Personal Reflections on Upcoming August 21 Solar Eclipse

While further contemplating Monday’s Solar Eclipse, I ran across a visual of it that startled me. Not that I didn’t know what it would look like, but: I had never really noticed before, how tiny little Moon could actually manage to blot out giant Sun from Earth’s view!

Which made me think of a Gurdjieff quote which has haunted me ever since I first came across it, sometime back in the early ’70s. Humans are, he said, “FOOD FOR THE MOON.” Huh? What did that mean? After I began to study astrology, and to see the Moon as symbolizing childhood memories, how they harbor usually painful emotional patterns that get buried in the subconscious until we learn to make them conscious, I began to realize that “food” in this case, is “emotional food,” what we now call “loosh,” especially the fearful, or furious kind. The emotionality that surges up from within and blinds us on occasion, to the consequences of destructive actions we then take in automatic reaction to that rage — or, if not, to the dishonest shrinking back into ourselves, so that rage goes underground once again, and sits there, festering, until the next event that ignites.

For example, just the other day, I was walking down the street with puppy Shadow when a much larger dog bounded up out of nowhere and wanted to play. Small Shadow does not play with big dogs. They are way too much for his kind, steady nature. This dog had a loose bandanna wrapped around its neck. That’s all. No collar. It kept bounding madly around us, Shadow curling around my legs in terror. I called out for its owner, hoping he or she was outside and within hearing. A couple of houses down the road, a woman did answer me, while looking at her phone. I was in a hurry. Would she please come get her dog! She finally started towards us, all the while saying that she would be able to certify her dog as a “service dog” — except that he wants to play with every dog he sees. Well, I wasn’t interested in her views of her dog. I just wanted to get on my way. And so far, this interruption had taken ten minutes. I asked her if she lived in the house that she had stood in the back of. Yes, it is her house, she said, a “family home.” I said, “Oh, I used to know a woman and her children who lived there.” “Oh!,” she screeched (and that is how I perceived it), “she was a terrible woman, alcoholic — and she started remodeling the house thinking she could buy it, and did it all wrong, and besides, she couldn’t buy it; it’s a family home.

Her attitude towards my friend raised the hairs on my neck to full on fury. How dare she talk about my friend that way! On and on, she kept talking about how awful my friend was, and I just kept repeating, “that is not my experience of her.” I got more and more impatient, curt, downright rude. Finally, after what seemed like an hour but was probably 20 minutes altogether, she was able to corral her dog and I walked off, simmering with rage, with barely a backward glance.

This surprised me, this only barely banked vitriol with which I greeted this interruption in my day. Despite the presence of the pesky large dog, usually I’m not so “triggered,” to the point where I lost any semblance of detachment in defense of my friend.

So here we are, already triggered, in the psychic shadow of Monday’s solar eclipse, when the Moon, that strange object in the sky that drives unaware humans, especially when young and hormonal, to “lunacy” twice each month, actually will cover the entire Sun for those in its path of eclipse totality across the U.S.A. for a total of at most, 2 minutes, 41 seconds. The entire basis of Life on Earth will be briefly blotted out by this once-every-18-months event by a phenomenon which, if we are to believe David Icke, or others that see the Moon as an artificial, hollow body dragged in a long time ago by some kind of alien civilization, is an (A.I.) control mechanism to keep brainwashed humans in thrall to its weird reflective light.

If that is true, then it’s wise to keep in mind just how big and powerful is the Sun’s organic light, despite our being “tricked” during total solar eclipses, into seeing the Moon’s artificial orb as briefly, but equally powerful.

Here’s one astrologer’s view of this upcoming Solar/Lunar event, via Laura Bruno. Two posts:

Timothy Glenn: Lunar Explorations

Timothy Glenn: Heads Up, Keep Your Heads Down

Oddly enough, I didn’t really pay attention until this morning to the fact that this upcoming 29° Leo eclipse will fall with 1° of the lunar nodes in my own natal chart, with the North Node of the Moon at 28° Leo, in the 9th house. That puts the South Node at 28° Aquarius, in the 3rd house.

It’s interesting for me to note that when I first heard about the Star of America’s bus line’s trip to Kentucky and the path of totality from Bloomington, for just $59, I convinced my son Colin to accompany me and quickly grabbed two tickets. That was right after we returned from Alaska. But then, I started to feel weird about my impulsive decision. Did I really want to go on a bus with a lot of strangers during a crazed time when all sorts of snafus — long lines, disrupted supply chains — could keep us “on the road” or even stranded for much longer than the 18 hours or so scheduled?

And then, I realized, today, aha, that is my South Node talking. I had naturally gravitated to an Aquarian experience with a group! I was following my more familiar karmic line (south node) rather than the still largely unexplored dharmic one (North Node).

