Bashar: On the “13th step” (of AA), i.e., “TOTAL CHANGE”

During this year’s ongoing powerful, painful pulverization of all the structures, both visible and invisible, that we took for granted  prior to the rare Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn conjunction in the heavens and Covid-19 Plandemic plus burning cities on  earth, do you dare to REALLY let it all go and start over again?

Do you dare to blast out of your particular silo stuck in place by the indoctrinated conceptual helmet that has you isolated, or in some kind of a “group identity,” but in any case locked up in some kind of strict, unyielding, polarized, dogmatic and ultimately, theological or anti-theological stance that sows division, distrust, hatred and violence? Well, how about this. Only 13 minutes long.

Listened to it last night during 2 AM wakefulness. Geez! I’d almost forgotten about Bashar, as channeled through Darryl Ankar.

Whether or not one be-lie-ves in any of the supposedly multidimensional “channels,” there’s no denying that they can provoke us to pay attention to the invisible 3D structures into which our socialized, westernized minds have been programmed. Think Matrix. Even better, think Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, where he outlined his epistemology. His view: human perception is always filtered, through innate laws that he called “Categories.” In other words, what we see is what we think we see. There’s an invisible structure that frames up our experience of the world. Is reality really  as human minds are structured to understand it? An open question.

To move from Kant to Bashar is to blast wide open into cascading infinities, frame after frame after frame, moment by moment, no end to it, starting NOW.

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2 Responses to Bashar: On the “13th step” (of AA), i.e., “TOTAL CHANGE”

  1. rose day says:

    Ann, it would seem that the ‘change’ paradigm can cut both ways and would perhaps explain for example what occurs in communities when normally rational individuals fall prey to powerful manipulation of the individual subconscious and the community becomes collectively irrational.

    The question for me has been, by what means can the individual and thus eventually the collective over-ride manipulation of which we may be consciously unaware . . .
    a true conundrum which controlling paradigms appear to have mastered.

    I do not pose the question in ‘I-give-up’ fashion because in Conscious Awareness ‘I-do-not-consent’ and the question then becomes . . . might it actually be just that simple?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Great question! And I’d say yes, it IS just that simple, though complicated as hell to get to that point where you simply release the programming and walk away.

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