Swelling Surges of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, end of August 2020

As we continue to slog through the portentous energies of this tumultuous year when the majority of humans finally do come into 2020 vision, and that therefore may go down in history as the climactic finale of what we have learned to refer to as the (deeply entrenched) Deep State, here are a few current scenarios of note:

Re: the constant push towards vaccines as “cures” for anything, when vaccine makers cannot be sued for liability, when none of them have been vetted as “safe,” and when all? most? are filled with all sorts of contaminants, including glysophate (Round Up); in this time when a significant percentage of the population still assumes Big Med and Big Pharma are both authoritative and benevolent, and that genocide is not, or no longer, the name of the Gates/Soros/Fauci/CDC/WHO/UN Agenda 30 game, check this out:

And yet people ARE waking up, in droves. Notice that today, in both London and Berlin, vast crowds push back on draconian rules for social distancing and masks.

Nice bird’s (drone’s?) eye view above, eh?

Now let’s rear back even further on a more abstract level and digest one of Martin Geddes’ inimitable essays offering perspective on the larger draconian drama we have been subjected to, like sheep to wolves, since at least World War II, and probably further back.

Note, BTW, that Martin’s extremely enlightening essay was posted on March 25, 2020, during that first month when we were promised so-called safety measures to “contain the spread of the virus” would only need to last two weeks.

Death of a Supermafia

Unfortunately, during these increasingly frantic and polarized pre-presidential months, it’s difficult to recognize that the Supermafia is indeed dying, given the virulent virus of hate and vituperation infecting a significant portion of especially some in the millennial generation still eager, apparently, to not jus beLIEve, but to righteously force feed their extreme leftist ideological indoctrination program since grammar school onto others.

Notice: the extreme contrast between the swelling mob outside the White House and the beautiful Ave Maria with fireworks that closed the RNC on the White House ground.

A current tweet by the ever wise Thomas Sowell is worth pondering here, during this time when one of the  BLM/Antifa mob’s mottos is “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!”

(Unfortunately, for some reason, the tweet won’t load, so I type it in.)

“Virtually everybody is worse off than somebody else, if only in one dimension, so there are nearly unlimited opportunities to pander to people’s sense of injustice, victimhood and entitlement.”

Of course, there are also unlimited opportunities to awaken into loving awareness, moment by moment by moment.

Remember the old Cherokee story about two wolves inside each person’s heart, and that the one that wins depends on the one you feed? Well, which one are YOU feeding? But: is it not crucial to feed them both what they need? In other words to integrate both dark and light, both light and shadow within? Always, remember, if we want to create peace in our hearts and peace in out time, then each of us must learn to both “take back projections” and to then engage in the dance of balancing the opposites within rather than”coming down on one side or the other.”

Here’s an article that gives both interpretations. Well worth pondering.

The Fight of the Two Wolves Within You



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