Two days ago, I told Colin of my misgivings, and suggested that we think about it. This morning I asked him how he was feeling about the upcoming trip. “Not good,” he answered. “Okay,” I said, relieved. “Let’s call it off, give the tickets away.”

Later, he asked me what I was going to do for the eclipse. “Go inside,” I told him. “Be in solitude. The eclipse falls on an important point in my astrological chart.”

I want to contemplate how it feels to experience my North Node, the pointer for my future, as it is briefly blotted out by the Moon (eclipse reaches 94% totality here in Bloomington). Hopefully, during the eclipse I will get more clarity on what it means to travel my own self-expressive philosophical (9th house) Leo path out of the more familiar past tethering me to Aquarian groups. And these groups include not just friends, but my own blood relatives! While I’m sure they think I’m already way “out there;” I have a feeling they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

P.S. Steve Bannon, who was fired yesterday, has his Moon exactly conjunct the 29° Leo eclipse point that is also exactly conjunct Trump’s ascendant and near his 26° Leo Mars. No wonder they were drawn together! The actual timing of the firing exquisite: transit Sun exactly on (illuminating) Trump’s alpha male Mars.



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Charlottesville: Beginning or the end of mass psychosis?

Again, WE CHOOSE. Our individual choices, based on our consciously held intentions, in the aggregate, determine the direction of the future.

Thus I dedicate this post and others —

Civil War in America then and now: Are we but puppets in New World Order economics?

August, 2017: Is this the turning point? If so, to what, mass psychosis or transformation? WE CHOOSE

— to many of my friends and family who have, it appears, unfortunately, “taken the bait” — and as a result, see my own “position” inside this chaotic melee as inconceivable. Indeed, as one cousin put it, he is “dismayed.” Another called me a “contrarian.” Well yes, afraid so! Both these cousins by the way, are deep thinkers and beloved.

Meanwhile, I sit here, in the middle of it all, watching the roiling emotions surging to the surface of the mass mind, and marvel at our human capacity to forget the need to continually balance and rebalance the dynamics of two seemingly countervailing realities: 1) one’s own individual awareness and 2) the psychic atmosphere that holds us all. If we can maintain our own heart-based center (as a single, continuously purifying drop in the ocean of the collective unconscious), while at the same time appreciating and observing the clashing forces around us (the turbulent oceanic currents swishing us to and fro), all geared towards making us take sides (in doomed attempts to stop, wall off, the flow, the flood, the surrender), then and only then can we move through this fraught climactic era without destroying all that we hold dear.

BTW: It’s not that I don’t also harbor “roiling emotions.” I do. And I observe them as well — observe, honor and release — for they arise from that same deep well that holds us all and that needs to be recognized, honored, and healed. Each of us has personal “reasons” for “our” surging feelings (I.e., “ideas” to which we attach those feelings) — more than likely, they refer to memories, of perceived childhood and early life abuse patterns; and yet patterns of abuse are, as we notice if we are at all awake, threaded throughout our society that both makes “money” the source of all value and then subtly or blatantly encourages us to “sell our souls to the devil” —often in the interests of sheer survival!

Glad to see others who echo my need to not engage in current national theatrics:

Charlottesville: Don’t take the bait

WAKE UP, people! Alt-Left and Alt-Right are run by the same forces. The goal is “divide and conquer” 

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Sitting in the middle of it all, the future looks bleak, it looks beautiful. WE CHOOSE.

Astonishing, that the fading U.S. hegemon chooses to go ahead with the enormous annual war game provocation of North Korea, starting on Monday, August 21, the very day of the first Total Solar Eclipse that crosses the entire U.S., east to west, in 99 years.

Armageddon Risk Returns: North Korea Predicts Catastrophe as Massive U.S. War Games Begin

And speaking of war games, check this out: only two days post-eclipse, on August 23, FEMA and others and  will conduct a “Black Sky” simulation (drill? or reality? or both: it’s been done before)  here in the U.S.

If ever there was a time to move into the center of one’s own being, and remain there, it is NOW. No matter what is or is not going on “outside”— and from some point of view, anything and everything that can be imagined is going on somewhere — what each of us chooses to pay attention to will, in the aggregate, determine what comes next on a collective level. So, while being fully aware of the hair-trigger dangers of this time, let us put our hearts, minds, and souls to the enormous, long-term task of co-creation, each of us fully activating our own unique talents, skills, and courage — to cooperatively build a new world, decentralized, everywhere potent and connected, re-membering ourselves as inextricably linked, in communion with each other, the Earth and her cosmic home.

