Saturn turns to go direct September 18, to exactly conjunct Pluto by January 2020

This is the week Saturn slows and turns, to go direct September 18, after four and a half months retrograde motion.

Saturn, which deals with karma coming due, turned to go retrograde, at the end of April, 2019, just after the two-year-long Mueller Report was made public, with its famous findings of  “no obstruction, no collusion.” Saturn was then at 20°31 Capricorn, just over two degrees from Pluto, then at 23°08 Capricorn.

Ever since that time, there have been all sorts of news events, but none more head-swiveling and distracting than the arrest of pedophilia kingpin Jeffrey Epstein in June  and his subsequent “suicide” in July.

William Barr, who was installed in mid-February as Attorney General, in mid-May installed William Durham, to do the work formerly assigned to Huber.

Ever since then, except for dutifully agreeing with coroner’s supposed findings that Epstein killed himself — in a statement that I doubt anyone believed, and the more I think about it, the more I think he wanted us not to believe him! — Barr has kept his head down, out of the public eye.

Here’s how Bombard’s Body Language parsed that statement:


Expect cascading, though still slow-dripping revelations, now that Saturn is turning direct, as the long march of karma come due now inexorably moves to catch up with Pluto,  for its first and only exact meeting during in this 35-year Saturn/Pluto cycle, and thus, at the same time, initiating a brand new 35-year cycle of Saturn/Pluto. This momentous conjunction will come to exactness  at 22°45 Capricorn on January 12, 2020, the day after unpredictable, shocking, Uranus turns to go direct on January 11, 2020!

Between now and then, mid-September through mid-January, we undergo the long march to closure between these two, the planet of karma coming due (Saturn) pressuring the planet of primal power that drive the cycle of life, death and rebirth (Pluto).

Remember, Saturn and Pluto are in the sign of Capricorn, which governs patterns, forms, structures, institutions, governments, organizations, laws, plans, how the status quo is set up and its rules enforced. Saturn rules Capricorn, so Saturn feels very much at home here. Pluto works to dismantle whatever it touches, in this case, those structures of governance.

And remember, this Saturn/Pluto conjunction forms what I would call the opening act of the first Pluto Return to its own natal place in the U.S. Chart. After 248 years, Pluto will criss-cross over its own natal place for the very first time between now and the end of 2024. Will the U.S. government still exist? Will it be renewed, revolutionized? Who knows.

What to expect? Given the dramatic Uranian flavor to the closure of the Saturn/Pluto long march to conjunction, I expect to be shocked. Whatever I think in advance, is likely to NOT be what happens. Best to just lay low, like Barr, keep head down, while, in my case, attempting all the while to hear the drumbeat of history as karma catches up to expose the systematic abuse of power.

BTW: Saturn will still be doing its slow motion crawl with Pluto during most of 2020 — until it finally moves into Aquarius in December. Plus, just prior to its entrance into Aquarius, expansive, lucky Jupiter also will be moving through that profound Plutonian section of late Capricorn, and in fact within exact orb of a conjunction with Pluto on Election Day, November 3, 2020!



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  1. rose day says:

    How wonderfully appropriate that you featured the Barr/Bombard Body Language video referencing ‘Epstein Explanations’ as within this week, Epstein has been identified as a major player in directing millions in donations (to MIT and Harvard)which were seemingly funneled into studies referencing much of which could be described as ‘predictive’ behavioral-analysis (a subject which appears tame until one contemplates the ramifications AND the millions).

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