What is “white privilege” and why is it pernicious? — plus an A.K. rant.

I live in an academic town where “white privilege” is, of course, one of the current insults tossed around by politically correct (usually white) folks who have latched on to this election year’s iteration of Black Lives Matter as their latest cause, making them feel important and special, superior to others whom they label “racist.” At least some of these others, and I include myself here, simply cannot abide the prevailing mental program of subsuming individuals into group identities of any kind, including color, race, gender, class, status, age, religion, politics, nationality, etc.

Question: where and when and how and why did this identification with some tinier and tinier niche group rather than the full, complex, unique expression of the individual self begin?

For example, take gender: how many genders are there now, and how many pronouns to go along with each tiny gender niche? I grew up with two genders back in the 40s and 50s. I still recognize two, since I acknowledge biology as primal on 3-D material planet Earth.

And yet, isn’t it obvious that each unique individual enjoys or endures some combination of both masculine and feminine qualities internally? And doesn’t it become obvious through lived experience that our sacred duty is, over time, and with patience, to learn how to consciously balance and integrate the “anima” and the “animus” within?

When will all the individuals in the LGBTQIA+ grouping deepen their conception of their own individual essence? When will they realize that the “inner marriage” is what the drive for “individuation” is all about?

Read Jung, please!

Stop basing your whole “identity” on your superficial outer covering, your body!

Okay. Enough ranting.

As we all know, this all-too-familiar analytic penchant for “divide and conquer” has been used for centuries as a devious and deliberate strategy to get and keep people fighting each other while their puppet-masters continue to rule the roost.

I wonder: might the current divisive and counterproductive group identity fetish be the result of the mind control endured over the many decades that kids in schools have had to work in groups, with group goals and group identities? And was this group identity preference in school curricula actually an insidious and deliberately designed prelude to the now prevailing academic bias for socialism over capitalism in so-called “higher education” that has been spreading like a cancer since the 1970s?



Too much capitalism tends to selfish greed and domination. Too much socialism tends to cultish, robotic behavior, communism.

Rather, let us begin to experiment, in human society, at the grass roots level, with a dynamic and prolonged struggle to creatively marry these two seemingly incompatible ways of living on earth into new ways of both being, and being with others. To this end, let us encourage experiments which include the best of capitalism (freedom, including freedom to fail and learn from mistakes plus a risk-taking entrepreneurial attitude) and the best of socialism (connectedness; security; knowing others have your back).

Astrologically, a massive potential for experimentation is to be ignited at the Winter Solstice, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn both reach 0° Aquarius, a mental sign that values the synergy of group thought and cooperative, horizontally networked action via the exploratory efforts of fully expressive, creative Leo individuals.

Jupiter and Saturn will then travel through Aquarius together for one year, until Jupiter leaves for Pisces, with Saturn remaining in Aquarius until 2023. The values and promise of Aquarius will then deepen profoundly when Pluto itself goes into Aquarius in 2024, to remain for another twenty years!

To my mind, the second Trump administration needs to be devoted to the initiation of this kind of radical experimentation, if the U.S. and the world is to survive Pluto’s first return to its original position at 27° Capricorn between now and 2023 after 248 years. The time for U.S. hegemony and warmaking (both sophomoric, unevolved uses of Plutonian power) is over. President Trump knows that. And he wants his second term to be crammed full of exciting discoveries. You can feel that in him every time he speaks.

Here in Green Acres Village, we’re ahead of this curve, already consciously experimenting with aspects of both capitalism and socialism — plus all other contradictions, i.e., paradoxes, that we come across, especially those concerning Individual and Community, Work and Play, and most fertile of all, Light and Shadow. All these contradictions/paradoxes exist within the self, within the group, between the group and the neighborhood, the neighborhood and the city, on and on, in widening circles, from the center of the self on out. 

An example: until this year, we held and worked all our gardens in common. This year, we’re experimenting with each household having its own garden (two or three people in each house), and a common garden besides. Result? The frisson between the new (socialist) cooperation among people inside each house and the new humorous (capitalist) competition among the three households over which house has the “best” garden have noticeably ramped up the energy for food production. YES!

But to get back to where this post began:

Here’s Jordan Peterson on the perniciousness of “white privilege.” I heartily agree.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    6/22/2020 IMAGINE – With Comment From Sadhguru. https://youtu.be/OlPspR8Qx8I – Sadhguru (India suffering similar issues to US)


    Imagine if your city’s website had a public forum where issues could be posted. Imagine that the poster could post not only original materials and personal comment, but could designate topics where others could join in pro or con. Imagine that the topics could be nearly anything. Imagine that the topics could link up and share posts with other communities, then with other counties, then throughout the State, and finally the nation as a whole. Total chaos? Too expensive? Who would benefit? Who would not? What rules would be imposed? Who would decide the rules? Who would be empowered? What restrictions would be necessary? How difficult would this be?

