ARKCroneCast Offerings for 8/29/2020: Video on the Great (Mental) Divide between Us; Free Audio, the Great (Cartesian) Divide between Mind and Body

Today’s new Patreon exclusive video:

CroneCast #37 || The Great Divide

Description: As this Covid saga continues its preposterous journey, I look at the utterly astonishing fact that I live inside this world world knowing that everybody, including myself, is seriously, even rabidly, divided in one way or another — from at least one person, and/or small or large or gigantic group — to the point that, if we don’t want to either “cancel” or kill or be killed, we have to work very hard to not see those opposing us as either stupid, evil, “conspiratorial,” or just plain wrong!

How did this  extreme situation come about? And on what levels is The Great Divide appearing? Political/cultural/economic — and worst, PERSONAL. My own evolution, plus three very recent personal exchanges with three dear women whom I have known for a long time, and all of whom floor me now, with how our “world-views” have morphed in such divergent directions.

But, do we really live in ‘two different worlds?”

No. We just “think” we do.

Producer’s note: Ann meant to say Walt Whitman, not Emerson at the end! Thanks 🙂


Today’s free offering on Patreon and for Youtube subscribers:

CroneCast #34 | Chapter 11, Body I: Moving Into/Out of the Mind/Body Split — audio from Ann’s book, MY SECRET LIFE: Ten Tools for Transformation of the Self


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