Trump, Putin, Justin and me: What we all have in common

Do you see the similarity? Not sure how old either of them is in the photos depicted, though Putin (on left) is clearly older than Trump.

I wrote about Trump’s baby picture here, shortly after he won the U.S. presidential election.

Baby Picture of Donald J. Trump

My introduction to Putin’s early life came when I came across a book in the Little Free Library in front of our Green Acres Permaculture Village, and despite holding my nose, managed to read it. Clearly anti-Putin in tone, Marsha Gessen’s Man Without A Face described him as a playground bully.

But, she also mentioned that when he begged his father to let him take martial arts, everything changed. He could learn how to focus his considerable energy — and did so.

Here’s an RT article about Putin that reminds me of what I’ve read about Trump as a young person, both of them utterly full of energy, and mischievous as hell..

“Energy in him was in full swing” says Putin’s teacher regarding her famous pupil

But the point of this post is other than comparing the early lives of these two men who then went on to become world leaders. Instead, what I long to see is for each of us go back and find our own “baby picture,” the one photo of us that shows who we really are, our original nature, before all the conditioning set in. What would happen if we did? Here’s mine:

This morning, for our regular Monday morning work party, I was weeding out by the DeKist 2 property line, with Andreas and a brand new podmate, Justin, who is only 20 years old.

Way too young, we would usually think, to live here. But this young man is unusual. As we were weeding, he mentioned to me: “I know I’ve been programmed, and have been trying to let go of it. At first, when I realized this, I was overwhelmed. How could I ever find it all and let it go?”

Justin, on left.

I asked him, “What was the moment when you woke up, when you realized you had been programmed?”

“Well, I had been listening to some podcasts. And one of them mentioned a book, The Four Agreements,  by Don Miguel Ruiz.

I finally bought the book, during a time when I had just transferred to IU, was lonely and had no nearby friends. The book changed my life. I have, so far, read it three times. Because I keep forgetting, and must go back and remember.”

“Yes,” I replied. “I started de-programming myself when I was 26 years old, and now, at 75, I am still doing so.”

As we kept pulling grasses and “smart weed,” leaving the clover (good for the soil) and purslane (good in salads), then mulching the mostly bare soil with woodchips, I asked him to remind me. What are the four agreements?

Here they are, in an image, in case you don’t know them yourself, or, like me, need to be reminded.

Yes. What if we were to make it our primary goal, each of us, to return to our original nature, that unique, pure and irreplaceable core essence that came into this life innocent and unadulterated, utterly open to experience. What would happen if we learned to see others in terms of their own original nature too, no matter how they have been programmed since then? I keep visioning all humans wearing their baby pictures on their chests, so we could each see each other for who we really are, underneath all the layers of “identity” we have (usually unconsciously) piled on top of that precious, beautiful soul.






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As Mercury turns to go direct, please, would-be citizen investigators — step up to the plate!

Mercury turned to go direct this morning, at nearly 12° Leo, making only one strong aspect, to Jupiter in Scorpio, and even that is three degrees from exactness. At issue is Leo’s pride and self-expression. Pride is negative, self-expression is positive. Pride as assuming one knows, for certain, “the truth;” self-expression as the decision to speak one’s own truth, no matter what.

The aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio continues the underworldly, deep in the heart of darkness, issue of corruption, as being revealed during this time — pedophilia and worse, bribery, pay to play, murder, trafficking of children, organs, you name it! It’s all comin’ down.

Mercury direct will be followed by Mars, on August 27th, then Saturn on September 6. With these three planets finally going direct we may see some actual action as the result of all the revelations.

As a result of the discovery of yesterday, I went back to her site and was astonished by what she has put up there for other “diggers,” she calls them, to call upon, when in need of resources to back up or flesh in their investigations.  Check out especially:

The File Drawer


For Diggers

Were I young again, I would certainly be one of the diggers, given that I have been obsessed with “the news” since I was a small child. Check her inspirational site out thoroughly; you’ll be amazed. And use her example to start your own investigations. In doing so you will be aligning with all the Qanon decoders ( I appreciate especially prayingmedic, neonrevolt,  seething frog, and the war drummer), and so many other alert and indefatigable citizen investigators, like, for example,  Tracy Beanz, who investigates a wide range of topics, including political corruption within the DOJ and FBI. And don’t forget Liz Crokin, a career journalist who gave it all up to concentrate on pedophilia when most people thought she was obsessed and crazy. That was two years ago. She has since been vindicated, in spades.

Meanwhile, we should recognize that the deep rot that we seek to root out has a very long history; some think it goes back 2000 years or more.


