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What’s really real? Two elders speak: Fritjof Capra and Allen Roland

During this fractious moment in history when “identity politics” congeal separative individuals into nasty, competing cliques, I very much appreciate these two elders and the way they each articulate what those of us who both live long and pay attention to … Continue reading

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Santa Soros doesn’t live here anymore — or does he?

While George Soros may have worn out his slimy welcome elsewhere, see this Kauilapele compilation — Seems Like NO One Wants George Soros Anymore . . . Russia, China, Hungary, Macedonia, Canada . . .  — it appears that Soros may … Continue reading

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Our Cultural Psychosis, Will it Infect Russia too?

When I read these first two posts, especially in light of the third one, I experience the psychic battering that Chris Hedges calls “nationwide collective psychosis.” And he adds, “No one speaks about the destructive power of corporatism.” Kremlin confirms Trump-Putin Call Was “Friendly, Constructive, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Alex Simack reviews new book, GENE KEYS: Unlocking the Higher Purpose HIdden in Your DNA

As you may have noticed, my principal response to Trump’s ascendancy is to ask each of us to uncover our own passion and then follow it out into the world. That the more of us who courageously activate our own … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon meeting aftermath: What will YOU do with your one wild and crazy life?

I just returned from a long annual meeting of the Bloomington Food Policy Council, where we learned from representatives from County Planning, City Planning and City Council what is and is not the case regarding current and possible future ordinances that … Continue reading

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“Evolution of Green Acres Village”: One hyperlocal initiative rolls out

Since Trump’s stunning ascendancy, I’ve been advising others that what we need to do, whether or not we’re pro- or anti- or ambivalent (like me) Trump, and unless we’re either brain dead, PTSDed or otherwise paralyzed or “triggered” by grief/fear/rage/confusion, … Continue reading

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From Saturn to Jupiter/Uranus: my unexpected afternoon!

My days are unusually disciplined. I walk three or four miles with puppy Shadow and then work on this blog in the morning; on other stuff (errands, (this month) taxes, other writing projects) in the afternoon. Sometimes I go out … Continue reading

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New Post on Green Acres Village site:

Village Life, Late January 2017: cups, leaves, dinner, music MORE:

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I love Trump, I hate Trump. Why? He nixed theTPP, but restarted the Pipelines

I fully appreciate and applaud Trump’s decision to nix the TPP, and, I feel nothing but disgust and a sinking feeling, bordering on despair re: the decision to go ahead with the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. How to hold both these assessments … Continue reading

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WHO IS WHO? Kellyanne Conway and Maria Zakharova

I’m astonished by how much Conway and Zakharova look and sound alike. Besides being encased in culturally approved (trim, muscular, blonde, early middle-age) bodies, both these remarkable women are fearless, informed, sharp-tongued Capricorn warrior goddesses posing as press for their respective male presidents. … Continue reading

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