Family Chronicles 2014


A series of posts written on the fly during a 12 day sojourn to Acton, Massachusetts from my home in Bloomington, Indiana, listed here in chronological order. One might call it a series of snapshots of one typical American family’s intergenerational, multicultural, multidimensional adventures in consciousness . . .

Actually, not typical at all. For I left my sons when they were five (Colin) and seven (Sean) years old, in the care of their father, Patrick Cudmore, and for many years saw them only during the summers and then, for six long years, I did not see them at all.

Patrick died, two weeks after 9/11, on the day after his 60th birthday, of a heart attack. Fortunately, my sons and I have gone through years of healing our tragic rift, beginning in August 1987, when, during a Sufi twirling midnight adventure in the Tetons on night of the Harmonic Convergence, I heard a loud booming internal voice instruct me, in no uncertain terms: “You must complete your personal karma by the end of the year.”

How we accomplished that is another tale, well worth telling, but not now.

• February 13: Holed up in northern Ohio, with friends, on way to Boston. . .

• February 15: YES! I’m here with son Sean and family, near Boston

• February 16: Ye gods! Poor Shadow! And more —

• February 17: Ski, Bowl, Scrabble

• February 18: Essex, Beach, Woods, Purse

• February 20: To “Local First” Cambridge with Kiera, “Where’s your phone?”

• February 20: Puppy Shadow and the Chickens

• February 21: Dreary day, Monopoly; Day before, sledding

• February 22: Final Day: Chickens, Ski, Fruitlands

• February 25: A funny thing happened on the way home . . .


MARCH 2014

A series of posts, again on the fly, during my sojourn south, the very next month, first to Arkansas, and then to the ultimate destination, Covington, Louisiana, for a week-long visit with my sister Paula and our 95-year old mom, aka “Lady Renee.” In chronological order:

March 12: Note: I leave again, this time for Louisiana

March 18: Update, personal, and impersonal: My trip to Arkansas/Louisiana

March 19: Family Chronicles, Louisiana: We prepare for tomorrow’s Spring Equinox planting

March 20: Louisiana Update: We await Garden Tower planting on Equinox . . .

March 21: Family Chronicles, Louisiana: Garden Tower — PLANTED! (not without compications)

March 23: Family Chronicles, Louisiana: Sunday Mass, yesterday’s lunch and visit, tomorrow’s plans


August 7, 2014

In which 96-year-old Lady Renee endures/enjoys yet another perfect move!

Our Very Own Lady Renee: The saga continues . . .



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