CLIMATE CHANGE???????!!!!!??? What’s going on?

Both my dear old friend Claudia and I have been Trump supporters ever since he was elected, a fact that she, for one, cannot mention where she lives, lest her business be disrupted by angry Democrats! I don’t talk about it much here, either, since I live in an academic town, governed by “leftists.”

However, both of us have been, of course, appalled all along at Trump’s seeming disconnection from Mother Earth, his uber-capitalist view that more industrial growth, with resource extraction and poisonous emissions, can solve all human problems, and not even taking notice that we live on a finite planet.

Our support of Donald Trump has more to do with his nature as a disruptive force to business as usual. He wants to clean up corruption, he says, especially focusing on the global trafficking of children for pedophilia, satanic ritual sacrifice, plus blood, organ and tissue. Children, as a commodity, like any other, used, abused, and even killed, for blackmail. That must stop. And he knows it.

So, for me, it’s first things first. I presume for Claudia as well. How we work with Mother Nature, however, must come next.

So, to our great surprise, my Crones Counsel roommate Claudia and I found ourselves at odds over the question of “climate change.” She is all for Bernie Sanders and his proposal  a 16 trillion dollar Green New Deal to counteract the effects of “climate change.” I scoffed at Bernie, his proposal, saying it’s just another version of the U.N. program to bring in the New World Order by scaring the world’s peoples to death over “climate change,” which, I argued, is not primarily caused by human activity, but by changes in the solar system at large.

See for example:

NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels


Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds that human activity has zero impact on global temperatures

To me, what’s important is that, of course, while we need to pay close attention, each of us, to our own “energy footprint,” we also need to realize that if the climate is changing due to larger solar system changes, then there’s nothing we can do about it, except what is now being called Deep Adaptation, which assumes “inevitable near term social collapse due to climate change.”

Now whether or not “near-term social collapse” is on the near horizon, I don’t know. But to assume that we can alter the solar system itself is, obviously, absurd. And to think that we can stave off “climate change,” if this is the case, means ultimately, that we instill fear, guilt, and demoralization, rather than empowerment.

I find much lauded, 16-year old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s remarks particularly chilling, in their effect on young people — and old people! Now tell me, what will be the effect of this already famous quote:

Panic! Yes! And then what?

Claudia wants the crones to begin to support young people and their causes. Good idea. But I sure don’t want to support the U.N. Agenda to take over the whole world via fear-based “climate change.” Centralization is NOT the answer, I argue. De-centralization, everywhere, is. Power resides at “the bottom,” in Earth herself, with us as her stewards. Pay attention to our localities. What is going on? How to connect with both each other and with Earth herself? How to “grow  community from the ground up“? Earth is our Mother, Teacher, Healer, and Guide. Never forget that fact.

Meanwhile, here’s a very interesting video that aims to show how a movement that appears to be one thing may actually be its opposite.

But wait! And then, at the end of the video, at the very end, the disembodied voice announces that this movement is Capitalist (and thus bad). And that, wouldn’t you know! the solution is Socialism!

Oh geez! There we are, battling over a polarity. Thinking that one is good and the other bad. Not realizing that balance is always needed, and a dynamic balance at that, between any two poles that appear as opposites.

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6 Responses to CLIMATE CHANGE???????!!!!!??? What’s going on?

  1. Lee Barnes says:

    Ann, is Fake news- see Wikipedia- Trump is all con and for himself- it’s inconceivable to me that you think Trump has heart… we have had this discussion before… I can think of at least a half dozen national and international reports from hundreds to thousands of highly experienced scientists that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that climate change is man made and driven by capitalism and human greed. Where should I start to further shift your views… just look at the damage that Trump is doing to the Environment and the masses??

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      And you trust wikipedia? I should have used more than one source, but was in a hurry. I do realize that Mike Adams tends to be way over the top in his views of all sorts of things, but in this matter, I think he may be correct, especially having devoured other sources all along the way. Re: Trump: I sent you a video this morning via email, from Victor Davis Hanson, an elder whom I really appreciate: Meanwhile, yes, of course, as I stated in that most recent post, his views on the environment totally suck. Which is why I wish he would somehow get to the point where he could walk barefoot in the forest on mushrooms. Over and over again, until he works his way down into his body, and then grounds into the living earth. Meanwhile, his decision to go after pedophilia and worse has me applauding, as well as his out-of-the box approach to everything.The fact that nobody can predict what he will do next is I’m sure part of his strategy. It helps to see him astrologically, BTW.

      • James Isaacson says:

        Great reply Ann! You saw it way before I did, and while I was always a reluctant Trump supporter, his work on dismantling the elite pedophile wings will be a tremendous good for all mankind. With these immoral & psychopathic beasts hopefully imprisoned, we can then after move on the to the business of continuing to protect the earth and initiating new engagements for solving the environmental crisis.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    CATCH 22

    I think Simon Parks’ assessment of the next big thing for GAIA is the most relevant. To paraphrase Simon, the release of zero point energy devices will bring about the greatest changes both economically and favorably beneficial, environmentally for Earth.

    The evidence points to governments are now preparing citizens to put a face on the ageless questions:
    —- Who are we?
    —- Why are we here?
    —- What is our destiny?

    These are both spiritual and scientific questions, are they not? For those who track and somewhat monitor both mainstream and fringe science, it seems obvious we are being prepared for something big.


    NASA is now on t.v. showing talking-head NASA scientists and astronauts freely and matter-of-factly discussing secretes of NASA. Asteroids sending out signals to temporarily shut down the electronics on our satellite as it passes near the asteroid. Open discussions on alien types… unusual subjects for NASA scientists.

    You mean NASA has kept information from us? Our government?

    Show of hands: How many think Project Blue Book was a fraud? Wow!

    The talking heads seem to be recasting the past 70-years of fringe conspiracy theories into acceptable truths on every forbidden topic, releasing statements all pointing to one thing: We are not alone.


    What’s more, there seems to be no shame in discussing these things.

    There’s even instructions on how to discern advance alien technology manufacturing techniques from advance secret Earth-human technologies readily found on line, so that when you look at the craft you can scope out who really made it, them or us.


    * Catch 22 Code for 22 alien species visiting and residing here.

  3. David Morgan says:

    The Milankavitch cycles account for changes over millenia, not the much more rapid changes now being observed.

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