Here’s a military pedophile eradiction operation, Operation Clydesdale, published in December 1999, but recounts events when Reagan was president. A brutal operation, which did achieve its objective — the rescue of one young, totally traumatized and tortured, boy — but at what cost?

So all of this horror is nothing new. What’s new is that, thanks to the internet, it’s now leaking out, everywhere. It may be that the story of the dozens of Catholic priests in Pennsylvania who molested at least 1000 young boys over seven decades will prove to be some kind of turning point. Even the MSM is running stories on this long-running abomination. But then, we thought Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover-Up  would turn the tide. Or the convictions of athletic coach Jerry Sandusky (and subsequently, his son); or that of  Ex-speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

Then there’s Hollywood. I’ll let you do the digging on that one. Just too many perps to count at this point.

And new revelations come daily, thick and fast. Will they be enough? Only if citizen investigators, all of you young ones who are burning with the fire of outrage, who need to see justice done, who possess writing skills and immense, intense curiosity for what’s down there in all the rabbit holes — get on board.

Meanwhile, of course, there’s another plan to control the internet, reported on by one of the MSM newspapers, the WSJ!

Senator Mark Warner’s Plan to Ruin the Internet

Be alert! Without the internet, the astonishing upwelling of citizen investigation of corruption that has kept humanity in mental, emotional, and sometimes physical chains, for millennia, would not be possible. Period.


Back to Mercury turning to go direct. Check out this interpretation of the Sabian symbol for 12° Leo: An Evening Lawn Party. 

Clearly, all these citizen investigators also need to connect with each other, to cooperate, if we want the sum to be more than the individual parts. And we are doing that. Through blogs, and social media, and just hanging with our friends, whether in person or digitally. The more peer-to-peer networking takes place, the better chance we have to actually strip civilization of the nauseating plague that has been holding us hostage from time immemorial, causing chaos, slavery, rape, murder, wars, and the destruction of our beloved Mother Earth.


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Massive compilation: coreysdigs in to planned solar panel installations across island trade (traffic) routes

Across a massive three-part series, 44 pages, PDF here, above all, she asks WHY: what is the real agenda behind this seemingly humanitarian endeavor?

This series is breathtaking; old-fashioned investigative journalism at its best, tying probability of a known route for human and drug trafficking to a public/private, multi-corporate. multi-governmental scheme to “solarize” islands, i.e., put solar panels where hurricane winds tend to blow them off. Huh? I’ve only managed to delve part-way through Part I of  this astonishingly detailed overview in both time and space, but do plan to finish it.

Another welcome find from my twitter feed.



Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with the Clintons and Richard Branson: Part I

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Green Acres Village, early to mid-August, part two: CSA, Community Dinner, plus synchronicity!

Note: part one.

Last Friday’s CSA held a good haul, though rabbits had gotten the early beans. Pictures follow. In prep for this week’s CSA, Solan’s message to share-holders included this important information:

This year, Indiana farmers planted over 6 million acres of soybeans, and over 5 million acres of corn. That accounts for over 2/3 of the farmable land in our state. The narrative goes that Indiana and states like it, are feeding America and the world. But are they?

Unfortunately, no, they are not. Over 76% of that corn goes into biofuels or animal feed, much of the rest is exported at rock-bottom prices to countries like Mexico, and the rest goes into high-fructose corn syrup. Very little shows up as those buttery golden ears on our dinner plates. A recent ranking of each US state’s ability to feed its own people a healthy diet placed Indiana in 49th!! Only 0.2% of Indiana agricultural land is actually cultivated in fruits and vegetables. Well, count us in!

When you purchased a CSA share from us, you helped sustain the tiny fraction of Indiana farmers trying to actually feed the people and sustain the land. We are small, but together we are a force for change. Thank you for being a part of this important work.

You can read the Union of Concerned Scientists’ report on “Why the Midwest’s Food System is Failing” here.

Workers this time included myself, as  usual washing vegetables in the outdoor sink, Dan, Solan, and his friend Stevia, who was visiting from Tennessee.


Last night’s Community Dinner went off without a hitch, thanks to the fabulous homemade burdock/dandelion ale Rebecca provided. She finally took the gallon jug away. We had consumed about 3/4 of it! And there were only a dozen of us present, so each of us had, how much?

Ale in glass in this photo.

Last night’s Dan Dessert was hilarious. The strangest looking cake any of us have ever seen, embedded with whole, peeled clementines! Non-gluten! Delicious!

I asked Dan just now, “Did you ever tell people that the clementines were obtained during a dumpster dive?”

“Only when there were about four people left.”

Finally, I end with a wondrous (and typical) synchronicity.