    What if posted issues required three things?


    Thing number one is your real name.


    Thing number two would be life span, where a given number of votes kept the subject alive and broadened participation to greater and wider geographic areas?


    Thing number three would be links that shot all the subject’s postings on the designated subject, to government agencies listed on the forum side bar chosen by you.


    Would everything just come to a total standstill through denial of service hackers? Or would some sort of public consensus emerge? Just wondering.

    Perhaps the first thing we would notice is city council meetings would become much shorter. Why? Probably because the City Council would have a vested interest in directing public comments to the appropriate subject on their City website in a category called inside the public forum called “The City Is Planning To And Discussing.”

    I don’t know, but it seems logical. Cut out all the staging of comments on chosen issues at council meetings and just post them on a linked and designated subject on the City website.

    Want to make a more dramatic impact as a community activist or concerned citizen, link in your video, or someone else’s video…. or not. Heck, on big issues that would cut hours out of Council meetings. 200 people at 3 minutes each … just saying.


    The other thing that would likely happen is protests and demonstrations would take on more meaning. To make a more dramatic impact, street demonstrations would choose to make a double impact, on line and on the street. Real time video updates across the country by organized protesters voting up connectivity.


    There could be more, much more, if 1 out of a 1,000 protest-demonstrate on the street (guessing), 1 out of a 100 (guessing) would join in from their homes. BUT the home and office bound contributors could be counter-protest or counter-demonstrations not necessarily aligned with the street demonstrations.


    Numbers would start to form significant meaningful data bases. Information currently hidden from us or worse yet skewed by some hidden hand with a political agenda inside Facebook, YouTube, Mainstream News Media, Twtr, would be open, transparent and at our disposal, now visible for all to see on any given issue. After all every sample population has a discrete sample level where statistical significance is mathematically born, bringing the community Closer To Truth. T

    his would provide publicly accessible data mining made available to the public that big monopoly power FB, YT, Twtr have for themselves and only make available to political allies while rejecting equal access from others as to data mining and as to topic coverage.

    Using linked, merit based, voted-up, topic coverage, the usual private big money influencers, use to having their way with Congress, with political alliance groups, and with mainstream media, would discover a nonviolent voice emerging from the people.

    Soon there would likely be $1.00 apps that had data mining capability on par with the NSA.

    The big money influencers would for the first time have serious competition

    ……under construction…….


    The voice that emerges from the holistic integrated, merit based, voted-up, interconnected national network would likely reject violence and movements appear to condone violence while piggybacking off violence without offering peaceful alternatives.

    Consider just a few events in relation to the proposed network, and how the outcome might differ.

    • Clemency Requests
    • Student Loans
    • The Federal Reserve
    • Currency Reform
    • US Federal Reserve Notes vs US Treasury Dollars
    • Full Disclosure – Space Force
    • NASA
    • 9-11
    • Building 7
    • Iraq War I and 2
    • Fast And Furious
    • Waco Incident
    • The World Bank
    • Pedophilia Rings
    • Human Trafficking
    • Police Support
    • Police Brutality
    • Police Retraining
    • Black Lives Matter -Big City Alliances – Antifa – Chop Zones
    o Late night terror & Daytime Summer of Love imagery.
    • Black Lives matter- Suburban Peaceful Arms
    • Native American Indian Rights
    • Gun Control
    • Gun Control Right vs Left
    • Religious Rights
    • Chemtrails
    • Global Warming vs Ice Ages
    • Clean Air, Clean Water
    • GMO’s
    • Bioweapons vs Zoomorphic Evolution
    • Fort Detrick Level 4 Bioweapons
    • Wuhan Level 4 Lab
    • Dr Fauci multi-million dollar CV-19 funding
    • Green Agendas
    • Big money in politics.
    • Reconciliation Initiatives
    • DNC Paramilitary Gladio-3 Operations
    • GOP And DNC Deep State Collusion
    • Supreme Court Decisions
    • Presidential Directives
    • FDA, NSA, HUD, etc.

    Wait, did someone question a title listed above for consideration?

    Sorry, you only get to comment here and your voice can’t also climb up through merit to include liberating your point of view with an army of allies. Your voice and opinion is stifled here …. without the ability to parlay with a city, then other cities, then counties, then States, and on up to National …. unless you join a movement driven by big money outsiders who use violence with impunity.

    No? I misrepresent? I misdirect? What might you propose instead?

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