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Alt-Epistemology: What is “the edge,” and why do we need it?

Thanks to a reader who today commented her appreciation of  this 2015 post, I decided to post it again, and add the word “Alt-Epistemology” to the title. Because that is, what it is! I am an “edge” person. Edgy. Allergic … Continue reading

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Some possible ramifications of the longest ever USG “shutdown”: Trump’s “trap”? (What about the SES?) — and more

I notice that the remarkable anonymous message about the benefits of the USG shutdown that I included in yesterday’s post — I’m a senior Trump Official, and I hope a long shutdown smokes out the resistance — has not only … Continue reading

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Are we really ready for 2019? For the approach of Saturn to Pluto in Capricorn?

Saturn, now sitting at 13° Capricorn, only seven degrees from Pluto at 21° Capricorn, is gradually shoving our collective face in our collective deep shit over and over, deeper and deeper, as this revelatory year wears on. Or should I … Continue reading

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Editorial on NYT’s imperial blowback to Trump’s peace-mongering

Well said, Stephen F. Cohen. Thank you. More and more, the MSM shows its hand as propaganda “fake news” mouthpiece of the Deep State that feeds on endless war. What Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Really Reveals  

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Catherine Austin Fitts: “Follow the money!” BUT: NOW WE CAN’T!

This is not good news! Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts advocates de-centralization, and what we seem to be witnessing here is not only increasing centralization, but government bleeding profusely into private interests, i.e., corporations, and now, with no accountability, and even, … Continue reading

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Alt-Epistemology: why we need it now!

Standard scientific methodology looks at the left brain as a two-way street: From the bottom up, that is, starting with “bits and pieces” of sensation (gathered from the five outer senses, and especially, in this culture, eyes and ears), which, … Continue reading

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Green Acres Village News: Slow start to 2019

Yesterday morning, about 11 A.M, looking towards the main garden. Finally! Real WINTER!   I heard that they held a Winter Solstice party here, at DeKist 2, and that it was fun. Last year’s podmate John Urban was in town … Continue reading

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Re: Syria “withdrawal”: SO WHO’S THE BOSS? — and widening context

  Once I begin to look up from the latest distraction, the ongoing Border/Shut Down Drama, my peripheral vision picks up on a very interesting development, re: Trump’s decision to  pull back troops in Syria and the mideast. Turns out … Continue reading

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