CLIMATE CHANGE: Comment section grows lively . . .

You might want to read the commentary by both Anthony and Rich under my various Climate Change posts. These two men are descending much further down this particular rabbit hole. Grateful!

Over on fb, the commentary is also quite lively, with the latest from my teacher being “Go fuck yourself.” Oh my. But he’s right. Mine was (is?) a “condescending attitude.” Damn!

Is there a way to return to civilized dialogue? Or is it too late. I find myself crossing out nasty snarky comments that I’m VERY tempted to make here and elsewhere, both in response to others, and just out of the blue, during this time of extraordinary and growing turbulence on planet earth.

Question: am I going to be part of the problem? Or will I return to daily sitting meditation, in an attempt to create and maintain a zone of sanity in the face of increasing chaos.

Can I get and remain centered, no matter what?

Let’s face it. It’s such a thrill to spit out nasty words. Such an ego rush.

Okay, here goes.




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8 Responses to CLIMATE CHANGE: Comment section grows lively . . .

  1. Rachael Carlson says:

    The call to impeccability has never been greater nor more challenging, living, as we are, in an ocean of triggers and the triggered. I think the gift in all the craziness is that, as the mirrors pop up faster and faster, we have almost non-stop opportunities to assess our own integrity….or the momentary lapse of it. Bless you for the willingness to take that on in a very public way; it is the best kind of teaching.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow, thanks so much for that reflection! Given my very prominent Sun conjunct Ascendent, I’ve always tended to use myself as an example. Plus of course, as a recovering Catholic, I’m accustomed to “confession!” Thanks again!

  2. Laura Bruno says:

    Wow! That really spun out … so fascinating to observe, although I’m sure it doesn’t feel good in the thick of it. I agree with Anthony’s assessment about the primacy of EMOTIONS trumping rational thought and how scary that can be. On the other hand, Descartes and the revolution he inspired didn’t exactly work either. We live in a both/and universe.

    As you know, I have “very speedy fingers,” just one of several reasons I stay off social media. I’m glad some people are having this debate in a more public way. It’s one we need to have as a culture, though I find it much easier to stay balanced by doing my own thing behind the scenes, creating beauty, harmony and magic as I can, despite all the chaotic empathing and precognition I do on a moment by moment basis. “Judge a tree by its fruits” is good advice, and I would say that your pod and community are very good fruits.

    I suspect your Sag Sun and Ascendant make you much more temperamentally qualified to do the public debates than my Saggy 4th house Neptune and fiery Lilith. Too collective and too personal for me all at once! Thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the truly ugly … as we seek to uncover the best in human nature.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, my first house Sag Asc and Sun, plus transit Saturn/Pluto opposed to my natal Jupiter. Hard, yes, brutal, really; but I’m actually somewhat enjoying making lemonade out of lemons. And love both Tony and Rich standing tall on either side! This, despite chronic exhaustion from regular three-hour insomnia.

      • Laura Bruno says:

        I’m hearing about so much insomnia this last few weeks. I think it has something to do with Pholus, too. Everyone I’ve spoken with having this issue (or related ones of too much energy/insights) has some kind of major Pholus transit happening, or something aspecting natal Pholus, or some person activating natal Pholus. It’s quite near the Galactic Center right now — maybe pulsing out big change energies to the collective.

        • Ann Kreilkamp says:

          Transit Pholus has been hanging around in the late Sag/early Cap area since 2016, but my insomniac tendency is lifelong.

  3. Anthony says:

    Hey there,

    Have you read this article by Laura Knight-Jadczyck of (and author of that book I left you)? It’s the first one she has written in several years:

    I posted in the comments section under “Smackman/Ketone Cop” and she responded to both. I got through to her the need to post more articles illustrating the divisions in society and the need to look past them and recognize our common humanity.

    Let’s hope it makes a difference. She reaches a lot of people. And we are all needed at this time, to show to each and every person we meet empathy and compassion above all else.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I did read it and found it insufferably long! Was all that verbiage necessary to get her message across? Loved the photo that accompanied it, however. And SO VERY GLAD you are responding to her in that way. We really do have no other choice, if we wish to continue as a species, and even so it may not be enough; but each of us who realizes, and practices kindness towards all other suffering souls, no matter what! — can die knowing that we did our best.

      So thanks for all you are doing during this critical time, Tony!

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