Me? I’m gonna continue my daily practices — one hour morning walk with puppy Shadow, yoga, chi kung, tai chi — and meanwhile, continue to cultivate a meditative inner space within which I allow NATURE to fill me with her miraculous, majestic, mysterious LOVE that fills and fuels the universe. May she utilize me, this small person, my full self, body, mind, soul — to radiate energy in service to the whole.

Meanwhile, I will continue to share my multidimensional experiences, both on this blog and in person. So HELLO!

Front yard hugelkulture, this morning:


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August, 2017: Is this the turning point? If so, to what? Mass Psychosis, or Transformation. WE CHOOSE.

Damn! Can’t remember where I saw it, a very astute comment about how there’s currently a civil war inside the U.S. about, not just who can tear down the most politically incorrect statues, but who is the most morally superior while dividing the world into some kind of strange, new, twisted polarity, and  trashing everyone on “the other side.” It’s as if a crazed infection has taken over the mass mind, and unless we each resolve to watch and learn from our own extreme emotionality, unless we claim and begin to heal whatever shameful karma still lurks within us as individuals during this astonishing moment in U.S. history, the feverish atmosphere could build to the point of utter destruction.

Diagnosis: Psychic Epidemic

Remember Howard Beale: “We’re mad and we’re not gonna take it anymore.” Of course! It’s about time that political reality caught up with the prediction promoted in the movie Network.

But how do we work with the surging feelings, formerly frozen in denial and fear, now melting along with all the other ice? All the gunk that has been stored in the collective unconscious now surging to the surface. And there’s way more under there than we realize.

Here’s a good article on the phenomenon too many of us are already caught up in.

How to know you’re in a mass hysteria bubble

Meanwhile, sometimes cooler heads do prevail. For example, Justin Deschamps offers an excellent analysis of what recently tried to infect the UFO community — and failed. Glad to see that it names names. I followed the Dark Journalist/Bill Ryan trashing of Corey Goode and it made me not want to pay attention to either Dark Journalist or Bill Ryan ever again! In fact, while I was at first skeptical of Corey Goode’s claims, the very fact that he’s been so vilified makes me realize that he probably is the real deal. Also agree with the author of this calm, reasoned, epistemological post that Steven Greer has been compromised.

Ufology Researchers Divided but not Conquered: Exposure of PSYOP to Create Truther “Civil War” — But It’s Not Working

Here’s another possible psyop, and wow, this one sure never occurred to me, though perhaps it should have. Robert David Steele a fraud? Again, some kind of nefarious CIA? insert to divide the community of those sincerely working to create a more harmonious world? And is he being used to cast a pall over Cynthia McKinney? Many more questions, sensitively approached in this video. A real eye-opener — I think!

Meanwhile, back to Charlottesville, Virginia now echoed and amplified by today’s van attack that killed 13 people in Barcelona: When are we going to realize that many if not most of these events really are designed and planned in advance psyops, or “agitprops,” to use Steve Pieczenik’s term: A long standing divide-and-conquer tactic used by shadowy governmental and other groups to engender ever stronger centralized control.

Finally, this excellent analysis demonstrates what is at stake.

Charlottesville “Unite the Right” Rally Diverts Attention from the Deep State Agenda

Meanwhile, for each of us, the task is to truly learn from the unconscious gunk that is arising within us, learn from and transform it. Integrate it. Become whole. Recognize that whatever we see outside, is actually inside. And realize that everyone else in the whole world is also either in denial or consciously allowing in his or her own suffering. That we are all somewhere in the wide spectrum of waking up to who we really are: intensely sensitive, quivering souls, more or less unaware of our original beauty.


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Green Acres Village News, mid-August: Initiation and Synchronization

GAV News, Mid-August: Initiation time for new residents, plus synchronized journeys

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“Civil War” in America — then and NOW: Are we but puppets of NWO economics?

Ooooo! Just noticed that the words NWO and NOW are composed of the same three letters . . . which to me signifies that once we wake up in the NOW, we will no longer be blinded by the NWO, i.e., brainwashed into going along with the plan to dissolve all existing borders into a single New World Order that makes slaves of us all. To this end:

Paul Craig Roberts offers a perspective on so-called Civil War in this country — either the first one or the one “they” are trying to foment NOW — that blows my mind wide open and alters my (always tentative) world-view profoundly.

“Triggered” statue-pullers-downers in Charlottesville, Virginia, Durham, North Carolina, and elsewhere: be advised! You are being used by the same forces that pulled down statues in Ukraine — and Iraq.

