Who is Q? Why does it matter? And what is REALLY going on?

Yesterday, for the very first time, a reporter actually asked President Trump about the Qanon phenomenon. And his response was, shall I put it, “cagey”? “I don’t know very much about it. . . .” Yeah, right . .

On the other hand, Praying Medic has a perspective much more balanced than my own:

Then, the same reporter went on to ask about the enormous elephant in the global room:

Coincidentally, yesterday Robert David Steele happened to interview Martin Geddes, one of the most knowledgeable and articulate people who has been following the Q phenomenon. Really worth watching, though frankly, I wish Robert had just let Martin have his head and not interrupt. On the other hand Robert did have additional useful iinformation.

For more, go to Geddes website, these essays:

Meanwhiile, Charlie Ward, who, along with Charlie Freak, is another intel analyst I am newly aware of and VERY GLAD, offers a big thank you to President Trump for all that he and his team doing, not just for the American people, but for the entire world.

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3 Responses to Who is Q? Why does it matter? And what is REALLY going on?

  1. Rich Buckley says:


    “When does the Awakening start?” asks Steele.

    An epic event deserves an epic date. Since we are reconstructing a positive Awakening reality while allowing the diminishing of negative energies, let the white hats use December 21, 2020 for the start date… the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on winter’s solstice. But this solstice when combined with the Great Conjunction is special in epic dimensions.

    This event happens once every 400 Years. Astrology has always been confusing to me and yet I take celestial events seriously having read several books on the subject. Can’t help it, just do. I seldom listen to astrologers’ analysis. Then a friend turned out to be quite proficient in this observational science. That’s what I call it…..Observational Science, but I sense it’s a lot more than just that.

    I do like to read short snippets of data on what to expect and when. Jupiter and Saturn, our two giant neighbors, are aligning in their once every 400 year conjunction on December 21, 2020. Just to be sure, I used my GoSkyWatch App, set the date for 12-21-2020 and the asked the App to find these two giant planets….sure enough, perfect conjunction. I like snippets of history at 400 year intervals. 1620, 1220, 820, 420, 20 ….that also happens to be the approximate interval between life incarnations on average, but that’s another subject altogether.

    12-21-2020….This date is epic. What to expect on December 21, 2020. A number of astrology experts are lending support to a select few astrophysicists to report Earth is starting a new beginning in several measurable ways. (1) The first thing we will notice is Earth Schumann resonance frequency will enter a higher average rate of vibration. This will seem to be the new normal. (2) The second thing we’ll notice is healthier eating habits…with the exception of my strawberry milkshakes from Lords’ Ice-cream or a cold beer after working in the yard. (3) The third thing is BIG….a shift in solar energy, measurable gamma energy will increase on average. Wow! That’s a biggie. This energy is said to be arriving from the galactic core, (reference ice core research by Dr. Paul A LaViolette) reported by channelers in trance communication with beings of positive energies reporting to us as “The Council Of Nine.” These arriving energies are supposed to activate dormant segments of our DNA. (4) The fourth thing is more kindness, understanding, and love will flood our lives.

    So 12-21-2020 would be a great date to start the Awakening by the White Hats… and it holds positive spiritual significance among huge segments of the global population in major religions. I’ll buy it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Still don’t know what you mean by “every 400 years.” I looked up the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn through the centuries, there is no conjunction in Aquarius during the 16th or 17th centuries . . . What ARE you talking about?

      • Rich Buckley says:

        My bad perhaps. I did use my GoSkyWatch app and confirmed a conjuction of the two giant planets in our solar system will occur on December 21, 2020. So I presume there is concurrence on that important point. In deed that is the main point perhaps I should have stuck with.

        The occurring every 400 years was not confirmed by cross checking on the GoSkyWatch app, I simply accepted the source material I had read that this great conjunction occurs once each 400 years. I believe you are correcting this point, which I will gladly accept your authority in correcting.

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