October 19, 2017, 3:13 pm: Ready, set, GO! New Moon in diplomatic Libra EXACTLY OPPOSITE unpredictable Uranus in Aries

Okay folks, get ready to shake off old patterns in relationship — between essence and ego internally, and between you and others externally, and especially between you and whoever you designate as “the other” — whether partner in love or in crime or in hate — upon whom you have projected unconscious aspects of yourself that you either love or collude with, or hate!

Relationships between equals (Libra) are now up for radical restructuring (Uranus); independence of thought, word, deed required for both parties in relationship (internal and/or external) if they are to move into balance. Let us center in the self (the unique essence) while equally appreciating the unique essence of the other. Not one OR the other but BOTH. EQUALLY. IN BALANCE.

Plus, this startling opposition (within me and between me/you) has help, from serious, uncompromising, formative Saturn, in the sign of (big picture) Sagittarius, forming a harmonious trine and sextile to both ends of the Libra/Aries seesaw. Furthermore, Mars in Virgo also works in aspect to this larger pattern, to discern, fill in the details, and analyze.

You might want to do some kind of ceremony during the moment of this New Moon to celebrate the occasion of letting go of old Libra/Aries stuckness and allowing the seed of new beginnings in relationships — between ego and essence, and between self and the other —to bite down and grab hold.

The unusual urgency and vibrancy of this New Moon will stick around for a day or two. Take advantage of it!

Oh yes, and meanwhile, remember that Jupiter has just entered Scorpio from Libra, and all that entails to deepen this Libra/Aries New Moon process; in fact, I predict that, if you dare to give full rein to what is fermenting inside you, to what is resonating during Jupiter’s death/rebirth transit through Scorpio, then by this time next year all your relationships, both inner and outer, will have completely transformed.



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Green Acres Village: Mid-October work party, in “the dead of night”!

Mid-October work party, as scheduled, in “the dead of night”!

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Harvey squeals to FBI in return for plea bargain? True? If so, have we reached the tipping point?

Harvey Weinstein gives names of Hollywood and Washington D.C. pedophiles to FBI

Saw the above last night, but notice that, despite its bombshell implications, I haven’t seen it reposted anywhere! Nor do I see any source for its main claim. On the other hand, it is a great compilation of what’s swirling around the chosen fall guy, Weinstein. And, if it is true, then might it be that the reason it hasn’t been reposted has to do with the complicit MSM media’s still desperate desire to keep the whole situation covered up?

I also see where Session has called for an FBI investigation of Weinstein. What we’ve got to remember, is that this single man, now being crucified as if he’s the only one, is not; he happens to be one of the top dogs among thousands of others — in Hollywood, politics, sports, religion, the bankster, corporate and royal cabal — all of whom depend on others around them to keep quiet about their own and/or others’ abuse. Indeed, it is our very culture as a whole, in which at least 60% of the national budget goes to the MIC, that is complicit. We have been raping and murdering “foreigners” forever, and looking the other way. For example, during the Vietnam War:

Spreading “Freedom”:  Rape of Vietnamese women During U.S. invasion was considered standard operating procedure for American troops

None of us are innocent. Each of us has a good wolf and bad wolf inside us. And as the Native American’s say, the one who wins is the one we feed.

Same for the culture at large. Though it does seem that some cultures are more predatory than others, and that ours, at least at this point in history, “takes the cake.”


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Deborah Tavares: “The Plan to Burn up Northern California”

This morning I got an email from an old friend and former Green Acres neighbor, Julia, who has since moved to California and has now shifted from the Bay Area to Arcata, near the Oregon border. She sent me a link to a video, with the headline, “This Is Interesting.”

When I clicked on the link, I discovered it was a Jeff Rense interview with Deborah Tavares . Tried to recall where I had heard that name before, and then remembered: fellow blogger and friend Laura Bruno, who used to live in Northern California, had sent me info on Deborah as an activist who knew all about Agenda 21. This was back when I was still learning the true extent of the nefarious New World Order plan to herd us like sheep into tiny boxes in crowded cities and turn us into robots. (Do I exaggerate?) Not that I’m not still learning, but I knew I had heard her name before when I started to listen to the video during my morning yoga.

