Cob Oven Saga

A long tale of how we are learning how to acknowledge, honor, and integrate shadow work in community.

Backstory: In late 2010 a group of IU students in a course on Sustainability designed and built a cob oven, which we planned to use for community bi-monthly pizza parties. What happened next was shocking, instructive, long, consciously destructive, and ultimately transformational.

Our first Cob Oven Pizza Party occurred in late April, 2011. Soon after, we were contacted by the city. . .

November 5: 2011:

My Season of Discontent: The personal is conflicted is connected is community

November 13, 2011:

Local Action: Occupy the GANG Garden Next Sunday November 20th

November 23, 2011

Local Action “True Grit”: How we and the GANG have begun to transform a seemingly destructive situation


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