“Climate Change” posts now have their own Page

It turns out I’ve posted six times since September 14 on this topic, mostly featuring Greta Thunberg, but within the context of a jaundiced view of the “settled science” on Climate Change” as well as a sense that young Greta is being played by forces she may or may not be aware of. Let’s face it, sudden emergence into global stardom is likely the result of some kind of psy-op, and in this case, an emotional psy-op, seemingly designed to throw the human race into a frenzy, magnifying the already strong global turbulence, all with an aim of eventually calming things down, via a centralized, top-down Agenda 30 New World Order.

Here are the posts, with an introduction, in chronological order.

“Climate Change”

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3 Responses to “Climate Change” posts now have their own Page

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    It’s important to actually read the long term climate records. CO2 levels are so low that Earth atmosphere risks falling below the needed threshold level of CO2 for the survival threshold of vegetation. My environmental friends don’t want hear this nor look at any time graph beyond the infamous and erroneous hockey stick, thanks to political correctness.

    A look back over 140-million years however shows nearly a straight line graph of CO2 dropping from 3800 ppm to today’s 400+- ppm with 350 ppm hitting the threshold level for plant life.

  2. bill camp says:

    suggested addition: Marc Morano. The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change

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