Masks as clues to The Great Divide

I’ve gotten into a new habit of calling up very old friends to see how they are doing. Partly just to catch up, using this post?- Covid scam time as an excuse, and partly to ascertain the mind set of those I’m calling. In other words, sociological research, though admittedly anecdotal and personal.

Yesterday I called up someone I have known very well since I was 13 years old. A very bright man. He and his wife are still in “lockdown,” “going a little stir-crazy,” he adds, and saying he wears a mask every time he goes out of the house, even when on his daily walks with masked male friends on a nearby beach! Having discovered this at the very outset of the conversation, I told him that I do not wear a mask, ever, and added, “let’s just not go there.”

I’m sure he was surprised, even shocked. But since I quickly segued to safe topics — the whereabouts and goings on of children and grandchildren — I successfully diverted the conversation. 45 minutes later, when we finally hung up the phone, I was left stunned,  even depressed.

For it really does seem that there is a Great Divide operating in the U.S. And I’m not talking here about all the tiny little polarities manufactured to divide us (“racism,” religious differences, Left vs. Right, gender wars, etc. ) but the big kahuna, that  between the people who believe the mainstream media hype and fixate into fear, slavishly obeying all the rules, and those, like me, who simply, don’t.

I wonder what the percentages are, at this point. How fast are people waking up? How fast is fast enough? Only four months to the coming election, the results of which, we all know, will decide the fate of this nation.

Remember: transit Pluto is returning, for the very first time, to the degree it occupied at the birth of the U.S.A. This period of time is roughly between now and 2025.  Pluto signifies death and rebirth. Death to endless wars, and the U.S. misuse of Plutonian power to dominate other nations. Death to the globalist Plutonian plan to dissolve all national borders and lock down the entire world population into a centralized New World Order.

I’m happy to say that it appears that President Trump is in accord with both these goals. No new wars since his election, and his emphasis on nationalism (i.e., make each country great again) rather than UN and WHO globalism has taken hold across the world.

Whatever has been in shadow (lurking in the murky swamp) must be dragged into light, all corruption exposed in order to begin again on a fresh footing. But is this even possible, given the level and depth of the corruption?

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction (and now with Jupiter), which has been in effect since the beginning of 2020, is setting the stage. Old too-tight Saturn structures, both visible and invisible, rise up from the murky Plutonian depths to full exposure, and must be either dismantled and replaced or die altogether.

Even the righteous Saturnine motto, “return to the rule of law” itself must be challenged. Which laws? And how many laws are too many? Given the proliferation of laws at every level since our nation’s founding, and given that “ignorance of the law is no excuse,” is it not true that if the government wants to get you it always can — just by charging you under some obscure law of which you were not aware, and remember, no excuse!

Here’s an interesting post by Bernard Guenther which details his own transformation of perspective since the election of Trump and the arrival of Qanon. Much too long, but valuable nonetheless.

Qanon – The Great Awakening: PsyOp or the Real Deal?

What would happen if I sent Gunther’s post to my friend whom I spoke with last night? Well, actually, I wouldn’t send it, because we never even got into Trump or Qanon as topics, once I learned that he wears a mask while walking on the beach.

Has there ever been a better signal as to which side of The Great Divide one is on?

BTW: my strategy while amongst concerned-looking masked ones in grocery stores is to be genuinely friendly, outgoing, and smiling. I like to imagine my not-a-care-in-the-world unmasked behavior ignites cognitive dissonance inside the masked ones’ muffled minds.

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8 Responses to Masks as clues to The Great Divide

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    I just wrote about this very thing on my blog. The divide is massive and deep just like the deep state! Normally I would remain patient for the awakening to come about, but it is tough to imagine a great awakening when people are held captive in the web of main stream media lies! That is all these people hear, they do not have the ability it seems to let go and allow other perspectives into their heart and mind. Very frustrating indeed. As my blog post said, it’s a tough time to be alive for all those awakened beings….Somehow we will get through this….We have to or see the end of America come about. VK

  2. James says:

    When I’m out at the grocery or hardware store, if someone dares to ask me why I’m not wearing a mask, I tell them:

    “Well, I certainly am wearing a mask! It is made out of the same very special fabric as The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

    And then I say to them: “Not everything is as it seems. Not everything that’s happening is publicly visible. Not everything they claim to be real, actually is. Think about that very carefully for a while.”

    And then I continue on my merry way.

  3. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    I get what you are feeling. Where I am few people question the mask dictates, and not a single person where I work is even open to anything I have to share. Most scientists are cultists at heart, unfortunately.

    But I think I know why the general populace has bought so hard into the fear. It’s because they have been socially conditioned to believe in these lies by what they are taught in school, what they read, and especially by what they watch.

    I recently did a study of movies about pandemics that have come out over the last fifty years, and I posted that on this forum here:

    – post #10785 on May 24th (I post there as “Ketone Cop”)

    Don’t bother reading the movie descriptions, just read my intro and findings at the end. Turns out people watching movies that make them scared as a lark also teach them to be scared in real life. Share this if you feel guided.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks Tony. Will check this out. Yeah, people do like to pretend to be scared, and you’re may be right, it turns out that this conditions them to be scared when the time comes.

  4. Truthout says:

    You are preaching only to the converted, and you delete comments that disagree with you. Look what’s happening to your Trump friends in Texas. COVID will come even to Indiana, probably when college resumes, and people you know and love will sicken and maybe die—all for want of a small inconvenience that doesn’t hurt you—it’s kind of a health version of Pascal’s wager.

    And for the record your idol Trump is going down—even he thinks so. Science denialist, racist, Narcissist, just plain stupid, he’s losing his support fast in key states he needs, and he’s losing the over-65s because it’s now patently clear that he doesn’t give a f*** for them or anyone but himself. Whiny idiot beaten by a Tik Tok grandma and a bunch of smart kids.

    Dare you to leave posts that fight back.

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