In America Propaganda Has Vanquished Truth

August 15, 2017

by Paul Craig Roberts

In Durham, North Carolina, the seat of Duke University, a gang of largely white males destroyed public property by pulling down a statue of a Confederate soldier. Perhaps they took their cue from the neo-Nazis installed in Ukraine by Obama and Hillary following the US-engineered coup that overthrew the elected democratic government. The first thing the new Obama-installed neo-Nazi regime did was to pull down all the Soviet war memorials of the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi Germany. The neo-Nazis who pulled down the war memorials were the descendants of the Ukrainians who fought for Nazi Germany. These neo-Nazis comprise the government of the “democracy” that Obama and Hillary brought to the Ukraine and is the government that the US government and its European vassals support.

What did the destruction of public property in Durham achieve, and where were the police?

What the films of the event reveal is a collection of crazed white people, mainly white men, kicking and spitting at a bronze statue and jumping back as if the statue were going to strike back. It was a display of ignorant psychopathic hatred.

Where did this hatred come from and why was it directed at a statue? To the ignorant gangsters, most likely Duke University students, the destroyed statue is a symbol of slavery.

This ignorant association between a Confederale soldier and slavery contradicts all known history. Slavery in the Southern states was confined to large argicultural tracts known as plantations. Slaves were the agricultural workforce. This institution long predated the Confederacy and the United States itself. It was an inherited institution from the time that the New World was colonized by European economic interests. Slaves were not a Southern invention. They were brought in long prior to the Declaration of Independence, because there were resources to be exploited but no work force.

The first slaves were white slaves, but they died like flies from malaria and yellow fevor. Next indigenious Americans (“Indians”) were used as slaves, but they would not work. Then it was discovered that some Africans had immunity to malaria and resistance to yellow fever, and finally a work force was located. The slaves were purchased from the African tribes that annually conducted warfare between themselves, the booty of which was slaves. Socialist historians, such as Karl Polanyi, the Jewish brother of my Jewish Oxford professor, the distinguished physical chemist and philosopher Michael Polanyi, to whom my first book is dedicated, wrote detailed and exacting histories of the African slave trade conducted by black Africans.

Confederate soldiers did not own slaves, and as every honest historian knows, they were not fighting for slavery. They were fighting, because their country had been invaded.

The Confederacy was not their country any more than the United States had been. Their country was their state. In those days people’s loyalty was to their state. They thought of their state as their country. To their minds, the United States was something like the EU is to the French, Italians, Dutch, British, etc. The French still think of themselves as French, not as EU.

Remember, when Robert E. Lee was offered command of the Union Army, he declined on the grounds that he could not bring war to his own country, by which he meant Virginia.

Lee’s army was the Army of Northern Virginia.

As President Lincoln said over and over, the war is not about slavery. It is about “preserving the union,” that is, the empire. If the South were permitted to separate, it would mean that there would be two countries competing for the vast lands to the west of the Mississippi River. The budding empire in Washington did not want any such competition.

If the South were permitted to seperate, the North would lose its market for its relatively high priced manufactured goods that it hoped to sell to the South by placing a tariff against the cheaper British goods.

The South figured, correctly, that it would be doubly hit. Higher prices from the North and retaliatory tariffs from the British on its cotton exports.

This economic conflict between the North and South went on for a long time before it provoked secession. The left-wing American Historian, Charles Beard, explains the so-called “Civil War” in the economic terms that provoked it. It had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery.

The very designation, “Civil War,” is a lie. A civil war is when two sides fight for control of the government. The South was not fighting for control of the US government. It was fighting, because the North had invaded.

Lincoln did not free the slaves. Moreover, had Lincoln not been assassinated, his plan was to send the blacks, whom he regarded as inferior to whites, back to Africa. This is not a “conspiracy theory.” It is the documented fact. It is totally impossible to refute this documented fact.

The Emancipation Proclamation was propaganda. It had two purposes: one was to shut up the abolitionists. The other was to promote a slave rebellion in the Southern states that would draw Confederate troops out of the front lines to protect the women and children at home. As Lincoln’s own Secretary of State, William H. Seward, said, we have freed the slaves where we have no jurisdiction and left them in slavery where we have jusistiction. Seward’s exact words: “We show our sympathy with slavery by emancipating slaves where we cannot reach them and holding them in bondage where we can set them free.”

The left-wing historian Richard Hofstadter ridiculed Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation for freeing only the slaves over which Lincoln had no power.

Lincoln’s purpose was not to free slaves but to provoke the slave rape of Southern women and murder of Southern children that would pull the Southern troops his generals could not defeat off the front lines and impel them home to protect their families from Lincoln’s slave revolt.

But the slaves did not revolt even though there was no one there to conrol them but women and children. So what kind of oppression was this?

