Brilliant Body Department: Ann’s Chai Elixir is Anti-Viral!

It turns out that the chai tea I began to make on impulse — after buying locally made chai tea for awhile late last year which, though good, didn’t have the punch I wanted, and besides was way too expensive — was exactly “what the doctor ordered.”

But what “punch” did I want? I’d say now that not I (my mind), but my brilliant body knew; furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if my brilliant body was already attuned to “the virus” which was, late last year, many claim now, ramping up in China. After all, is not my  body networked invisibly and energetically with the entire Earth body?

So. Why do I say my body is brilliant? Because, like all our bodies, and all organic, living beings that transform energy into matter (Pluto) via a certain form (Saturn) — from microscopic to cosmic — each body works internally as an integrated system, all parts, at every level, contributing their own special functions to the larger whole. If you doubt this, then just watch your own brilliant body gradually heal itself of a serious skin wound.

Way back then, my body decided what “punch” it needed, without even letting my poor left brain know why. All I (my mind) knew was that I found myself obsessively driven to replace coffee entirely by making my own, even more interesting and nourishing chai tea. And boy, did I (my body) succeed in giving itself what it needs, especially during this astounding Saturn/Pluto year when the unconscious collective mind has our rational minds and emotions in the grip of  both “The Virus” (fear) and now, BLM and Antifa (fury).

Ever since late last year, I have found myself drinking four to five mugs of my special chai tea daily.

A few days ago, I came across a list of antiviral herbs, and quickly scanned through the list to see if any of the ingredients of  what I now call “Ann’s Chai Elixir” were in it. Yes! Six! I noted this in a recent post.

Then reader Michael R. commented, asking me to research to see if more of my ingredients are anti-viral, since he also has been drinking it every day, instead of coffee.

I asked him if he would be the one to do the research. He did, sending me his findings this morning. And wow, four more than I thought! Not just six, but TEN out of fifteen ingredients!

Here’s a refresher course:

A Saturn/Pluto Gift: Meet Ann’s Chai Elixir!

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  1. Laura Bruno says:

    I love when that happens!

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