COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS.5 — except when it shades into threat.

Watch parents make threats after school board mandates elementary children mask up — “We will find you.”

Remember, LOVE is the unifying energetic, not threats of violence, not forced attempts to control. I.e., not FEAR’s desperate need to control the Other. Let fear rule you, and you become what you have projected onto the Other. (Reminds me of fascist “antifa.” )

One way to describe the opposite of Courage, is to call it Cowardice (which is just another word for Fear). When I saw that Justice Amy Coney Barrett shot down, “without commentt,” the student-sponsored request to block the IU vaccine mandate, I was not surprised. Here’s how the Indiana Daily Student reported it:

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Rejects Request to Block IU’s Vaccine Mandate

Barrette, who is from Indiana, had shown her true colors in her very first ruling after a much lauded appointment by Trump, by going along with the Supreme Court announcing that a Texas suit to overcome the 2020 election fraud “lacked jurisdiction.” Remember that?

At the time, I felt both betrayed — and sympathetic: This woman has a large family; does she feel under threat? And well she may have been. That’s how much civility in this nation has degenerated, especially since the Soros-instigated extremely destructive riots  by Antifa and BLM last summer. Remember that? Remember way back when, and how it sent chills up the spine?

Think about it, how much authentic lion-hearted courage Trump and his entire family have shown, despite being under extreme persistent threat from all directions ever since he and Melania descended the elevator.

Courage IS contagious: it can also lead to death. So, everything depends on your answer to two questions: 1) DO YOU FEAR DEATH? and 2) ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR, in this case (the “vax”), THE CAUSE OF PERSONAL FREEDOM OVER ONE’S OWN MIND, BODY, AND SOUL?

The first question is rarely addressed. Unless we westerners can overcome the fear of death that has been pummeled into us since we were small children, there’s no point in asking ourselves what hill we are willing to die on.


A few more stories of authentic courage:

This one local: yesterday, that same school that refused the county’s declaration of mask mandates in all public indoor areas, was the subject of a long-form story in the local Herald-Times, entitled, in the on-line version:

Seven Oaks Classical School year with no mask mandate. Here’s what could happen next.

The print version again placed it on the first page, but with most of the article inside. From the overall tone of the article, I get the sense that Monroe County is a bit leery of this developing clash, since they expected all schools to go along with their mask mandate.

Speaking of Indiana, remember that doctor who spoke to the Mount Vernon School Board and it went viral, instantly? Well, there’s been huge push-back, from so-called experts who say he’s completely wrong about “the science.” I saw one of them in the Indianapolis Star yesterday, splashed on the front page on the same day this doctor was due to speak in Indianapolis. Wonder if Dr. Dan Stock will be coming to Bloomington. Hope so.

So, three Indiana (In-Diana) stories, with one indicating apparent cowardice, the other two authentic courage. Not bad.

Here are three more, one of them also a general shout-out to Project Veritas, and its founder and chief cheer leader, James O’Keefe, who’s motto “be brave” is exactly what is needed now. Project Veritas has just won a court fight with the New York Times. To wit: they will be able to depose this uppity, so-called “newspaper of record,” A FIRST.

Here’s another passionate parent at a school board meeting, this one in Minneapolis.

And, echoing an oft-quoted Q remark, “Class action suits can be very effective,” here’s a class action suit in Hawaii, initially representing 1200 first responders.

Aha! I see mass protests happening in Hawaii now also.






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