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Enough with the divisions already. Okay?

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Detailed expose of nuts and bolts of mass trafficking of kids (2007)

I don’t know if it can get any more Halloween ghoulish than a report on the mass sex trafficking of kids. It’s vital that we not turn away from fully recognizing what Trump is up against in his audacious decision … Continue reading

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THIS is what globalism looks like: UN trumps U.S. national sovereignty?

If true, then this Puppet String News (Breitbart) announcement just upped the ante tremendously in the ongoing war between the Trump administration and the long-planned 2030 UN operation to destabilize, and ultimately dissolve, nation states by opening borders, creating chaos, … Continue reading

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Pre-Election Jitters: This perspective renders politics absurd

As we endure, second by second, on alert and mincing lightly ahead in dread and hope, expecting further violence at any moment, over and over again one false flag after another, through the final eight days of this likely most … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Hides Behind “Holy Mother Church”

I often wonder what would have become of me had I not gotten up the gumption to march straight out of “Holy Mother Church.” What finally tipped the scales for me, after a 24 years of guilty conscience in the … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Corner: Black Ops Whistleblower Cody Snodgres and Follow-His-Nose Steve Beckow

I find it hard to believe that I only just now discovered the black ops whistleblower, Cody Snodgres. I put Snodgres in the same league as financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard,   given how his life story truly blows my mind … Continue reading

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A Current Compendium on Military Matters

Trump Surrenders to John Bolton on Russia and Arms Control So Trump only does bi-lateral trade deals, but does he want a multi-lateral nuclear deal? Or is this just an excuse to keep expanding the MIC. Who Profits from the … Continue reading

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Garden Tower Project news: growing in a garage . . .

My son Colin Cudmore’s invention has now sold over 20,000 Garden Towers. And no wonder! See this, accomplished with “ultra efficient LED grow lights.” 14.4 pounds of greens and herbs harvested on day 56 of Indoor Garage Grow  

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