Lincoln issued the proclamation intended to produce a slave rebellion because he had run through countless generals, and although the Union army in its engagements with Robert E. Lee always outnumbered the Southerns by two or three to one, and sometimes more, the Army of Northern Virginia did not lose a battle for the first two years of the War. If the South had had more people, a number of Southern battle victories would have ended in the capture of Washington and the end of the war. But the South never had the number of soldiers sufficient to have a reserve to capitalize on its military victories. In contrast, the North had an endless supply of immigrants from Ireland, most of whom died for the American Empire.

Oppositon to the war in the North was high. Lincoln had to arrest and imprison 300 northern newspaper owners and editors and exile a US Congressman.

Slavery was an inherited institution, not a Southern construct. Slavery would have gradually disappeared as immigrants into the South begin forming a work force and the over-cultivated plantation lands begin losing their fertility. Slavery existed as long as it did because new immigrants, instead of becoming a local work force, moved west, occupied Indian land and became independent farmers.

Of course, the abolitionist created all the hatred of the South that they possibly could. Indeed, during my entire life, lived almost exclusively outside the South, I have observed the liberals foment racial hatred of blacks toward whites, and I have watched feminists foment gender hatred of women toward men. Hatred is the great cause of the liberals. It is what defines them.

The stupid liberals have sowed social enmity between races and genders. The destruction of America will be the result.

Perhaps we will fall apart, occupied in racial and gender warfare, before the Russians and Chinese have to blow us off the face of the earth.

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Upcoming August 21 SOLAR ECLIPSE echoes (amplifies?) August 16-17 1987 Harmonic Convergence!

Happy 30th birthday, today and tomorrow, Harmonic Convergence!

Before I begin to lay out and compare both charts for this unusually significant Solar Eclipse (for the U.S.) as an echo and possible amplificaion of the Harmonic Convergence, I want to point, once again, to the significance of August 21st for Donald Trump, whose Ascendant sits exactly upon the eclipse point, and which itself in turn, is conjunct the royal star Regulus. 

Darkstar astrology has an interesting couple of paragraphs on the upcoming (and much publicized by astrologers), Solar Eclipse and its relation to Trump’s astrology; and no wonder!, given that it’s the first solar eclipse to cross the entire territory of the U.S. east to west in 99 years and is so closely connected to Trump’s natal chart.

The Solar Eclipse August 21 2017 falls at 28º Leo decan 3. This is the big one, the Solar Eclipse on one of the royal stars of Persia, Regulus. The famous fixed star in the heart of Leo the Lion. The Sun in mundane astrology signifies the ruler of the country. Eclipses used to be feared as being an omen for the death of a King as the Moon blots out the Sun’s glorious rays. In this case, the Moon will cast a shadow over Donald Trump’s yellow mane because he happens to have Regulus rising in his birthchart, and it is conjunct his Mars too! The Solar Eclipse August 2017 is very important for the American people, as not only does it directly impact their leader, but it will be visible across the whole of the United States. (For the first time since 1979.)

More than 90% of the Sun will be covered in Washington DC, the throne of world power. Like it or not, decisions made in the White House have a huge effect on the rest of the world. (Even if the President himself is limited in the scope of his own power)

“The Royal Stars… were also believed to govern events in the world. Major disasters, breakthroughs, and historical phenomenons were seen as caused by the stars… When the stars were aligned accordingly, favourable conditions followed, and when they were negatively aligned, disaster was predicted. Because Regulus was the most influential of the Royal Stars, events that took place while Regulus was in dominance were amplified and grave, foreshadowing destruction.”

In the case of the Solar Eclipse August 2017 I would say the alignment is quite positive, however, you could say that a Solar Eclipse in of itself is ‘negatively aligned’ due to the Moon blocking the Sun’s power. Therefore this Solar Eclipse could have a malefic effect on leaders or elites who connect with it, as Trump does. It will be interesting to test out this eclipses effect as it plays out over the following 6 months.


Or, it may be that the power of this eclipse moment propels Donald Trump to blast open the door to his own higher self. I feel that, given my intuitive reading of his natal chart —

Astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A.

— that, given the massive — exciting/ excitable/ unpredictable, ultimately possibly transformative — fiery forces marshalled by the configurations in his chart (especially Sun/Uranus opposite Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius, Mars in Leo on Ascendant), there is no way that he is NOT up to the task, should his soul agree to merge with his personality and transform his frequency from sheer self-serving ego to sacrificial selfless service to the whole.

