Glued to the Tulsa Rally on Summer Solstice . . .

After podmate Gabby and I performed a private Solstice/Eclipse ritual (our public event had been cancelled due to a number of factors) I found myself glued to the screen last night for the Tulsa rally. Never before have I been the least bit interested in these rallies, except to notice when Trump’s finger traces one of his “#AirQ’s” to the audience. (I think he traced one last night as well . . .)

And speaking of Q: did you notice this, from Eric Trump prior to the rally?

A few things I noticed immediately:

Hardly any masks! YES! And the masked folks, usually sitting in pairs, seemed subdued, when compared to the raucous celebratory attitude of the others. Plus, “social distancing” be. damned!  It’s almost as if they are using the same pent-up energy from Covid lockdown that Antifa uses to do violence to instead enthusiastically love each other. 

And yet, wait! The New York Times says the rally was poorly attended. I bet they relished this headline:

Rally Fizzles As Seats Go Empty 

“Fizzles?” Hardly. And yet, part of the headline is true:  a majority of seats in the top tier of the huge facility were empty! Huh? But then I discovered that AOC was involved in a scheme to register for seats and then not show up. Worked with TicToc, a Chinese app. . . Very clever, until you realize that this means the dems will also do anything to ensure the vote goes their way in November.

Plus, I did not see families in attendance. Was this because hundreds of BLM protesters were outside, trying to cause chaos? In this historic Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter year, when energy is buiilding up from underneath to reconfigure the structures of our civilization, and on the very evening of the 2020 Summer Solstice/Solar Eclipse, the contrast between those who celebrate (LOVE) each other and those who “hate” each other could not be more clear.

As for the contents of Trump’s speech, what I noticed most prominently was his remark mentioning the Military Industrial Complex, and then saying something like: “If we aren’t bombing anybody they can’t make any more bombs.” Bingo! This was not the first time he’s pointed to the phrase, “military industrial complex.”  See recent interview with Fox News:

President Trump Takes Aim at the Military Industrial Complex: ‘They Never Want to Leave, They Always Want to Fight’

From that interview:

His comedic storytelling with body language of both drinking a glass of water and walking down the ramp at West Point recently was priceless, and illustrates so very well what he is up against with the. hateful MSM who watch for the least little thing about his public persona, as possibly symptomatic of one disease or another, and ignore what he actually says. Can you imagine what it would be like to have to watch your every move, when in front of the relentlessly hostile press?

Finally, is there not a bit of divine synchronicity at work? Check this out:

And, is this why Trump attracts so many many Americans, and why they celebrate rather than despair?


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