Ben Garrison’s Perspective on the Greta Phenomenon


Yesterday I subscribed to Garrison’s email list. So glad I did. No more words needed. Thank you Ben Garrison!

P.S. he says this cartoon is an update from when it featured Al Gore. But, of course, featuring a child is always better than a grown-up, when we want to make sure what is said is immune to criticism.

Notice BTW: both are facades. Underneath is Nature, our human nature included, abundant, mysterious, and way more vast than any of our linguistic descriptions, scientific explanations, mathematical models, or any other pretended capacity to control.


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2 Responses to Ben Garrison’s Perspective on the Greta Phenomenon

  1. Anthony says:

    Speaking of globalism, have you ever heard of this girl? I didn’t until I saw the (unattributed) quote below in the Zero Hedge comment section:

    “Also worth mentioning is Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi, Greta’s age-mate, who, like Greta, went out with a banner to the Swedish parliament to protest against globalism, LGBT propaganda and sexual perversion in Swedish schools, and to advocate for the protection of traditional family values and the fight against illegal immigration. Both girls are Swedish, both very young, and both have tough demands. But for some reason, one girl is internationally known and promoted by the media, social networks and appears on political stages. And the other one does not. And the answer is this: Greta is a propaganda tool, and Isabella is an obstacle to this propaganda, so one is applauded and the other is ignored.”

    She has a Wikipedia page:

    Can the manipulation of children be any more blatant?

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