After 24 minutes, I couldn’t listen to it anymore. My stomach was hurting. I couldn’t stomach the information. It was simply too awful, all that she was saying about smart meters and the fact that Sebastopol (where she lived) is/was the center of resistance to them.

At the time I assumed that her video was in response to the fires still ravaging northern California, and naturally, wondered if the fires first started in Sebastopol.

When searching for info on Deborah Tavares just now I found out that she has not been heard from in a while, and that this video was actually first put up in 2015! Which makes me and others wonder what happened to her.

After finishing yoga in silence, I emailed Julia telling her I couldn’t stomach going beyond the first 24 minutes, and to ask if she had listened to the entire video;  if so, would she mind letting me know what was in it? Here is her reply, and frankly, it sounds like something out of a dystopian fantasy novel. Julia:

Yes-that is about as far as I got and had a very similar reaction because it hit me with an overwhelming sense of helplessness. It just didn’t make sense how they all started at once. I drove down to San Francisco last week right as the fires were starting for a work conference. Dorsie went with me and he was driving on highway 5 near Vacaville. The smoke was thick and you could smell death at that point on the highway. Dorsie became extremely agitated and angry. I didn’t have the reaction. I was definitely hit was extreme sadness, but I remained calm.

I was able to see old friends and co-workers which was nice, but the bay area causes my heart to palpitate and I don’t want to go back anytime soon. I’m scared to witness the devastation. While on the trip, I had a homeless woman stare me down and come at me with a shopping cart. I knew she was going to attack me at least a half a block away. I tried to get out of her way as she approached, but she ran right for me and slammed her shopping cart into my thigh. She quickly dashed off-just one powerful hit with the cart. I have a large thick black bruise.

To get out of town, our only route back home was to take highway 1 north-it took two days and the route was just as precarious as it was beautiful. We avoided the smoke, but holy hell-I’m exhausted. The trip made me feel completely out of the protective flow of the universe until I arrived home which now includes two dogs, three cats, my daughter, her boyfriend and Dorsie.

and of course-ME TOO-right?

At this point I asked Julia, would it be okay if I posted on this whole thing, including her response to me? “Yes.”

So, that’s when I began to get all this down, and ran into the fact that the video was from two years ago. Does this interview’s title, “The Plan to Burn up Northern California,” now signal it as predictive programming?

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Jordan Sather’s current perspective on the three main issues that have MY attention right now

Rather than limiting the term “Disclosure” to just what’s going on in space and whether or not some of it is manmade and if so, what, Jordan also includes pedogate and human trafficking under that rubric, since some of the same people are involved in both, and both stories infect society all the way to the top of the food chain.

BTW: Like myself and others, Jordan also is now seeing the California “fires” as so anomalous as to be possibly caused by a space-based weapon. Google the pictures for yourself: trees burning inside but not outside; metal melting, leaving wood untouched; trees untouched around torched houses; structures reduced to ash (reminding one of 9/11). On and on.

Very much appreciate the rising star of this young citizen journalist, his incisive and broad-based analyses. Jordan has a very good nose, is good at parsing his sources, plus, he enjoys a mile-long shit detector — as required, when slogging through mountains of info, disinfo and misinfo.

P.S.: Here’s an amazing post by someone both in the know about Weinstein AND calling himself out on it, rather than lying and/or adopting a sanctimonious tone (now called “virtue signaling”). Highly unusual.

Miramax Insider’s Scathing Facebook Post to Hollywood Elite Goes Viral

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Former Green Acres Villager Briana learns to “navigate the in-between”

Our dear friend and former Green Acres villager Briana, shown here on a visit last month,

has written a piece which helps us recognize, both why she needed to move, temporarily, back home with her parents, and the magnitude of what she’s been learning since. I applaud her new understanding, a rare capacity to see and navigate, from within the spacious right brain, two left-brain, seemingly contradictory conceptual forms which compete to explain her lived experience.

I asked her if I could publish her piece, as is. She gave her permission. 


