More Red Pill Possibilities for “normies”

I found this to be an excellent description/explanation, with examples, of the driving purpose behind false flags. I’d say this post is pretty much guaranteed to red pill those who have yet to open their eyes. Thanks to Kauilapele, who also lists timelines within the video of what is discussed. Very helpful!

Oh yeah. And check the meaning, with visuals, of “duper’s delight.”

For day to day news, I tend to pay close attention to “Dave,” his two daily X22 Reports, one political/geopolitical and the other financial. Plus, he does periodic X-22 spotlights, which I also appreciate, the latest with Harvey Schlanger.

Here’s the political post from yesterday. In an age where it’s very difficult to discern real info from disinfo and misinfo, I continue to be amazed by Dave’s powerful focus, seeming mastery of complexity, and assured confidence in his projections.

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