ARKCroneCast Offerings, June 27, 2020: Astrology, Part 1, Transforming Assumptions

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This week’s new audio post, exclusively for Patreon supporters [welcome new patrons!]:

CroneCast #28 | Chapter 8, Astrology Part 1: Transforming Assumptions | 10 Tools for Transformation

In this book I talk about the ten tools I use to help me both stay on course and amplify my own evolutionary process. These tools help give my life shape, meaning, and direction. They assist me in overcoming old habits which tend to make me stuck. Most of them, moreover, are “free.” : they do not depend on buying anything or paying an expert for anything. I write this book for all those who think I, and others like me, have no fear. As if fear automatically stops us. As if, when we are afraid, we are excused from following our soul’s call.

This week’s free video offering on Patreon and Youtube:
CroneCast #24 | What is Fear? Part 2 | Fear’s Fascination

Given that some fear fascinates us, keeps us keyed up, on edge, at odds with ourselves, we can make use of this type of fear to both help us plumb our own depths and to set our own natural direction — which is what I was learning how to do in one chapter from my book THIS VAST BEING: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation — and, significantly, it is what millions of people have been doing internally during this Great (Plandemic) Pause. So, now, I will call “What is FEAR” the video, Part 1, with this audio, “Fear’s Fascination: as Part II.



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