December 2020 Finale, Day Five: For me, time for an Extremely Educational Break

For me, it’s time to take a break from trying to keep track of the pell-mell onslaught of confusing “events” that have the whole world riveted on the fight over the 2020 election.

As Q remarked, any number of times, “This is no ordinary 4-year election.” And furthermore: “Is it about the virus, or the election?”

For everybody on earth knows, as goes America, so goes the whole world. Will we return to what had seemed to be the inevitable (but little known) march towards One World Government that prevailed until Donald Trump, seemingly miraculously, broke the mold in 2016? Or will we learn to keep and deeply value, our increasing recognition of the need for personal, local, and national sovereignty. The stakes could not be higher.

After reading the comments below this one hour and 16 minute  film, I decided to take time to watch, and take notes on, the entirety of Jeremy Elliott’s Iconic Podcast, called Communist Subverson: A Plan for World-Wide Control: Part One. This film exhibits an unusually articulate and wide-ranging comprehension of the several strains of the historical background  (Illuminati, Marxism, Leninism, Fabianism), historians who documented it and their attitude towards it (especially Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor), all coupled with various facets of, and current events as examples of, the onrushing, (and hopefully, losing strength daily), New World Order to lock us all into a centralized state managed by hidden forces, “ring after ring after (concentric) ring of power,” wherein only the innermost core ring has the power, and all the other rings, think that they have the power, but don’t.

The Round Table is NOT the core ring . . .

“The Round Table” is by no means the innermost core ring . . .

Would that especially every millennial on this good earth gather the courage to absorb this extremely educational film. The process of deprogramming from the fantastically successful socialist brainwashing of their leftist professors simply must begin. NOW.

The process of transforming the entire world into a centralized communist state contains four stages: Demoralization, De-stabilization, Crisis, and finally, Normalization. The first stage takes the longest: 15 to 50 years, since three successive generations must to be indoctrinated for the revolution to be successful.

BTW: Once the centralized state has been locked in, those idealistic leftist professors will be eliminated, as “useful idiots who served their purpose.” Why? Because  once demoralized, they will become he worst enemy of the state which, once the communist revolution (which contains both violent and non-violent aspects) has been completed, needs stability.

Includes G. Edward Griffin as principal narrator, Yuri Bezmenov (who defected from the KGB and died in 1993) who educates us as to just how the gradual process of “ideological subversion” into full-on state-run Communism occurs, and relevant clips by both George Carlin and Howard Beale, the “crazy” newscaster from the film Network.

An amazing production. Thank you Jeremy Elliott!


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