April 24, 2017. I have decided to return to “work” as a consulting astrologer. And see this post.

Ever since I moved to Bloomington Indiana I have not called myself an “astrologer,” since I wanted to leave that old identity behind. I had been the first astrologer to work in Jackson Wyoming. For nearly 20 years, that’s the way I was “known,” and it all too easily shaded into “guru”!

Since I moved here, and began to work in my neighborhood as an activist, starting a community garden on my property which then evolved into the Green Acres Village within Green Acres Neighborhood, I am known as a “permaculturist.” Another identity! Another limiting identity, unless I remember to view permaculture form an Above/Below perspective, the way, for example, I feel that Hildegard of Bingen did, though our word “permaculture” was not in the lexicon during the 12th century.

Besides the archived astrological essays, throughout the life of this blog (since 2011) I have threaded astrology into my Above/Below exploration of current events. And, I have gifted many people in my close community with astrological readings. However, I have also noticed that when people don’t “pay” for something, their appreciation of it usually stays on the surface, as just one more “thing to do.”

Contrast this with my life as a consulting astrologer, back in Jackson, limiting myself to 15 clients a week for all those years, often with a waiting list of 50 to 60. Here, in Bloomington, I have been doing “readings” for people maybe once every three months, and, frankly I miss this work! I especially miss the strong mutual concentration during the reading that happens when the client actually pays for it! That’s one argument for working inside the “money matrix” culture, at least long enough for us all to recognize that our appreciation for something needn’t be tied to a monetary exchange!

So, with that in mind, I again offer my services, for a fee (trades and partial trades accepted). In order to perform this service, I will need your time (including AM or PM), date, and place of birth. Please be prepared to record the conversation on your phone. Once in the flow, I tend to talk quickly, and can’t slow down for you to take notes without interrupting the current.