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Annals of Covid-19: Are we pissed off yet? Jon Rappoport and Ben Garrison

While I thoroughly enjoy being able, on daily walks with puppy Shadow, to flagrantly pee outside just about anywhere on the deserted IU campus; while I thrill to the sound of birds singing way louder than traffic noise and Nature … Continue reading

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Two young Asian children sing: YOU RAISE ME UP . . .

Carol Rosin, good friend and long a dedicated activist for Peace in Space, sent this to me recently. Just what we need now!

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I hereby retract my support of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

My friend Sylvia in Holland brought this to my attention last night. This morning I notice that it has also come to the attention of Katherine Austin Fitts on twitter as well. I notice a bit later, again on twitter, … Continue reading

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“COVID ACTION PLATFORM”: Is this the Pandora’s Box, the Holy Grail? DETAILS of the 50 year plan to bring in the NWO

If it is, then whoopee! We’re there. All we have to do is share this video widely to all the digital anons eager to investigate, dig down, take this fantastically complex scheme apart. As we do so, let us remember: … Continue reading

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Annals of Covid-19: Looking forward to May 1, and the EXTREME FERTILITY of Beltane

Yesterday afternoon I realized that May 1— “May Day! May Day!” — otherwise known in ancient times as Beltane, point of maximum fertility, midway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice,  also happens to be the date when all hell breaks … Continue reading

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Excellent James Perloff Red-Pilled Covid-19 Compendium

Thank you so much James Perloff, for this long, detailed post. His summation of the major interpretive and explanatory themes regarding what’s shut down the entire world for six weeks now seems pretty much exhaustive, and to be frank, reading … Continue reading

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ARE WE AWAKE YET? Or are we too “sensitive” to admit and absorb the vast horrific underbelly of our so-called “civilization

It’s absolutely essential that we awaken to what has been done to us over thousands of years. There is no way we can awaken to the light within us without also recognizing that we have been living in the dark … Continue reading

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Harvey Schlanger on what’s next for The Economy

Really appreciated X-22 Report’s Spotlight yesterday. Harvey Schlanger sums up pretty much what I had concluded, probably in part because I listen to Dave’s financial X-22 Report, and he tends to echo Harvey. Yes, I know, I’m in my own … Continue reading

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