Stepping into the Wounded Healer

by Briana Petty

An appropriate place for stepping into the wounded healer archetype would be to meditate on sickness. What is sickness? How have we experienced sickness in our own lives? Illness is defined as “a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.” Oftentimes, we think of sickness as strictly physical. Fever, chicken pox, cancer. But those with mental illness know, maladies of the mind can be just as devastating, having affects on this physical world as well. I’ve come to believe sickness has a spiritual dimension and I focus my healing work there. When actions are driven by ego, envy, insecurity, and inauthenticity there is sickness. How many times have we been under the influences of these forces and not even realized it?

Beyond our individual illness lies collective illness. Poverty. War. Torture. Racism. These are the wounds that bleed us all. The old, deep wounds that constantly reinvent themselves in news headlines and everyday interactions. We are swimming in a sea of sickness, clutching to buoys of friendship and hope. There is darkness. We are all wounded. And we are all capable of being a healer.

After getting out of the psychiatric hospital for the second time, I was told by the doctors: You are sick. I was told by a trusted friend: You are a healer. So which is it? Is it possible to be both? I believe so. And in order to move forward with healing work, we need to move beyond the dichotomies of doctor and patient, sick and well, wounded and healer. We must embrace the fact that our own dose of strife and suffering lends us the incredible power to empathize. (One finds want of empathy while locked up in the sterile hospital.) Empathy is the equivalent of laying a bridge to meet another human being. After going through a difficult break up isn’t it that much easier to help a friend through one?  After losing someone you love, isn’t it that much more imperative to comfort others in their time of loss?

The world is in need of healing work. Not all of us are doctors, priests, or shamans.  But all of us are capable of tiny milagros, miracles, that extend our common humanity. The more readily we open our wounds to others, the more quickly we will find common ground. I believe there is strength in vulnerability. That the world needs more of it. I’m talking authentic heart to hearts. I’m talking about medicine boxes for your neighbors. I’m talking sage bundles between friends.

So now I find myself walking this line between illness and wellness. Between my wounds being open and healing over. Between psych ward and priestess. This inbetween is important. It points to the fact that nobody has the answers. It allows me to retain some creative vision over the narrative. I could allow this life-threatening illness to cause me to live in fear. Or I could use this archetype to continue small acts of healing in this world I desperatively love. It is truly a desperate love . . . one that is laced with bitterness and melancholy. We all hold tight and take our medicine.


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Harvey down. Is Hillary next? And THEN WHAT?

Okay. How to begin this post? With the pic that shows Huma (married to a  convicted pedophile), Harvey (current fall guy and distraction), and Hillary (married to a sex addict, whose impeachment expenses for the “stain on the blue dress” were paid by Harvey) together?

Or, should I begin with Hillary’s already infamous remarks when pressed on Harvey’s ignominous fall?

Oh, wait. Let’s go back in time. Let’s return to something that I’ve referred to again and again: MK Ultra mind-controlled sex worker and since 1995, whistleblower, Kathy O’Brien’s, her incredible book Trance Formation of America which documents sexual abuse by Hillary when still a child.

All of which makes me wonder about what Julian Assange is referring to in yesterday’s recent veiled remarka on HIllary.

Okay, now back to Hollywood (pedowood) — and beyond. It’s not just the Catholic Church, or sports figures, or the music and entertainment industry. According to Liz Crokin ad others, fully one-third of the government is involved in a Satanic pedophile ring with the threat of blackmail to keep all the hidden perps in line.

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David Icke (and others): On “The tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip . . .”

Time to get off our tippy toes, plant our feet solidly into holy ground, and realize: we who are alive on planet Earth now chose, on a soul level, to be present during this penultimate moment in history, his-story, his totally fucked-up, destructive patriarchal story, when all that has been held in denial, under cover, too icky/evil to contemplate, is actually coming to the surface. Each massive current story just in this country alone (I leave out news that is barely “old” — massive destructive hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico; I leave out huge ongoing  geopolitical earthquakes and rumors of war, most of which drummed up by this failing, flailing USG/MIC Empire) — all of them threatening to eclipse all the others — exists as the tiniest tip of a tip of a tip — of one particular iceberg, which interlocks with all of the other icebergs to cover this beautiful Earth with the unspeakably ghastly results of unchecked (and I presume, mostly unconscious (I’m being kind)) patriarchal rage.

