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TUG OF WARS: Bill Binney, General Flynn, plus video FUN with Killary

Our favorite NSA whistleblower, Bill Binney, has decided to join the twitter fray. Here’s his first tweet, from a few days ago: He set up another account shortly thereafter, so you might want to check out both of them. How … Continue reading

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Is This the Mother of all Covid Bombs? New CDC Report

‘Twas all over my twitter feed last night and Gateway Pundit has already summed it up. Furthermore: Even the NYT is Having to Crawl Out of It’s Fake News Hole. Get the picture? We’ve been scammed. Big Time. And it’s … Continue reading

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WOW! A Laura Bruno discovery re: Saturn/Pluto

And how did I find out? Because I noticed that Laura re-blogged something I posted in July on Saturn/Pluto, but with her story  — and her discovery — to introduce it. Thanks, Laura, for the alert! I had already decided … Continue reading

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ARKCroneCast Offerings for 8/29/2020: Video on the Great (Mental) Divide between Us; Free Audio, the Great (Cartesian) Divide between Mind and Body

Today’s new Patreon exclusive video: CroneCast #37 || The Great Divide Description: As this Covid saga continues its preposterous journey, I look at the utterly astonishing fact that I live inside this world world knowing that everybody, including myself, … Continue reading

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Swelling Surges of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, end of August 2020

As we continue to slog through the portentous energies of this tumultuous year when the majority of humans finally do come into 2020 vision, and that therefore may go down in history as the climactic finale of what we have … Continue reading

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I am very aware of Trump’s boastful, self-aggrandizing persona, that Mars in Leo “I’m the King of the World” attitude. It’s certainly “distasteful,” according to the protocols of “polite” society, where obvious displays of “ego” are verboten. On the other … Continue reading

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Chipping away at the Covid-19 Cover . . .

Note: I use the word “cover” here in two ways, even though both indicate something that veils something else, as in an appearance that covers a reality. I’m thinking of both the amazing and predictable medical mafia “authority” pap that … Continue reading

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Bashar: On the “13th step” (of AA), i.e., “TOTAL CHANGE”

During this year’s ongoing powerful, painful pulverization of all the structures, both visible and invisible, that we took for granted  prior to the rare Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn conjunction in the heavens and Covid-19 Plandemic plus burning cities on  earth, do … Continue reading

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