Thai Tales, 2013

This section documents reflections on my two month journey to Thailand (and briefly, India and Nepal) February/March 2013, during which I disconnected entirely from the internet and my cell phone, joined a pilgrimage to the four places in northern India and southern Nepal where the Buddha was born, got enlightened, taught his first disciples, and died, and spent most of the rest of the time being introduced to the formal practice of Vipassana meditation as taught at the Chom Tong Insight Meditation Center.

April 4, 2013: Home Again!

April 8, 2013: Thai Tales: Introduction

April 9, 2013: Thai Tales: For Thailand’s people, “rice has a soul”

April 10, 2013: Thai Tales: My journal, meditation, and a searing, transformational encounter with my mother

April 11, 2013: Thai Tales: The most resonant moment of my trip


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