Chipping away at the Covid-19 Cover . . .

Note: I use the word “cover” here in two ways, even though both indicate something that veils something else, as in an appearance that covers a reality. I’m thinking of both the amazing and predictable medical mafia “authority” pap that surrounds the fear porn we call Covid-19, as well as referring to this fear-porn as a distraction from all the indictments being amassed (not to mention stories on twitter (search “children and tunnels”) about abused and dead trafficked children being pulled out from thousands of tunnels world wide).

Hmmm . . . Nevada releases 15,000 prisoners. Is this to make room for soon to be judged guilty future swamp creature prisoners? (according to one source, over 185,000 sealed indictments as of August 1, 2020). Those not going to Gitmo, or being summarily executed, that is. If every state released those imprisoned for non-violent crimes, especially marijuana related, how much room would open up? And would private prisons, which depend upon high occupancy, go along with the switchover deal? And/or: would individuals within their corporate ranks also be indicted?

Nevada Governor To Pardon Over 15,000 People Charged With Cannabis Possession

Next, and thrilling to me, since Idaho is where I grew up:

Will the Idaho Senate go along? If so, Idaho will be the first state to begin to undo what has been done to us by power-mad state governors.

And more. . . Hmmm. Did the. CDC “get the memo?” Covid-19 “guidelines” continue to soften. A few days ago it was saying that asymptomatic people do not need to get a “test,” even if they’ve been in contact with Covid people who are symptomatic! (See end of this post). And now, we see that CDC no longer recommends that travelers need to quarantine for two weeks upon return to their state or the U.S.

Meanwhile, at least in Quebec, it appears that people do NOT want children to have to wear masks.

Yesterday, in Aldi’s with a stupid paper mask on (didn’t have energy to engage with my Trump/JFK Jr. mask yesterday) — but note, I always pull the paper mask down to not cover my nostrils — I run into two women with masks on. One of them recognizes me. “Hi Ann!” (Geez. Who is it? ) “I used to come to your Community Dinners, but then I moved away.”

By this time, not recognizing her through just her eyes (she had only attended a few times and that was years ago), I suddenly and impulsively stepped forward and pulled her mask down enough for me to recognize her! She looked stunned, of course, as if I had pulled down her bra, or her panties. That’s how deeply ingrained this brand new cultural taboo has already become.

She tells me she had moved to California, but moved back, bringing her friend with her. “Good!” I replied. “Welcome home! Unfortunately, people are still so fearful — and just a few days ago the mayor decreed no more than 15 people could meet outside — that we are no longer holding our weekly Community Dinners.”

Referring to her mask, which she had adjusted back over where it belonged, she mentioned, meekly, the proper response: “I don’t do it for myself, but for others.”

To which I roared, with throttled fury, “I THINK THE WHOLE THING IS A CROCK!”

Ten minutes later, as usual, I pulled off my mask ten feet before I went through the store door to the outside.

Walking to my car, I thought about what, without thinking, I had just done — my sudden breach of newly installed protocol that has changed all our lives, and forced us to act as if we are in compliance when many of us are seething underneath.

But I was just so curious, and furious! BOTH.


In today’s local paper, within a sea of fear-based responses to the paper’s question about how has well Indiana University has done in preparing for students’ return, I scanned immediately for “John Linnemeier.” Yep! Thank you, John. Made my day.

My dog, Higgy Boson, is delighted the students are back! Virtually all wear masks and most wear earbuds, but on our walks, he almost invariably breaks them out of their cocoons and into the here and now. IU’s done a terrific job manufacturing a fearful environment . . .Higgy is dangerously subversive.


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7 Responses to Chipping away at the Covid-19 Cover . . .

  1. Laura Bruno says:

    I love the name Higgy Boson! So great. 🙂

  2. Frivolous Fran says:

    But masks look so good on older women—no more jowls and saggy chin lines!

  3. RADM.Yamaguchi says:

    Hi Ann,

    I never go to the store without a mask all the time. If i see someone i know who says hi i tell them i don’t know them if they are wearing a mask. They probably think i mean that i don’t recognize them but what i really mean is that i don’t want to know them anymore.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Fascinating how the wearing of masks serves as one more way to divide us! Thanks for letting me know your totally polarized response to mine! I never thought of it that way until you said so; did you ever think of it my way? So crucial that we begin to walk in each other’s shoes, at least for a second or two! Thanks, again.

  4. Rich Buckley says:

    “One of them recognizes me. “Hi Ann!” (Geez. Who is it? )”

    Maybe, as Rudolf Steiner explains in “Knowledge Of The Higher Worlds” your friend is an adept and may be seeing and reading your etheric, astro, and physical bodies and even knowing what’s on your mind from 50 feet away.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Right! Thank you. Even her friend, whom I have never met, seemed to recognize me. It may be that she had pointed me out to her friend earlier in the store.

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