but his Pluto, at 19° Cancer, is being opposed during this year and next by transit Pluto in Capricorn. How many of us live long enough to experience our first and only Pluto opposition? Not many. Will this Pluto crossing prove to be his karmic come-uppance?

Or, it could have been about the gigantic swarm of earthquake activity during the past 24 hours up an down the west coast of this country. Purely natural? Or set in motion.

Or about Hurricane Willa? Could it be directed inland (by whom?) to disrupt the migrant march?

Or about the zig-zagging stock market meltdown, to usher in Trump’s obliteration of the “crazy” he says, Fed’s rapid rise in interest rates, to usher in nationalization of U.S. currency? See X-22 reports on this interpretation of financial events.

Or, it could have been about the weird, confusing Khashoggi murder drama that appears to be melting down all sorts of mideast alliances set in place for decades. Check out George Webb’s videos on this subject; he digs into Khashoggi’s dicey background. Check out Dr. Dave Janda’s Khashoggi analysis, among others.

These are a all a few of the “leads” I’ve pursued in my foolish quest to know what’s happening in an age where everything’s happening, and accelerating, and everything that IS happening depends upon one’s perspective.

Who knows what’s real? That headline is real. Damn real. But just who John Wayne is, and just who the bad guys are, is up for grabs.


P.S. This just in. Maybe Bolton is no longer a bad guy?




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Green Acres Village, late October 2018: Mulching paths, preserving and processing garden bounty, intimate Community Dinner — with song!

Despite Rebecca’s absence (she gets back on Wednesday), there’s been a flurry of activity here, especially focused on preserving food and putting the garden to bed. Plus, a very special Community Dinner, see below.

We got a large chip drop the other day, and before we knew it, it was 3/4 gone! Thanks to Josh, Dan, Miriam (an IU student in the “Biodiver-city” class of IU biology Professor Heather Reynolds), and myself. After we were done, Miriam also harvested the remaining peppers, and the day before Marlee (another student in the same class) and I had harvested collards. Josh joined us in chopping, then first lightly steaming and then freezing the collards; Miriam and I chopped and froze some of the peppers, and distributed the rest to the other two houses.

So, here goes, photos!

We had already scooped the remains of last year’s chips out of the paths and put them on the beds as mulch. So the paths were ready for the new chips.

JOSH, a brand new podmate, was the first to dig in to the new pile.

DAN continues.


Then we harvested the peppers, which Marlee and I then preserved another day.

Meanwhile, Marlee and Josh and I preserved some of the remaining collards.

Meanwhile, knowing a hard frost was coming, Rebecca had texted Gabby which plants need to be moved inside. Obviously, we’re not going to be able to save the elephant ears, so I took a final picture of their glory.

Last night, Dan decided to make more garlic kraut. Yum!

And this morning, he finally got down to actually beginning his long anticipated reading of Alan Carr’s famous book, “How to Stop Smoking” which is, apparently, guaranteed!

Last Thursday’s Community Dinner was a surprisingly intimate affair, just seven of us altogether. Four of the podmates were away; and only Mariella and Annie came from outside the Village.

So we could all sit at one table; kind of wonderful, what transpired, including my rendition of a song that has become a favorite at Crones Counsel. They were so taken with it that Andreas moved right to the piano,  and we all sang it again, twice.

Sorry, can’t figure out how to get the audio to this. Oh well! (And it appears to be going much faster than I actually sang it.)

When singing this song, it’s hard NOT to feel connected to all other humans. And certainly, in a small group, the intimacy engendered feels downright devastating. We’ve decided to sing it at Community Dinners from now on. Here it is, with lyrics. The only thing we change is, rather than “were”, we prefer “are.”

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Memorize this quote!

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Life in “interesting times:” Startling encounters on a morning walk; Julian Rose in the airport.


A few days ago, on my morning walk with the dogs, I was gifted with three encounters, each so divergrnt from the last as to constitute another world. I’ve been chewing over these encounters, and their sequence, ever since. Here goes:

First encounter: Hank, Shadow, and I have just walked through the underpass on St Rt 45 and are heading up the sidewalk on the other side. All of a sudden I hear a large engine, plus the throttled sound of someone frantically calling me. Huh? I turn to see a school bus, coming alongside, with little hands waving out of two windows, one in front of the bus and one in back:  “Ann! Ann! Hi Ann!” Ah! It’s Asiri and Juakim, neighbor Mariella’s kids, and what a joy they are! This vociferous greeting from a school bus was a first for me. When I told about it at Thursday night Community Dinner, podmate Andreas mused, “Hmmm . . . most kids would be embarrassed to do that in front of other kids.” I bet he’s right! So I feel doubly blessed by their greeting.

