Two Twitter Threads Demonstrate: Both what citizen journalists are capable of and why they are so desperately needed

Both these threads, if true, are extraordinary displays of how the rise of social media can be and IS utilized, AND ORGANIZED, in an extraordinarily detailed fashion, to pull the wool over our eyes and in doing so, achieve any objective whatsoever, no matter how evil. 

Both these threads are long and involved. I can only barely begin to wrap my mind around the extreme meticulousness of their complexly planned rollouts.

And of course, one can wonder: Are the perfidious actions and documentation shown in these two threads interwoven? And/or, is one a subset of the other? If so, which is which?

First, within the United States. Ongoing even now. Though the photo above, by Noah Berger (@NoahBerger 3884) appears to be from the California fires, it might as well have been taken in any of the Democrat-run cities currently being overrun and burned by Antifa masquerading as Black Lives Matter.

How Obama is Guilty of Sedition

Next, thanks to China, world-wide lockdown, with Italy as the first domino to fall, via a meticulously organized and overwhelming social media campaign then endlessly repeated, in country after country, to “convince” even stubborn or faltering leaders of the necessity of lockdown.That neither Sweden nor South Dakota locked down despite extreme pressure from the onslaught of fake Chinese twitter accounts is remarkable.

How China Engineered the Global Lockdown

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