The progressed chart of Donald Trump has moved into Virgo

So yes, frankly, I do think that, given his progressed Sun sign’s current shift into Virgo (where it will remain for 30 years), that he is learning to make that transition now, despite the hyena-like barrage of naysayers screeching ad nauseam about anything he says or does or tweets. However, I do wonder if he, or anyone, can stand up to the continuous, accelerating, horrific hurricane of abuse hurled at him from the entire monolithic spectrum called mainstream media, as well as by both alt-left and alt-right — much less move forward from his own center, secure in the understanding that he is following the destiny set out for him from birth. Which is why I, and many others, I’m sure, are actively holding him in our open hearts during this entire time.

But this is not what I wanted to talk about. Instead, what I want to do here is note that the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21 synchronistically happens to fall within days of the 30th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987 — which itself, happens to be today, August 16th!. Remember that? Some consider Harmonic Convergence to be the very first time humanity collectively gathered to meditate upon a world in harmony. Both events — 30 years, one Saturn cycle apart — did and are receiving massive publicity as possible collective turning points. Plus, both charts contain fiery grand trines with the Sun itself, which, amazingly enough, also contain both Saturn and Uranus!

Here’s the Harmonic Convergence chart. Just note the geometry, with special attention to the Grand Trine (three 120° angles, creating equilateral triangle) in fire with Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter — and the Sun, just over the sign line into earthy Virgo, but still inside the grand trine itself.

30 years later, serious Saturn made its return to that same point, 15° Sagittarius over the past year or so, and is now positioned at 22° Sagittarius, exactly where lightning-like, unpredictable Uranus was back then — and, amazingly enough, Saturn is set to turn direct on August 25th, only four days past the Solar Eclipse!

In the case of this event, the Sun/Moon conjunction, rather than being in earthy, cautious Virgo, is in fiery, expressive Leo as part of the fiery grand trine itself; so this event may prove even more significant in transformative power than that old event, which did however set in motion a 25-year collective dreaming forward to December 2012, when the whole world was supposed to magically reset due to the Mayan Calendar. We can argue whether it did or did not, but what we can’t argue is that this dreaming forward, this intention to set in motion a new timeline that would lead to human harmony, was very seriously initiated during the Harmonic Convergence itself, by thousands of yearning souls at telluric power spots all over the world.

Here’s the upcoming Solar Eclipse chart. Again, pay attention to the geometry, the Grand Trine and the planets involved: Saturn, Uranus, Sun/Moon, and others.

In my own case, BTW, the Harmonic Convergence set in motion what might possibly prove to have been the most important turning point of my life, the result of an inner voice that thundered to me, very clearly and succinctly, as I was twirling like a Sufi in an enormous yurt in the Tetons at around midnight on August 16, where I was functioning as “the astrologer” for a group of New Agers who had come up from California: YOU MUST FINISH YOUR PERSONAL KARMA BY THE END OF THE YEAR.

I knew what that meant. I had to go back and resolve the awful festering karma having to do with both my first ex-husband, and my own children, neither of whom I had seen or hugged or spoken with in six long years. I’ve told this story a number of times, and won’t repeat it here. Just note that you, too, may be asked to clear your personal karma by the end of the year during this Solar Eclipse. Who knows?

The key is, the more of us who set our intention to do this, to clear our personal karma — and it is a process, not just accomplished in one feel swoop — the more of us are freed up to do the work we are meant for in this lifetime when we, as souls, agreed to descend en masse to this beautiful beleagured planet to participate in, and, if we are wise, to help lead the way through this chaotic, climactic moment in the history of at least our Mother Earth, and possibly the entire solar system and beyond.

Here’s young Jordan Sather, talking about utilizing this Solar Eclipse for the good of all. (BTW: Lada Ray thinks the effects of this Solar Eclipse will be, by and large, good.)





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Roaming the Internet at 2 AM: Simon Parkes, Clif High, Jim Marrs

Note: These are the kinds of astonishing videos I watch (actually, just listen to) in the middle of the night. Might as well open my mind even wider for an hour or two before falling back to sleep! As usual, I have no idea what is “really true” from a limited 3D perspective (requiring empirical proof, etc.). Instead, I allow my intensely exploratory Sagittarian nature to roam far and wide — and deep!

I have been tuning into Simon Parkes for a year or so, and to Cliff High for not quite that long. Jim Marrs has been in the background for years: it took his death for me to actually tune in to him.

Simon Parkes claims to be a hybrid with ET contact, a good portion of “reptilian” DNA and an incredible range of capacity to respond in a fascinating manner to questions of whatever nature! Was born into a insider (MI5, NSA connections) family, in England, and has held public office there. Each time, his two-hour, twice a month Q&A’s are worth listening to, at least in part, though the man who hosts them tends to be a ditz. (But that’s okay!). This last time Parkes spoke, for example, of Putin as being not 3D but 5D — and says that, since that’s the case, his body has to reflect that higher frequency, or it wouldn’t be able to hold his energy. A good argument, I would think, for making sure you get and keep your body in prime condition, especially if you want to expand your capacity to the point where you shift to higher frequency stability. (P.S. Ignore the misleading title of this video, his Q&A of August 6, 2017.)

