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Seattle, August 30: Dad’s big chair, empty, Mom starts to fill her own shoes

It’s stunning, what we go through, individually, and all together, during these days and nights prior to tomorrow’s funeral. There’s all the logistics of death, and the conversations, parties, and ceremonies attending. There’s the feelings, running rampant, usually underneath, but … Continue reading

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Our father, Bernard L. Kreilkamp, finally let go of his suffering body

Our dear ol’ doctor dad, 96 years old, finally let go last night at around 7:55 p.m. (See earlier posts, beginning with the anointing ceremony, back in June and July.) After a mighty battle with the finality of his life … Continue reading

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What’s more powerful than Republicans and Oil Fields? Answer: ISAAC.

Instant Update. And see this: Did chemtrails cause Hurricane Isaac to go off course? If so, whose chemtrails? Nature bats last. Is Isaac The ‘New’ Katrina? August 26, 2012 by Tyler Durden zerohedge Tropical Storm Isaac has battered the hopes … Continue reading

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Dutch Since: serious earthquake swarm in Southern California

Sorry. For some reason this won’t load. Go to: youtube=

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Ode to Human Joy — in music, in song, in each other

At about minute four, when the voices broke through, my tears did too.

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Amateur astronomers sort through the Hubble archives . . .

I could have done without the disco music, and the guy who talks to us seems a bit condescending as he praises the image-processing skills of the amateurs — but lordy lordy, here we go again with beauty and majesty … Continue reading

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Brandon Raub, facebook post from November 2011: “THE TRUTH”

If you recall, Brandon Raub was the ex-marine who, a few days ago, was picked up and arrested for his fb posts, and later released by a judge. On quick reading, it appears that the only aspect of the multi-level … Continue reading

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Survival Gardening in the Heat: Appreciate and utilize the plants that are difficult to get rid of; because they can survive anything!

My first thought, before I watched the video, was mulch mulch mulch! My permie housemate Jim has just completed a massive job with a borrowed chipper (from our gift circle) and I think he chipped/mulched every single stick that fell, … Continue reading

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