Tip of the Iceberg — Image by © Ralph A. Clevenger/CORBIS

First, let’s take David Icke’s perspective here, on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, for it is he who articulated the “tip of the tip of the tip” phrase. Icke did so in an attempt to even begin to evoke the massively widening/deepening context of this single scandal, which seems to be spreading and deepening hourly. Pay attention. It’s not pretty. And it’s been going on a long time, in every arena and strata of our so-called civilized society.

Then let’s consider just two more current stories, again both of them massive, still spreading as I write this, and each one distracting us from the others.

First, the Las Vegas false flag, the official story of which not only keeps mutating, but two witnesses (to multiple shooters) have already disappeared — at least one of them dead.

Las Vegas massacre survivor dies abruptly after posting her detailed eyewitness account of multiple shooters on Facebook

The security guard who was due to talk on television disappeared just prior to his interviews.

And then, of course, there are all of the contradictions.

I tend to think that many (most?) contradictions in so-called “news” stories are designed that way, to keep us both engaged (trying to figure it out, and proud of ourselves for thinking we’ve done so) and confused (but what does it mean? how was it done? who’s to blame? and cui bono? — on and on), and especially, distracted from whatever they need us not to pay attention to. Paul Craig Roberts, for one, has gotten so confused (by whether or not there were real, hospitalized victims, and if so who is who?) that he says he’s not going to publish anything else on the situation until it clears up. Will it? Probably not: Remember 9/11, all the contradictions and other weirdnesses on that day. To refresh your memory, three tiny examples: the (convenient) passport on the New York sidewalk; the barely disturbed Pennsylvania field where the airliner supposedly went down; the strange, too small hole in the Pentagon.

Curtain down on Las Vegas Shooting

I find it interesting that the Paul Craig Roberts posting discusses the Northwoods document, since — synchronistically — I just a few minutes ago watched Melissa and Aaron Dykes Truthstream Media’s piece on the Northwoods document proving that the USG figured out how to keep us totally confused way back in 1963!

Okay. One more. The California fires. And this one is as chilling as it gets. So many ask: how did it happen? Some say that PG and E transformers were the cause (due to high winds: but the winds didn’t start until after the fires did!).

Others mention meteriorites. But the following, unfortunately, seems more likely. Frankly, I wish I could doubt it. But I too, noticed that the massive California fires that all started pretty much at once and seemed themselves to initiate huge winds, happened to incinerate all sorts of man made structures — but didn’t touch some of the trees. Huh?

California Fires were not “wild,” they were engineered.

And that of course, is another tip of the tip of the tip. See Dane Wigington’s www.geogengineeringwatch.org for more. Too bad we can’t set an enormous iceberg on these horrific fires.



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Partial (skewed?) “disclosure” with Tom Delonge’s “To the Stars”

Given the still-thundering aftermath of Vegas, plus the increasingly fiery California holocaust, it’s no wonder that not many seemed to have paid attention to the trumped-up hoopla “partial disclosure” announcement by rock star Tom Delonge.

I didn’t watch his press conference itself, figuring it would be some sort of “disclosure of threats from outer space” (given all the MIC players backing him), but I did pay attention to what certain others thought of it. For example, Jordan Sather, who was, frankly, boiling mad.

I guess that Linda Moulton Howe was similarly disturbed, but she tried to disguise it — in hopes, perhaps, that this kind of skewed “disclosure” will eventually turn into something more — what? Straightforward? More expansive? Less oriented towards technology and threats and more towards spirituality and consciousness? The latter would be my bias.

Another, even more diplomatic commentator, Michael Salla, focuses on the “promise” of “transport revolution.” Again, I sense that Salla is also hoping that this the foot in the door for genuine disclosure; that this effort will help to blast off the conceptual helmet that the USG and the MIC screwed onto humanity’s head ( with the “ridicule factor” to keep it on), beginning with Roswell in 1947.

Launch of To The Stars Academy Promises Transport Revolution with Space-Time Technology

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Joanna Macy: The Kingdom of Shambhala

It strikes me that the very best teachings are those that first, tell a story, and second, allow and encourage us to reach behind left brain logic and embrace the paradoxical nature of 3D reality. Polarity, duality, contradiction: TRUTH! Neils Bohr: “The opposite of one great Truth is another great Truth.” In this case, Compassion (action) and Insight (detachment). It is possible to simultaneously be/do both.



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