Second encounter: Not even 100 yards later, I begin to hear the thrilling screech of a hawk. Look up. There he(?) is, a large hawk with white belly (what kind?), sitting majestically near the top of a tree with tiny scared(?) birds twittering around him. Was he after their nests? But isn’t it the wrong season for baby birds? Meanwhile, another hawk, his mate(?), is swooping around above, playing with all of them. I think this might be a first also, to have two dynamically relating hawks in view at once in Bloomington.

Third encounter: A few miles later, while walking through a beautiful old neighborhood with large, older homes set far back on manicured lawns and many many wonderful old hardwood trees gracing the entire atmosphere, a glistening black limousine sidles up quietly next to us: “Hello!” I look over, surprised. An old man and well known attorney in town (his name is on the vehicle, as it is plastered in lots of places), one who is also well known as a groper of waitresses in restaurants, sits in the driver’s seat. I shudder; say a perfunctory hello, and turn my head away.

So, three encounters, each of them illustrating a strong fact about these times.

First, the sudden thrilling, excited, waving hello from two neighborhood children whom I’ve been watching and loving in their growing pains for a number of years now. To me, this first encounter illustrates the strong bonds between humans, and especially, between young ones and familiar elders, that can blossom over time and feel utterly wonderful.

Second, privileged witness to a strong drama played out by two hawks and tiny twittering birds that I felt grateful to watch, but didn’t understand at all. This put me in mind of just how much nature’s mystery surrounds and embeds our human world, even in the midst of bustling civilization. How many cars drove by during that encounter, its drivers preoccupied with what comes next or what just happened rather than attending to what is around them?

And third, again witness, but this time to my own startled encounter with a predatory old man of high social stature with who knows what intention in greeting hello. To me, this encounter illustrates the enormous amount of predation, corruption, greed, pedophilia, trafficking, cannibalism, and so on that has been surfacing in especially the alternative media over the last few years, some of it twisted, weaponized, for political ends. For example, the Kavanagh/Blasey-Ford imbroglio, which felt both forced and fake, and generated the usual “me too” calls from politically correct, sanctimonious women who assume that all women are to be “believed,” no matter what. That entire drama, frankly, made me want to puke.

So here I am, harboring three divergent states of mind, all strong: one, the wondrous communion I feel with other humans with which I share a rich history; next, the utter majesty and mystery I attune to when I pause long enough to remember my communion with wild nature; and finally third, the gawd-awful gunk that is surfacing so strongly within the culture now, and crying out for revenge, accountability, forgiveness or release. How to make space within myself to hold all three “states of awareness” in mind at once? This does seem to be what is required if we are to continue to slog through the slowly unfolding disintegration of the false culture that we have been conditioned into since way before I was born.

With all this in mind, I resonate strongly with the following essay by Julian Rose, which so well gives the disembodied, digitized flavor of traveling through airport environments that seem to contain nothing but material, mechanical unreality except for the other humans, who however, only very seldom look up from tiny screens to meet the eye. Thousands of solitaries, buzzing internally with what’s next and what’s behind, pretending each other doesn’t exist, or is not important, all jostling for position in vast airport malls and tiny airplane seats, trying to maintain . . . what? Sanity? What they’ve always known? But what have they known? What have any of us always known in this climactic historical period of full-on cultural detonation.

As the Chinese say, as a curse, but disguised as blessing: “May you live in interesting times.”

Julian Rose: The Normalization of Madness


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Current American Madness: Hey, and “I’m gonna sell it to TMZ”

One angry person confronts a politician in a restaurant, and is almost immediately himself confronted by a group of other diners who don’t want him to be nasty. At least the odds are still in favor of human decency. But for how long?

BTW: notice the title of this piece. It says  “Diners confront
. . .” Looked to me like only one diner, which is what I base my conclusion on.

The “I’m going to sell it to TMZ,” pronounced loudly, twice, is icing on the cake. Above “One vs Many,” indeed above all dueling polarities, is the ever present spell of “money” to be “made” from no matter what. Doesn’t matter. Atrocity? Destruction? Confrontation? All such bad news is grist for the grinding emotional mill that has most humans caught in its web, either denying their own complicity, or longing to act it out, or unconsciously(?) projecting it, like a poisonous spray, into the murky, turgid, roiling atmosphere in which we all, at this point in his-story, live and move and have our being.

WATCH: Diners confront Mitch McConnell at restaurant, get told to ‘leave him alone’ by others

Hmmm. . . What did TMZ pay for the video?

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Are all “evil” people psychopaths?

Young female friend to me, this morning: “I’m trying to figure out if the people who act in evil ways are conscious of what they are doing, or if they are just wounded and unconsciously acting out.”

