News from yesterday’s New Moon in Leo LionsGate: one local charter school, with an attorney on its board,  has decided to refuse to comply with the new county-wide mask mandate. In the print version of the local Herald-Times, this news was spread all over the top of the page.

An Indiana charter school is defying its county COVID mandate, making masks optional

Can you imagine how many other schools and school systems will be checking in to see how this one school’s refusal to go along with the new directive is proceeding? Cheers!

Then there’s this. Whew!

St. Louis Taxi Company Rejects Masked or Vaccinated Passengers

And this:

And this!

Hopefully, each of these inspiring stories of people standing up like lions will inspire countless others. Each of us, following our nature by opening the heart to our soul’s specific directive, activates, on diverse levels of society, what each of us alone, given our particular talents, training and passion, can usher into the world.

As Dane Rudyhar, a modernist composer who also used his talents to fruitfully and single-handedly re-imagine the ancient language of astrology, pointed out:

Remember, the United States of America is the only nation in the world in which its Declaration of Independence, its Constitution and its Bill of Rights enshrine the sanctity of the God-given freedom of the individual. Our freedom is our responsibility. What we the people do here at home, during this chaotic time of total opportunity, inspires not just other Americans, but citizens of this entire planet — and, possibly, beyond.

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  1. Earth Girl says:

    On the one hand you tell us that we are all inextricably connected with the earth and it’s inhabitants, and you live in a quasi-collective. On the other hand today you say that I be individual is paramount. I don’t see how we’re going to address the catastrophic effects of climate change (or do you think it doesn’t exist?) without working together in community.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Climate is always changing. There are differing scare reports on whether we’re heading into global cooling or global warming. And no matter what maps, what predictions humans make, they are always based on a limited number of variables, and so can’t reflect the mysterious whole. In short: THE MAP IS NEVER THE TERRITORY.

      Re: individualism and community. I always seek a constantly rebalancing dynamic of both. If people don’t act as individuals, they can just sit around, waiting for others to do something. If people don’t cooperate, the situation can degenerate into anarchism, chaos. The extremes of any polarity, kill.

  2. Dawn Vierra says:

    Dont forget the Declaration of Independence, the original founding document which everything else is based on ?. It does my heart good to hear the good news. We can all make a difference as an individual puzzle piece to the picture as a whole thank you!

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