I just decided to order a Qanon teeshirt . . .

Living in a leftist academic town, I don’t dare venture out in a red MAGA hat without getting at least scorned, raged at, or possibly even killed! Why do I say this? Because about a year ago someone,  formerly a friend, when he realized that I very much appreciate the disruptive character of Donald Trump as exactly what is needed  now, went absolutely wild on social media; in fact, this usually rational, very intelligent individual actually threatened to do violence to me if he ever saw me out in public!

Another person, one of favorite permaculture teachers, not too long ago, before blocking me on facebook, told me to go to hell! (Or something similar, can’t remember exactly, but he was obviously very heated up.)

No wonder the phrase “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) was coined!

I am reminded of the spring of 2017 when I kept wanting to do a library presentation comparing the astrology of Donald Trump with that of the U.S. But something kept stopping me. An unease that I had trouble identifying. Sometime during that period, a dear blogger friend of mine warned me that she had had a dream in which a bell tolled, over and over again, that I was dead. Huh? I thought nothing of it at the time; in fact I made a joke of “Ann Kreilkamp Is Dead,” in a number of posts, now archived under “What Is “AKID”?”

Not until recently did she explain to me that she had the dream during that time I was considering doing the  presentation at the local public library.

Aha! Now I get it.

And, of course, in the three years since, the pro and anti-Trump forces have only intensified.

But geez! I’ve got to do something, to indicate, in public, my proclivities! Something besides refusing to wear a muffle mask!

Sometimes I think about going up to those similarly unmasked in grocery stores (very few in this town), and introducing myself. Have yet to do it, because, hey, they may have just forgotten their mask that day. Don’t want to make a public spectacle of myself. Not if I can help it. At least not yet.

But I would like to indicate in some way, in public, my own proclivities.

Hmmm . . . Also several years. ago, I considered getting a. plain square “Q” sticker, black on white, to stick on one of my car windows. But then wondered: would this invite someone to “key” the sides of my car?

On the other hand, by this time my car, which has just about entirely rusted out on the bottom, is not worth much anymore anyway, so why not?

And yet, I’d rather do something with Q that might invite other so-far silent locals who are not sheep to approach me in person when out in public. Because it sure would be fun to meet other red-pilled folks in my town! And I figure Q is still relatively unknown to those still blue-pilled, so I would remain relatively safe from their TDS.

So I decided to get a Q teeshirt. But which one?

Best of all, would be a T-shirt that had the memorable Q quote on it: “Consider the vastness of space.” Since I’m into ET and UFO, and so, apparently is Q. . .

Other famous Q quotes:

WWG1WGA (Where We Go One We Go All)

Trust the Plan

Future Proves Past

In the end, I decided to get what is billed as the “original” Q T-shirt, only in blue, rather than black. It should arrive within 20 days.

In case. you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, Q (I use qmap.pub) began on October 28, 2017, and I, oddly enough, was intuitively aware of the significance of this enigmatic phenomenon within the first few days. I wondered: “Huh? What is this?!?”

“Joe M,” a justly famous, and extremely articulate twitterer who was banned early this year, and has returned under a new moniker, “Define Projection,” put out a now famous 13-minute video a year or so ago to bring “normies” up to speed as to what the Q operation is all about.

BTW: Eric Trump, in the lead-up to the Tulsa rally, referred to Q on his instagram account.


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5 Responses to I just decided to order a Qanon teeshirt . . .

  1. Dawn Vierra says:

    I love the idea of getting a Q tshirt. that’s really pretty. Blue was a good Choice. I e bern also following Q since Nov 2017. My favorite quote is promises made, promises kept

    All the best. Take a pic of you with your shirt on ?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      You betcha! WILL definitely take a pic. Want to join me? What kind of town do you live in? We can compare notes.

  2. thymia17 says:

    The tech entrepreneur Jordan Hall gives good explanations of Q-Anon, not as an insider but as an impartial observer of it’s history of development. I understood it much better after hearing him. He said it’s part of a new phenomenon of decentralized understanding of events outside normal channels of power.

  3. Poilagratter says:

    We listen to him in France also.
    We know Floyed was dead 3 years ago, and the actor was on Obama’s page a week ago….just 5 sex-crisis-actors .
    It is said that pédophiles are under arrest in Germany….not in France……
    we know for adrenochrome, as the Russian TV explains, as well as for cannibalism.
    Soros is almost dead ( not enough young blood ?!) but the son will be to watch.

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