Clif High is another most likely very high frequency being whose range of discussion is so wide and deep that I’d say he is blessed/cursed with what my deceased husband Jeff Joel used to label “circumconscious navigations.” He invented a computer program that, he says, taps into the collective unconscious, to show what is “trending” via analysis of changing “linguistic data sets.” His main focus is economic, and in this video, his discussion of cryptocurrencies was, for me, a total eye-opener. (However, I see today that the USG is already moving to make them illegal?

US Launches Quiet Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies

In any case, what Clif High does is let us know that there is lots of innovation going on that is not (and cannot!?) be measured with the usual (dollar-based) metric during this time when the fiat debt money economy is crashing. Utterly fascinating, as always. He says we are “in an economic renaissance.” That “the whole society is undergoing a huge change from the bottom up, much of which is going to be influenced by these strange energies from space, which are going to start calming down from the agitation . . .”

I remember seeing grey bearded Jim Marrs pass in the hall in his cowboy hat and boots at one of the UFO conventions a few years ago, and my UFO buddy Joan Bird  whispered to me that me he’s one of the prime movers in the field. He died recently, which made me finally go check out his videos. Here’s his final interview, which I must say, is to me the clearest, most cogent explanation I’ve ever heard about our history and origins (Annunaki tampering with DNA).

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Our Alaskan Adventure, Part 2

PHOTOS: Our Alaska Bride Hannah’s Family, including Dad (my brother) John, Mom Jeannie, and younger sibs Claire and Daniel. All wonderful, and fun to be around! So thankful for the Alaska experience! (Photos from Jeannie’s fb page.)



After publishing  Our Alaskan Adventure yesterday, which included lots of the usual scary stuff at the end, last night I had a nagging feeling that I should not have left it there. That the contrast between the unusually loving wedding celebration below and the ghastly chemtrail-filled sky above was a poignant reminder of not just what we are “up against,” but of the life force that rises in us, nonetheless, insistent and ongoing. Indeed, that people are still getting married, still loving each other, still having children, is testament to the human spirit’s indomitable will to not just survive but to thrive. And while humanity is being tested, as possibly never before, in part due to the internet spreading everything — real, fake, alternative, fiction, fact, ideals, visions, values, algorithms, chaos, synchronicities, wars and rumors of wars, explosions of artistic, ideological and spiritual fervor — still we are HERE, we are connected, networked into a vast multidimensional web of togetherness, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, walking the same holy ground, needing both sleep and wakefulness, riding the same rollercoaster of roiling feelings while texting madly during an accelerating global crisis; and all the while, there is not one of us who is not also dreaming the Big Dream of a beautiful garden of abundance that holds us all in its embrace, not just beyond war, but beyond measure.

BE GONE! the comparative, combative, territorial silliness that has kept our entire species stuck and divided for thousands of years.

May we humans learn to breathe easy — in and out, expanding and contracting, absorbing and letting go, allowing the primal rhythmic harmony that moves through birds when they call in the dawn, animals when they rut and let go, water flowing downhill and around obstacles, trees leafing out and later dropping, flowers turning to follow the sun. May we learn to love one another, no matter what — or who, or how, or why, or any of those questions that beset the mind and disturb the heart. May we, as unique, precious individual souls, let go of rules and roles and guilt and shame; may we remember — re-member, put ourselves back together again — so that we may naturally express ourselves fully, birthing babies and tribes and projects and inventions, spiraling love’s forms into and out of creation, forever and ever.

And above all, may we allow in our natural communion, the way Earth, Sun and Moon do when they line up, briefly, with mysterious predictable majesty, in an exact straight line across the sky.

(Don’t you find the fact of eclipses astonishing? How could one cosmic body millions of miles further and much much larger than the other, appear, from Earth’s point of view, to cover each other, rim to rim, exactly? Oh but let’s not get into why that might be possible. (cf. David Icke). It’s another of those “conspiracy” theories that we either love or hate to think or talk about, depending on whether we’re willing to question our “world-view” — and that therefore, keep us divided!)

May the upcoming Solar Eclipse not only help us look up, and re-member our at-onement with the infinite cosmos, but show us the way forward as we, bowing in awe and gratitude, listen closely to wise Earth as she instructs us how to cultivate her vast and incomparable garden.


