What about CHY-na?

As President Trump pronounces it, punching out that first syllable.

I’ve not wanted to think of the U.S. as having enemies, since of course, that’s what the MIC (military industrial complex) always pushes. Only if we have an enemy can we “justify” more lethal buildup.

However . . .

I’ve been watching what’s going on, remembering those whom I’ve known in the past, entrepreneurial  types who accuse China of intellectual property theft. This year, especially, their attitude towards China is stirring in my memory bank.

I do think the attitude of the U.S., to blame China for the Covid-19 bioweapon(?), is, however, disengenious, since according to all sorts of sources, this virus was first incubated in the U.S.

Aside from our tendency to “blame,” endemic within the current iteration of civilization — especially here where, of course, the U.S. has been working on weaponizing all sorts of poisons, and furthermore, using the U.S. population as testing ground to see how they work! Again, I’m not going to search for sources here. Am tired of having to “prove” my “point.” Just know that I’ve been aware of this kind of unreported crime for a long long time.

Meanwhile, here are two current sources that make me think again about China, and its intentions, which, it appears, are no less hegemonic (though more crafty, and insidious, using infiltration rather than invasion), than the U.S. has been, especially since the ’90s, when the so-called Project for a New American Century was born in the wake of the Soviet Union’s demise. I credit President Trump for wanting to pull back our troops from all these unwinnable foreign wars that do nothing more than ruin other countries while wasting our lives and treasure. Enough!

The Epoch Times, a newspaper founded in 2000 by Chinese-American Falun Gong practitioners, a spiritual group persecuted by the Chinese Government, knows more about the CCP than the rest of us. From wikipedia:

As a practitioner of Chi Gong and Tai Chi myself, I’m inherently biased towards this spiritual movement.

Because the CCP maintains a doctrine of “state atheism,” it’s no wonder they chose in 1999 to eradicate this practice which connects one, like all these chi movement practices, to both Above and Below, Earth and Heaven, through the vibrating antenna of one’s own human body which, when we clear it of blockages, allows for the free flow of the universal chi energy.

I’d call that the energy of Love. Very different than the energy of Fear (and Hate) being promoted incessantly through our usual mainstream news sources.

Here’s The Epoch Times analysis of the CCP’s intentions:

And here’s my favorite public intellectual, the fifth generation farmer and wide-ranging historian Victor Davis Hanson, his recent podcast weighing in on both where we are at now as a society, and his view of the CCP’s intentions. Chilling, to say the least.

Episode. 20: General Election Tricks


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