My preoccupation as a graduate student in philosophy was epistemology, an exploration of how we “know” what we think we know. I was and am fascinated by the way the human mind makes things up! And what that means for our connection/disconnection with reality! And with each other! And with our own inner lives!

About two years ago, I began publishing posts on what I call Alt-Epistemology, essentially wild takes on all this. Had I turned any of these posts in as a graduate student 40 years ago at Boston University, I would have received an “F.”

Hopefully, I’ll get around to listing all of them here. Meanwhile, you can do a search for them yourself on the site, if you are as interested as I am in scrambling your brain to the point where it begins to let in the light.

From 6/11/17:

Alt-Epistemology: How do we parse our disputes when we really don’t know who is “right”?

From 6/9/17:

Alt-Epistemology 101: Spinning Out Conundrums on the Day Jupiter Turns

From 5/23/17:

Alt-Epistemology 101: Points of View and Spacious Openings

From 5/21/17

Alt-Epistemology 101: What, really, is a “conspiracy”? (And can we live without?)

From 9/2/17

Alt-Epistemology: How Do We Know That What We Think Is True?

From 3/6/18

Whose Truth?: Standing Under v. Standing Upon

From 4/8/18

Fundamentalism and the Soul (2004)

From 4/21/18

Let us Sink beneath the Conceptual Scrim of Judgments into the Energetic Realm of Feelings

From 5/30/18

How Our Way of Organizing Experience Governs Our Attitudes towards One Another

From 11/14/18

Alt-Epistemology? Jupiter in Sagittarius

From 1/13/19

Alt-Epistemology: Why we need it now!

From 9/25/19

Alt-Epistemology (or should I say Post-Epistemology?): A Journalistic History Lesson