Sometime last week Rebecca said we need some large stainless steel pans for canning. And, as Dan put it, “‘the lord provided’ — and his name was Joe Berry!” Dan’s friend Joe, who is a brewer, was clearing out his supplies, and handed this glorious assortment to Dan!

As my old friend Judy always says, “Moving right along!”

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Green Acres Village, early to mid-August, part one: Work parties, poison ivy, pool party

I’m panting as I try to catch up with various activities around here. Especially since I was struck by poison ivy three days ago during one of our work parties, when, while clearing brush, I came upon a cluster of poison ivy plants and stupidly pulled them, thinking by this time, having drunk my own urine during poison ivy season for years now (the exception? this year; oops!) I was immune to the stuff. Oh yeah? Think again! Yesterday was the third day, traditionally “the worst.” And the worst it was: I had been up six times during the night, and noticed that as my skin felt irritated, so did my inner state become intensely irritable. Inside/outside: SAME. So I practiced noticing, and breathing, all day long, while preparing for yesterday evening’s Community Dinner, which we had decided to hold inside, given the prevalence of mosquitos now, and which meant that Dan and I had to clean house!

Here’s the famous Monday, when I contracted poison ivy during our morning work party clearing this patch in prep for new water containment plan.


And here’s the recipe Reader Rose sent me to counteract poison ivy. I’ll get to a nearby sycamore tree this very afternoon. YES!




Speaking of work parties, one week ago Monday my grandkids, who were here for the first time without their parents, joined us.

They were lucky enough to be here for last week’s Pool Party, the Thursday Community Dinner we held at “the aunties” house, after they (Wanda and Sophia) had asked for us to do this for months! So glad we did. The kids enjoyed it, of course —

— and, although only two adults joined them in the pool, there was girl talk at one end of the pool between parents Eva and Mariella —

— while the rest of us waited for grilled goodies — both meat and veggies — and brought our offerings into the gazebo.


At some point Roberto arrived, with his usual fabulous Talenti Gelato ice cream.

But this week he was upstaged, at the last minute, by Devon, tanned from his three-week Hawaiian vacation, hauling an enormous load of local Chocolate Moose ice cream! I’ve still got some in the freezer, and granddaughter Kiera gobbled one container the morning of their flight back to Boston.

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WHAT’S AT STAKE, yet again: My roots are Roman Catholic and I am ashamed.

Part of being love, rather than cowering in fear is speaking truth to power. And that Catholicism is so very corrupted leaves me with a terrible taste in my mouth. Not that I’ve gone to church lately. In fact, not since I left that old world behind, when I was 23, and absolutely knew I was not to have another child. (At that time birth control was still a no-no.) For me, it was either my life (and my body) or some fire-breathing authority looking down on me from above, trying to tell me what to do. Forget it!

So, I’m wondering how many Catholics will fall away with this latest disgusting Pennsylvania revelation. And, BTW, as I recall, that finding was for only two dioceses out of nine total in that state. What would the total number of priests and victims be if all nine dioceses were counted?

Reader Anthony sent a long, comprehensive article today, from 2016 (following the Antony Weiner laptop revelations), which goes into detail, starting mid-way through, re: the Catholic church and its long-standing relationship with pedo. Thank you Anthony! And thanks to Rose, who pointed out that Anthony had posted it before I saw it! Decidedly: WWG1WGA.

Speaking of the Catholic church, Q posted something today that made my skin crawl. Check this out. And so glad others finally pulled the terrified infant away from the obsessed priest. Why did they wait so long? Afraid of “authority”? AFRAID? It’s high time we let go of fear. Period. WWG1WGA.



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Only two fundamental choices: LOVE or FEAR

I remember the day I realized this fact. It was in 1991. The (first) Gulf War had just been declared. This, after months of build-up, which I felt in my body as tension, and realized, because I did feel it so strongly, and also felt an equally strong release (relief) as war was declared. This phenomenon — What? I was relieved? I AM glad we went to war? NO!!! — unnerved me. I wrote this essay in response.

Is the Lady A Tyger? On the Energetic Roots of the Phenomenon of War

These days, we have another manifestation of the energetic roots of war, a war between Trump and Trumpsters vs everyone else. Both of these camps feel strongly, so strongly their powerful feelings cloud reason. What is now termed the Trump Derangement Syndrome appears to seriously interfere with even the most sane attempts at returning to — or maybe, forging for the very first time in this fractious nation —  a truly civil society.