Me: “Yes. In other words, are some of them psychopaths?”

She seemed grateful that I would put it so baldly. And here’s my response: I do think most “evil” people are acting out, in an unconscious manner, unhealed wounds from long ago, and of which they are either unaware, or unable to “process” enough to neutralize the continuing painful charge. And: I do think there exist some who are truly psychopathic, that way from birth, betrayed by the fact that, from childhood on, they lacked the capacity to feel empathy for another. How many? Very very few. An extremely tiny percentage. Unfortunately, these do seem to be the ones who rise to the tops of all the societal pyramids.

Another category is one that we have all flirted with at some point in our lives: those who don’t pay close enough attention to their own inner soul promptings of guilt and dread as their behavior and ethical standards begin to erode in the direction of corruption, and then as time goes on, devolve more and more, ultimately blunting their natural feelings for others to the point where their behavior and attitude is indistinguishable from psychopathic.

For each of us, it’s important that we stay awake to situations wherein we are tempted to not measure up to our own standards. Especially when in crowds. The opposite of empathy for others is being taken over by mob psychology, so that, for example, like Antifa, we claim that we can justify violence. Pursued over time, the tiniest ethical fault line can crack any of us into two people, so that we become two-faced: one who pursues evil deeds, and the other who pretends he or she does not.

On the other hand, there are such things as, for example, “white lies,” where we want to save face for the other. This is more a case of empathy than its lack, and so decidedly not psychopathic!

For how corruption can gradually seep in and take us over, see Ronald Bernard, his videos on the global financial system (and its hidden ties to satanic child sacrifice), his long term ascent within its pyramidal structure, and the startling moment of truth that turned him  into a whistleblower.

Financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard, whose conscience woke up and refused to allow him to complete his training as a psychopath

Ronald Bernard testifies again. Hard to swallow; hard to fathom; immensely courageous and compassionate.

My long term question: Is Hillary Clinton a psychopath? Frankly, I tend to think so. Why do I say this? It’s not just Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, Haiti, private email server, Uranium One, or the trail of bodies. No. Read Kathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America.


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Is Vladimir Putin Evil?

If so, what are we to make of his recent remarks at Valdai? If not, what are we to make of these same remarks? Everything depends on context. Everything.

P.S. I tend to feel that Putin and Trump have both been thrust by historical forces into the role of “strong man” at the helm of a failing state, and charged with reconfiguring the long planned, seemingly inevitable push towards a centrally controlled New World Order, i.e., globalism, by insisting on, and building upon, the sovereignty of the two nation states of which they are the elected heads. Since neither of them is going along with the globalist plan, and since Trump, especially, is still surrounded by people he cannot trust, and wading his way through massive corruption at all levels, these two occupy different points in their own trajectories. Putin, after 18 years, has cemented his position; Trump, not even two years into his first term, is still finding his way, and surrounded by people with radically different world views either yanking his ear for attention or surreptitiously going against his instincts.

Trump’s selection of arch-neoconservative John Bolton as National Security Advisor, makes me shudder. Is this just a case of “keep your enemies closer”? Bolton was  associated with the supremely arrogant 1997 Project for the New American Century, which in turn was the thrust behind the U.S. plan, famously discovered and broadcast in 2007 by General Wesley Clark, to “take out seven countries in five years.”

Bolton will be in Moscow October 22-23 where he will meet with Putin. What will be the outcome there?

Is Vladimir Putin Evil? The Corruption Thing


Put Lays Down the Law at Valdai


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Neon Revolt’s determined digging into Hollywood’s “Black List” uproots complex nested web of globalist tendrils

Do you work for the government or other bloated bureaucracy 40 or so hours per week and so therefore can always appear to be “working” but actually have lots of time  to pursue leads on the internet? (I’ve noticed that visitors to this site are up during weekday hours, compared to nights and weekends, which is why I think people are reading the site at work!)

If so, you might appreciate the excavation of this amazing neon revolt rabbit hole from which he truly does appear to have coaxed, and then popped, into high relief, a massive leftist political/economic/globalist gestalt agenda rooted in what might seem, without neon revolt’s persistent, utterly determined digging, to be merely a cultural artifact, Hollywood’s Black List, an annual pdf of the “best” screenplays from which “directors” choose “which movies (and which Netflix series) to “make,” i.e., which blinkers with which to mind control the gullible public. (Is the public still gullible? I, for one, let go of Netflix six months ago). And the kingpin? One “Franklin Leonard,” whom I have never, ever heard of.

Soros’ Hollywood Rentboy – Exposed by #BlacklistAnon! #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

And BTW: if you are reading this site while “at work,” why not spend your time like neon revolt and Corey Lynn do, DIGGING? They are both utterly inspiring. Grateful.

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