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Today, June 30, 2020: JupiterRx conjuncts PlutoRx exact

Jupiter, planet of fullness, luck, generosity, largess, excess, gambling, egotism, that which lends its massive aura to whatever is happening otherwise, conjuncts Pluto early this AM at 24°06 Capricorn for the second time in this round of three, all during … Continue reading

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Is Covid-19 being recycled already because the Deep State has run out of fresh ideas?

Anyone wonder why Covid-19 is — oddly enough, since during hot summer it’s supposed to lie dormant, drooling with eagerness to roar back in October —  now being recycled through to rekindle the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) that was … Continue reading

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Joe M, new video: Covid911 – INSURGENCY

Synchronicity! On the same day that I connect the events of 2020 to 911 via the Saturn/Pluto process, this new video titled Covid911. (Joe M, now on twitter as Define Projection, also created the viral video, The Plan to Save … Continue reading

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From Saturn/Pluto Opposition (2001) to Saturn/Pluto conjunct (2020): CHAOS? Or “INTENSE CREATIVITY”

I keep harping on the fact that this year presents the rare (once every 38-39 year) conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, the two most “karmic” planets in the zodiac. The conjunction was exact in mid-January, with the public spectacle of … Continue reading

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ARKCroneCast Offerings, June 27, 2020: Astrology, Part 1, Transforming Assumptions

Finally! Editing software up and running. Long wait is over.   This week’s new audio post, exclusively for Patreon supporters [welcome new patrons!]: CroneCast #28 | Chapter 8, Astrology Part 1: Transforming Assumptions | 10 Tools for Transformation In … Continue reading

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Masks as clues to The Great Divide

I’ve gotten into a new habit of calling up very old friends to see how they are doing. Partly just to catch up, using this post?- Covid scam time as an excuse, and partly to ascertain the mind set of … Continue reading

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“Mad Farmer” Wendell Berry, on THE BIG BANG . . .

Okay folks, it’s time to remember that our prevailing fear of scarcity is deeply embedded within a much larger world view of which most of us are not even aware. Not at all. Whoever studies cosmology? To my mind, permaculture, … Continue reading

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During this furious Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter year, remember Descartes “cogito, ergo sum”? (I think, therefore I am?) Sociologist, alt-epistemologist, and all around brilliant, incisive comic, character and body language expert JP does it again. (I’m thinking of getting one of his teeshirts, … Continue reading

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