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How to navigate Life in the End Times?

As more and more people wake up to the ongoing and accelerating End Game consequences of humanity’s centuries-long rape of Mother Earth, we face enormous challenges — not in the least the challenge of helping both ourselves and others expand into love … Continue reading

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Northern jet stream crosses equator and “threatens seasonal integrity”? Analogical implications

  Geo-polarity collapse? What kind of augur are we looking at here? First noted two days ago on Robert Scribbler’s blog.  Gigantic Gravity Waves to Mix Winter with Summer? Wrecked Jet Stream Now Runs Pole to Pole The phenomenon, whatever it is, … Continue reading

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Joanna Macy on Civilization/Climate Collapse: “The closer we get to midnight, the more we lose intellectual capacity. So not feeling the pain is extremely costly.”

The psychiatric diagnosis of PTSD seems to be on the rise among “medical professionals.” As if it’s a special label that only some deserve/suffer. My question:  Who, in this mad culture, is not living with PTSD? I say this on … Continue reading

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Guy McPherson’s DOOMER message — in cartoons

McPherson appends his own message to existing cartoons. The Message in Cartoons Here are the first three. Go to the link for the rest. There are a lot of them; some are laugh out loud funny; most are also excruciating. (BTW: … Continue reading

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One wide-ranging news compendium for THIS very day: Astrology, Brexit, War Games (with the Chinese!), side by side pockets of violence and resilience, and, whew, THE UNIVERSE!

As we pause to await Mars slow turning to resume direct motion tomorrow at 23°02 in watery, primal, holder-of-painful-secrets Scorpio — Closing Thoughts on Mars Retrograde — let’s remember that we are also in the final days of the two-month long Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune … Continue reading

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Was Brexit the Tipping Point? From elitist hierarchical society BREAKDOWN, to bottom-up open-source society BREAKTHROUGH

Folks in our Green Acres community never, ever, talk about world affairs. It’s just not part of our rich local interconnectivity. That we do not include the whole global shebang in our daily considerations helps me. I can relax and forget for … Continue reading

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California Drought: Bring back BEAVER, nature’s hydrologist

The first principle of permaculture is to observe the way nature works. To quote the Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Kahn : There is One Holy Book, the sacred manuscript of nature, the only scripture which can enlighten the reader.  If we are fortunate enough to stumble … Continue reading

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Putin warns of nuclear war

Notice his agitation. His insistence. This is unusual. We simply must put a stop and reverse this extreme U.S./NATO recklessness. Via Alex.

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