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Well, it’s the day before April Fool’s Day . . .

. . . and the day before Juan O Savin’s famous bet that things would be made aright and Biden exposed as the fool. Well, he’s certainly been exposed a fool, with every scripted, halting, stumbling, incoherent appearance, and those … Continue reading

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EVER GIVEN JUST KEEPS ON GIVIN’: Epstein, Maxwell, container ship connection

Note: This is the third post where I focus on that enormous container ship stuck for six days in the Suez Canal, backing up 12% of the world’s ocean transport. (For the first two posts, see this and this.) The … Continue reading

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Rupert Sheldrake, THE REBIRTH OF NATURE, and why we need this perspective now

Note: Well, I guess #Evergreen will no longer be trending, given that the Ever Given ship got unstuck. Or will it? This six day black swan event may have started something re: a growing awareness of how children are trafficked. … Continue reading

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Are we about to swallow the Greatest Red Pill Ever Given?

I admit, I’m fixated on the stuck container ship that is now beginning to slow down the world’s commerce by at least 12%. Over 300 ships are waiting to go through the canal — With the only alternative, since the … Continue reading

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Container Ship Conspiracy Theory? Or Real Life Movie, by Divine Design.

More and more, I’m convinced that the Evergreen ship caught sideways in the Suez Canal is a black swan event, with reverberations that will continue for months and perhaps transform the entire human world into something else entirely. Especially, if … Continue reading

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Full Moon March 28, 2021: Are we in for an earthshaking surprise?

I set this chart up for Washington, D.C. Notice that the MC is 3° Taurus, conjunct within minutes to dark moon Lilith, the feminine energy that is not submissive (unlike Eve) , but acts independently. All three together, MC, unpredictable … Continue reading

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From Discouragement to Discernment — over and over and over again!

My 2:00 AM listening last night was to Juan O Savin,  a new conversation, this time with Sean of SGT Report, who met him in Las Vegas during what I call the Aquarian Activation weekend event  just over one month … Continue reading

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Let us gratefully assume that the police and the military are, for the most part, the good guys

Like most old hippies, I assumed, in the ’60s, that the cops were the bad guys, and the military even worse. My views on both have mostly reversed. Police.  Here’s a wonderful recent story. Instead of Killing Mentally Ill Man, … Continue reading

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