Extinction Protocols

October 22, 2013, note: As I set up this new page, I note that in the first article I wondered if it was the start of a series. In the second article, I knew it was. The third article broke me wide open.

10/3/13: Extinction Protocols: First of a Series?

10/19/13: Extinction Protocols: What happens when we repeatedly puncture the skin of Mother Earth?

10/21/13: Extinction Protocols: “What was missing was the cries of the sea birds.”

10/23/13: Extinction Protocols: On the West Coast of the U.S., the tide pools are empty, the rocks bare.

10/25/13: Extinction Protocols: Cosmic Research Group posits an incoming body that both explains much and asks us to wake up

10/29/13: Extinction Protocols, Naomi Klein: Our One (Slim) Chance Is to Quickly Move into Massive Resistance Mode

10/31/13: Extinction Protocols: Maya Lin’s Memorial, “What is Missing”

11/7/13: Extinction Protocols: Carolyn Baker speaks about Fukushima, climate change, and the possible demise of all species on Earth

11/10/13: Extinction Protocols: Until next time, be good to each other

11/14/13: Extinction Protocols, Thich Naht Hanh: Let each of us undergo an interior climate change

6/23/15: No Futurism

This is a long academic piece that, however, ends in an exquisite manner:

“A friend wrote: ‘What is happiness? It’s the feeling that our power is increasing – that an obstacle is being overcome.” (237) Well, that’s happiness for anyone for whom the will to power and a friend-enemy metaphysics is a given. And its not a helpful line of affect in a time when it has to be acknowledged that most movements of the people are in retreat, and have to forego the pleasure of such an affect.

“These days I think the real comrades are those who hold things together, who struggle for affective, intellectual and material gifts that sustain a bit of life. Who accept that doing so is not compatible with the pleasures of an authentic self. Who stick to the Grand Old Cause even as out losses pile up. Who acknowledge the scale and complexity of the world-historical situation. False comrades are those who are in it because they think we are winning. True ones are the ones who stick even though it is clear we have lost. This is why there are very few old comrades. Fewer still with a clear sense of what it means that we lost. Blessed are those who do not give too strong a sense of false hope.”

3/3/2017: Lamentation

A beautiful, soul-rendered song for the Earth Mother.

3/8/2017: Let Us Prioritize Where We Place Our Attention

Don’t let trumpmania distract from the overriding predicament that is staring us in the face.


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