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Ben Garrison’s Perspective on the Greta Phenomenon

  Yesterday I subscribed to Garrison’s email list. So glad I did. No more words needed. Thank you Ben Garrison! P.S. he says this cartoon is an update from when it featured Al Gore. But, of course, featuring a child … Continue reading

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CLIMATE CHANGE: Comment section grows lively . . .

You might want to read the commentary by both Anthony and Rich under my various Climate Change posts. These two men are descending much further down this particular rabbit hole. Grateful! Over on fb, the commentary is also quite lively, … Continue reading

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“Climate Change” posts now have their own Page

It turns out I’ve posted six times since September 14 on this topic, mostly featuring Greta Thunberg, but within the context of a jaundiced view of the “settled science” on Climate Change” as well as a sense that young Greta … Continue reading

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OOPS! Suddenly judged, blocked and unfriended by a very important person!

Yesterday afternoon, I was rudely awakened from my daily nap by this, a fb message: I’m not going to say who this is, since I don’t want to publicly inflame a suddenly tense and unexpected interpersonal drama. However, do know … Continue reading

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Who benefits from the Climate Change Scam?

Please do absorb the details of this video. Revelatory. From one of the wonderful independent news agents on my Twitter feed, which, frankly, has become my primary source of “news” during this amazing era.

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Alt-Epistemology (or should I say Post-Epistemology?): A Journalistic History Lesson

Remember “the news”? Remember “objectivity”? When did that notion get squelched? And yet, of course it was never “real.” Because all “news” is always offered from a certain point of view. There is no omniscient intelligence, at least not here, on … Continue reading

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George Carlin on “Saving the Planet”

Back in 2007, the inimitable, acerbic George Carlin riffed on climate change, “saving the planet,” and humanity’s temporary place in Earth’s long history. He offered a bracing antidote to the virtue-signaling attitudes of today that myopically place the self-interest of … Continue reading

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MK Greta: Pied Piper for Globalist UN Agenda 30?

Somehow, this image sums it all up. It is said that Greta’s companion (or coach?) the German climate activist Louisa-Marie Neubauer, is actually her “handler;” Louisa is  a member of the One Foundation, managed by BONO, Bill Gates, and George … Continue reading

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