When I point out the reactive emotionality of their own attitude to those on either side of this divide they usually snort dismissively. From my point of view, most people just don’t “get it.” And why don’t they get it? I’d say it’s because they are not rooted in an awareness of their own bodies, and so tend to be dictated to by the discomfort their bodies undergo when faced with a phenomenon (Trump) that continues to elude even their best guesses as to how this one 72-year old man seems to effortlessly and single-handedly provoke such a massive disruptive charge in the body politic.


Okay, now let’s get personal.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I certainly have. Whenever I am lying in bed, about to drift off to sleep or waking up in the morning, if there is any disturbance in my bodily state (for me, liver problems, digestive issues), then my conscious, egocentric mind — immediately, without thought — leaps in with an idea to “account” for the discomfort, consider it the “cause” of the discomfort — and then, like magic, pretend to replace it!  Ignoring the physical discomfort itself, ego mind (monkey mind) then runs wild with associated thoughts, and since it’s pain I am feeling in my body (without now, being conscious of it), the thoughts (constructed to mirror the bodily state) are themselves disturbing — “Oh no, what if? What can I do about it? What else will happen? Whose fault is it?” On and on, monkey mind runs rampant with desire and/or aversion, thus engendering a suffering as strong or stronger than the original physical discomfort!

And all this desire/aversion inner talk is fearful. That’s right. The emotion of fear rules, automatically, when, without awareness, I instantly substitute mental agitation for the original bodily discomfort. Fear of what will happen if. Or fear that what already happened will happen again, or worse. On and on.

So, that one primal, and exceedingly simple recognition, which arose during one ordinary afternoon when I was just standing there in my office in Jackson Wyoming during the Gulf War in 1991, of the choice, at every moment, between Love or Fear, felt like a revelation.

This revelation is related to another, and in fact, may be the same one: the dichotomy between abundance and scarcity. I posted on this recently:

The Scarcity Assumption

Today, I googled “love and fear,” looking for an article that talked about the chemistry of these two states of being. And found it. Well worth reading all the way through.

Entelechy Journal: LOVE AND FEAR

Remember, it’s a choice. Always. And sometimes we need to recognize how those who want to rule us, control us, create a centralized state where we are all cogs in a single vast machine, do so. And yes, it’s always through manipulation of our fears! When we are not afraid, we don’t succumb to the psy-ops, of which there are four main ones: 1. Divide and Rule, 2. Distraction, 3. False Flag, and 4. Action, Reaction, Solution.

Watch the first ten minutes of this Ole Dammegard video describing these four types of psychological operations (psy-ops) that have been used since time immemorial  to corral people into doing their supposed overlords’ bidding. And remember, only if we are afraid, will we succumb to any of them. And sometimes that means coming back into our bodies (since yes, our minds do tend to run away with us), rooting ourselves there, inside our own skin, and noticing: am I fearful, or am I loving? Am I contracting, closing my heart down? Or am I expansive, open to the universe, heart full to bursting? It really is one or the other.





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WHAT’S AT STAKE, followup: Within hours of yesterday’s post, three more examples.

See yesterday’s post.

I had just posted “WHAT’S AT STAKE,” when I noticed this new post on my twitter feed. Reader Anthony also pointed it out. From True Pundit, another in what more and more appears to be a long trail of bodies strewn behind the Clintons:

Investigative Journalist Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room Weeks After Reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for Allegedly Raping Boy

Reading the above, I cannot help but think back to when Bill was president, and the silly, sordid “I didn’t have sex with that woman” wet-spot-on-dress affair that I dubbed, back then, Bill’s “peckerdillo.” Such relatively innocent times we were in then, over 20 years ago. I even felt sorry for Hillary, that she would have to endure being the wife who was so wronged.

Next, within the hour yesterday, another post appeared, this one from zerohedge:

Over 300 Catholic Pedos Preyed Upon 1000+ Children amid “Systematic” Coverup: Report

A grand jury from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reports on findings from 70 decades. The title doesn’t mention that they were Catholic priest pedos. But then, they usually are. This news no longer shocks. In fact, it’s now routine. Indeed, as of three months ago,

The Vatican Has Paid Nearly 4 Billion to Settle for Children Harmed by Sexual Abuse

The third story is also one that I’d heard innuendos about previously. It concerns the UN.

Horrifying UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High Level UN Employees

Imagine, if you will, the little known fate of millions of child refugees, shuttling between and among nations, including ours. Imagine their own family lives disrupted by war, usually with the U.S. at the helm and big bucks for military and weapons contractors. Imagine these children trafficked, raped, killed — their organs then trafficked to the highest bidders. All this happens. Regularly and often. It’s not just Satanism,  ceremonial child sacrifice. It’s business, big business, lucrative as hell. And we, the people need to do something about it. And to do that, we need first, to WAKE UP.

From Q-post, today:





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