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Green Acres Community Dinner, April 26, 2017

This day started inauspiciously. I couldn’t find my phone. Wondered if I left it outside last night — and if so, it got rained on. Yes. I did leave it on an outside table during our dinner. And guess what? It … Continue reading

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PHOTOS Green Acres Village, late April, 2017

This place feels more like a barnyard than an urban location. Many projects in various states of initiation and completion. Most of us who live here also work here at least two hours a day; two WOOFERS have been with … Continue reading

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Spring Morning Potpourri: Sallie’s Place, Baby Picture Project, Gardening News, Impermanence

On this day when the fear mongering Gotham Shield supposedly begins, I’m heading to Sallie’s Place downtown to meet with women who are interested in their baby pictures. Neighbor Jelene has invited me to give a short presentation on the Baby … Continue reading

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Our Challenge: To consciously absorb and express the surging energy

BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, hold up riders Let us ask: How do we learn how to consciously utilize and creatively express the extreme energy that is surging through us? That is the question of this century, and … Continue reading

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A.K. READER: A newspaper opinion piece from 1988

 I wrote this during the time I lived in Jackson Wyoming. The Publisher of the paper that agreed to run it then lived in Casper Wyoming. He had been my first love in high school, and my second husband during our early ’30s … Continue reading

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WOW! I “re-enter the work force,” at age 74.

Well, not exactly. I’ve never been in the work force, in the sense of laboring as a wage slave at something that was not my passion. Instead, after raising a family and graduate school in philosophy, plus one stint teaching in … Continue reading

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Psychiatrist Steve Pieczenik: On the mad men who pronounce Trump crazy.

I saw that pronouncement from psychiatrists at a Yale conference as to the state of Trump’s mental health — It’s Official: Top Psychiatrists at Yale Conference Warn That Trump Has A Dangerous Mental Illness — and frankly, was appalled at … Continue reading

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Green Acres Village News: Community Dinner (Chinese!), Tunnel Project news, Mariella’s big move with a little help from her friends

See new post,  

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Hmmmm. New Tool in My Toolbox: Google Search Trends. FUN!

This morning, thanks to the technique employed in one of Melissa Dyke’s Truth Stream Media’s memorable posts, How Reality Is Being Manufactured I finally tuned into google search trends. Hmmm. Of course, it might all be skewed in one way … Continue reading

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On Earth Day: “make of your very flesh a great poem. . .”

“This is what you shall do: love the the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others, hate tyrants, argue … Continue reading

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