This morning, I came across a quote on fb (thanks Darren) that sums it all up:

She has not forgotten the prophecy she heard when she was a child, and which she has read many times since with recognition and without much doubt: “And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. . . .For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences​. . .woe unto them that give suck in those days!”. She understands that woe. She knows that she does not know what will have to be suffered by the child drowsing in her womb. She mourns for the future, as the past has taught her. And yet there is a rejoicing in her, persistent and unbidden as the beating of her heart. There is a deep imperative in her flesh, not her mind’s work but it’s strongest argument nevertheless, that tells her to step cheerful and quick.”

THE MEMORY OF OLD JACK, p. 97, by Wendell Berry

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Is Trump’s fury with North Korea a diversionary wag the dog tactic?

An eye-raising possibility that first showed up, for me last night, via Pepe Escobar:

Is North Korea Showing the Emperor Is Naked?


A case can be made that President Trump is using North Korea to kick the 24/7 Russia-gate narrative out of the US news cycle. It’s certainly working. After all, in Exceptionalistan weltanschauung, the prospect of war and its possible rewards certainly trumps hazy accusations of Russian hacking and election interference.

Capitol Hill would never even consider an attempt to impeach a president – on top if he’s surrounded by generals – while American geopolitical primacy is in danger. Besides, Congress has already made it explicit Trump does not even need permission to bomb North Korea.

So, according to this working hypothesis, if Robert Mueller finds anything seriously damaging to the Trump brand, the president might actually consider a bomb North Korea/wag the dog operation.


This same case has been given a very human context by another writer, who helps us begin to feel Donald Trump in his impossible role as U.S. President, besieged and betrayed on all sides. And, frankly, it fascinates me that no matter how much a warmonger Trump SEEMS to portray at times, for me the jury is still out! If so, then no wonder. 

North Korea: When the truth is stranger than fiction

August 12, 2017

What’s really going on with North Korea? Armchair analyst nails it!

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following commentary was submitted to SOTN and deserves some serious space.

It answers the question: Why is North Korea blowing up so much bigger this time?

This short explanation was slightly edited from the original submission.

Thanks to “Lone Ranger” for piecing this together.

State of the Nation
August 12, 2017

Submitted comment starts here:

North Korea: Everything points to a diversionary tactic…by you know who.

We shouldn’t even be writing about this for obvious reasons.  We will explain why we are later on.

First, let’s be clear about the ongoing drama with North Korea (NK).

It’s really all drama being hyped Hollywood-style.

Regardless of who is really behind it and why they are doing it, it’s being used by Trump.


He’s being forced to change the daily narrative any way he can.

The “Russia collusion” story has been used to distract him and his team.

His agenda gets throttled daily because Deep State is wasting his time with false allegations and fictitious events.

The media ties him up hourly with fake news about Russia.

The intelligence agencies pile on with leaked this and leaked that.

The many spooks in the West Wing make mischief at every opportunity.

When you add it all up, they are preventing him from serving out his term as POTUS.

The quickest and easiest way to throw a wrench in the Deep State machinery is to replace their fake news with fakier news about NK.

As soon as NK allegedly made its new round of threats, Trump jumped on it like a cat on a piece of hot tuna.

He couldn’t have been handed a better distraction to change the media focus away from the fake news about Russia.

They’re even talking about nuclear war.  And, that many Americans are actually fearful about the prospect.

The media loves talking about nukes and nuclear war.  It also sells newspapers.

Showman Trump has done a great job milking this NK cow for all its worth.  But he really has no choice.

Because as soon as NK dies down, as it always does, the crazies in Congress will saber rattle toward Russia yet again.

Now many patriots are thinking about getting off the Trump train because of the constant warmongering.

Sometimes a leader has got to do some crazy things to change the conversation.

He’s got to out-crazy the crazymakers.

This is what Trump is doing today with NK (another crazymaker).

And it’s what he’ll have to do with other crazymakers (both foreign and domestic) in the future.

It’s his only hope if he is to outsmart the craziest neocon crazymakers who run Washington like it’s their whorehouse.

Trump is moving through very dangerous times, personally and as president.

He can’t be too careful.

What he can do — whenever it makes sense — is distract, divert and misdirect.

This provides cover for him to get something — anything — done for the American people.

The Trumpsters need to understand this, even if it looks like he’s triggering a war.

He’s NOT.

If war does break out on his watch, then Trump lost to the Deep State crazymakers.

It’s important to support him during this precarious period.

He will do a lot of things that don’t square with his campaign promises.

Not only is he practically alone in the White House, many secretly conspire against him and his stated agenda.

Donald Trump really needs moral support from the patriots and Trump movement. August, September and October promise to be rough going for him.

As for who is really behind Kim’s temper tantrum.  And why they are triggering him.

That’s “you know who”, of course.

Lone Ranger



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