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Presidential Selection Chronicles: Fred Burks, on the Emotional Demonization of Both Clinton and Trump

In some post or other I remember saying that I personally mirror what I see as the worst quality of both Clinton and Trump: Way too controlling, and way too impulsive. Both. Yech! And yet, as Fred Burks reminds us, … Continue reading

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Sanders: Just who owes who an apology?

The discrepancy between Chris Hedges’ and Jane Sander’s views of Bernie Sanders’ ignition of a “political revolution” could not be more stark. Which is it to be? Righteous indignation and judgment, or compassionate witnessing? The choice between them determines the tone of our … Continue reading

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How A Neocon Thinks

This post is VERY instructive: Here’s how Project for A New American Century co-founder Robert Kagan makes ghastly, twisted “sense” of the nearly 1000 U.S. bases and other military facilities world-wide. Hey, did you know that the so-called exceptional U.S. “sets an example”? … Continue reading

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Jon Rappoport: What are we waiting for? Let us kickstart the future.

This piece is unutterably beautiful, glorious. Exactly how I feel and have felt for decades. (Or is it eons?) Rappoport successfully evokes the wonder and magic that await us when we blast through the walls of our tiny brittle cages … Continue reading

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Dmitri Orlov, tongue-in-check, on the fading U.S. hegemony: “This one thing — the draining away of the ability to bully the whole world—ruins everything.”

In the midst of our deeply cynical, rigged, trumped-up selection for this season’s reality show called “democracy,” Dmitri Orlove tells it like it is! BTW: I see “our” now fading U.S. “Empire” as the world-view of a Mars-ridden two-year old child … Continue reading

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Presidential Selection Chronicles: No matter who “wins,” are we f*cked?

I tend to trust Lada Ray’s predictions more than most. And her current post is especially delicious, mocking the DNC’s further demonization of Putin by saying Russian hackers stole the emails. But then, as she says, if true, well good … Continue reading

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Repetitions in Groundhog Day show three phases of personal evolution

Given that I woke up to the psychopathology of planetary ecocide via the probability of total nuclear war in my lifetime when I was two years and nine months old, I spent a long time in the first phase referred to … Continue reading

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Preparing for Hildegard Festival

I am busy this week preparing my powerpoint presentation for the coming weekend’s Hildegard Festival, where I will concentrate on her medieval philosophical roots and her Mystic Visionary Above/Below Ecological Cosmology. Meanwhile, I can’t help but riff also on the conundrums of how her Epistemology … Continue reading

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