Given what we’re up against during this decidedly hot month of August 2021, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog, for now, to the COURAGE needed and demonstrated as, together, we begin the transformation of this long enslaved, indoctrinated world. To that end, I retitled the second post in this series from COURAGE CONTINUES TO RAMP UP to COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.2. Accordingly, this post is called COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.3.

Dear Readers: if you have any courage stories from your local area, please send to me so I can share them. Hopefully we’ll get so many stories of courage that after awhile we won’t need to run more.

Meanwhile, please pay attention to current Clif High videos. It’s as if, he came back from nearly dying with cancer, and is still passionately present on this earth to help at least some of those who are nearly or certainly will be soon dying from the vax. As far as I’m concerned, Clif’s assessment and predictions may be pretty much spot on. Here are two of the latest: WOO-plosion, and Detonation of the Woo. Tarot by Janine covers Clif in this new video.

Okay. Here goes:


First, a local story, front page top right, from yesterday’s local Herald-Times. It really does look like we’ve had just about enough of the scare-mongering.

Likewise, three major airlines refuse Vaccine Mandate for Employees.


Next: More and more, citizens are gathering in courageous groups to push back against medical tyranny.


Finally, trust Rand Paul to spell out the obvious. Just say NO. “THEY CAN’T ARREST ALL (330 MILLION) OF US.”

Rand Paul Urges Americans to “Resist” New Covid Mandates

All this by way of background to the historic Mike Lindell Cyber-Symposium that, last night, in lieu of his promised 7 p.m. surprise, produced instead, breaking news from a Colorado election woman in the process of being blackmailed by the Colorado Secretary of State. Whoop! This Lindell knows how to roll. Unscripted and spontaneous, when necessary.

Brian Cates, who is at the event, posted something else that caught my eye: the collaborative (Aquarian) non-competitive nature of what is going on there. Yes. Each of us has the capacity to open as a Leonine full-heart,, working synergistically with others as equals in Aquarian groups.

Mike Lindell’s birthdate. He was born June 28, 1961, a warm, home and country loving Cancer patriot with likely, a fiery late Sagittarius Moon and Venus in steady-as-you-go Taurus. 2020-2021 heralds his second Saturn Return, conjunct the slow-moving transit of death/rebirth Pluto; perfect timing for one who is now utilizing everything he learned in his first two 29.5 year Saturn cycles to share, unreservedly, from the center of his heart and soul, his starring role in the momentous transformation of the world. Plus, his Mars sits at 29° Leo, that most Leo/Lionlike of degrees, conjunct Regulus, the King: 29° LEO! 



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